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Claudia's Neighbor

Claudia's Neighbor

She visits for one thing, and gets something very different.


It's a summer weekday, and I'm dragging. The store is a thousand degrees; I'm happy to finally be home. My girlfriend, Britt, is waiting in the house after working all day on a gardening project, so I'm looking forward to a kiss and a cold drink.

Britt is in the doorway, waiting for me to make my way up the walk. Her red hair glows. Sunlight splatters her pale chest, igniting her catspaw tattoos.

“Hey,” she says. Her brow is furrowed. Uh-oh. What the hell did I do this time?

She's holding a pair of garden shears that I recognize as belonging to our neighbor across the street, a guy in his late forties. She was supposed to return them this morning.

“You're not going to kill me, are you?” I say, hoping to pry a laugh out of her. It's not working.

“Claudia,” Britt says, “our fucking neighbor. Do you know what he did when I went to return these?”

“Uh, no.”

She shifts her weight. “I walk in, we have a pleasant chat, and then he tells me to go to his bedroom and take my clothes off, like he's some big shot. What the fuck? He knows you and me are together.”


I'm twenty-two, working at a hardware store, and have finally made the big move to get a house with Britt. The sellers were excited to be passing their property down to two women, and we all celebrated together after the closing. Britt is a year older than me, a lesbian, and has little experience dealing with men. This new neighbor, this guy Matt – I guess I'm going to have to deal with him myself. At this point, it will have to wait until tomorrow. Not exactly how I wanted to spend my day off, but hey. Gotta be there for my girl.


“I'm sorry,” I say to Britt. “That's serious. I'll talk to him in the morning.”

“Good,” she says. “Return to shears, too. If he apologizes, you won't have to stab him with them.”

This time, there's a smile. Even if it's at her own joke, I'm glad she's in a good mood. I kiss her lips, and she kisses back.

After dinner, my juices are flowing, but she's not in the mood for sex tonight. I've been waiting all week. I suppose there's more than one thing that will have to wait. I watch her roll over, hear her breathing become measured.


Morning comes, and Britt is gone before I wake up. I rub the crust out of my eyes, swing my feet over the side of the bed, and walk naked to the bathroom. During my shower, I think of the sex I wish I'd had with her last night, how I would have caressed her, licked her neck, put my fingers inside her. I lean against the wall, water beating my back, but I can't cum. Frustration whirls in my stomach.

I put lipstick on, slide my body into shorts and a tanktop, my feet into flip-flops, and get ready to enjoy my day. After I complete this stupid chore, anyway.


I knock on my neighbor's door with the garden shears at my side. I hear a masculine “Come in,” and I push the door open. Matt sits on the couch in old jeans and a tee. He's scruffy, at least twenty-five years older than me. The place smells like sweat and hasn't been swept in weeks.

“These are yours,” I say, feeling the heat rise in my chest, indicating the shears. “And I also have to talk to you about something. I know you're new around here, but some old dude doesn't get to try to seduce his lesbian neighbor, especially not in such a gross way.”

He seems impressed. “So Britt told you what happened,” he said. “Sorry about that.”


I set the shears down and turn to leave.

“Claudia,” he says, “I like your lipstick.”

I stop. “You do?”

“Yes. Sorry if that's forward. I just notice things. Your toenail polish looks fresh too.”

How does he notice this stuff? “Thanks,” I say, cautiously.

“Seems like you got all prettied up just for me.”

Is he serious?

“Um, okay, dude.”

“Think about it,” he says. “All you were doing was coming over to scold me, yet you got all pretty.”

He's not exactly wrong. But this is a bit off.

“I'm leaving,” I say, but I don't move. I'm suddenly feeling exposed, aware of all the skin I'm showing. We make eye contact.

He says my name again. “Claudia.”


“Walk down the hall to my room, take all of your clothes off, and wait for me there.”

The door is right behind me, sun blazing outside, but I feel my feet moving forward, carrying me down the hall. I enter the room on the left with the big bed, kick off my flip-flops, and get naked. I avoid my face in my older neighbor's mirror and instead, climb onto the bed on my hands and knees. I bend over, my face pressing into the comforter, ass in the air.

In a few minutes, he shows up, and approaches me from behind. He can tell I'm shuddering.

“Relax,” he says, then presses something into my asshole and rubs it around. Lube.

I inhale sharply.

“Are you going to behave?”


Something else enters my ass. This time, it's the head of his cock. He rests it there for a second, seeing if I'm going to resist, if I'm going to say I can't do this because I have a girlfriend. When I don't resist, he slides his entire length into my hole.

“You're much more obedient than Britt,” he says, beginning to thrust.

