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Bangkok Tour Guide

Bangkok Tour Guide

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Lovely tour guide in Bangkok with a stunning ass shows me the sights and more.
Many years ago I made what was to be my second of many trips to South East Asia, this time to Thailand. The reason I have continued to return there is because of events like the following.

It was my second trip to Bangkok, Thailand or 'The Big Mango' as some call it. I wanted to see some of the sights I had not seen on my first trip, so I booked a tour to see The Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha Temple.

The night before I had gone to a bar and taken a girl called Kung that I knew from my first trip back to my hotel room for the night and had my way with her. I awoke about 7:00 a.m. to find Kung with her mouth around my cock, bringing me back to stiffness. Talk about morning glory.

Sadly, I had to eventually stop her before completion, as I realised I was going be late to meet the tour guide downstairs. I gave her a soft slap on her ass and told her to get dressed.

I waited in the reception area downstairs and bang on time, the tour guide arrived. Her name was Nataree. I assumed she had mispronounced it, and meant Natalie, but she later gave me her card which did say Nataree. She was fairly attractive, but I guess not a stunner. She did have a lovely ass though, I could tell as she wore lovely tight trousers that really showed it off.

We got into the minivan and I had assumed the driver would pick up other tourists at other hotels. But Nataree told me that I was the only customer that had booked that tour with them today. She asked me many questions about myself, I told her I had a girlfriend in Phuket and showed her a photo of her.

We went around the Grand Palace and she was very informative. On the way back to the minivan she held my hand to lead me through the many tourists. In the van though she continued to hold my hand and smiled at me. She asked me what I was doing that night.

I had planned to go and hit some bars in Soi Nana or Soi Cowboy, but I thought I couldn't really tell her that, so I said I was going to see a movie.

She immediately said, "Oh, I like movies."

So I thought, great I'm in here!

So I asked her to come along. She agreed to meet me at the foyer of the hotel next door to mine as she said if she was seen at my hotel it could get back to her company and she might get in trouble.

We went to the Emporium shopping centre and got something to eat and went to see a movie. I held her hand during the movie and I thought everything was going well. We were walking back to the street to get a taxi and I asked her if she wanted to come back to my room 'for a drink'.

But she said she couldn't, again because she would get in trouble if some of the hotel staff recognised her and it got back to her tour company. I guess I was disappointed, and looked it, because she said sorry, but what could she do.

We continued walking back to the street. Then she stopped me and said did I want to go to a short-time hotel with her. Thank god, I was back in the game.

When we got into the room, I kissed her, and quickly got my hands on that lovely ass of hers. It was perfect. I took a shower, and then waited in bed while she took hers.

She came out with the obligatory white towel wrapped around her, and got into bed with me. She played shy, and it took me a few minutes to wrestle that towel away from her lovely firm body.

We kissed for awhile and then I gently guided her head down to my raging hard-on so the cock-sucking could begin. She took me in her mouth, sucking and kissing gently at first, but eventually becoming more urgent. She’d certainly done this before.

I then stood, and she sat on the edge of the bed and continued to suck me. I held her head and thrusted in and out of her mouth, face fucking her. I took my dick in my hand and slapped the end all over her mouth and face, which she thought was funny.

Time for some pussy, so I lay back on the bed and she got on top and eased herself onto my cock. She started to get nice and wet, riding me. I let her ride me for some time, my hands all over her bouncing ass and tits, until she eventually came.

Then time for some pussy pounding, so I got on top of her and fucked her lovely tight twat for awhile. Then I spun her over onto all-fours, and took her doggystyle. This is what I really wanted; damn she had a great ass! I loved watching my dick sliding in and out of her pussy whilst my hands massaged and slapped her gorgeous ass.

Then she said something a girl had never said to me before, “Put in my ass.”

I had never done anal before at that time, and to be honest, it had never really appealed to me. But we were both horny-as-fuck, and so I thought I’d at least give it a try.

So I pulled out and slowly attempted to get in her asshole. It took awhile as she was quite tight, but eventually I was bangin’ away and quite enjoying it.

She, however, was fucking loving it. She got noticeably louder and louder too, this was obviously her ‘thing’. Not sure if she actually came again during this, but she most certainly enjoyed herself. Whoever was on the same floor of the hotel must surely have heard her!

Eventually I pulled out and had her suck me off until I exploded over her lips and tits. She had a lovely dirty smile on her face, massaging my come into her breasts.

“Makes them bigger,” she said.

Eventually we showered together and got dressed. We had a quick snog whilst I had a final grope of that ass. Then she said she had to get home otherwise her father wouldn’t be happy she was out late, and we parted ways.

Afterwards I thought about this experience and thought maybe she had gone with me in the hope of getting some money. But I don’t think so; there was no awkward moment before we parted where she might have been expecting me to get out my wallet. I think she was maybe a bit lonely, and the day we met certainly horny and just fancied a bit of 'farang' (foreigner) fun.

More adventures in South East Asia to come...

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