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Cleaning Up

What a night...
After working all day, I usually come home to a relatively peaceful house. My wife and I don’t make a big mess, so it’s easy to maintain. I don’t eat right after I get home. I prefer to wait and see what we are in the mood for before starting on anything. What I found told me that my wife was in the mood for something else!

As soon as I came in the front door, I saw the living room in major disarray. There was laundry all over the floor, couch, and coffee table. Shirts, socks, and underwear (both my briefs and my wife’s slinkier things) were scattered everywhere. One sock was even hanging off a lamp shade.

“What the fuck? What’s going on?” I said loudly, fearing that something might be wrong.

“Oh No!” I heard my wife say from around the corner, in a mockingly distressed voice. She stepped around the corner and I see that she is wearing a very low cut black and white maid’s uniform. It was a little tight on her and her 36D boobs were trying their hardest to bust out over the top.

“I’m so sorry Sir. I got distracted today and fell behind picking up.”

She then bent over in front of me to grab the laundry basket sitting next to the coffee table, giving me a perfect view of her dangling tits and inviting cleavage. “I’m very, very sorry Sir” she kept repeating over and over as she began to pick up the wayward clothes, bending over each time at the waist. Each bend continued to give me great shots of her jiggling boobs.

When she reached up to get the sock from the lamp shade, I realized what was missing. As her short skirt rode up, I didn’t see any panties. Not even a thong stretched up the crack of her ass. The next piece she picked up involved another full bend (this time away from me) and I had a full moon shot of both globes of her gorgeous ass and everything in between.

Her pussy looked wet and puffy, like she had been getting sexually turned on long before I walked in the door. As she bent over again, her ass cheeks spread a little and I could see her beautiful back door. Her asshole looked shiny and pink and slightly used. She had probably been masturbating and fingering her ass while she did it.

“Distracted, huh? “ I said playing along as she finished picking up the clothes, giving me more shots of her tits and ass. As she was picking up the last of her frilly negligee’s, one of her gorgeous melons decided it didn’t want to be restrained any more and flopped out of the top of her uniform.

“Oh, dear,” she said, both hands holding the laundry basket and one hard pointed nipple poking over the tight top.

“Put that down and come here!” I said authoritatively.

She immediately put down the basket and stood in front of me, looking down at her nipple (which seemed to be getting even harder). I put my hands on my hips and looked sternly at her.

“Don’t think I can’t guess what ‘distracted’ you. Look at you. You aren’t wearing any panties, your tit is hanging out, and you haven’t even greeted me properly. Turn around and put your hands on the coffee table!” She paused for a second until I said, “Now!” even more forcefully. Again, I was greeted to a marvelous ass/asshole/pussy shot as she bent over in front of me.

“This pussy and asshole look like they’ve been ‘worked’ on today. No time to clean, but time enough to finger-fuck your pussy and ass, eh?” I pulled back my hand and gave her a good flat handed swat on her right ass cheek, making a resounding smack as it made contact. I heard only the briefest of yelps from the stinging blow.

“Look at this. You cunt lips are all puffy. Your clit is still poking out. And this…” I said as I pushed my index finger right into her slippery asshole past the second knuckle. This elicited a soft grunt as the invasion continued. “Your asshole is usually tighter than this. I’m feeling lube too, so you had what? Fingers? Or one of your toys buried in here while you masturbated?”

With my free hand, I brought another swift smack on her other butt cheek. I slid my finger out of her ass part way and then slid it back in, at the same time sliding the other three fingers of my hand deep into her drenched pussy. No yelp or groan this time, just a low moan. I pulled my hand out immediately and grabbed her by the hair.

“Come over here by the chair,” I said, pulling her with me. I sat down in the chair. “Lay over my lap.” I pulled her down so that her stomach was flat against my growing hard on with her butt pointed in the air. From this position I had perfect leverage to hold her down. I lifted up the back side of the short skirt and pulled it up, completely baring her ass cheeks.

