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Bucket List: Anal

The third part of the bucket list series. Mark fucks Sarah's arse.
Sex Bucket List Rules.

A list of sexual fantasies to complete before we kick the bucket!

We each have our own list.
We take turns to choose from our lists
Fantasies can be as simple or as complicated as you like.
If a fantasy needs props then it’s the owner of the fantasies job to provide them.
If you have a fantasy you’re not allowed to introduce it in bed before bucket night!
If you’re not comfortable with the fantasy you can say No.
No involvement of other people without mutual agreement.
Safe word is "Access Denied!"


Unfortunately Sarah had to work late the night after I spanked her so my fantasy night didn’t happen until three days later. I’d thought long and hard about my next list item and was 50/50 on Sarah’s approval for it.

Sarah came to my apartment this time and arrived wearing a long trench coat despite the mild weather. I had just showered and was wearing my dressing gown as usual.

‘Hi Baby, is it raining out?’ I smiled.

‘No, I just couldn’t decide what to wear so I didn’t bother wearing anything but this.’ Sarah replied opening the trench coat to reveal a sheer black, open cup, baby doll, sheer black hold up stockings and 5” heels with ankle straps.

I almost forgot about fantasy night and fucked her on the door step but she pushed past me into the apartment and went to get herself a drink. I noticed for the first time that she was wearing a very skimpy thong. I shut the door and followed her into the kitchen, trying not to drool and poured us both a glass of wine.

‘So what have you got in store for me tonight?’ Sarah asked wiggling her boobs at me, ‘I hope it doesn’t involve spanking as my bum was sore for two days after the last time!’

My first thought was to apologise but instead I said ‘You shouldn’t be such a naughty little bitch then!’

Sarah stuck her tongue out at me and wiggled her tits again. Her nipples were rock hard and I realised she was really turned on already.

‘I want to rim you, lube you up then first finger then fuck your bum tonight’ I said, ‘I have lube, condoms and I’ve bought some more stockings and tights just in case you didn’t turn up wearing any!’

‘I was hoping you’d want to fuck my arse’ Sarah grinned, ‘I have that on my list too.’

‘This will be your first then?’ I asked.

‘Yours will be my first cock. I sometimes finger my bum when I masturbate in the bath. How about you?’

‘Nope, never done it before’ I replied getting excited. I thought Sarah would say yes after her fantasy of being rimmed but I wasn’t certain.

Sarah untied my robe and I shrugged it off. We hugged each other and I kissed her gently on the lips. My hands moved over her body, exploring where I could feel flesh through the nylon outfit. I brushed her pussy lightly with my fingers and found she was soaking wet. We kissed each other for another five minutes, our mouths, tongues and hands moving more urgently until Sarah broke away from me and led me by the hand into the bedroom.

Sarah moved stood next to the bed then bent over offering me her bottom. I knelt behind her and started to kiss and lick her cheeks and thighs. My hands stretched forward and found her swinging boobs and cupped them, her hard nipples caught between two fingers so I could squeeze them. I moved my tongue into her crack, licking up and down her thong covered hole. I let go of one boob to move her thong aside giving me direct access to her anus. I rimmed her for a few minutes getting her nice and wet before pushing my tongue gently against her hole and feeling the tight muscle give and allow me access.

‘Oh yea, that feels good’ Sarah purred as I tongue fucked her arse. Her hand moved to her pussy and I could hear her fingers squelching in the wetness.

‘Mark, lick my clit and finger my arsehole’ Sarah suddenly demanded, pulling her bum away from me so she could lay on her back on the bed after removing her thong.

I grabbed the bottle of lube from the bed side table and lay between her legs, eagerly licking and sucking her wet lips and engorged clitoris. Sarah pulled her legs back and held on to her thighs so I could easily access her bum. I kept my lips and tongue working on her pussy and opened the bottle of lube by feel. I squirted some on my fingers and gently placed them on her anus, spreading the slippery substance over it.

Sarah was breathing faster and began to moan out loud when my index finger pushed against her hole then slowly made its way inside. I kept pressure on her clit with my mouth as I slowly pushed my finger all the way inside her bum. Suddenly I felt her arsehole grip my finger as she came for the first time. She pushed my face away from her cunt but kept her legs pulled back so I had access to her bum. I know she gets hyper sensitive sometimes when she comes and can’t stand to have her pussy touched for five minutes!

