Cleopatra's Masquerade Part Two

By Coco

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Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it ...and more!

Early the next morning… New Year’s Eve

Julian and Kenya awoke to the digital sounds of the alarm which was not shut off last evening. Kenya rolled out of bed; drug her sore, well fucked body into the bathroom and relieved her bladder. She crawled back into bed and began snuggling her fiancé. Reaching around his body, she grabbed his dick and stroked it to garner a response as she nibbled his neck. Gentle snoring greeted her as she said, “Sleep already, Julian?” Lingering snores rumbled from his throat. She turned over intending to take advantage of the opportunity to sleep in.

Unfortunately for Kenya, her mind began to race. It’s New Year’s Eve and the masquerade ball is tonight. Her Cleopatra costume was hanging at the back of her spacious closet, its accessories hidden in there as well. Her mind was awash with the possibility of experiencing one of her fantasies. She turned over on her side recalling a conversation with Julian.


“Let’s talk about your fascination with anal sex,” he had grown so weary of the conversation, “specifically, your desire for double penetration, why?”

Honestly, it was a problem for him since the beginning of their relationship, she’d always wanted two men at once and he disliked the idea from the start. She contemplated her answer and carefully chose her words, “Baby, I want this. I didn’t deny you the pleasure of another woman joining us, nor did I ask if it was what you wanted a thousand times. I love you and only you so, what is the problem?”

“It’s simple, I’m not sure if I can handle you fucking someone other than me.”


“Kenya, it is what it is.”

“You should do this because you love me, it’s not like I’m going out and fucking two guys. I want you AND another man, just like you wanted me AND another chick.”

“It’s a fantasy, can’t you leave it at that?”

“No Julian, I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“Did you leave it at that? Baby listen, I know that this is hard for you. But did you know how difficult it was for me to swallow the small bit of jealousy in me and give you what you wanted most?”

She knew she struck home with that statement, and sitting up in the bed remembering the conversation, Kenya again realized that she would be fucking two men very soon. And the thought of doing so sent her into action.

Kenya left the bed and slipped into the shower, setting it to full steam. Cleaning her body thoroughly, she let her hands wander along her smooth torso, lingering a while at her lower belly. Her mind was on pleasure, but she realized that she didn't want to waste all that sexual energy, she'd much rather have her fill later that night. Leaving the shower, she decided that she would make breakfast for her man.

Julian woke to the aroma of breakfast drifting upstairs from the kitchen, he padded to the master bath and prepared to join his gorgeous Ya-Ya. Already over the shock of her desire, Julian became strangely aroused as he realized that tonight was the night that he would share his girl with another man. His dick began to harden and his hand started to reach downward.

‘Oh, hell naw! I ain’t done that shit in a long time, wifey downstairs….let’s see if she’s up for some play.’ His thoughts carried him downstairs faster than the tempting aroma of food. Sneaking a glance into the kitchen and what he saw made his sex stand at attention.

“Damn girl, you cooking naked?” He stared at her curvaceous body while she finished plating his meal. She wore only an apron and her ass was fully exposed.

Emitting a sensual throaty laugh, she smiled saying, “Go back to bed, I’ll serve you there.”

“Hmmm, I love the way that sounds, though I am hungry for something other than food…”

Kenya threw a spoon at him, “Upstairs…go!” He left her at a slight run.

She knew what he wanted, hell she saw it! But the girl was determined to hold off until tonight, and sucking his dick would lead to other things. She approached the bed with tray in hand and knelt at his side.

“Here ya go, J. And that’s all you’re getting in terms of your current appetite.” She grinned as he caught her meaning, he looked crestfallen.

“Boy please, you just fucked me a few hours ago. You ain’t hurtin’!”

With that, Kenya went into her closet to gather her workout gear. “Should I wait for you to run or are you gonna sit there and pout?” She looked in his direction and waited for an answer.

“Nope, I have a call to make. Go ahead.”

“Aww, damn boy, quit lookin’ like the cookie monster stole your last cookie! You’ll get plenty of this tonight,” she patted her ass as she walked out of the bedroom.

“You damn right I will!”