“Let’s count the errors, shall we? One: not finishing your work properly.” With that, I brought my hand down firmly on her right ass cheek. “Two: forgetting to put your panties back on.” Smack number two hit squarely on her left ass cheek. “Three: failing to wear your uniform properly.” The third smack crossed across both butt cheeks. I slowly massaged both of her cheeks for a few seconds, rubbing in the sting of the first few spanks.

Both of her butt cheeks were turning pink and I could feel her wiggling, grinding down onto my throbbing erection. The top of her uniform had given up its struggle and both of her tits were now bouncing against the outside of my leg. “See what I mean?” I said as I reached underneath her with my left hand and twisting her left nipple. She again yelped a little.

“Are you having a problem with me doing this?” I said as I twisted it again. I held onto the hardened nipple and reached out with my free fingers to get a grasp on the right one at the same time. “What if I do it to both?” I then stretched both nipples away from her body, lifting her boobs as I tugged furiously. A loud moan came from her lips, which I immediately stifled with another hard swat on her right ass cheek.

This time her right hand jerked backwards briefly towards her pink ass cheek. I squeezed her butt and rubbed the tender flesh, massaging in the last spank. Seeing her hand near mine, I decided to take this game a little further. She started this little game, but I was definitely going to be the one to finish it!

I released her rock hard nipples with one last twist of my hand and sat up a little straighter in the chair, letting her feel my now rock hard cock through my pants against her belly. “Four: not submitting to punishment when required to. I saw you try to block that last spank. Grab your ass cheeks. One in each hand.”

I loosened the knot on my tie and pulled it from around my neck. She wiggled a little bit on my lap while moving her arms, but quickly she had her hands holding the globes of her tender ass. Before she could object (if she wanted to, but I don’t think she did), I looped my tie around her wrists and knotted her two hands securely together. Putting a couple of wraps around her forearms caused her to thrust her chest forward, her pendulous breasts bouncing against my leg.

I hooked my left arm underneath her tied arms and slowly lifted them higher behind her. She responded naturally, bending over so far that the lower still-pristine part of her ass was right in the sweet spot. I brought my right hand down, catching the two tender cheeks and the outside of her juicy pussy in one startling spank. The sound it made was almost a SPLAT considering how wet she was.

“Five!” I said as I began rubbing my palm between her legs, feeling the heat. “You know I like to relax when I get home.” I slowly inserted my index finger, testing the lubrication factor deep inside her smoldering pussy. It felt like silk, sliding in deep and wiggling it around. I began slowly stroking it in and out. “Would you call this peaceful?” I added a second finger to my explorations, twisting them both deep inside her, massaging the sensitive walls of her clenching cunt.

A weak “no” escaped from her lips. I quickly withdrew my fingers and wet hand and brought them back down in a startling spank, right across her exposed pussy lips.

“Six! For answering rhetorical questions!” I thrust three fingers in this time, stretching her tightening pussy a little further. She was positively burning inside, and I know from previous experience that she’s been hot and dripping for at least the last two hours. “I expect intelligent conversation from you, not someone that simply agrees with me.” Three fingers became four on the next stroke and I buried them all the way to the last knuckle. Her moan was definitely loud enough to be heard outside the house.

I again pulled my hand from her hungry pussy and swatted wetly across her ass and pussy. Stingingly wet. This one sounded almost like a firecracker going off. Most of her ass was now a light pink with scarlet radiating finger marks.

“Seven: You are enjoying your punishment too much.” I pushed my hand deep into her slippery pussy, the knuckles grinding against the stretched opening. “You have been waiting for me to get home, playing with your vibrator. From what I can see, looks like you were playing with your butt plug too.” I took this opportunity to push my thumb up to and into her shiny asshole. I didn’t need to check. From this close I could tell she had done some ‘prep work’ in anticipation of some kind of anal play. I dug my thumb in deep and wiggled it around, while pushing the rest of my hand past my knuckles into her burning pussy.

