Backdoor to Cyprus

By Wallace

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She taunted her husband on the phone as I fucked her tight hole.
Working as sales rep for a software company required me to travel all over Europe. I was on an extended trip, first to Sofia, Bulgaria then Istanbul, Turkey after that Athens, Greece and finally to Cyprus. It had been an exhausting and somewhat boring trip, working with specialist software for the construction industry I was not meeting the most exciting people in the world, but the product was hot and business was good.

I arrived at the airport in Cyprus and was greeted by a nice looking woman holding a sign with my name. We said our hellos and quickly went to find the car. Driving to their offices I learned her name was Yaneka and she was the daughter of Nikos the owner of the cement company I had come to see. I noticed the child seat in the back of her car and some toys scattered around, so I assumed she was married, she was – her husband also worked for the company as did her brother. Yaneka was around 32 I would guess, she was dressed casually in a tee-shirt and loose trousers – it was very hot out and I was in a suit of course. She was very attractive, her tee-shirt was tight and low cut and she had very large breasts, walking to the car I was a few steps behind and watched her wide hips and big butt cheeks bounce as she walked. She was very friendly and was genuinely please to see me in her country, we had communicated via e-mail many times and it was nice to met in person.

Back at the office she gave me a little tour and introduced me to a few people then finally we went upstairs to her father’s office. I sat down in the big dark office and she had the secretary arrange us some coffees, then she explained that her father had a bad back and was home in bed and would not be joining us. I sat across from her on a big leather couch and started my pitch, presented the glossy materials and finally sat down behind her father’s desk and loaded a demo onto his desktop and walked through it with her. As I sat in her father’s big chair she leaned over and followed me through the software applications, etc. She smelled lovely, sweet and warm and her cleavage was inches from my face and I felt like brushing my nose against her breast, but didn’t dare. Yaneka was the IT expert at the company and already knew what she wanted, she placed an order, called her father and spoke in Greek and seemed to clear the whole thing with him, all was good, the deal was done and I had several hours to kill before flying back to Athens on my way back home. Yaneka hung up the phone, we shook hands and she suggested we go out for lunch. I gathered my things and followed her, again watching her big arse bounce, each cheek moving individually like two lovely globes. She turned around to say something and caught me in the act checking her out; she paused for a moment, and then asked if I minded taking the stairs down, I didn’t.

We stopped on the 2nd floor and went into an office where she introduced me to her husband, he got up and shook my hand, “Nice to meet you,” and all that. He was small and had big glasses on, not the Greek god I was expecting, he and the others at the desks around him all looked like accountants. They spoke in Greek for a moment and she opened her purse and handed him some money, said our goodbyes and walked down the stairs and back to her car. “Do you like fish?” she asked, I was up for anything.

The restaurant was on the beach, very near the office, she ordered for us and the food started coming on little plate, a taste of this, a taste of that – it was all delicious. We drank Raki, very strong alcohol like Ouzo and she talked and talked, about her family, her son, their new dog, she was bright and friendly and I tried very hard not to stare at her lovely jugs. I told her about my wife and kids back in England and compared stories of parenting and life, it was all very nice. After a long lunch and some Raki, desert, coffee I still had plenty of time before I needed to be at the airport, I told her I was happy to go and wait there, I could go to the lounge and even get some work done – she suggested she drive me around a bit and see the town, that seemed fine to me. She showed me some empty property that her father had just bought near their office, we went past her parent’s house, then down a dirt road, up a hill and she stopped the car next to a field. I sat looking out the window across the field and down to the sea.

“Listen Wallace, I want to ask you something ok?” Yaneka turned to me and said.

“Yes.” I answered.

“Do you want to fuck me?” she asked in her husky voice.

“Yes I do.” I said at supersonic speed.

“OK, my house is just up here, no one will be there, is that fine for you?”

“Absolutely.” I said.

We pulled in front of her house, it was a large newly build house in the middle of nowhere, looking out at the sea – it was fantastic. We got out of the car and she smiled a lovely big smile at me and I followed her inside. As soon as the door opened I grabbed her, spun her around and pulled her to me, we kissed and my hands immediately began to explore – I was desperate to feel those lovely big tits, they were firm and soft and I could feel her hard nipples through her bra and tee-shirt.

“Come with me she said,” and I followed her across the house, stepping over toys to her bedroom.

It was white and sleek, very trendy looking with mirrors and shiny metal pieces hanging on the walls and a big white bed with a mosquito net hanging over it.

“Listen Wallace, you can only fuck me in the back ok?”

“Pardon me?” I said.

“I don’t want your baby and I have no protection, so you must to fuck me in the back. Yes?”

“You mean fuck you up the arse?”

“Yes, Wallace you can only fuck my arse.”

‘When in Greece…’ I thought.