Julian picked up his phone and dialed his friend, Anthony.

“What’s up bro?” Anthony spoke like he was brushing his teeth. “Talk about timing, I was just about to call you. ‘Ya girl still wanna get down tonight?”

“Yeah, she’s in. Her ass won’t even give me some now…talkin’ ‘bout saving it for tonight!”

“You sound like that’s a problem. Dude, you sound pussy whipped an’ shit. Come on now, you a grown ass man, I know you’ve been shot down before.”

“Bro, you know I have but…”

“You trippin’, you got a woman that wants to fulfill all of your fantasies…yours AND hers and you acting like someone done shit in your Cheerios!”

“Damn, since you put it like that, I’m gonna chill. But look, will you do me favor?”

“Yeah man, what’s up?”

“Well, I wanna have some fun too. So I need you to get a remote control bullet or egg, something that I can put in her pussy while we prepare for tonight, I want her ass squirming before she gets all this dick!”

“You got it! Y’all still having dinner at the spot before the masquerade?”


“Tell you what, I’ll leave it with the hostess, make her ass suffer.” Laughing, both men said bye and hung up the phone.


“Damn baby, Cleopatra never looked that good!”

“Come on, J. I need to eat something before I start drinking, let’s go. Stop staring at my ass, I can feel you eyes all over me.”

Kenya spent a long time preparing her body for the night, she left no stone unturned and the result was spectacular. Her hair flowed in gentle waves to her bare shoulders; her skin was lightly dusted with shimmery body cream that had her smelling of sweet vanilla and warm honey. The costume clung to her body in a manner that spoke of sex; it was indeed stunning, alluring, and arousing combined. She was aware that heads would turn as she entered the restaurant and perhaps tongues would roll.

Julian opened the door to the restaurant and approached the hostess, Kenya at his side. Speaking in hushed tones, the hostess and Julian exchanged packages; thankfully Kenya missed it all. Michelle, the hostess, grinned at Kenya and eyeing her outfit choice for the evening said, “You look gorgeous, are you attending the masquerade ball downtown?”

Kenya blushed at the thought of another woman calling her gorgeous, “Yes, we will be heading down after dinner; Happy New Year to you Michelle, and thank you.”

Arriving at their table, Julian thanked Michelle and led his girl into the booth. The ambiance was dark yet romantic, the music was soft jazz, and the diners all were dressed for a night on the town. He whispered to his love, “I have a gift for you,” he placed the small remote controlled bullet in front of her.

“Thank you so much, may I open it now?”

Laughing, Julian responded, “Kenya, you are going to do more than open it.” She looked bemused as she opened the package. A sexy smirk formed on her lips as she saw what was inside.

“You intend for me to, ummm wear this?

“Oh yes, I’m going to slide it inside your pussy soon.”

“What, as in here, now?” Her voice raised an octave and she felt her insides go a smidge mushy. The thought of him controlling her fantasy night was intriguing, it seemed that he had an agenda just as she had one for the evening. She’d play his game…for now.

Julian’s hand was in her lap as the waiter arrived to take their order, he spoke to him as nimble fingers approached Kenya’s womanhood. He was shocked to find that there was no thong barrier to her heated core. He glanced at her smiling his pleasure at the discovery.

“Mojitos, we’re saving the bubbly for later tonight,” her eyes caught the waiter as he stared at her breasts.

Her stomach grew mushy again as her Caesar’s fingers probed her sex, instantly moisture pooled there as her body’s beautiful flower bloomed to life. His roaming hand and fingers used her pussy making it his personal playground. She opened the package with shaky hands, her body, her eyes, even her needy sex dared him to do just as he said he would—use the bullet, right there…right then!

Without a word, Julian snatched the bullet from her hand, palmed it and under the table it went as the aroma of her sex filled his nostrils making him even more determined to complete the dare. He massaged her mound, stroking and pulling it as she felt her temperature rise. Opening her folds, he slowly eased the bullet into her heat.

“Now what, do you get to handle the remote throughout dinner? I love this game, Julian.”

“Yes, and for the rest of the evening. Did you think that you’d have all the fun tonight, Kenya?”