She squealed, “Oh, Fuck, YES!” and ground her pussy and ass back against my hand, hard. She must not have remembered what I said about rhetorical questions, so out came my hand and spanked down on her very puffy and very exposed pussy lips. Before she could utter any kind of sound, I attempted to shove my entire hand deep into her clenching pussy. I chuckled to myself as I saw about three quarters of it twisting and stretching her poor, battered pussy.

No more squeals, but a long continuous low moan emanated from her throat. Her ass was moving in slow, grinding circles attempting to capture more of my hand. Not only was she fucking herself slowly on my hand, but she was also grinding her pubic bone on my hard-as-steel dick.

“You have been and are thinking too much about yourself, with no concern for my situation. Here you are only minutes from cumming, and I’ve barely taken off my tie. It’s time for you to greet me properly.”

I lifted her off my lap and helped her kneel on the floor, which was awkward for a few seconds because her arms were still tied behind her back. She was kneeling at the foot of the chair, the heels of her feet digging into the reddened cheeks of her spanked ass.

I unbuckled my belt and drew it out of the loops of my pants and tossed it aside. My wife watched as I unbuckled and slowly unzipped, revealing the eight inch bulge hiding behind my jockeys. It looked like she was drooling as I shimmied down my pants. I reached for her head and pulled her close to my still underwear clad cock. She leaned in close and began rubbing her face all over it, even clamping down with her teeth in friendly nibbles and snuffling her nose and mouth underneath my tight nut sack.

As I peeled off the last piece of clothing, she was waiting patiently, ready for my cock as soon as it sprang free. Her mouth was open and she caught the end right on the center of her tongue. Two seconds later, she had swallowed over half of it. Her tongue was going crazy, licking the underside of my cock fiercely while she continued to try to suck the rest of it in. She only wasted a few seconds before backing off and then engulfing me again, going for more.

Without her hands to guide her, she wasn’t able to limit her strokes and was taking my dick further and further into her mouth each time, threatening to hit her gag reflex. We had always watched that before. If I give it all to her, it could be a problem. But I could swear this time it was different and she really wanted it all.

“You are being very enthusiastic. Do you want it all?” I asked, just to be sure. Since her mouth was stuffed with my hard meat, all she could do was nod her head in the affirmative.

I placed my hands on the back of her head, entwining her long brown hair in my fingers and let her bob up and suck me in again. This time I was able to give her a little encouragement and pulled her mouth down further on my cock, then relaxed so she could pull her head back up. She lolled her tongue around the head a few times, then sucked me back in. I pushed forward with my hips and pulled with my hands and buried all but the last half inch down her throat. I ground it for a brief moment then released to let her get a breath.

She was staring directly in my eyes. “Do that again.”

So I did. I set it up right near the front of her mouth and I buried my throbbing cock deep into her mouth. It went as far as the last time, and she moaned as I gave it the little grind. It sent chills all the way up to my balls. When I pulled back she held the head in her mouth and tickled the hole with her tongue.

When she sucked me in again, I pulled harder and she got down so that her nose was being tickled by my pubic hair. It might not have been all of it, but it was awful damn close. It felt tight and hot and wet.

I knew if we kept this up, I was going to cum quickly. I had a feeling this was going to be a long pleasant evening of increasingly hotter sex, so why not give her a tasty treat to start it off?

“Fuck my mouth until you come down my throat,” she said breathily. “Fuck it hard.”

Was she reading my mind?

I took a firm hold on her head and began fucking my cock in and out of her mouth, varying the depth from short mini strokes to long deep thrusts that buried my raging hard on deep into her throat. I could feel the vibrations from her moans every time I pulled her nose tight up against my stomach.

I can usually hold out for a while, but in less than two minutes of face fucking, I was ready to blow.

“One more deep one baby, and it’s all yours,” I said as I pulled her head back and drove my cock as far as I could into her throat. My dick began to throb heavily as the cum rushed up the length and exploded into her mouth. Her throat was bobbing up and down as she swallowed over and over, the vibrations coaxing out every last drop. I groaned loudly, losing any ability for coherent speech while spurt after spurt unloaded from my heavily laden balls.

