Burningman fun for 4

By sexytongue

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I little fun at burningman turns into a great night of sex for all


After coming back from the playa the E really started to hit. We went in the tent which was big enough for all of us. We had run into a couple on the playa, Dick and Jane. Jane was a blonde about 5’ 6” with a nice ass and smallish breasts with huge nipples you could see poking through her skin tight blouse. Dick was about 5’ 11” black hair with a chiseled jaw, broad shoulders, dark eyes and tight jeans which showed more than a little. Alexis had on a skin tight lacy top with no bra. Her breasts looked fantastic. She had a little black leather mini skirt on with see through underwear. After talking for a while I could see Alexis getting nervous. I could see her breasts though her thin shirt, her nipples where hard, either from the cold or from the bulge in Dick’s pants. She kept on try not to look, but it was hard for her to resist.
Everyone in the room could feel the sexual tension. We all moved to the bed, still talking and flirting. Gary started to massage Jane’s back while she was lying on her stomach. He ran his hands over her back. It felt so good. The E was working well. Jane spread her legs and arched her butt up in the air. Gary could see her moist underwear.
Dick had Alexis on her stomach and was giving her a through massage. He started up one leg and down the other, just touching the fabric of her thong on the way by. This drove Alexis crazy. The massage oil was broken out and Alexis was getting full back rub now. Dick ran his hands up her back and around to her breasts, cupping them and squeezing gently like ripe fruit. The massage felt great and she was getting very turned on. The E was in full swing. 

I could feel the heat building between my legs. I knew I must the soaking by now. I started to imagine myself riding Dick like a pony. Like a baloney pony, thrusting up and down. I could feel my pussy, no not my pussy. A pussy is a nice pretty small thing. What I had now was a hole, a wet fuck hole waiting to be filled. I could see Dick’s cock though his pants. He planted a wet juicy tongue kiss on me. He slid his hand down my stomach, between my legs and stroked the outside of my thong, rubbing my clit through the fabric. I was surprised and extremely excited. I looked over in relief when I saw Gary going down on Jane. He had her cunt lips spread wide open with that magic tongue of his working her clit and, from the look of it, a very wet hole. She had a nice pussy; blonde well trimmed with huge lips. She held his head as Gary went at her main course.

Alexis kept on staring at Jane being eating out when she started to notice that Dick had stood up and had his cock out pulled of his jeans. I was hanging right in front of her face. It was a lot bigger than it had looked in his jeans. “This thing would normally kill me, but not tonight.” she thought, on E and with a soaking fuck hole aching to be filled, it was the perfect size. It was about 9 inches long and almost 2 inches wide. She just sat there staring at it. She felt his hands wrap around her head and guide her month onto his huge cock. She grabbed onto the shaft and stroked it with relish, moving the foreskin up and over the head and back down. Then starting from the tip she slowly licked down to his balls. “Man I love sucking cock!” she thought.  She may have been a little apprehensive a first, but she was now sucking with glee, her mouth going up and down, sucking ferociously. She started to swallow his cock all the way down her throat. She gagged a few times, but the E was there to help her open up her throat. She was now sucking his cock and swallowing it all the way down. Her mouth was right up against his balls.  From the look in Dicks face she was doing a great job.
Mean while Jane was about ready to come any second now. She loved watching Dick get sucked off by another woman. “Stick your fingers inside me” she said to Gary. Gary put 3 fingers inside her. They went in easily. E not only made your cunt wet but it opened it right up. Her whole body shivered as she came hard. “OH…….OH……..OOOOOOOOOOO GOD I’m Cumming……move your hand faster!!”
Jane bucked her hips up and down as Gary rammed his fingers into her wonderfully wet cunt as she came.
Alexis was having a great time also. While she sucked and sucked Dicks beautiful tool he removed her top and, somehow her skirt and underwear. That’s how hard she was concentrating on sucking cock. “Man I love to suck cock!” she thought again. How wonderfully sluty she felt. She had just met this guy and now she was gagging on his cock. “What a slut!” she thought. Her cunt was very wet now. It was literally flowing. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and started to kiss her deeply. The E was flowing though her. His mouth felt magnificent. She reached down and moved her hand up and down the shaft of his cock. Stroking and caressing it; feeling the thickness. What a sensation!
Suddenly he stopped kissing me and grabbed my waist and pulled me to my feet. He slowly spread my legs apart, staring at my wet pussy. I looked down at him waiting for the inevitable tongue lashing. He delayed for a second, his tongue just a breath away from my clit, teasing me.
 He moved his hands around to my ass and started to massage my butt. He teased my asshole with his finger, moving it in and out a little at a time. “Man this guy is good!” she thought.
Finally he started to eat me out with slow licks on my thighs and then around the out side of my soaking lips. Next he traced the outline of my labia working his long tongue into my hole. He moved his long tongue up into my pussy and flicked it around inside. Next he moved to my clit licking it lightly. Very slowly he applied more pressure with his tongue, moving it up and down my pussy with long slow stokes, eating me out like a master, taking his time. I ran my fingers through his hair; holding his head and gently guiding him around my soaking hole. His hands moved from my ass, up pass my stomach and started to massage my breasts; still oily from the earlier massage. He rolled my nipples between his fingers pinching them perfectly. This sent waves of pleasure rippling down from my nipples straight to my pussy. My legs started to quiver!  “Oh ya ……..oh ya eat me baby…eat me!” she thought.