Her breath caught as she realized that her fantasy would be his to control. She thought about the evening and sighing she resigned herself to the situation, if it was to be his way or no way then she had no choice. Suddenly she felt the bullet come to life inside her pussy; the sensation sending subtle hums of pleasure through her. He must have set it at the toy’s lowest setting. Pulsing, Kenya thought ‘This is going to be a long night.’

“Are you alright?” His enjoyment of the situation clearly displayed on his face.

“Shut up.” Laughter erupted from him as she smiled at him. Soon, she joined him, laughing at her reaction to his question.

Dinner progressed; the entire time was relaxing and stimulating for them both. They left the restaurant, her legs shaking, her thighs wet and her pussy deprived. Kenya’s desire to climax was clear; she thought that she would explode if he didn’t touch her soon.

“Julian, please turn the damn thing off or let me rub my clit or uhhh fuck, I need to cum!”

“No, you will cum plenty tonight.”

Kenya spent the ride to the hotel in sexual frustration. Noticing this, he hoped that she didn’t think that this was easy on him because it wasn’t; his desire for her was great, the proof lengthening and aching in his tuxedo pants as he drove. Julian called Anthony and they confirmed their plans. They were to meet at the hotel wearing the same mask and spend the evening teasing his Cleopatra mercilessly throughout the evening before fulfilling her fantasy.

Kenya and Julian arrived at the hotel for the ball giddy; both of them looking forward to the chance to fulfill her biggest fantasy. Instead of going directly to the ballroom, Julian went to the front desk to check in for the evening, he wanted nothing to prevent them from immediately leaving the masquerade if a quick escape was required. The concierge took the necessary information and provided them with a key. She stared as they made their way to the ballroom.

The ballroom was decorated lavishly, gold streamers fell from the high ceiling, tables were decorated with crystal vases that held beautiful orchids, and there were gold and silver balloons being held in a net for a midnight drop. Kenya took in her surroundings, watching as the ballroom began to fill with tuxedoed men and seductively costumed women. She glanced at her Caesar and was enthralled by his bedroom eyes as they gazed at her. She knew that she was a lucky woman, but she didn’t know how lucky she’d be this evening. Would Anthony show up? Would he, did he agree to be their third party? She should’ve asked if he’d agreed to be here.

“I don’t see Anthony, are you sure that he will be here?” She turned her head slightly looking for Anthony when she noticed that Julian had disappeared. “Julian,” she called looking around her, “don’t play with me.” The men in the ballroom seemed to all look the same, dark tuxedos and various masks. She was preparing to call out again when he walked up to her with a champagne glass in hand and a masked man at his side. He wore the same mask as Julian. Taking the champagne from his hand, she took an unladylike gulp and gave them men her complete attention.

“Julian thanks for joining me. Is there something I should know?” She eyed the men suspiciously.

“No love, now relax.”

“Why is Anthony wearing the same mask? Nevermind, I actually like it…it’s clever--adds a little something to the fun.” She winked at Anthony as he gazed at her headdress, and then his eyes traveled the length of her body.

Julian grabbed her hand lifting her to the ballroom’s dance floor as a smooth jazz ballad filled the room. He took the opportunity to dance with her before Anthony was allowed to get his hands on her. He’d known for a while that Anthony wanted to fuck his wonderful girl. Of course, it never came to that …until now. He wanted time with her alone before their libidos kicked in full force. He gathered her into his arms. “How long will I,” she couldn’t finish the question as she felt the bullet lodged in her pussy come back to life. Kenya glanced up at him inquisitively.

“What is it, love?”

“The bullet…but your hands?” She couldn’t read his expression, the mask doing its job of hiding all emotion from her questioning eyes. Looking around her, she noticed only party goers dancing, drinking, and conversing.

Anthony stood in a corner, just out of her eyesight, watching as he manipulated the remote control for the bullet that was implanted in her sex. ‘Oh my god, she is beautiful!’ He watched as the gold in her costume shimmered in the theatric lighting of the ballroom. Her skin glistened and as she danced her body seemed to mesmerize him. Kenya’s upturned mouth caused his dick to jump; he couldn’t wait to experience it sucking him. He increased the speed of the bullet and placed the control in his pocket. He got himself a drink and sat at the bar. Anthony let his mind wander aimlessly until he noticed that the song had changed, he downed his drink and went back to his corner so that he could observe what his friend was up to.