We stood at the foot of her and her husbands bed and embraced, our tongues dancing together and this time my hands went down and felt the full size and shape of her tremendous bottom, I squeezed her two cheeks and she let out a moan. I stepped back, undid my belt and opened the front of my trousers and pulled down my boxer shorts, my half-hard cock popped out and Yaneka immediately knelt down and took me in her mouth. Her mouth was warm and wet and she slowly ran her tongue up and down the shaft, grabbing the base with her hand and pumping me in and out of her wet mouth. I sat down on the end of the bed, moved her long hair and watched in the long mirror on the wall as she sucked away on my stiff cock. It felt so good, maybe too good, so I stood up and pulled her with me, grabbed the bottom of her tee shirt and pulled it over her head, as she reached behind to unhook her bra, I unbuttoned her trousers and slid them down, the bra came off and released to huge, brown round tits, they bounced down and settled into the most perfect shape, thick and fat titties with upward pointing nipples. Her nipples were dark and big, her areola seemed to cover the whole front of her boobs and her long nipple were standing rock hard and pointing ever so slightly towards the sky. She wriggled out of her trousers and I turned her around and knelt down with her thonged arse in my face, dark and soft. Slowly I slid my two index fingers under the string of her thong and pulled down gently freeing the crack for me to sniff and probe. She stepped out of her purple knickers and leaned forward slightly, reaching behind her she took a cheek in each hand and pulled her gorgeous cheeks apart, giving me a full view of her plump, clean shaved pussy and her darling little chocolate starfish.

My cock was so hard at this point I stood up and stripped the rest of my clothes off, my cock standing at full attention I grabbed Yaneka and bent her over and started licking and tonguing her tight little arsehole, she let out a deep moan and cupped her breasts in her hand and tweaked her nipples. My tongue worked in and out of her pussy, slid along her clit, then back up to her arsehole. She stood up straight and walked over to the slick, mirrored wardrobe and slid the door open, reached into a basket and pulled out a tube of lube and handed it to me. I squirted a big helping into my hand and rubbed my cock thoroughly, then another big glob for her tight little hole, first I worked it all around the opening as she bend over the bed again, then with one finger sliding it up into her, then a bit more lube and another finger, now Yaneka is grinding against me, her huge arse cheeks spread wide by her own hands.

“Fuck me Wallace,” she said, “fuck me now.”

I pressed the head of my cock against her opening, her hand still holding her big cheeks well apart, and with one swift push the head of my cock popped right in,

"Please,” she cried, “fuck my back, fuck my back now.”

And I thrust the full length of my manhood into her deepest, darkest hole. She pushed back with her big hips to meet my thrust and began to slowly pound away we stayed like that for some time, I had a perfect view from the mirror and could she her face twisted in pleasure, biting her big pouty lip and by this time screaming in Greek – I don’t understand a word she is saying but I know she is loving this fucking. I pull my cock out and flip her onto her back, slide her just to the edge of the bed so I have nice access to her bunghole and slip it right back in, “I want to see you face.” I tell her. She is rocking back and forth to meet my thrust, her finger furiously rubbing her clip in a circular fashion. She is talking to me in Greek at this point, still not sure what she is saying I know it is encouraging. Her hand is going crazy on her clit and I can feel what’s coming, her legs straighten around me and her whole body begins to tense, she is twitching now, her hands have moved to her nipples, she is pinching them hard, I am now leaning right forward and rubbing my pelvic bone on her clit and my cock slides in and out of her back passage. The moans turn to screams and she is cumming, clutching her breast with both hands. I am leaning all the way over her biting her neck when I will a warm spray fills my pubic hair – she’s a squirter!

My thrust slow down as her orgasm subsides and I pull out to flip her over again. She asks me to wait a minute and goes to her purse and pulls out her mobile phone, she comes back to me and gives me a deep kiss before resuming the position, I slowly slid my cock back into her arse and she meets me again with a push back from her hips. Phone in hand she started playing with the buttons, then puts the phone to her ear, I am fucking away at her arsehole and she starts talking in Greek on the phone, trying to keep her voice composed while I am pumping away at her, I have not idea what she is doing at this point. Then she starts speaking in English, “Yes darling,” she says, “he’s inside me right now, on our bed” “Yes it’s big, much bigger than your little one, I have cum once and planning on cuming again and again. Maybe I’ll let you have some once he’s filled me up, but you are going to have to eat his cum out of me first.” The moans start again and she is now speaking Greek again on the phone, her breath is getting quicker and she throws the phone onto the bed and I really start pounding, the cum is coming I am not going to stop it.

“Where do you want it I ask, where do you want me to cum?”

“In my back baby, cum all the way deep in my back-hole.”

She is now speaking Greek again, shouting and clutching at the bed sheets and I unload all that I have right up you backdoor. The orgasm is so strong that I fall over in heap on her back. She picks up her mobile and panting say something in Greek and hangs up. She flips over and pulls me on top of her and kisses me so deeply and passionately.

“Thanks you Wallace, this was a very nice fuck.” she said.

“Sorry, but was that your husband you rang?”

“Oh yes, he like it when I get fucked good , he is such a pussy this man, he is not really a man.”

We laid together in her marital bed for ages, talking and laughing until she sucked me hard again and we did a 69, I licked her clit until she came again, this time spraying her woman jizz all over my face, it was so hot that I had to pull her on top of my cock where she eased in into her backdoor one more time and rode me first facing me where I could play with her huge jugs, pinching her nipple as hard as she would let me, then she turned around with her huge arse facing me where I could watch my cock sliding in and out of her tight hole – I came in about a minute enjoying that view. We had a shower together soaping each other, I loved rubbing the slick soap all over her curves, she sucked me again and I came on her face, but my load was so small at this point it hardly mattered. She helped dress me and took me to the airport, gave me at passionate kiss and drove off as I strolled smiling into the terminal.