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My sex is on fire :o) a story with very little emotion...
I’ve seen you many times, you do something to me, you have this look about you it gives me an excited feeling in my belly and sometimes between my legs.
I never got as far as contemplating the feel of your skin on mine, never before studied your lips or tried to imagine how you might kiss, I never looked at your hands and wondered whether your touch will be gentle or rough, yet still without having thought about it I know that your touch will be without purpose, raw and needy. Our eyes have met before, they’ve had conversations behind our backs and well they know more than we do, but that’s okay because I never before wanted to know everything. You intimidate me slightly and though I don’t know the reason why, it arouses me because intimidation is a friend of mine. We never before now had a conversation using our mouths, so I’ve never told you how rude I am, but you know me, and I know you, you say it’s because ‘we’ have an aura.
We have an understanding now and we’re going to use each other, it’s not poetic but it is beautiful.
Your first sample of me, your first touch, well I’m easily excitable at the best of times but I’ve been building this up in my head for a while now, and I gasp instantly at the realisation of your fingertips on my face. Simple isn’t it, well it is, you’re checking me out, this time with touch instead of your eyes although they are here too and they watch the changes in my face, as it shows you what you suspected, that I’m needy, sexually I mean, very much in need of everything you have to offer me. Your fingers they find my mouth and I suck one then two then three into me, you feel them touch the back of my throat all the while my eyes don’t leave yours. I’m checking you out now, I want to read you correctly I want to drive you crazy. My pussy is already starting to drizzle and the aching well it’s begun deep inside me in a place that I can’t reach. If squeeze my legs together my clit receives some gentle stimulation, call it a promise if you will. Your hand is on my throat now and you squeeze gently, amused by my welcome moan of gratitude. My head falls to the side in surrender to you, and you know now that whatever you want from me is already yours.
Our feet find the way to my bed and this story has started. Our hands without asking remove the layers that separate us, our bodies want to get acquainted and they need to sate each other in ways that we haven’t decided. I lay beside you and your hands they cup and squeeze my breasts, you enjoy the squirms I try to hide as you squeeze too hard, and actually I enjoy it too.
“Hurt me” I whisper to you so quietly that have to check my face to make sure you have heard me right, my eyes well they ask you the same and I see the decision you make before it even registers in your mind. You roll me onto my front and you spread my ass, your fingers ‘they’ like this plan and it feels liberating for you as you thrust two fingers straight into my tight ass, the noise I make is rewarding and encourages you to finger fuck my ass hard and fast until I am clutching the pillows in front of me, and the word “yes” leaves my mouth over and over again and becomes yours. You’re behind me now, and I feel your cock pushing into me, it’s big and it hurts as it pushes past the tight muscles just inside me, when it’s in I cry out and that’s before you thrust it full pelt into me. You moan a deep growl and I beg you

“Fuck my tight ass, Fuck it hard, Please”

Of course you oblige because you already planned to do just that and the begging well it was kind of nice but unnecessary. You watch your cock as it disappears time and time again in and out of me, my tight ass gripping it, holding on for dear life as you almost withdraw completely before plunging back in. Before long you’re frenzied and as your balls slap against my sopping untouched pussy, you think to yourself that actually ‘you’ve got your work cut out with me’ because although you’re fucking my tight inexperienced ass harder than you could have imagined, I’m still begging and still needing more. I love the sounds your throat makes and I love the way your body lurches forward and grinds to a paralysed halt as you empty all that you have into me, filling me.
We separate our sticky bodies and I rise to get up, I’m planning on going to the bathroom just to sort myself out.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

