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Another first

Another first

Wow, she just blew my mind, gave me everything I thought I ever wanted and some.
What a crazy day, my wife had been teasing everybody all day on the boat trip to the island. She was teasing but I thought I knew what she wanted.

When we got back to the resort we went to the pool. She went to the upper bar and I went to the pool bar with friends. I saw her from time to time flirting and doing shots with some of the guys at the bar. It was early about 5 in the afternoon and she was getting really buzzed, I knew it was only a matter of minutes before she needed to go to the room. It didn’t look like she was having any trouble finding someone that would want to take her back either.

I was having another drink as she came up behind me telling me that she needed to go back to the room. I finished the drink, got another and we got out of the pool. She sat down while I gathered our stuff and returned the towels for the day. When I got back to her she was almost passed out, I got her up and we walked toward our room. It was all she could do walk to the room but when we got to the stairs I had to carry her to the room. The whole way back she was drunk talking about what she wanted done to her when we got back to the room.

I unlocked the door and laid her on the bed. I threw our stuff on the table and put my trunks on the shower door. I went back to her on the bed and took what was left of her bikini off and put it on the chair on the patio. When I returned she had turned the TV on and was watching porn. She said, "Get my bag of toys, I am yours to play with."

I grabbed the bag and looked at what she had brought, there were some anal balls, a double dildo and a slim anal torpedo. She grabbed the anal balls, the tube of lube, the slim torpedo and said, "These will do." I looked at her and she said, "I’m yours to do whatever you want."

"Oh, really?" I questioned.

She answered, "Yes use me, I'm going to be passed out soon so you better get started."

I lubed her ass as she started sucking on my cock she had every inch of my cock in her mouth and was giving me no resistance to my fingers lubing her ass inside and out. I grabbed the anal balls and asked, "Really, OK?" she gave me a deep swallow and looked up at me with her fuck me eyes. I put the first ball in, it was the smallest about and inch, it popped in and she did a good job pulling it in. I put the next slightly bigger one in and she reached back and pushed it deeper with her fingers from inside her pussy. She was still swallowing my cock and wasn't giving up. I pushed the third ball; this one was a bit bigger then the first two. She stopped sucking and pushed her ass back toward my fingers pushing the ball inside of her. She gasps as it popped inside. I could feel it pushing against the others inside her as I pushed the balls deeper into her awaiting ass with my fingers as she was pushing back to me.

She stopped sucking my cock and told me, "Get behind so you can watch as I let you play with my ass like you always wanted to."

I thought, "She usually lubes it up and lets me fuck her and cum but this time she is letting me use toys and everything."

There was one more ball that was about and inch and a half and it was squeezing tight against her anus, she was fingering her pussy and pulling and pushing the balls deeper inside her ass. I pushed and she pushed back and after a few attempts she pushed back and pop the last anal ball was in, she reached down and grabbed the control and turned it on and now all 4 anal balls were vibrating inside her ass. She told me, "Put your cock inside my pussy and fuck me while I get used to them inside me."

I did and I could feel them as I entered her pussy, I loved how they felt and kept pulling my cock all the way out and then jabbing it in hard to push them deeper. She was moaning and I couldn't believe she was letting me do this to her. I just kept fucking her until I was about ready to cum. She could tell and said, "Take it out and put it in my mouth." I did and she was licking the head of my cock teasing me and then she opened her mouth and swallowed my cock all the way in. I could feel her licking my shaft and giving me sucking swallows and then I started to stroke my cock in and out of her mouth. I tried to hold off and as I was stroking my cock deep in her throat I came.

”Wow another first,” I thought but this time she just kept it in her mouth and kept swallowing. I was in heaven, not only did she let me play with her ass, put the vibrating anal balls all in her but she let me cum in her throat and now is sucking me back to an erection.

She finally pulled my cock from her mouth and asked, "Did you like?"

I said, "HELL YEAH, I liked."

"Good then you will like this too." She handed me the torpedo and told me, "have fun."

I lubed it up and put the tip of it inside her ass with the vibrating anal balls still inside. I could feel it get tighter as it got larger. I then felt it start to vibrate as it was now pushing against the last anal ball that was now about 6 inches deep in her ass. I fucked her with the torpedo and I could tell she liked it.

Finally, I pulled it out and put my cock against her ass and pushed it in. Her ass was so lubed up that it pushed in with ease but then my cock started pushing against the anal balls I pulled on the cord to pull them out when I pulled out then I pushed as hard I could pushing my cock in against the largest ball in her ass I finally pushed it deep enough and left it there just to hit it when I was fully in her ass.

Wow, I pulled out and started to finger her ass with a couple fingers then a third. I have always wanted to simply use my wife and this was my opportunity. I lubed her ass and tried to put another finger in. She screamed, “It’s too tight!”

I didn't want to hurt her so I pulled my fingers out and I decided to fuck her with the double dildo. I asked Amanda if it was ok, she answered, “Yes, but please don’t hurt me too bad…”

I put the end in her ass and started pumping hard in and out of her ass and I couldn't believe it. I kept pumping and then I noticed that she had started to squirt. She would scream and squirt each time I rammed the dildo deeper in her ass. The only other time I have seen her squirt was when she was getting fucked by Tom one of our friends that had a cock that was about 11 inches long and when he was done fucking her the bed was so wet that we couldn't believe it. I just kept ramming the dildo deeper and deeper into her ass until finally she begged me to stop.