As the flow finally began to ebb, she pulled back without releasing me from her mouth. Her tongue was dancing furiously all over the head, treating it like it was a lollipop. I trembled a little as she let it slide from between her lips and nuzzled it with her nose and cheeks.

“Welcome home, Sir. I hope you are relaxing and forgetting the stress of the day,” she said, a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

I quickly side stepped and pushed her forward so that her bobbing tits and head flopped onto the chair. SLAP! My hand came down hard on the crack of her ass again, my fingertip smacking against her pussy.

“Eight: Sarcasm is not acceptable. For that infraction, you’re going to have to get yourself off before I’ll touch you again.” I untied the tie and let her have her arms back. “You go get whatever toys you were playing with and come out here and sit on the couch. Show me what you were doing to get you so turned on.”

Smiling, she quickly jumped up and skipped into the bedroom, reappearing in less than a minute with a vibrating egg and a six-inch vibrating butt plug. I sat back in the chair across from her and watched as she sat back on the couch, putting her feet up on the table. She spread her knees wide and gave me a clear view of her pussy and asshole, both shiny and glistening from the juices leaking out of her.

Reaching behind her with her right hand, she slowly lined up the butt plug and started working it up her tight asshole. She grunted a little as the big bulb head slipped past her sphincter, but they quickly changed to soft moans as it filled her back door snugly. A wire led from it to the controller in her left hand. I heard a soft buzz and saw her stretched asshole clench around the end of the plug.

With her right hand she turned on the vibrating bullet, cranking it to maximum right from the start. Her head fell to the back of the couch as she began caressing her clit with the shiny blue egg. Her hand started slowly, but her lips parted and her breaths came in increasingly shorter and deeper. I’ve never seen her getting this close this quick. The impromptu bondage session seemed to have worked its magic on her flaming pussy. Her show was certainly casting a spell on my dick. It was hard and I gave it a few strokes to make it ready for my finishing move.

As she tickled her joy button faster and faster, her left hand was slowly increasing the vibrations rocking her asshole. The slider bar finally hit maximum on the plug, and she tossed away the remote to let it pulsate in her horny back passage as the bullet literally flew back and forth across her swollen clit. Her head rocked back and forth and her breath finally caught in her throat and she screamed out a powerful scream as her orgasm crashed through her body.

She was panting heavily, but more importantly, her hand was still moving. I know exactly what this means. One orgasm isn’t enough to settle the fiery furnace she had burning between her legs and she was going for another one. My wife can be multi-orgasmic under the right set of circumstances, and apparently this was one of them.

I got up out of the chair, led by my now restored rock hard cock. I stepped over the coffee table so I was standing between her splayed legs. As she continued to furiously frig herself, I reached down and pulled the plug from her ass, making her moan loudly. Watching as her butthole slowly closed as it clenched, I quickly filled it up by ramming six of my eight inches into her bowels in one quick lunge.

Two thrusts later I was buried balls deep and able to make long quick thrusts in and out of her ass, even though it was now acting as a vise, gripping my cock like it would never let it go.

As I forced myself in and out, slamming back in, I grabbed onto her rock hard nipples and squeezed them between my fingers. Her eyes flared open staring right into mine and she literally screamed out. Her orgasm crashed through her body, forcing her asshole to clamp down. I gave one last huge push and then began unloading my own orgasm deep into her hot ass.

She panted out the last spasms of her quivering cunt and dropped her hands to her sides, spent. I pulled out of her ass slowly and stepped over her leg to sit next to her on the couch. She immediately slid to her side and snuggled into me, putting her head in my lap and turning her sore ass away from the abrasive fabric of the couch.

“I guess that’ll teach me not to mess around on laundry day.”

I brought my hand down lightly on her sore ass, and massaged it as she sucked in her breath. “I should give you another spank. I already said sarcasm isn’t acceptable. But I’ll let it slide for now.”

“Oh, No! I got so into thinking about this, I didn’t even think about dinner. I’m sorry. I guess you’ll have to ‘punish’ me some more.”

All I can say is, I’ll certainly try!

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