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Black Tie Affair

We are at a party. Black tie only. I am wearing a sheath of black sequins, black sheer hose, and 5 inch stiletto heels. You are looking very sexy in a black tie and tux. The room is filled with people socializing and drinking. We are on opposite sides of the room. I look away from the person speaking to me to see you undressing me with your eyes. I lick my lips slowly indicating the desire I have to suck your manhood dry. We move across the room toward one another but get stopped by party-goers who want to tell us the latest gossip. Again I look up and see the fire in your eyes. You look at me with the desire of a wild beast. I slip away from the unflattering conversation about your boss and head out of the room away from the party.

Once outside I look to see if you have followed my lead. You do not disappoint me. I see your handsome face approaching me with a confidant stride. A man out to get his prey. I am familiar with the estate grounds and head for a secluded cabana near the swimming pool. The moonlight outlines my figure moving in the darkness and you follow. Arriving at the cabana door I enter. The room is luxuriously sensual and inviting. Large pillows are scattered about with silks, satins, and velvets of different colors and textures to excite the senses. The soft flames of candles and oils fill the air with exotic aromas. Moonlight pours in from the skylights above (are you getting hot with anticipation yet?).

You enter and see me as I begin to peel off my dress. Underneath I am wearing a black lace and blue silk demi-bra from which my hard nipples are protruding for the touch of your lips and hands. I pull the dress off completely. Your eyes drink in the erotic sight of my black lace garter belt and my long lean legs in black stockings and heels. The soft curly hair of my pussy is exposed to you and my bottom is bare. You take a step closer. I kneel in front of you, pull you close with my hands on your ass, and press my face into the fabric of your pants feeling the hardness within. I stand up and remove your jacket. Your hands caress my body and you cover my neck and shoulders with kisses. I waste no time and remove the rest of your clothing.

You take my hand and lead me to the softness of the pillows. You lay me down. I can see the passion in your dark eyes and tremble with the knowledge of what is to come. I think if my heart beats any faster it will explode. You kneel beside me reaching down and pressing your hand onto my bushy mound slipping in between the swollen lips to find my hard little knob of pleasure. I whimper. I am hungry for your cock and move closer to you so that you can straddle my head and drop your cock into my mouth. I feel you tear away the garter and remove the stockings and heels. You also unhook the bra, letting it fall away exposing my breasts. You spread my thighs licking them deliciously. I suck the head of your cock, curling my tongue around it, making you moan with pleasure. My tongue swirls gently to your balls where I savor them taking each one at a time in my mouth and oh so gently suck sending shivers down your spine. You are nearly maddened by the lust you are feeling and begin to suck my clit and lap at my cunt juices. I can feel your breath as you smell the aroma of my hot box. Your fingers are hard at work in my tunnel when I feel you thrust your thumb into my tiny puckered ass hole. My body bucks up from the rush i feel. aaaaaaaaa..... I moan.

My breathing becomes erratic. You are like a madman and I am under your power. beg.

You grab a pillow and have me turn over onto it so you can fuck me from behind. You spread my cheeks and see that the crevice is wet from the tongue bath and my sweet honey. You dip your swollen cock in the flowing juices and then you position it at the entrance to my asshole and press in slowly while I push out to allow you to enter. Mmmmmmm. You are so hard and big. We have assfucked before but it always seems that you are going to split me wide open.

You start slow (you are such a considerate lover) and we begin an even rhythm. I am wiggling and grinding back at your sudden thrusts. We pick up the pace and our bodies are slamming together trying to be one. Fuck me harder, I say. I want to feel you deep, deep inside. I feel that hardness you get right before you come and it makes me crazy. Fuck me really hard, baby, I scream. You push the full length of your rock hard dick into my tight ass and you shoot your hot jizz deep into me. My ass and my cunt spasm as i have a mindblowing orgasm. Our strong bodies are weakened from the magnificent fuck we just had and we collapse together into the soft furs that cover the floor. We fall asleep there with the moonlight shining down us. Your cock still in my ass.


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