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Finally, she got cured of all her cavities. The man´s cum made the miracle here.
At the dentist office
My husband has  had a tremendous obsession since a long time: he likes to show me off around in the city so everyone will stare at how I shake my ass cheeks in the open. He claims this will make him having an instantaneous hard on and then we go back home to fuck and    nail me with his hard shaft. 
Each day I try or do my best to make an impression on people. That's why that morning I put on my new black winter dress, well, it actually was a mini skirt  with round low neck  to protect against cold climate, I put on stockings not so fine, and wear  an excellent  thong that could barely cover my snatch. Well it was so tiny that it could only cover my vulva though not my entire cunt.
On that special day, I decided to dress like this only  to visit the dentist. Once I had made my  appointment on the telephone, I was surprised on how fast I could  get it for that same morning. There I was, among a lot of patients who had gathered in the waiting room due to a machine malfunction. Something had gone wrong with this stuff and was the origin for  the setback.
The hall had  comfortable chairs or sofas, a dim but nice illumination, air conditioning and lots of magazine tables around.  There was a bathroom with a side door in route to the lobby.
Tired of waiting I began to read and after that I just sat there, or made small talk with the other patients. I soon noticed a man sitting across from me, middle aged, a lot handsome. He was dark skin, big eyes, and curled hair with fine manners.  I discerned  he looked a little shy to me coz he never would speak to anyone. It was soon only he  and me were alone in the waiting room. The other patients had departed. Finally, he got to his feet and walked to sit next to me, smiling. He said "Oh, you're a nice and a cute girl. I must say it's a gorgeous body you own and I could see the beginning of your stockings as well. You're giving us  a good show sitting like that in this sofa. That's why I'm really a hot man now. I suppose you're gonna slap me in the face, but would it be ok with you if we went into that bathroom and did me a good blowjob? My fat piece of meat can't stand any longer waiting for  those puffed-up pussy lips.
I was stunned by the swift revelation, coz nobody ever, never had talked to me like that. He got to the point and didn't beat around the bushes to confess his desires. This man was so insistent… I already was feeling how my hot cunt crack was getting wet, as he began to praise my bubble butt. I  replied:
"Well, Mr, I not only would suck your big shaft and you'd facialize me, but I'm looking for a man  to fuck my ass as well.  Are you available now? I'd rather  fill my asshole  with your cum now and not wait any more, so my husband   wiped the cum out with his my tongue as soon as I get there.
This confession got the man even more turned on and he got it right, perhaps, for he began to slide his hand inside my mini skirt, set aside my panty and thrust his fingers inside me. He licked these after he got the wet off my cunt lips. But he gave his fingers deep smell before he licked them.   He then grabbed my hair softly to secure it, but with a  swift movement  of his hand, like the macho man without the possibility for a chance to get my camera off my purse, least to turn it on or begin to run it. I wished  to  have a record of this so my husband knew how horny I had gotten here with this guy, so  I'd have to   give  him a perfect account of the facts which had taken place here. When I was over with my story,   he'd poke his tongue into my tiny asshole to lick all remainder of this man's cum in my holes. I also would tell my man how   this guy had invited me into the hospital bathroom and how I was  brutally mouth fucked. This had been  deepthroating and  got my pussys and assholes stuffed!
Well, the man  leaned over me with his back pressing the door so nobody could push it open from the outside, I was on my knees and I unbuttoned his pants to see how a big rod sprang out to light, hard as blue steel. I poked it in my mouth, started licking alongside the shaft, giving head  and sucking off his penis    one after the other. I also made him a deep throat, pressed the big dick against my hard palate, swinging it around my mouth and to the sides to the limits of my mouth, while I used my tongue to help me squeeze the rod and  feel  it better, how it tasted.
This sausage was quite a delicious one, as hard as rock. I thought this exercise would cure me off the cavity with had caused my tooth problem enough to look for the dentist's help. The man hauled me up with his strong arms, lifted my skirt, took off my thong and put it in his pocket.  He would keep it!! He let me rest in the toilet, got his shaft close to my asshole and began to transfer my wet to his dick head with his fingers. The continued to  push his head cock slowly at the beginning, allowing time for the tiny asshole to open up, while teasing and stroking my pussy crack using his fingers in and out. He poked his shaft into me completely, nailing me to begin a thrusting movement quite strong but with relentless travel of   a shaft coming in and out of my ass.
My redden asshole in the hospital bath room  was already expanding, the guy took it off me  and made me bend over  even more. He then grabbed me with both hands to keep me still, stuck his shaft again into my pussy hole, pulling me by the hair, while keeping me stock-still.  He then told me:
"You bitch, I'm the one here to give orders. I put my rules, you obey them, ok? Now get ready because I'm gonna cum into your pussy. Get that asshole ready too. I can see it's already broad awaiting my fucking cum to release.
Now you turn to your husband and ask him to search into your asshole to check what he might find here.  This will be  a good chance for him to do you a wonderful  anal with your little asshole wide open for him. You already had a big ass but a tight asshole, didn't you bitch? You're cheating the motherfocker but you wouldn't care so much. So no doubt he's gonna put his fingers into you and draw out all juices  my sticky cum included. Oh, wonderful, to rub your cunt with my sperm on it!  You   don't have to  worry, you bitch: I've got  got gallons of cum to get this job done. 
While this man talked he rammed my pussy relentlessly and I enjoyed by the mere  thought of my boyfriend, the cuckold,  fucking me back at home with another man's cum just deposited.  It was something that we both had  enjoyed doing before: he'd fuck me after  a stranger has spilled his liquids already  flooding out of my pussy full of cum.
As I got home I'd avoid  heading for the bathroom first to clean myself as all regular  wives do. My main worry here was to  retain as much cum as possible into my pussy  at the moment my husband began to fucke me. I had to avoid wasting that liquid even    if accidentally leaked out along my legs off my cunt.
I finally climaxed, moaning from so much lust with  my legs shaking but this guy wouldn't care. I was also wasted by the regular pump of the rod! The damnfucker  woudn't   let  me faint. He grabbed me by the hair instead and kept pounding me wildly while raising my hips in a levelled position.  He wouldn't stop even if   his legs were shaking too; perhaps he was about to cum, for  he squeezed me stronger to give a final drive deeply into my wet cunt and make sure his shaft had drilled well into my shaved pussy. He had gotten my tight pussy torn by doing this.
Another orgasm ripped through  my entire body like electricity. As for my pussy, at the moment the man's balls touched my vulva, this created waves of spasm in my vagina and inner lips reaching to  my innermost. This man wasn't a liar: he had reckoned  on a great deal of cum to be emptied  inside me, and this turned me on. That could explain why I moaned so horribly
He was done with me this time and instructed me to stay put as he was  apparently ready to leave.  As I got on my feet to put back my panty I couldn't find it anywhere,  he had  taken it away.  The only way out of it was to manage a toilet paper and stuff it into my cunt, yet it could barely control his precious  cum already spilling  along  the vagina walls.
I told the receptionist I had to go by saying it's too late for me now.  I headed towards  the  office   where my husband  would be waiting to fuck me specially when I finished my story on how great  this man had worked out my asshole to leave it so wide to take a larger penis. My asshole wasn't tight anymore I must say, but it felt great to get fucked again after  a stranger has   cum  before inside you: Perhaps lots of gallons,  and it  felt like leaking down my legs already, I had to hurry up or wouldn't make it home before finding a bathroom and had to waste this sperm!!
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