Cold winter night

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Warming up after shoveling
So its another cold winter night and I have been out late shoveling the walkways, the driveway, helping out the neighbors and then having a quick couple of beers with a couple of neighborhood guys. I am cold and wet, but after the beers I am feeling a little horny and wondering what my beautiful and sexxy girlfriend is doing inside the warm house. As I open the side door to the house I am struck first by the warmth, then by the fragrance of candles and only the light from the candles. I am intrigued as to what is going on in the house. I run downstairs to the basement to take off my wet boots and clothes. I run back upstairs in just a old pair of sweats I found downstairs.

Once again I am taken aback by what the candles have done to the mystery of the house. I call out your name and hear nothing back. I walk through the kitchen and call out with no response, I move to the living room and once again nothing, I walk into the study/bar room and see you sitting in my big leather chair with just a tie on (my favorite one), with your legs on the desk and something that I can't make out going across your chest in the dim light of the candles. I am once again taken aback by seeing such beauty in front of me. You are smiling at me and slowly rubbing your perfectly shaved pussy lips. You stop touching yourself and tell me to lose the sweats and sit in the other chair and just relax, there is a bottle of my favorite scotch on a little table with just the right amount in a glass for me. I sit in the chair, get comfortable and have a sip of scotch feeling the warm liquid coat my throat and warm my insides. I ask you what it is that is around your chest and you say that in good time I will find out. At this point my cock is as hard as stone and I start to rub it and you yell at me to stop and state that I can only do what you tell me. I sit back relax, have another sip and watch the show.

You slowly stand up from the chair and walk over to me and kneel in front of me. At this time I can see that you have nipple clamps on. I ask you were and when you got your new toys and you say that your girlfriend bought them for you. I am more intrigued and hornier than ever thinking about playing with you. You are teasing me by pulling on the chain and I can see the pleasure it is causing you. I reach out and try to grab the chain and have my hand slapped away. You tell me I am being a bad boy and not listening. I am told to stand up and bend over the desk. I do as I am told and then feel a leather paddle slapping against my ass. The initial pain is unbearable and then I feel the heat resonate throughout my ass. I tell you I am sorry and won't do anything you don't want me to do, again I feel the sting of the paddle. You tell me to sit back down and have another drink.

I then see you climb on the desk and pull a very large black vibrator from the drawer and slowly start to rub it along the inside of your thighs and then around your glistening shaved pussy. I am ready to jump on top of you but remember what you said to me. I hear the vibrator turn on and you slowly start to press it against your clit and I can see the ecstasy in your face. You then start to place the large black tip at the entrance to heaven. I can see the vibrator slowly disappearing inside your pussy and I'm astonished at how erotic it is to watch your fuck yourself. With your other hand your are pulling on the chain that is attached to the nipple clamps and can see your nipples being pulled at least an inch out. I hear you cry out in ecstasy as a amazing orgasm sweeps over your whole body and I can see little squirts come from around the vibrator.

Again I am ready to jump up and fuck you so hard but I am a good boy and wait. You slowly come down from your orgasm and remove the vibrator, I can see your juices coated around the big black vibrator. You tell me to kneel in front of you and start to lick your wet pussy. I am so excited I practically dive in and lick from your clit to your asshole tasting the sweet honey from your pussy. I place my hands under your ass and pull you closer to me and try to stick my tongue as far into your pussy as possible. I love how wet your pussy is and how much you writhe around and scream as I can feel your pussy contracting around my tongue as your having another amazing orgasm.

I stand up and lightly start to pull on the nipple clamps making you jump in surprise as you are still trying to come down from your last orgasm. I keep pulling lightly and then I pull your body towards me so my hard cock is resting against your clit, I start to rub my cock back and forth on your wet clit and pussy driving you wild again. I then slowly start to push my cock in your tight wet pussy. I feel like a velvet glove it gripping my cock as I slowly and teasingly push deeper into you. I see you arching your back trying to get me in as deep as possible as you continue to pull on your clamps with one hand and rub your clit with the other. I start to go a little faster, encouraged by your moans and encouragement to make you cum and fuck you faster. I start pound into you very hard, I hear you screaming that you are getting ready to cum. seeing that you teased me for so long tonight I feel it is my turn and pull my cock from your wet pussy. I get a very angry stare from you at this time and then I pick you up and bend you over the desk roughly grabbing your hips and quickly placing my cock back into your pussy. I am fucking you hard pulling your hips toward me and feeling my balls slap against fingers that are rubbing your clit.

I then pull out again to your dismay and place my cock against your asshole and slowly start to enter your asshole. I can feel how tight your ass is and I let you get used to me invading you. You love to have your ass fucked and some of your best orgasms come from me fucking your ass. I place my fingers in your wet pussy and get some of your wetness to rub around my cock. At this point I am all the way inside your ass and just sit there for a few to let you get accommodated to me.

Then you start to scream at me that I am teasing you too much and that I will pay down the road. I start to fuck you forcefully, grabbing your hips again and pulling you against me. I can feel the familiar feeling starting to well up in my balls and as I am ready to cum. You tell me you want me to cum all over your tits while I pull on the clamps. I pull out of you and roll you back onto your back and stroke my cock a couple of times and rope after rope of cum comes out splashing all over your tits and face. You take some of the cum and lick it off your fingers and then forcefully grab my face and give me a big wet kiss, I can taste my cum in your mouth and it gets me and you very excited as we kiss and share the taste of my cum.

I am so happy as we lay on the couch naked and just caress each other by the fireplace and slowly drift off to sleep, content to continue our fun when we gather some more strength.