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At the Barbican

A chance meeting spills more than a glass of wine
I met Kate purely by chance in the bar at the Barbican. I’d gone there for a concert by the London Symphony Orchestra, and had thoroughly enjoyed the evening. It was a bit early for my train, so I headed for the bar for a nightcap before starting the trek home.

After all, I had nothing to go home for, as I was again single, after two failed marriages, caused in all likelihood by what had been a rather obsessive workaholic life. After my last divorce, I had deliberately changed things, difficult though it was, resigned my well paid City job, and taken off around the world. I’d spent 14 months, traveling all over, and seeing sights that shocked me beyond belief, of the poverty and harshness of human life in some societies. It was a year now since I returned, and I had, perhaps not surprisingly, taken a different career course, training as a teacher. I had just started my first job, part time teaching at a college near the town where I lived, teaching business studies.

There was one thing that I couldn’t change, nor wanted to, and that was my love of music. So, whenever I could, and now in my rather different lifestyle, when I could afford it, I took the train up to London for a concert. Tonight was one such night, and with the glorious sounds of Beethoven ringing in my ears, a last drink was a fitting accolade to the music I’d just enjoyed.

Maybe it was the music, or maybe I was just clumsy, but as I shuffled my way through the throng to the bar, I must have knocked into Kate, as I was all too aware of making contact as a glass of wine spilled down my shirt.

I think we both apologised, not really knowing who was at fault, as we both went for tissues to sponge the front of my shirt. Luckily it was white wine, so it was not quite as obvious as it might have been, and then and hurriedly I offered to replace her glass of wine. Once drinks were bought it seemed that she wasn’t in a hurry to get away, so we made our way to some seats and started to talk. I was struck by her eyes, which were such a shade of tawny brown that I was immediately reminded of an animal’s eyes.

That wasn’t the only thing that struck me, however, as she was indeed a beautiful woman, slim, of medium height, but with curves in all the right places. She was a bit younger than me, probably 35, I would have said. She was very much a carer girl, and worked for a Merchant Bank in their Treasury, and it turned out that we had some mutual acquaintances. As she talked about her work, I was reminded of myself a few years ago, energetic, focussed and also driven.

The other thing that struck me was that she was a real mixture of strength and passivity, sometimes coming out with a very forceful view of things, but then when I perhaps took another view, rapidly modifying her arguments to fall in line with mine. It was an intriguing personality that I found highly attractive.

When our drinks were done, and I had to leave to catch my last train, I told Kate that I had to see here again, and that I wanted that to be soon. She took my hand and came close to me, and lowering her eyes, she asked me if I really had to go. I told her that I did, else I would miss my last train home, to which she asked me if I had anyone to go home to. I told her honestly that I didn’t, and she then looked up at me with those eyes, and said “Good, come home with me then”.

I didn’t argue.

We didn’t have far to go as she actually lived in the Barbican itself, in a two bedroom flat, with a very smartly furnished living room. I think that neither of us were in any doubt as to what was going to happen, and as she closed the door behind us, she melted into my arms, our lips locked in a passionate kiss.

Once our lips broke apart, I swept her up into my arms, and asked, “Which bedroom?”

“The one on the left,” she told me. “at least for tonight.” I didn’t really understand what she meant, but happily nudged the door open, revealing a king size bed with a white duvet. Lying her down, I kissed her again, my tongue deep in her mouth, as I slowly undressed her. Finally I tugged down her tights, and dropped them beside the bed and looked at her lovely body lying there, a wide grin on her face. I undressed quickly myself, as she made no attempt to help, my cock rising as I released it from my trousers. Her eyes widened slightly as she looked at it.

“Good enough?” I asked.

“Mmmm….” was her response, and thus encouraged, I climbed over her prostrate body, sliding my cock between her full breasts and grabbed her nipples, gently stroking and extending them at first. She pushed her head forward to lick the tip of my cock as I stroked it through her lovely mounds of flesh, and by chance, I happened to squeeze her nipple in my right hand rather harder than I had meant to. She took a sharp intake of breath, and groaned, “Oooooh….yesss……yesss…”

“Okay,” I thought, “now I think I understand you better.” and started to work on her nipples in a more determined way. They grew pinker and then redder as I rolled them tightly between my fingers and stretched them out, lifting her breasts right up. She reacted as I had hoped, with complete acceptance and utter enjoyment, as she closed her eyes, and lay back to let me work on her with my rougher touch. When I took her nipple in my teeth and pulled my head back, her breathing went into overdrive and she gurgled in her throat. Those animal eyes opened wide, and then almost rolled up, as I continued my assault.

Then her mouth opened and guttural, animal sounds came out, and her body started to writhe, and then she suddenly stiffened, and then started to shake as an orgasm hit her. She was panting hard as I continued to stretch her nipples and slide my cock between the deep gorge of her breasts.

As her spasms subsided, I moved my hips forward a bit and stuffed my hard cock between her open lips. Now the noises she made changed to gasps and gulps as I fucked her throat hard and fast, just pulling out before I came myself, to save that for later.

Moving down to lie beside her, she looked into my eyes, and we kissed deeply once again. Her hand grabbed my cock, saying that she wanted it inside her. I smiled, and told her that she could have it, with pleasure, and moved above her. She raised her knees to allow me easy access, and my cock pushed between her pussy lips and slid into her extremely tight vagina.

“Fuck,” I said, “You’re tight.”

“ fit me well,” she murmured. “I can feel you so deep inside.”