I mutter “Mmhmm” into the comforter, then take his cock as my ass cheeks slap against him.

“Tell me you love it.”

“I love it.”

“Tell me you came over here to give me your body.”


He slams into my ass a few more times. “Say it.”

“I came over here to give you my body.”

After fucking my ass for a few more minutes, with me ferociously rubbing my pussy, he tells me to get on my knees.

“But I'm about to – ”

“Do what I say, slut.”

I obey, rushing to the dirty floor, kneeling under his cock and opening my mouth just in time to take the stream of cum. He pushes himself into the back of my mouth so I can swallow every drop. The taste of my ass on his cock drives me crazy.

He lets out a loud grunt – “Ooooahhhhh” – as I suck him and finish him off.

He looks down at me, cum dripping down my chin. “You're a bad lesbian,” he says, his sweaty chest heaving.

“Yes, Matt.” I arch my toes against the rug and suck his cock again, swallowing a few stray drops of cum.

“Tell me.”

I remove his cock from my mouth. “I'm a bad lesbian.”

“Tell me you live to serve my cock.”

I look at his huge cock in front of my face, slick with my ass juices and saliva. I'm on my knees, bare toes sinking into his carpet, my butt stretched.

But I can't say it. I don't know what this was; maybe a spur-of-the-moment thing. I come to my senses and stand up.

“What are you doing, slut?”

“Don't call me a slut. I'm an adult with a girlfriend and a house.”

“You're covered in semen. You submitted to me willingly. What would you call that?”

“Fuck you.”

I gather my clothes and head out the door.


Later, in the shower, I think about being on my knees in front of Matt's cock. Even after Britt comes home, I can't get it out of my head.

I sit with my feet on the table, crunching a granola bar. Britt lounges alongside me in her smelly workout clothes. She leans into the nook of my shoulder.

“How'd it go with the neighbor?” she asks.

I imagine the hot pain of being fucked up the asshole. I can still taste my ass in the back of my tongue. “Fine,” I say. “I returned the trimmers.”

I peek at my phone. I've got a text from Matt: I'm going to want your ass again tonight.

Who the hell does he think he is?

“You look distracted,” Britt says. “What's going on?”


I sneak another look at my phone. Matt: Tell me that I own your ass.

What a jerk.

Britt curls her arm around mine. “Did he try to do anything?”

“The same thing he tried on you, basically.”

She snorts. “Of course he did. What a fucking perv.”

She doesn't ask whether I did what I was told. Maybe I'm in the clear here. I'll just go over tonight, tell him to forget it, and we can get on with our lives.


I find myself knocking on Matt's door around ten. Britt is snoozing, and the air is cool outside.

He answers immediately.

“Come in.”

I walk inside and instinctively kick off my flip-flops.

“I'm glad you decided to come over,” he says.

“Listen,” I tell him. “Britt doesn't know. So that's it. We're moving forward in our relationship. I don't know what came over me today.”

“You're adorable,” he says. “Now take your clothes off.”


“You already took your shoes off as soon as you came in. And earlier, you did exactly what I said. You may not be able to put words to it, but you know it was what you were supposed to do. And you admitted that you came over to give me your body. Didn't you?”


“So why are you here right now?”

“To give you my body.”

I strip down again, completely naked.

“Good. Now go to my room.”

Soon, I'm bent over again, ready for his cock.

“No,” he says. “There are other ways to use you. Straddle me. Show me you're dedicated.”

I throw my legs around his hips and begin riding as his cock enters my pussy.

“Mmmph,” he groans. I buck my hips, tits in his face. Eventually, he shoves me off. “Now,” he says, “it's time.”

I bend over, and his cock slides into my ass again, much more easily this time. A perfect fit.

“Unnngh,” I moan.

“You like that, slut?”

“Fuck yeah...”

“Who's better, me or Britt?”

I keep taking his cock without answering. When he's done, I'm on my knees again, and I know this is where I'm going to be whenever I'm told to. I picture Britt's face in my mind, what it will look like when she finds out.

His hard cock hovers in front of my face, covered in ass juice again.

“Let's try this again,” he says. “Tell me you live to serve my cock.”

“I live to serve your cock.”

A day later, I will tell Britt that I submitted to Matt, that she should have done the same when she was told to. Her eyes will widen a little, but she won't be surprised. She knew when we met that I was a slut at heart, just like Matt knew.

Now, I open my mouth, preparing to take Matt's load down my throat, one of thousands of his loads I'll be obediently taking from now on.

Before he slides it in and dominates me completely, he asks again, “Who owns your ass?”

I curl my toes.

“You do, Master.”

Then I taste cock, and I don't say another word.


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