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Chapter two: Julie comes for a visit

Julie comes for a visit
About two months had passed since our meeting and foursome with Julie and Tom. I was lying on the bed reading my e-book reader wearing the shorts I sleep in when Dawn walked out of the bathroom. She was wearing a black silk robe that was so short it just covered her pussy. Since she was still damp from her shower the silk of the robe was sticking to her body like a second skin. It showed off her small perky breasts, hard nipples and flat stomach. She walked over to her dresser and bent over to get something from the bottom draw. When she bent over the shortness of the robe exposed her ass and pussy to me this of course was the reason I bought the robe for her. She then climbed on the bed next to me and put her hand on my stomach. She moved her hand up and started to play with my nipple making it hard. After she had played with my nipple for a while she moved her hand down between my legs. Her finger she started to gently rub the length of my hardening cock. Once my cock was hard she slipped her hand inside my shorts and pulled out my cock. I finally gave up trying to read and put down my e-book as her hand started to move up and down my shaft.

Her hand rubbed my shaft a few times then she moved her head closer to it. She licked the length of my cock from base to tip. When she got to the tip she opened her mouth and took the tip inside. As her head moved up and down I reached between her legs and found her damp pussy. With two fingers I started to rub her clit in a circular motion. She let the head of my cock out of her mouth and then she told me that Julie had called her today and told her she was coming to town for a week on business. Dawn then told me that she had told Julie it was OK if she stayed with us. She then opened her mouth again and started to swirled her tongue around the head of my cock. I told her it was fine if Julie stayed with us. Dawn looked at me and smiled then she sat up and straddled me as she did this she guided my cock onto her dripping love tunnel. As she started to slowly ride me she slowly undid her robe and opened it exposing her amazing body.

I sat up and slid the robe off her shoulders and I moved my face close to hers and we started to passionately kiss. As our tongues moved around each other’s mouths Dawn moved up and down on my thick shaft. She was moaning into my mouth and I reached between her legs and I started to rub her clit. We broke our kiss and my mouth moved down to her rock hard nipples. I took one of her nipples into my mouth and started to suck and byte on it. Dawn bent her head back and was moaning loudly in pleasure as my mouth fingers and cock stimulated her. I pulled my figures off her clit and moved both of my hands to her ass cheeks. She moaned as my hands grabbed and squeezed her ass. I moved one of my hands to her ass crack and inserted a finger into her asshole. She let out a squeal as my finger entered her. When her breathing started to quicken I knew it was time for her to cum and when her body tightened and her pussy clamped down on my cock I knew she had reached ecstasy. The feeling of her orgasm on my cock was so good it put me over the edge and my balls emptied inside her. We fell back on to the bed breathlessly and after we recovered we got cleaned up and when to bed.

Two weeks later when I came home from work and I noticed a strange car in the driveway. I parked the car and walked into the house. I called out Dawn’s name but got no answer so I walked to the kitchen and it was empty. The hot tub on the rear deck which I could see through the window was still covered. Entering the living room I noticed there where two half empty wine glasses on the coffee table. After I removed my jacket and shoes I headed up stairs to see if I could find Dawn. As I walked up the stairs I began to hear moaning coming from our bedroom. The closer I got to the bedroom the louder the moans became. The door was slightly ajar and when I looked through the gap I could see Julie on all fours on our bed. I moved to the side a little trying not to move the door. Dawn was standing behind Julie moving her hips back and forth. I then noticed that Dawn was wearing her doubled headed strap-on. She had the bigger of the two fake cocks in Julie’s pussy and the smaller in her ass. Both of their bodies glistened with sweat as Dawn pumped Julie. I was tempted to join them however it had been a hot day at work and I did not smell the best so I headed for the shower.

I was in the shower with my back to the door and my cock was semi hard thinking of what I had just witnessed. I heard the shower door open behind me. I felt two large breasts squeeze into my back and I hand grab my semi erect cock. Julie whispered in my ear that she had been missing my big cock. Julie’s hand moves back and forth on my enlarged member making it rock hard. I turned around and pulled her close and we start to make out. As our tongues are playing with each other I move my hand between her legs and start to play with her clit. After a few minutes of kissing I pulled away from Julie and spun her around. She bent over for me and spreads her legs. Spreading her ass cheeks I could see that her asshole was gaping and was ready to be filled. I put the tip of my cock at the entrance of her ass and start to push in. As my cock entered her she started to pull away a little but I grabbed her hips and pulled her back. Dawns doubled headed strap on had done a great job of loosening Julie up and it did not take long for me to get a good rhythm going. My balls are slapping against her clit as my cock worked in and out of her. Just like when Dawn was having her way with her Julie is moaning and groaning like a porn star. I felt a familiar tingle in my balls and I knew it was time to cum. I let out and load moan of pleasure as my cock swelled and contracted pumping its seed deep into Julie’s tight ass. When I pulled my cock out of her ass I could see my cum start to flow out of her well stretched asshole and run down the inside of her thighs. We washed each other off and then toweled each other dry before I went to get dressed.