Julian lowered his hand to Kenya’s ass while she adjusted to the vibrations in her pussy. “Where is he,” she inquired with a breathy moan.

“He’s watching us, he’s watching you…watching your every move. Does that turn you on?” Julian was enjoying the play.

“Oh my god, you intend to have me begging you both to take me. You want me suffering before I’m even allowed to leave this room.”

The inflection in her tone was questioning but she knew that even as she spoke the words, the statements were indeed very true. Then she felt his hand drifting up her bare round ass. If things continued at this pace, she would be unable to hold herself in check. They’d have to leave before the stroke of midnight so that she could experience a stroke of a different kind. The vibrating stopped. Again, Kenya gazed at the room around her. She couldn’t see him at all. If he was going to play this game, she might as well enjoy it.

“Please tell him to come to me, Julian.” He thought about her request. His plan was to have Anthony make her weak from across the room and leave the ball before midnight. He wanted to be balls deep inside her at midnight, bringing the New Year in with a bang. Not minding the change in plans, he sent a text to his friend.

“I’ve sent him a text. You know what I want from this, right? You do understand?” She looked at him, trying to read the expression in his eyes. He was taking immense pleasure in fulfilling this fantasy; he intended to use her ruthlessly, he intended for Anthony to use her ruthlessly.

“Yeah, I think I do…”

“Kenya last chance,” he whispered in her ear as he turned her body toward the imposing figure that approached them. “He’s on his way over here. And although you don’t believe me…don’t think I can go through with this; I am going to give you to him. He will fuck you and fuck you very well.” He walked away as Anthony reached the now nervous Kenya.

“Hello, beautiful.” Anthony reached for her waist and pulled her flush with his body; she felt his arousal before creating space between their bodies. “Or should I call you Nervous Nelly?” Kenya smiled as nervous laughter formed in her throat. Classical music drifted down from the speakers and he opened his arms inviting her to dance. Unable to resist his body any longer, she accepted his invitation and walked into his waiting arms.

The music dictated the ebb and flow of their bodies as they moved gracefully around the dance floor. His body led hers through the maze of partygoers as she became enchanted by Anthony’s good looks and his mischievous nature. Kenya looked for Julian but he was lost in the crowd of people at the bar. Sensing her discomfort, Anthony spoke. “Why are you so nervous? As I recall, you wanted this.”

“I did…I do. I want it; one more thing to cross off the list.” She moaned as she felt his hand slip beneath the skirt of her costume.

“Fuck, you’re wet!” He moved his fingers around the toy enjoying the slickness inside her womanly core.

“What do you expect; the two of you stuck something up my pussy and have been pushing me to the edge for hours now.”

“Touché!” He pulled the remote from his pocket and offered it to her. “Do you want me to stop?”

“Uhh, no. I want more than the toy…” She reached for his bulge and ran a single manicured nail across it as she licked her lips in appreciation. His fingers gently toyed her clit which elicited moans of pleasure from her quivering mouth. She felt guilty responding to this gorgeous man while her fiancé was not there. What she didn’t know was that while she was on the brink of orgasm, her fiancé was avidly watching her.

“He’s watching, wanna give him a show?” He wanted her to climax on the dance floor, though he didn’t think she would, but he wanted to test her. Was she as uninhibited as she seemed?

“What do you have in mind?”

“Will you cum for me, right now…right here?” Anthony witnessed a barrage of emotions flood her face; indeed this Cleopatra was beautiful. He was captivated as he watched her think about his request.

“Hell no!” He increased the speed of his finger massage but stopped suddenly when he realized that she’d said no. He removed his hand from her warmth. He heard her sigh as he brought his fingers to his nose, sniffed them, and put them one at a time into his mouth. “…” Kenya’s words were lost on her lips, her gaze followed his every movement, her nether region bursting with arousal as she thought again about his request.

