Carmen 2: Did you feel a little poke?

By Magical_felix

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A couple of stoners take advantage of Carmen.
Jeff met Evan at traffic school and they quickly became smoking buddies. Evan gets high, sells weed, watches porn, surfs, plays video games, and relaxes all day long. He is nineteen with no responsibilities and the biggest stoner Jeff knows.

"What up dude, can you come through?" Jeff asked hoping Evan would say yes.

"I'll be there in like ten minutes, this shit I got is really dank."

"Dude, Carmen is home and Phil isn't..."

"Oh shit really? Tell that hoe to smoke with us."


Jeff hung up the phone and made his way over to the bathroom where Carmen was showering. Carmen's husband, was at work and wouldn't be coming home for at least 2 hours.

"My buddy said he has some good shit, he's on his way over if you want to get high," Jeff yelled through the door.

"Nice, I'm just going to finish my shower and then I'll join you guys, I really feel like hitting the four footer," Carmen yelled back.

Jeff recently fucked Carmen in the ass after she caught him spying on her masturbation session. One thing led to another and he ended up cumming in Carmen's mouth after ramming her ass good. He managed to take some pictures of his dick in her butt and sent them to Evan. Jeff and Evan frequently talked about how hard they would give it to Her if they ever got the chance. So naturally Jeff had to brag since he was able to get in her ass first. He heard the front door open and Evan stepped in with a huge smile on his face.

"Ready to get fucking stoned?"

"Hell yes, break that shit up."

"Dude, I can't believe you got to fuck Phil's wife in the ass, you lucky fuck. Not only did you fuck her up her fat ass, you came on her face and in her mouth! Fuck hahahaha... Here, smoke this shit it's fucking great."

Jeff cleared the bong and Evan started packing another bowl and took his turn.

"I'm going to pack Carmen such a big bowl in the four footer she's going to get retarded," Evan said after blowing out a huge cloud. Evan grabbed the bowl and packed about a gram of herb in it and put it in the four foot bong.

"Is that for me?" Carmen asked as she entered the room wearing only a towel, "I couldn't wait to change I got to smoke now."

Jeff felt his dick jump as Carmen walked up to the bong. Evan's eyes were fixated at the bottom of the towel trying to get a glimpse of Carmen's pussy which was coming very close to being exposed. They both began to pray for her towel to fall off.

"What's up Carmen, remember me? We met once a while ago."

"Hi, I remember. Evan right? How you been?"

"I've been good, doing great now that I smoked a bowl. Want one?"

"Hell Yes, I've been dying to smoke."

Evan motioned for Carmen to get ready as he began to light the herb. As Carmen bent over to put her mouth on the bong her towel rode up on her ass giving Jeff a clear view of her ass crack. While Carmen was filling the bong Jeff covertly applied a bit of vaseline to the tip of his finger. Carmen finished filling the bong and Evan pulled the bowl out so she could clear the smoke. Carmen inhaled it all into her lungs and started to instantly let it all go.

Carmen had just began to blow the smoke out when Jeff, in one fluid motion, used his left hand to spread Carmen's ass cheeks and his right hand to swiftly shove his greased finger up her unsuspecting butt-hole. Carmen was so startled by the intrusion she inhaled deeply causing her to choke hard on the thick marijuana smoke.

"Holy shit dude! I bet you weren't expecting that Carmen! You're fucking crazy Jeff! Are you okay Carmen?" Even asked as he continued to laugh.

"Hahahaha she's fine, right Carmen?" Jeff and Even laughed as Carmen struggled with the smoke.

She coughed so hard her towel loosened up and fell to the floor. Jeff's finger slipped out of her ass and she stumbled backwards and plopped down on the futon to try and compose herself. The boys immediately made their way over to the futon to comfort her. Jeff placed his hand on Carmen's inner thigh and started to lightly rub.

"Hahahaha just let it all out. That was a huge hit that you choked on. What happened hahahahaha? Did you feel a little poke bitch?" Jeff sarcastically asked. Carmen just kept her eyes closed as Evan crawled up to rub her hip and stomach.

"Fuck girl, you're gonna get really high. Your husband won't mind if I rub your stomach a little will he?" Evan asked as he started to fondle Carmen.

"Damn I am baked, where did my towel go? What are you guys doing?" Carmen asked when she came to.

Evan had now worked his hand up to Carmen's breast and was rubbing and tweaking her nipple. Jeff started to rub Carmen's clit and could feel her pussy getting wet already. Evan sucked Carmen's nipple into his mouth while he massaged her tits. Jeff stood up on the futon, pulled his cock out and forcefully slapped it across Carmen's face to wake her up a bit. Carmen's eyes shot open and she looked up at him in disbelief at what he had just done.

"Suck it hoe," Jeff demanded.

"WHAT?" Carmen asked with a stunned look on her face.

"Suck my fucking dick bitch," Jeff repeated as he smacked his dick on Carmen's face again.

"I don't know about this Jeff. I don't even know this Evan guy..."

"Don't worry hoe, I know you're married. I won't go telling everyone," Evan reassured.

"See Carmen? Now be the slut that you are and start sucking."