I headed downstairs and into the kitchen where Dawn was making diner I walked up behind her and hugged her from behind. She asks if I had fun and I told her about as much fun as she had. After Julie came down and we ate diner then watched some TV. A little later I told the girls it was my bed time and I headed upstairs. After I had cleaned my teeth and changed into my shorts I got on the bed and started to read my eBook. A short while later Dawn joined me in the bedroom she grabbed some stuff to sleep in and headed for the bathroom. When she came back she was just wearing a white lace thong and a tight t-shirt that ended just above her belly button. She got on to the bed and snuggled up to me. Her fingers started to play with my cock though the fabric of my shorts and my cock started to harden. I was presuming that Julie was going to be sleep in the guest bedroom so I was pleasantly surprised when Julie walked into the bedroom. She was wearing a t-shirt that the arms and a part of the side had been cut off and you could see the sides of her full breasts. Her ass was encased in a pair of red boy shorts. She started to climb onto the bed on my side so Dawn and I had to move over to allow her room. She snuggled up to me on the other side so I was sandwiched between them.

Dawn pulled my cock out of my shorts and both of them started to play with it with their hands. I was alternating kissing them as their hands moved up and down my shaft. Dawn moved her head down and took the head of my cock into her mouth. As she did this Julie removed her shirt and pushed one of her nipples into my mouth. I took her hard nipple into my mouth and I started suck and bite on it. After I had pushed her down so she was lying on the bed I started to play with her other nipple with my fingers. Dawn released my cock from her mouth and climbed between Julies legs. She quickly removed Julie’s underwear and dove face first into her pussy. Julie moaned in pleasure as Dawn started to attack her pussy with her tongue. After I sucked on Julie’s ample boobs for a little while longer I slid off the bed and moved behind Dawn. As I started to pull down her thong and she lifted her hips to allow them to slide them off easier. I then spread Dawns legs and got on my knees between them. Taking an ass cheek in each hand I spread them apart to reveal her tight little anus. Moving my face closer I started to tongue her ass dawn push her ass against my face to make sure I got my tongue nice and deep.

As I worked Dawns asshole with my tongue I freed myself from my shorts and my cock spring free. I then slid two fingers into Dawn wet pussy and then started to finger fuck her hard and fast. Julie screamed out in pleasure as Dawns tongue made her cum. After Julie had finished cuming all over Dawn's face they got into a 69 position. Once they had adjusted themselves my tongue continued its assault on Dawns asshole. With Julie eating her pussy and sucking her clit and my tongue in her ass Dawn was in heaven. I then stood up and put my cock at the entrance of Dawns well tongued asshole. I started to push my enlarged member inside her tightness and she tried to pull away but Julie and I held her in place. With a little effort my cock worked its way into Dawns tight little bum hole. Once I had her stretched out I started to fuck her with long slow strokes working as much of my cock inside her as I could. Every few strokes I would leave my cock berried in her ass and Julie would suck on my balls. It did not take long for Dawn to start cuming with both Julie and I working on her. After she came for a second time I could not hold back any longer and I pulled my cock of her ass and aimed it at her ass crack. As my cock started to shoot its load my seed dripped down over her asshole and pussy and into Julie’s open waiting mouth.

Moving around the bed so I was by Dawn’s head I pushed my semi erect cock into her face. She took my cock into her mouth and started to suck on it. While she did this she put one of her hands between my legs and pushed one of her fingers up into my asshole. She knew that this always made me hard again and it did have it desired effect. Once she had my cock good and hard again she let it slip out of her mouth and put it at the entrance of Julie's wet love tunnel. I pushed my cock into Julie and the warmth and wetness of her covered my hardness. Dawn rubbed Julie’s clit fast and hard as I very slowly moved in and out. Julie’s pussy clamped down on my cock as she came and I had to stop pumping her while she rode the waves of her orgasm. She came twice more while Dawn and I worked on her pussy. When I was ready to blow I pulled my cock of Julie and put it inside Dawn wet mouth. I didn't take Dawn's skilled mouth long to get me to pump my second huge load down her throat.

Once Dawn had cleaned all the love juices off my cock the three of us climbed into bed and fell into a deep sleep in each other arms.

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