Anthony was too turned on to notice that she was reconsidering his request, her bright eyes full of desire, he thought that she would just rather go upstairs and get this thing done. She reached for his hand, pulled it downward and under her skirt; “I can’t do this here, get your boy and let’s go.” Her demand left his dick twitching in his trousers as he scanned the crowd for Julian. He sent a text to Julian that they were ready to go to the room. Escorting their Cleopatra to a nearby table, Anthony recognized that this very well may be the most stimulating night of his life.

“Did he give you a key?” Anthony could feel the adrenaline beginning to pump in his system. He wanted this girl more and more and now understood why Julian was so in love and in lust with her.

“No, he didn’t. Where the hell is he?” She grew impatient and started toward the door. “Let’s go, he’ll notice that we’ve left the dance floor. We’ll wait for him at the elevator.” She stopped short as she felt the bullet come to life again.

Anthony and Kenya didn’t notice Julian’s departure which was what he wanted; he noticed the intense sexual chemistry between them and decided to clear his head by going to the room early. He sent a response text informing Anthony to stop by the front desk as he left a message for them to give his fiancé a key to the room. After retrieving the room key, Anthony and Kenya made their way to the elevator. Her nervousness returned as he stared at her body; she was ridiculously aware of her desire to have both men. However, the lust she was experiencing for Anthony was out of control; she tried to control it—she tried and failed to do so as the elevator opened.

“Stop.” Her utterance took him by surprise and he looked at her with curiosity in his eyes and he spoke with a calmness that he didn’t quite feel.

“What, what do you want me to stop?”

“You’re staring at me as if you want to swallow me whole.”

“I do, but a mere sampling will do me just fine.” He removed his mask, dropped down to his knees, and pressed his head at the apex of her sex. Cautiously he lifted her skirt and opening her labia with his fingers, he removed the bullet and placed it in his mouth. He stood when the bell rang signaling the opening of the door.

“Damn!" She hoped that no one would join them in the elevator and looking at him she thought he felt the same. His face, now that she could see it, was deeply etched with lust and sexual frustration, she wanted so badly to change that emotion to something akin to ecstasy and supreme fulfillment. But that would have to wait; they exited and walked the hall to room 805.

Julian heard the pair approach the door and went to open it with excitement pursing through his entire being. The idea of her fantasy had his adrenaline pumping as his blood streamlined straight to his penis and the result was a huge erection. He offered them a drink.

“Champagne?” He stood still as the sexual tension between the duo crackled like a fire burning brightly in a fireplace. The heat radiated off of them and Julian was enthused that he was not alone in his current state.

“No, no…” Kenya’s voice was edged with the sexual energy that burned within her body. “I have better things on my mind, and if you don’t mind…” She dropped to her knees and had Anthony’s dick in her mouth instantly. She could not wait to taste him.

"Holy shit! Uhhh!” Anthony’s response filled the air and the sexual tension in the hotel room edged up another notch as Julian watched his beloved pleasure another man with her luscious mouth. Julian took a sip of the champagne; he had come to want this as much as she did after months of reluctance. He ogled her as the caramel toned moons of her ass peaked out beneath her sexy skirt; his mind went into overdrive, his blood began to boil, and his penis jumped to life in his pants. He walked over to the couple and getting down on the floor he looked up at her sex, licked his lips, and kissed her pussy.

“Mmm babe,” she mumbled around Anthony’s long shaft. She fought for control as he began feasting on her feminine flesh. Her body was on fire as her mouth devoured her new lover. His body was just as heated as hers and he wanted the gorgeous Cleopatra’s ass more than ever. Anthony wasn’t sure how this was to play out, but he intended to ravish Julian’s lovely girl.

“Julian, man your girl is unbelievable! Please tell me I can have her ass.” Anthony struggled with his words as the little seductress suckled his dick while gripping his balls. He was close to full on sexual euphoria. “Ahhh!”

Julian took a breath, “Anthony if she can handle it, we’ll both have her ass!”

“That’s what I’m talkin’ bout!” Anthony’s enthusiasm came to an abrupt halt as Kenya’s teeth slid down his rigid flesh. “Uggg!”