"You guys are lucky I'm really high or else I wouldn't be doing this."

"Hahahaha yeah sure bitch... You know you'd be sucking our dicks by now even if you weren't high. Shit, maybe even faster. We'd probably be fucking you by now," Evan laughed and then sucked Carmen's nipple back into his mouth.

"Yeah... Hahahaha you're probably right!" Carmen enthusiastically agreed.

Carmen leaned forward and sealed her lips around Jeff's large boner. Evan spread Carmen's legs far apart and started to lick up and down her wet pussy. Carmen was moaning loudly around Jeff's shaft as Evan ate her out. Jeff reached down to grab her tit and Carmen started to deep-throat his dick. He felt like he might cum if she continued so he pulled out and dropped his balls into her mouth. Evan motioned Jeff to bend Carmen over. Jeff sat down on the futon and Evan prompted Carmen to get on her hands and knees and continue to suck on Jeff's dick. Evan then stuck his dick in her pussy to get it nice and wet.

"Carmen, do you know what sluts like you get?" Carmen took the dick out of her mouth and looked back over her shoulder.

"Um... I don't know... What do they get?" she asked puzzled.

"They get fucked up their dumb asses!" Evan said as he took his dick out of Carmen's vagina and swiftly forced it up her tight anal opening.

"OH! WHAT THE FUCK!" Carmen yelled as she felt Evan harshly shove his cock all the way up her ass in one steady stroke.

"Damn bitch, that was pretty easy," Evan said as he spanked Carmen's big ass. He felt Carmen squeeze down on his dick with her anus as his hand met her cheek. Evan started to thrust in and out sending shock-waves through Carmen's fat ass.


Jeff grabbed Carmen's hair and pushed her head down on his cock again and told her to keep it deep in her mouth. Evan started to really plow into her ass causing Carmen to take Jeff's dick out of her mouth to moan in pleasure. Jeff would quickly push her head back down on his shaft hitting the back of her throat barely allowing her to breathe. The combination of Carmen's sucking and watching Evan drill into her ass had Jeff on the brink of cumming. When he couldn't take it anymore he shot his load deep in Carmen's mouth while holding her head down on his dick forcing her to gulp after every cum blast that hit the back of her throat.

"That's right you fucking bitch swallow all my cum," Jeff said out of breath. He pushed Carmen aside, stood up from the futon and walked over to the bong and started to pack himself another bowl.

"Hahahaha you blow already man? Don't worry bitch I still got plenty of dick for your ass before I cum."

Evan instructed Carmen to sit back up on the futon. He grabbed her behind the knees and slid her down onto her back while at the same time putting her ankles on his shoulders.

"Here comes round two Carmen!"

Evan steadied himself and shoved his dick back up Carmen's asshole. He lifted her ass up off the futon with each stroke he plunged deep up her butt.

"You like it up your pooper, don't you slut? Mmmmm yeah you little ass whore. Tell me how much you like it in the pooper Carmen. Come on say it!"

"I like it."

"You like in the what?"

"I like it in the pooper..."

Evan laughed out loud, looked over at Jeff, stuck his tongue out and put up the hang loose sign. Jeff stood up and took a picture of his cousin's wife with some laughing 19 year old's dick deep in her ass.

"Jeff! No more pictures!" Carmen yelled. Evan shoved it in deeper and pumped her asshole fast.

"Just concentrate on the ass fucking your getting bitch," Jeff said as he continued to snap a few more photos.

Carmen was rubbing her clit vigorously and screaming in pleasure every time Evan's dick plunged deep in her ass.

"Fuck Evan you're tearing my ass up!" Carmen moaned.

"Thats right Carmen... Rub that clit, I want you to cum with my dick up your fat ass, come on you dumb slut I want to see you cum!" Evan demanded.

"OH, OH SHIT, SHIT, I'M GONNA CUM, FUCK EVAN! I'M CUMMING! Carmen yelled as her orgasm hit. Evan slid his cock out, grabbed Carmen by her hair and pulled her to her knees.

"Open up hoe," Evan ordered. He jerked off in Carmen's face until he shot what seemed like ten bursts of cum in Carmen's mouth.

"Now swallow it slut," Evan said with a grin followed by a light slap to Carmen's cheek. Carmen gulped Evan's cum and went back to sucking his cock to get anything left behind.

"Damn bitch that was good, You're going to have to let me fuck that pooper again sometime," Evan said out of breath.

"Fuck Evan, you fucked my ass up, you're too hardcore for me."

"You liked it slut, you were moaning like a whore when I raped your ass," Evan replied proudly.

"Damn, My fucking ass Evan... You fucked the shit out of me..."

"That's what happens when you parade your fat ass around horny dudes you dumb bitch..." Evan said while packing another bowl for himself.

"Damn! It's 5:18 I got to get ready for work! I'll see you fools later," Carmen said as she grabbed her towel and ran off to her room.

"Say hi to Phil for me Carmen hahaha, "Evan blurted out, "That girl is a fucking slut dude."

"I know right. I knew she would let you fuck her after I found out what a whore she was last night," Jeff said as he blew out another cloud of smoke.