She had a largish clit that now protruded a bit, and as I fucked her with long deep strokes, my body hit it every time, sending her very quickly into another orgasm, this time longer and more intense, and I felt her gush over my cock. Still fucking her, though faster now, the sound of my piston in her drenched pussy, was all that could be heard. Then as my pace grew, the squelches were joined by my grunts, and then just before I erupted into her, she screamed, loud and high, as her body squeezed on my cock. Her tightness all around me as my semen pulsed out along my length was one of the most exquisite feelings I’d had for a long time, and one that I wanted to go on and on.

Eventually my thrusting slowed, and as I pulled out of her, I slid my fingers into her and then brought them out to her lips for her to suck. She did so with enthusiasm, sucking them clean, and almost down into her throat. What I had thought of a just a sensual tasting turned into rather more, as her sucking encouraged me to push my fingers deeper into her mouth, and she avidly devoured them, so that I was by now roughly finger fucking her mouth.

I pulled my hand out again and stuck my fingers into her pussy, causing her to groan again. Then first with two fingers stretching her tight vagina, I tried a third and with the lubrication of both our juices slid those , and then joined them with my little finger, and then my thumb, forming a spearhead with which I thrust into and out of her amazing expanding pussy. To help my access, I bent her legs back, holding then down with my spare hand, and continued to slide my fingers deeper and deeper, until with an amazing grunt, her body opened to take my whole hand, and the mouth of her vagina clamped around my wrist.

With her thus impaled, I could touch deep inside her, and stroked around her cervix, causing both some pain and pleasure, which by now, I was coming to understand, was what she got really turned on by. My knuckles were pressed against the upper wall of her vagina, and moving so that I used a shoulder to pin her legs back, managed to get two hands on her now, the other now rubbing round and round her clit. It wasn’t long before she came yet again, but I didn’t let her off so easily this time, but continued stroking her clit and touching her deeply inside, so her orgasm just went on and on, until she literally collapsed in a faint.

Slowly now, I slid my hand out of her, and put my arms around her, reassured that she was OK, and she smiled, curled her body in to mine, and went straight to sleep.

I woke just as the light was starting to come through the curtains. I looked at Kate, still asleep, and reflected on the last night. As I did, my cock hardened again, and pressed against Kate’s leg. I didn’t see her wake, but suddenly her hand went to take my cock and rub her thumb over the tip.

“Mmmmm….” she said, not yet opening her eyes. “A good morning then.”

“I hope so.” I responded, and threw the duvet off the bed. Her body was as beautiful as I had remembered, and my hand explored her, teasing again her breasts and nipples, and then bending down to lick her by now dripping pussy. Her hips surged up to meet my tongue, as my fingers explored her pussy, and traced down her perineum to her tight brown hole, spreading her fluids over it. My tongue explored her tight ring, pushing through at times as my fingers continued their probing of her pussy.

Each time my tongue pushed inside her tight ring, she groaned in that animal way that had turned me on so much last night, and I knew that I was not mistaken as to her tastes. Sweeping her legs up in one fluid movement, I managed to grab her ankles and her wrists, so she was doubled over and pinioned to the bed by my arms. Then I started to poke my cock into likely places, first of all her pussy, and coated it liberally with her juices. Then, as she opened her eyes, to meet my direct gaze, my cock head made contact with her asshole. Once more I heard that encouraging groan, and now at the right angle, slowly pushed in, and slid down deep into her ass.

“God,” I told her. “you are so tight and you feel so very hot.”

“You fill me up,” she told me. “You give me such a good feeling there. But you could do more...please…”

“Sure.” I replied, holding my cock deep inside her, her body heat tightly binding me in.

“In my bedside drawer……” she said.

Letting go of one leg, I opened the drawer, to find some handcuffs, and some dildos, as well as various lubricants, and a fat rosebud.

Still deep in her ass, I first took the handcuffs, and coupled each hand to a leg, and then chose a black big vibrating dildo, and switched it on. As I brought it to her lips, she smiled and opened wide for me to fuck her throat once more. Her movements communicated themselves through her body to my cock, and her heat and the lovely dirtiness of what we were doing made me grow even more. Then I moved the dildo from her mouth to her pussy, sliding it in deep. It was probably about 7” long and nice and thick, and I could feel it through her pussy wall as it pulsed inside her.

Then I fucked her ass, long and slow to start with, and then faster and faster, my body literally pushing her up the bed until her head was banging against the bed head, and she was coming in a constant series of orgasms, whether from me or the dildo, I neither know or care, until finally I spurted my seed deep inside her ass, my balls seemingly fuller than ever as it squirted out and out.

I then withdrew, and examining the contents of her drawer more closely, found a fat butt plug, and inserted that in my place, to bottle up my cum in her ass. It had a wireless remote on it, so I could set it vibrating…Mmmm.

I released the cuffs, and we cuddled for a long while. Then we showered, cleaning each other, but I did not let her remove her butt plug, telling her that I wanted her to remember me by it. She smiled in that acquiescent way she has, and dropped to her knees, so I could fuck her mouth once more, draining my balls even more as I pulsed another load in her throat.

After breakfast, I then took her shopping in Westfield, knowing that at any time I could switch on her butt plug. I did it just as she was talking to a shop assistant, and she yelped. I think the assistant thought she was mad. Little did she know…….

Life has now taken a new and very satisfying turn, and Kate and I are very happy, experimenting continuously, and extending her submission to me in many ways.

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