Julian wanted to help his friend out so he removed his tongue from her opening and placed it firmly on her anus. A pleasure filled moan escaped his beloved’s throat, she knew this was the beginning; she pressed her ass down onto his face. “More…more please!” Her cries expressed her deeply rooted desire to have her ass fucked. Her need was desperate and Julian could sense it as she released Anthony’s penis from her mouth and placed a hand on her sex. Kenya found her clit as Julian forced his tongue deeper into her anal star. Pressing her open this way was what he wanted, he had to have her first and if it was his tongue and fingers opening her, preparing her for the anal fucking she so desperately wanted, then so be it. He would have her pussy dripping juices down her ass crack, lubing her wicked little ass.

Anthony stepped away from the action and took off his trousers exposing his muscled and powerful thighs; he wandered over to the chair, sat, and began stroking his dick. He would wait until he was invited into their world again as he wanted to watch the sweet vixen attend to her need.

Sensing that Anthony needed the time, Julian removed his tuxedo pants as his fiancé sat on his face. He never once stopped the exquisite torture he released on her anus. Her moans and groans grew in intensity and volume as his tongue feasted on her ass. Soon he placed two fingers in her ass along with his tongue, opening her further to his oral talents. His tongue was powerfully fucking her ass while her pussy juices flowed down to it.

“Fuck! I need…” Kenya’s words were swallowed as Julian removed his tongue from her and inserted another finger. He pressed into her deeper, stroking her hard and opening her more. Her body flooded with sexual heat. “Fuck me please!” She screamed as Julian lifted her up and placed her on his throbbing sex.

“Yes, baby…I want you to beg for this dick!”

“Fuck me.” Julian had her in his lap, her back was toward him and he reached around and grabbed her breast. He pinched her nipple and pushed upward, forcefully going deeper in her pussy. He wanted to give her every inch of his throbbing member. He wanted her to remember every detail, every stroke as he pushed harder into her tight pussy, every bead of sweat on their glistening bodies as he pulled out of her, every outcry that left her lips as she was fucked by the two men she wanted most.

“Get the fuck over here and fuck her mouth!” Julian demanded this of his buddy who was sitting, eyes bright with lust stroking his dick.

Anthony didn’t need to be told twice. He bounded to his feet and was at her face in a nanosecond. He ripped the costume’s headdress from her head and pulling a fistful of her hair he forced his dick into her mouth.

“UGGG!” Her face grimaced as she looked up to him, his powerful thighs all that she could really see as her eyes filled with tears. She loved being used like this; her body responded and Julian felt more wetness as her first orgasm racked her quivering body.

“Oh, my sweet little whore, I wonder how many times you will cum tonight.” Of course, his little whore couldn’t respond, she was being harshly mouth fucked. Anthony gripped her hair harder and pressed into her mouth.

“It’s time to fuck; I need to get into her ass!” Anthony loved her mouth but couldn’t wait to have her ass. Julian stood lifting her up and set her down on the bed.

“Are you ready, love?” Anthony walked over to the bed, his proud sex stuck out shiny with fluids from her mouth. He kissed her as he lay on the bed, pulling her onto his body while Julian prepared to enter her pussy again.

“Mmm, please fuck me.”

Julian pushed into her pussy as Anthony held her by the waist, his dick at the entrance of her ass. He did his best to wait until she signaled that she was ready for him. Julian plowed into her; over and over he pulled in and out of her pussy. The pace became frantic. Anthony had to wait as there was no way that he could enter her anus with the pounding her pussy was taking from her fiancé.

“Slow down, man!” Julian didn’t realize that he was causing Anthony problems; he was simply plundering into her pussy as usual.

“Ahh, ok, man…get in her.”

Anthony pressed the head of his dick into her anal star and waited for her to adjust. “Ohh Uggg!” Kenya uttered as she did her best to open for the invasion that was Anthony’s wonderful hardness. She felt him stir, his dick pressing into her anus a little more. Kenya wanted this more than anything but she realized that she didn’t know if she could handle Anthony’s massive dick as she was used to her husband’s smaller organ. Julian must have been a good two inches shorter than Anthony; the girth was similar but the length might be her undoing.

