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Bigger is better

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Try it, you'll like it!
On a warm summer evening, I stopped by the local hair cuttery for a trim. It was almost nine o'clock, and I wasn't sure that the place was still open. I couldn't see anyone inside, but I parked anyway and tried the door. It was open, and I called out to get someone's attention. A woman's voice answered, telling me she'd be right out. All the chairs in the main salon were covered with those aprons they throw over you, and I thought I'd hear that it was to late.

A young woman, maybe twentyfive, came out of the back room. She had long, blonde-streaked dark wavy hair, bright blue eyes and full lips. Quite pretty overall. She was also quite large. She was wearing a terry cloth dress cut several inches above her knees, with a strapless, stretch top. And the top was really stretched by a pair of nearly huge tits, resting on her large belly. It was difficult not to stare, but I did try.

After a little banter, she told me she'd give me a haircut, but we'd have to go in the back room where they usually washed hair. I followed her to the back room, immediately noticing the pungent odor of pot. After sitting me down, she said that she needed to lock the front door so that no one else would come in. Watching her walk away was quite a show. She couldn't have been more than five three, including the high heels she was wearing, and her large, round ass and full hips jiggled as she walked away. She glanced over her shoulder and caught me looking at her ass. The jiggle became more pronounced. I have to admit that I was quickly attracted to her big, round ass. A picture of her on her elbows and knees flashed through my head, and I got a tingling sensation in the head of my cock.

When she returned, she excused herself for just a minute and went to the girl's room. When she returned, a strong odor of pot hoovered over her as she threw one of the hair aprons over me and asked how I wanted my hair cut. The chair was too small for my big frame and the chair's arms were the only place that I had to rest my hands. Looking into her blue, slightly bloodshot eyes, I told her I just wanted a trim. With that she grabbed a comb and a pair of scissors.

When she began to cut the front, it became obvious that she was having having difficulty reaching my hair. Being a little over six foot two, even scrunched down, she had to stretch to reach up. This resulted in three things. First, her top slid down more than just a little, exposing the tops of her tits, including just a little of her aureoles. Her cleavage seemsd to go downand down and disappear into shadow. Second, she leaned her crotch onto the back of my hand, which was resting on the chair's arm. And third, my cock jerked a little and began to grow. I glanced down at my crotch, and I could see my cock moving under the thin, plastic apron. I shifted my hips a little, trying to make the bulge a little less obvious, to no avail.

As she cut my hair, it became obvious that she had a good buzz going, and she carried on a mostly one-sided conversation. She told me her name was Kim, and that she was going to have a drink at the local bar when she closed the shop. She mentioned several times that she was in the mood to party. As she talked, she began rubbing her crotch on the back of my hand as she move around, and I became aware of a gentle buzzing. It dawned on me that she had some sort of vibrator nestled in her pussy.

My cock got even harder, and got twisted up in my jeans. I tried again to wiggle around to reposition my hardon, but couldn't, so I excused myself and headed to the boy's room. When she pulled the apron off of me, my cock was jutting out, and the rather large head was outlined by my jeans. When I returned, I had moved my cock to a more comfortable position, but there was no hiding the bulbous head. Kim's eyes were riveted to my crotch. She threw the apron over me, but I pushed my hands from under it and put them palm up on the chair handles. I clearly was interested in more than a trim.

While I was in the boy's room she had pulled her hem up a couple of inches, showing surprisingly smooth thighs, and her top was adjusted so that it was pulled down except for the material covering her nipples. More of her aureoles were exposed, and it was obvious that they were three or more inches in diameter. The only thing holding up her top was her nipples, which poked through the fabric.

With a little smile, she actually hiked up one legs and settled her crotch back onto my hand, only this time I had a handful of her pussy. Only the thin terry cloth kept my fingers out of her slit. She had a major handful of pussy. I could still feel the vibration, and figured she had some sort of vibrating egg in her pussy. When I squeezed gently, she closed her blue eyes and gave a tiny moan. With my other hand I pulled her top down, exposing her melon-like tits. As I kissed her dark red, glistening lips, I grabbed one of her nipples and tugged on it.

She stepped back and pulled her dress down around her ankles and stepped out of it. As big as she was, her skin was all smooth, and she slowly turned around, showing me just what she had to offer. I stood up and bent her over the barber's chair. She spread her knees and reached back to spread her huge ass cheeks even further, exposing her ass crack and freshly shaved cunt. I was quickly on my knees, kissing her cheeks and running the tip of my tongue up and down the crack of her ass.

Each time my tongue ran over her tight, brown asshole, she shuddered. And when I started tonguing her asshole she thrust back against my mouth. My fingers found her clit and I began rubbing it as I rimmed her asshole. Her huge ass and thighs quivered, as did my cock. With her hands spreading her ass wide, my hands were free, and I reached around to grab her long nipples. I pulled hard and twisted them and was rewarded with a muffled squeal.

I stood up and unzipped my jeans. My cock is just shy of eight inches long, but the shaft is thick and the head is bigger than most doorknobs. I intended to just shove my cock up her ass, but she swung around and went to her knees. She wrapped her lips around the head of my cock, sucking while she stroked the shaft with her hand.

I grabbed two hands full of her hair and started thrusting my cock down her throat. Looking down at her blue eyes and red lips, I could have cum right then. I fucked her mouth hard, my whole cock sliding in and out of her mouth, gobs of spit dripping off her chin onto her tits. When I started shooting my load, she gagged, and a good part of my load dribbled out of her nose. I just held on to the back of her head and fucked her mouth until I was empty.

I bent her back over the chair again, and resumed eating her. I'd tongue out her asshole for a while, then suck her clit before tonguing her fuck hole. It was strange feeling the vibrating egg against my tongue, but she obviously enjoyed it. I had a finger up her tiny asshole, and I could feel her cum as her asshole clenched my finger. I know she came six or eight times like that, and I was soon ready for another go. She sat back in the barber chair and laid the back of the chair almost level.

Her huge, meaty tits were laid up on each side of her head, and she spread her fat, smooth thighs. Her cunt hung open, and I pulled on the little wire connected to the vibrating egg, popping it out of her fuckhole. She was soaking wet, and I slid my cock all the way in. She was suprisingly tight. I'd pull my cock almost out of her, then slam it back in until my balls bounced off her ass crack. Her tits, belly and thighs quivered like Jello, but she was suprisingly tight, and when my cock would pop out, the head was a dark purple and the veins on my shaft were pulsing.

I pulled my cock out of her and grabbed her ankles, pushing them wide open and toward her pillow-like tits. The head of my cock nudged her asshole and I gave not-too-gentle shove. In it popped, quickly followed by the rest of my cock. She squealed and tried to pull away, but I now had hands full of her soft, fat hips, and I jammed my cock in even harder. Finally she reached down, spreading her ass cheeks and thrust back against me. I thought I'd emptied my balls the first time, but I shot load after load deep in her asshole, and, when I'd finished, she turned around and sucked the cum off my cock. With her hands spreading her ass, my hands were free, and I reached around to grab her long, hard nipples

I laid her back in the chair, spreading her fat thighs, and resumed sucking her plump clit. I shoved the egg back into her fuckhhole, and when she started cumming again, she actually squirted cum out of her asshole. I used the little plastic wire connected to the egg to pull it out of her fuckhole, and, when I did, juice gushed out right behind it. My tongue lapped at her hole, and I cleaned her sweet little cunt.

I go back at closing every time I need a trim, and frequently even when I don't. Those fat girls sure have sweet pussy!

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