I looked down at her bum and watched my finger penetrating her arse hole, slowly moving in and out as I fucked her. I poured some more lube on and pushed that into her arse, moving my middle finger to join my index finger. I slowly pushed two fingers inside her, adding yet more lube to my already slippery fingers. Sarah moaned and began to gently push her hips back against my fingers as I penetrated her. I fingered her for another few minutes and added even more lube preferring to have way too much that not enough. Sarah came a second time, squeezing my fingers in her arse. I figured she was as ready as she’d ever be.

I pulled my fingers out of her bum and reached over her to grab a condom from the bed side table. Sarah pulled me down to her and we kissed her tongue urgent in my mouth.

‘Don’t bother with the condoms, I want to feel you and I want you to cum in my arse’ she whispered.

I didn’t say anything but kissed her back, throwing the unopened condom back on to the table. Sarah pulled away from me and lay on her stomach; her hands reached behind her and pulled her arse cheeks apart to reveal a beautifully lubricated and relaxed hole. I straddled her thighs, getting off on the feel of her stockings against my legs, and got myself into position. My cock was just touching her arsehole and I rubbed the end over it, distributing lube all over.

‘Are you ready?’ I whispered.

‘As I’ll ever be!’ She laughed.

I shuffled forward a little so I was straddling the tops of her thighs. I pushed my rock hard cock down and raised my hips so I could get the right angle for entry. My bell end found her slippery anus and I pushed firmly against it. The head of my cock popped into her arse with very little effort, rewarding me for all the foreplay and lube. I sank my cock into her arse slowly, stopping ever inch or so to let her get used to me. She didn’t cry out but her breathing and moaning increased as my cock disappeared into her arse.

I felt my balls rest against Sarah’s thighs and realised I was fully buried in her bum. I slowly pulled half way out and pushed firmly back in. Sarah let go of her bum and stretched her arms out in from of her, burying her head in the bed clothes. I leaned forward so my weight was on my knees and elbows and began to nibble the back of Sarah’s neck as I slowly fucked her tight arse. Sarah pushed her bum back against me as I fucked her, moaning in encouragement. I felt her cum again, her bum squeezing my cock hard enough that it was almost painful. I also felt myself getting cramp and pulled out of her bum and lay beside her.

‘Did you cum?’ Sarah asked.

‘No, you almost squeezed my cock off and I got a cramp!’ I laughed.

‘Sorry baby, lie on the floor on your back and I’ll make it up to you!’ Sarah said with the naughtiest smile I’ve ever seen.

I jumped off the bed and lay on my back, my slippery cock still hard and ready for action. Sarah straddled me, facing me, and then lowered herself so she was on her knees over my cock. She lifted up and slowly slid my cock back into her arse, stopping when it was half way in. She slowly lowered herself down my full length. After another minute or so to get used to the sensation she began to ride my cock, slowly sliding herself up and down my shaft. Her fingers went between her legs and began to twirl around her clit. I reached forward and grabbed her boobs, squeezing her nipples between two fingers again.

‘Harder’ Sarah grunted after a couple of minutes.

I pushed my cock back against her arse and she cried out in pain as my cock penetrated deeper and faster than it had before.

‘Harder on my nipples, let me do the fucking!’ Sarah explained slapping my chest!

I twisted her nipples in my hands harder than I’d ever dared before. Sarah put her head back and yelled.

‘Fuck yes’

I twisted her bullet shaped nipples again, applying more pressure to see how much she could take. I didn’t get to find out as the last twist made her cum hard, her arse squeezing my cock and making me shoot my load deep into her anus. I felt water hit my stomach and realised she’d squirted when she came, something she’d told me had happened before but I’d never managed to make her do it. I twisted her nipples again and felt her arse squeeze my cock although not as hard this time. Sarah slapped my hands away and fell forward on to my chest pulling my cock out of her arse. I held her and kissed her face and neck as she got her breath back. After what seemed like ages she looked me in the eyes and kissed me deeply.

‘Anal. Yes but I think I’d have to be in the mood for it and in control. Nipple torture, oh yes please whenever you like!’ Sarah purred.

‘Was that last twist too hard?’ I asked.

‘It was right on the verge of being too painful’ she answered.

‘OK, I know your limits then!’ I laughed, ‘Your outfit is spectacular by the way.’

‘I’m glad you like it. It’s my turn next,’ Sarah said with a grin, ‘we shall see where your limits lie I think!’

No matter how much I pressed her she couldn’t tell me what she meant so we had a long bath together and went to bed. I guess I’m going to find out soon.

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