“Come on, Kenya. Open up for me.” Anthony pushed upward as she again focused on opening for him. She pressed downward as another groan escaped her lips.

“I can’t…”

Julian placed his hand on her face, “yes you can babe. You wanted this, and I know you want it still. Try again.” He placed the pad of his thumb on her clit and gave it a massage. Instantly her body felt the familiar surge of sexual energy explode in her pelvis. It was not an orgasm, but a stirring of heat that never failed her.

“Yes. Okay, Anthony…go on.” He pressed upward and she opened for him while pushing herself down hard on his shaft. A cry of pain was on her lips as his length finally filled her. Julian smiled at her.

“That’s it my peach. How do you feel?” Julian kissed her swallowing her response as he did. He ended the kiss and whispered in her ear, “We are going to fuck you now. You better hold on!” He picked up the pace while Anthony struggled to match his rhythm.

“Ahh, fuck!” Kenya screamed as both men began to fuck her. The pain from Anthony’s full entrance into her ass had subsided, but it didn’t stay away. He stroked her and while Julian deep stroked her pussy, his long slow strokes caused more distress to her ravaged body. She tried to relax and enjoy the action, but found herself oddly stiff and nervous. It wasn’t until Anthony said something that she began to relax.

“I’ve wanted your ass from the first day we met.” He pulled her hair and bit her ear lobe as he pulled out slightly and plunged back into her with a ferocity that she’d never experienced.

“You… wanted…to ughhh…fuck my assssss?” Her words came out slowly, garbled, and nearly unrecognizable. She pressed downward as Julian grabbed and pulled her nipple. Her body was at their mercy as he punched into her ass again…as they punched into her again.

Julian set a rapid pace, her pussy was being plundered thoroughly. Anthony’s excitement was clear as he tried to match Julian stroke for rapid stroke. The thin membrane between her anus and her pussy was being pounded and her body quickly became a quaking mass of flesh. She was in a type of carnal heaven, her body no longer desperate to be fucked. Kenya was sandwiched between two men—her body tortured yet truly pleasured.

Julian watched her face as a myriad of emotions flooded it. He plowed away slowing only when he realized that his climax was imminent. He wanted so much to continue fucking her but his limbs were growing stiff and he sensed that Anthony was near his end as well. He pulled out of her and stroked himself to orgasm—load after load of his fluids spewed onto her heated quivering body. He kissed her and fingered her clit while Anthony pressed himself in and out of her ass, his breath shaky as he climaxed in her ass.

“Oh my fucking god! Ugg mmm!” Anthony felt his body go limp as he felt her anal muscles clench and milk his dick. Seconds later, Kenya’s body exploded as Julian’s fingers proved to be the catalyst that freed her orgasm from her spastic body.

“Ohh god Oh god OH GOD!” She screamed at no one in particular. Julian loved it when she was this way; her lips still forming words as the sounds died in her throat after her third ‘Oh god,’ her body drained of energy, and her mind incapable of coherent thought. He released her clit as her body grew still while Anthony tried to move her dead weight.

Anthony watched as Julian took his woman in his arms. Heading for the shower, he picked up his clothing allowing them time alone.

“Baby?” Julian whispered into her ear. He needed to hear from her…had to know if she was alright.


“Alright? How do you feel?”

“My…my uhh, my ass hurts.” His response brought a smile to his lips.

“Yeah, you’re alright.” Laughter filled the room as she gingerly rolled to her side clearly favoring her ass.


“So… how was it for you, Kenya?”

“I fucking hurt. You could’ve taken it easy on me.”

“You asked for it baby.”

“I know…I know. I guess I should be more careful of what I ask for…”

“Yeah, you got it and a whole lot more.” Too tired to move, they quieted and drifted off to sleep as Anthony crept from the bathroom.

He stared at Kenya’s luscious body as he approached the door and said, “I want more of you, sweet Kenya. And I always get what I want!” Anthony closed the door behind him but knew instinctively that he was not closing the door on his precious Kenya. After all, he always got what he wanted…