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Angel's Conditioning

Two scoops please... and not vanilla
"I can't stop thinking about your ass." Matt whispered to me while giving my ass cheeks a quick grope, pulling them apart.

"I want to fuck you until you scream for mercy." He made a point of brushing his hard on against my ass.

"My brother is a lucky bastard. If I was him, you wouldn't walk straight for a week... or more. I'd fuck you every day and night."

If anyone looked my way they would see me blushing. Thankfully, I was being ignored by everyone but Matt.

Ever since the episode of my schoolgirl outfit and Mary Jane stilettos, his younger brothers had been trying to get another piece of the action. Jay was absent this time. Thank god. I wasn't sure I could stand the tormenting from both of them.

Matt kept a running filthy whisper in my ear while slowly raising the back of my swing style skirt, running his hands up the back of my legs towards my slowly dampening pussy.

Sliding a finger down the crack of my ass, tickling my tight entrance through my panties. He slipped a digit under the band and into my slit finding me wet and wanting. He groaned into my ear when he felt how wet I was getting. He took a quick gulp of his drink to hide what he was doing to himself in a roomful of people.

I could feel the bulge in his pants twitch and grow harder as he pressed against my ass. My boyfriend and their father were sitting in the corner furthest from us, trying to best each other with off-colored jokes while everyone laughed along.

To this day I couldn't tell you what they said. My mind was focused on Matt's finger tickling my soaking pussy and his hard on jutting into my back. I had to quickly excuse myself to go cool off, leaving Matt standing there with his cock at full mast. I was sure I saw his father wink at him when I walked from the room.

I was far from undersexed. I didn't look for outside amusement and I found myself nervous in situations like this one. If anything, I was stubbornly faithful to a fault. Other men didn't turn me on like my boyfriend could and he knew it. He kept me satisfied in every way possible, but he wasn't above pushing my boundaries. Before I met him I was pretty 'Vanilla'. He changed that...

I quit smoking 2 years ago, but I had a desperate craving for nicotine at the moment. I found a pack lying on the table and snitched one. I went out to the dark back porch to satisfy the less incriminating urge I had at the moment.

I heard the door open and someone else joined me on the darkened porch. I could just make out the silhouette when my boyfriend spoke.

"Angel. You left my poor brother in a terrible state. What are you going to do about it?"

"Nothing. He got himself into that state all alone." I replied, taking a long drag off the cigarette.

Sidling up beside me he whispered to me. "Yeah? Well, who's out here cooling off then?"

Cupping both breasts in his hands, massaging the hard nipples through my thin top til I groaned and sank into him.

"Is he trying to get back into that tight little ass of yours?" he questioned. Pulling my hips into his groin, rubbing himself into me.

Taking me by the hand and butting out my cigarette, he led me downstairs to the basement where his childhood room was and where we'd be staying the night since both of us had too much to drink to try and make the drive home.

Once inside his room he pinned me to the door, with my hands over my head, and tormented me with his tongue. Nibbling on my neck, he knew what to do to make my knees weak. Flicking my ear gently before biting the lobe, sending shockwaves of desire down my body.

His mouth covered mine in a hungry kiss as he reached for my breasts, raising my shirt til they were both exposed. The nipples hard as rocks, I felt a mouth devour one as soon as it was free from the confines of my shirt. It took me a minute to realize it was Matt. The state of disarray I was in, I never noticed he was in the room.

"Babe. I can't do this. Please stop." I moaned to him.

"Oh, yes you are. Don't fight it. I want to watch him fuck you. Don't worry. We're brothers. We know how to share." He said it with a grin.

"I told you I wanted to make you scream." He hissed at me through clenched teeth. He grabbed my hands, keeping them pinned. Rubbing my mound through my panties. He was making me moan louder.

My boyfriend took a seat in the chair beside the bed. Adjusting himself, I could see him rubbing his cock through his pants. Both men's eyes were crazy with lust and I felt a small twinge of fear. Its too bad my pussy betrayed me as I felt myself getting wetter, my juices running down the inside of my thighs.

"You need to lose those panties or I'm gonna rip them off you." He grunted at me. I quickly complied. Watching my boyfriend pull his cock out of his pants and stroke it was making me very aroused.