You say to me with that glint in your eye, you drag me back down beside you and I’m pleased. You lay me on my back and instinctively I spread my legs for you. Kneeling between my open legs you look closely at my pussy, I feel scrutinised and I like it though I shift nervously trying to distract myself from my embarrassment. Your fingers are on my pussy now, gently parting my lips to reveal the pool of juices within, it’s an inviting sight and your fingers delve in without hesitation. Instantly I cry out because I’d almost forgotten how badly I needed to be touched. Your fingers drive into me with a purpose and the look on your face the intense one, it’s going to help me come, my legs spread themselves wider asking you for more and you add fingers, manipulate your hand so that my soaking pussy can accommodate it. You force it into me while watching my face and my pussy alternately, you’re grinding into me and I’m trying to edge away from you, trying to resist you but at the same time I am betraying myself by wailing like an insane animal and begging you not to stop. You read me easily and you know that my pleasure is peaking, using your other hand you rub my now taut clit and twist your ‘wrist deep’ arm inside me, you fist my cunt hard until I can take no more, can participate no longer, I just accept it. You succeed in your mission and my juices soak your hand inside me, as they gush from a deep place I will never see. The sight and sound of my orgasm drive you to a new place that you plan on exploring. My pussy is satisfied for a while but your cock is solid again, and I’m an obliging girl.

“Tell me how to please you”,

I ask desperately, and you reply that you want me to lay on my back with my head hanging backwards off the edge of my bed. I feel excited and nervous because I have an idea what you’re up to. The blood rushes to my head as you approach my face and guide you cock into my lips I try to open my mouth wider for you because your cock is thick. The angle at which I am suspended means that I am in the perfect position for my throat to be fucked and as you thrust into me, I moan around you as I imagine how naughty this must look, how much of a whore I must be to be allowing you to do this. I gag a few times as your cock slides into my throat but it doesn’t bothers me, it just reminds me of the details, your cock violating my previously un-fucked throat, your balls they slap against my nose, and you use me, to bring about your orgasm, your hot cum shoots down my throat and never even touched the sides. I’m allowed a short break and I grab it with both hands, I look at myself in the bathroom mirror and my skin is pink, my eyes wild and my hair askew, I look totally fucked, but also totally fuck-able, I smile.
I return to you, a little wobbly on my legs, my face losing some of its colour. You’re rifling through the cupboard next to my bed, making ‘what have we got here’ noises. You seem especially fond of my 12” dildo and you look at me with a maniacal grin, if I didn’t trust you, I would probably run away at this very moment :o)
“The dildo is too big for me”
I feel it necessary to point that out and well I’ll take it gracefully, oh sod it, no I won’t I’ll take it like a starved dog takes a steak, only I’ll beg for more with words ‘and’ my eyes. As you force it slowly into me, I breath a sigh of relief that you haven’t pounded it straight into my already bruised pussy, the sigh is short lived though as you are working yourself up to that, working carefully to see my limits to see how much I can take, when you have that figured out you remove it and ram it full pace into me, I cry out, not a word but just a sound that begs for mercy and more simultaneously. You fuck my needy pussy, you watch as it squelches in and out of me, as my pussy lips try to suck on its ribbed shaft, then you watch as my body tenses and my stomach rises up involuntarily as my muscles spasm, my insides undulate and I come for you in the only way I know how, noisily. You sate my needs until I am unable to take more, my hands reaching for yours pathetically trying half heartedly to stop you, you slow to a standstill, and you straddle my face.
I don’t know what I’m expecting now, as you’ve already fucked my throat, but I sure wasn’t expecting you to slap me and piss all over my face, my open mouth gets its share, and my eyes sting with the unexpectedness of the shower you’re giving me. I’m not sure how I feel about this but again my throat, it starts this noise, this desperate needy noise that tells you it’s okay.
The dildo is still inside me, filling my pulsating ravaged pussy, you slide down the bed and ‘your’ cock finds my ass, it’s not easy, although I ‘am’ soaked, and my ass still full of your gift from earlier.
The dildo takes up so much space in my body that it’s a tight squeeze and as slowly you fuck my ass, you twist and tweak my clit as you thrust gently, the orgasm that finally exhausts me, is the most intense of all, I pull on my nipples as I am too overwhelmed to do anything else, I scream
“fuckkkk” over and over again until you finish by wanking another portion of your seed all over your piss soaked whore. I won’t pretend that we have a sweet conversation now because we don’t. Our needs are satisfied and we lay for a while, with unsaid words, untried ideas going back to their quiet corners of our mind until next time.

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