I had managed to ram nearly 9 inches of the double dildo deep into her ass each time pushing the anal balls deeper into her. I pulled it out then I pulled one of the anal balls out so the largest one was outside. I wanted to fuck her with my cock pushing along side the balls. She still had 3 inside and my cock was rubbing against 2 of them. I fucked her like that for a while then pulled them out. I got behind her on the bed and rammed my cock into her ass as hard as I could each time Amanda met my thrust with a buck back at me when made my cock feel like it was buried deeper then ever before.

Finally, I was done. Amanda was about to fall asleep so I got a towel to clean her up. She had cum running from her ass hole down her thigh and collecting in a puddle on the now huge wet spot on the bed.

I went in to take a shower, by the time I was finished she was asleep on the bed. I covered her up, got dressed and went out to meet some of the others for dinner.

Everyone asked where Amanda was I told them all that she fell asleep after we got back to the room and was still sleeping. After dinner and a few drinks we went to one of the bars at the resort Kandi, one of the girls in the group asked, "Should I go check on Amanda?"

I gave her the key not thinking much about it she left and came back a few minutes later. She handed me my key and said, "Amanda was still asleep and all tucked in."

We had a few more drinks and some others that we had met came by. Again, I had to tell the story and some of the girls were worried. A few drinks later one of the girls were getting worried. I said, "Kandi already checked on her and Amanda is ok."

Kandi said, "I will go and check on her again." I gave Kandi the key since there was no reason to argue with her and she left.

I had a few drinks not thinking much about it and she came back this time when as she gave me the key she whispered in my ear, "You should go check on her." I was confused. Again she said, "You need to go check on Amanda."

I was a bit worried now so I left for the room Kandi was right behind me but caught up to me as I got to the stairs. She grabbed me and said, "I want to check on her with you."

"Ok" I answered as we walked to the room.

When I unlocked the door Kandi stepped inside the room first and went over to the bed. Just as I closed the door and Kandi turned the lights off. The room was dark except for the red light glowing from the bottom of the nightstands. As I walked toward the bed I saw Kandi lying in the bed next to Amanda who was watching me walk toward the bed.

"What is the worry?" I asked Kandi.

"Nothing except it sounds like you had a lot of fun up here before you came down for dinner."

"What?" I quickly answered not knowing what she knew.

She then grabbed some of the toys I had left out from before.

"Oh, I, I can explain…"

She interrupted, "No need to explain, I checked on Amanda earlier and saw them, didn't think much the first time, When I came up here a few minutes ago, Amanda was awake and I had asked her how she was. She said she was fine just a bit tired and hung over. I asked her about the toys and she said she let you use them on her." Kandi reached over and grabbed the double dildo and asked, "What did you do?"

I explained to her what we had been doing. I really wasn't concerned telling Kandi we had all played before just nothing like this.

Kandi got her evil little grin on her face and asked, "Do you want to do anything else?"

I looked at her and said, "Well yes, I think I would like to do you… How about you, what do you want to do?”

She looked at me and without a word she leaned over and kissed Amanda on the back of the neck. Amanda rolled over to Kandi and very softly asked, “What are you doing?”

Kandi leaned over to Amanda’s eye and quietly asked, “Can I play with you Amanda?”

“I don’t care, but please play with my pussy my ass is too sore.”

Kandi picked up the double dildo and pushed one end of the double dildo inside Amanda's pussy, "I want to fuck you while I let Tim fuck me."

Amanda didn’t say anything except letting out a quiet moan as she slowly tilted her hips to help Kandi push the toy in easily.

Kandi eased the dildo inside Amanda and then she got undressed, well she wasn't wearing anything but her tight ass dress. I handed her the lube and she got behind Amanda lying in the bed and put the other end of the toy inside her pussy.

I was like wow! Kandi has never done anything with us before it was only Amanda and I fucking in front of her and her husband wow! She asked, "Do you like?"

I said, "Yeah."

Kandi ground the toy inside her and Amanda and she was starting to cum, I went over and she grabbed my cock out of my pants and started to stroke me while she was fucking my wife with the toy. She leaned her head back and flicked her tongue toward my cock so I took that as my invite and put my cock inside her mouth.

She was amazing swallowing my cock as hard as it was without any gag reflex and pushing toward me so it went deeper with every stroke. It was amazing she was fucking Amanda and I was fucking her throat. I have wanted to fuck Kandi ever since we had met her last year. Everyday she would tease and then they would go back to the room, I always just thought she was a tease.

She pulled my cock from her mouth and she leaned forward over Amanda and told me to join her. I got behind them on the bed and first put my cock inside Amanda but after a few strokes Kandi said, "No, inside me."

I pulled out of Amanda and put my cock inside Kandi's wet pussy, it was tight with the double dildo inside her too but she didn't mind. I started to fuck her like I have always wanted when there was a knock ate the door…
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