Gary had Jane bent over the bed and was fucking her from behind. He was rubbing her breasts and pinching her nipple just right. “Fuck me ……….fuck me good, baby” she said, her hips meeting his cock with every trust.

Looking down and seeing another man eat out my pussy while my boyfriend fuck another woman was very exciting.

 Dick continued to give me a first class tongue lashing. He moved his finger all the way in my ass this time, moving it around until I thought I was going to explode. “God I need that fat cock in my cunt, fuck me please….fuck me!” I thought. Like he was reading my mind he stopped eating me out and he lay down on the bed. His cock was rock hard and seamed bigger now. I straddled his wonderful looking tool and slowly lowered my very wet pussy, no my very wet juicy fuck hole, down over his waiting cock. Normally the thickness of Dick’s cock opening up her cunt would make her take her time, but the E was in charge now. She started to move up and down on his wonderful cock. Taking more and more of his cock into her cunt with each stroke “What a feeling; E plus cock!!” she thought. She started to cum. She still did not have it all the way in when Dick grabbed her hips and thrust his cock all the way in. “fill me up with that cock!” she thought. Normally she wouldn’t feel her whole vaginal canal explode with pleasure even with a huge invading cock plunging into it, but the E had her feeling like every part of her pussy was her “G” spot.  Stroke after stroke after stroke she rode his cock. Then she stopped with his cock all the way in and started to grind her pussy around, rubbing her clit up against his pubic bone.
 Finally he stopped her, flipped her on back, lifted her legs, held them together, and pumped her for what seemed like forever, his balls slapping against her, her breasts bouncing in time with the strokes of his cock. She screamed as she came harder than she can remember.
He stopped again, rolled me over and I started riding him like a boloney pony. I was taking his cock in by pussy with full strokes again. I loved the feeling of his cock plunging deep into my pussy; spreading me wide. I could feel his cock inside my vagina filling me up with each stroke. Then Dick spread my ass cheeks for Gary who moved behind me and put his cock up to my asshole and slid it in. What a wonderful sluty feeling, fucked by two guys, ramming their cocks into me. Jane moved around front and started to kiss me and play with my breasts.  I lost count of how many times I came. Jane was pinching my nipples and spanking me in time while stiff rods rammed my cunt and ass.
After I came it was Jane’s turn. Dick lay on the bed Jane straddled him and slide her asshole down on his cock. I was amazed that she took Dick’s cock in her ass, but there she was getting fucked. After we all came we got up cooled off.


My cunt wanted more however and I felt like a bad girl and I need to be punished.
Dick had some how sensed this. He put me over his knees, tied my hands together and started to whip my ass with his belt. My ass was red and the pain was mixing perfectly with the pleasure. He used his other hand to finger my cunt. After each stroke of the belt he put another finger in. He started to rub my spot inside my cunt with his fingers. With each additional finger my pussy spread wider. He actually got four fingers in me. Having my ass whipped while my cunt was being stretched by his hand made had me moaning. My moaning was cut short however, when Dick stuffed my thong, soaked with my pussy juice, into my mouth.” You’ve been a bad girl haven’t you? “Yes beat me…please.”
Then Dick had Jane tied up, and gagged and bent us both over the bed. Gary and Dick took turns beating our asses and fingering us. After the beating we both got our asses reamed by those wonderful cocks again. Alexis was a little scared of that huge cock splitting her ass open, however the E running though her relaxed her ass. She reached back and pulled her ass cheeks open with her hands. He put the tip of his cock up to her ass and started to push it in. She started to open up. She could feel her ass fully open. The more she relaxed the deeper he pushed. He started to push in and out. She began to move up and down as Dick stroked his cock in and out. The strokes became longer and longer until he was ramming his cock from the tip to the hilt of his balls; pounding my ass relentlessly. She felt extremely turn on by the feeling of being such a dirty little slut! After all who, but a dirty little slut, would be tied up, gagged bent over a bed and butt fucked a guy she just meet,, “Oh….Oh god fuck it, fuck my ass! She thought. She started to come again. She always loved the feeling of a cock expanding in her pussy as it came, but now that feeling was magnified when Dick’s huge tool expanded in her ass as he came hard. She shuddered with orgasm.
Gary and Dick switched off between us. I looked over and saw Jane getting fucked by Dick while I was getting my ass reamed by Gary. The look in her face was a real turn on. Her teeth were clenched. She had a great look of a girl loving her ass being pounded. Dick and Gary stopped fucking us. Jane and I lie beside each other and felt each other up. Her hand was very skilled and had my cunt wetter then ever in no time, Gary and Dick jerked off above us. We moved into a 69 position and ate each other out for quite a while. Her tongue moved up my cunt lips and traced over the hood of my clit perfectly. Leave it to woman to know how to eat pussy perfectly. Jane had a great tasting pussy, sweet and very juicy. I devoured it for a long time, lapping up her pussy juice with relish.
Gary and Dick both shot huge loads of cum on me and Jane. They had us kneeling below them and shot there loads on our tits.

We ended the night with massages and gentle kissing. My cunt and ass where very sore, but the good kind of sore that kept my pussy wet the rest of the time we where at Burningman.