"Bend over on the bed. I want to taste that tight ass of yours again, Angel." Matt barked at me.

"Display your ass to me." This command was accented with a slap to my tender ass cheek making me jump. I quickly reached back and spread myself wide open.

I felt his breath on my tight pucker before his tongue made a swipe from my pussy to my asshole. His fingers quickly went to work, using my juices to lubricate my tight hole. His tongue jabbing at my ass, slowly working two fingers in before stepping back to admire his handiwork. I couldn't seem to stay still. I was ready to cum any minute.

"Angel? Do you want me to fuck your ass?" Matt asked me when I was just on the verge of cumming.

"Oh god! YES!" I whispered loudly to him. There was still people upstairs and I needed to stay quiet so no one else could tell how dirty it was about to get in the basement.

I heard him unzip his pants, my pussy was creaming harder now. His fingers had loosened me up enough that his cock head popped right into my tight tunnel. Both brothers seem to moan in unison.

I looked to my right and saw my boyfriend stroking his cock rapidly as his brother pulled out and instead slid straight in my cunt. I could feel him press deep and I let slip another moan. I gripped his cock with my inner muscles, making him twitch. Rewarding me with another slap on my ass.

"Stop that! I'm going to pump my cum in your ass bitch. Don't be trying to get me to cum in your cunt. I've been dreaming of this ass for months." He growled.

He quickly pulled out, leaving my pussy aching and empty before lining his dick up and slipping the whole length of his dick into my ass.

"OH MY GOD! OH MY... OH... AHH!" I screamed when I felt him buried to the root. It hurt but it felt so good. The feeling of fullness was overwhelming.

"Ahhh thats right bitch! Take it all! I'm gonna make you scream some more." He grunted. He moved to a much faster pace than I was used to.

Grabbing my hair, my boyfriend turned my head and fed me his cock. It was one way to keep me quiet. I swirled my tongue around his dick but he was only interested in fucking my face. I fought the gag reflex as he throat fucked me. Burying his cock til my nose bumped against him with every plunge.

I could feel them building up a rhythm as I bounced between the two cocks pistoning in and out of me. I could feel the pressure of an orgasm building.

My boyfriend was the first to unleash a torrent of sperm on my face. My mouth catching the first pulse, he pulled out and painted my face with the rest of his load.

"Ahhhh fuck me! I'm cumming! I'm cumming in your ass Angel! Oh my god! Thats so fucking good!"

This was too much for Matt. I was pushed over the edge into a drawn out orgasm when his hips bucked and unloaded spurt after spurt deep in my ass.

"Oh yeah! Fuck me ass! Cum in me! Yeah!" I screamed as he kept pumping my ass. My back arched and my ass shuddered as I came from the onslaught of his cock.

Finally, collapsing into a heap, Matts cock still in my ass, my boyfriend threw me a clean shirt to wipe my face off. Matt moved his hips a few times plunging his still semi-hard dick into my ass, eliciting another groan and a wave a pleasure from me before finally withdrawing.

"Gawd damn! Thats one fantastic fuck bro. You can't keep her ass from me for that long again!" he exclaimed, planting a kiss on my ass. He pulled up his pants and left the room.

I lay there, my face splashed with my boyfriend spunk and his brothers cum leaking out of my ass. I was totally satisfied and wanting more.

"Hmmm Angel. It seems your a hit with my brother. I hoped you enjoyed yourself. He's probably gonna be a nuisance." I could hear the smirk in his voice.

He told me to come up when I was ready, he would make an excuse for me til then and left me. I wandered up the stairs to the kitchen once I got the rest of the evidence wiped from my face and straightened my clothes.

I grabbed a beer from the fridge, without seeing anyone, and went outside to finish the cigarette I needed for a totally different reason now.

I was leaning against the railing relaxing, drinking my cold beer and smoking the cigarette, listening to the night sounds when I felt a pair of hands on my ass. They were massaging my poor sore cheeks and it felt so damn good, but the low groaning sound that escaped from them wasn't my boyfriend or his brother as I originally thought. I froze.

"Angel? What have you done to my boys? They follow you around everywhere you go."

"Although I can understand after hearing Matt... and you. I think I might need to find out for myself
." their father whispered into my ear, massaging my ass, while I stood in shock.

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