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Cum on Inn - Chapter 1

Steve and Isabel open a new kind of bed breakfast
Steve owned a traditional Bed & Breakfast. His girlfriend, Isabel, lived there with him and helped him to run the inn. They had enjoyed several years of steady business and a good life, until the recession hit. Business slacked off and the discussion turned to how to increase business.

There was the typical discussion of reducing rates, offering a free night's stay, special packages and the usual marketing strategies. One night, during a particular steamy sex session, a thought came up. Steve and Isabel continued the discussion over the next few weeks. What if they turned the inn into a sort of fetish inn, making it a place for people to come and live out fantasies or participate in their particular kink, or experience something for the first time?

Steve and Isabel discussed different packages they could offer and how they could participate. They had seen and heard some pretty wild things through the years and would not have minded participating with various couples.

Plans began and rooms were modified. Each room was outfitted with a one way mirror and a viewing area. If the couple renting the room agreed, the viewing room would be unlocked and an "Open" sign was placed on the door. Anyone could enter the viewing room and watch. Security cameras were installed. If the guests of the room wanted, a video tape of their stay would be made that they could take home with them to relive their adventure.

Each room had a theme. The cross dressing room was outfitted with various dresses, lingerie, panties as well as toys. The "Boys and Their Toys" room offered every variation of toy for anal play on men. The bondage room was used for light bondage, featuring various types of restraints as well as a four poster bed to attach restraints to. The exhibition room was the only room that was viewable at all times. Floor to ceiling windows allowed anyone walking past to see into the room at any time.

The barn out back was converted into two different rooms "The Dungeon" was complete with various items for the BDSM fetish. The group room was a large room specifically for groups arriving who had planned to share a room, and each other. The room was furnished with four king sized beds, along with a custom made mattress that took up half the room. It was large enough to accommodate 12 to15 people at any time.

For an additional fee Steve and/or Isabel would join the couple or group as requested. Packages were created offering specials for singles or couples to experience their first time: first anal, first threesome, first time cross dressing, first bi-sexual experience, even their first experience with a trannie. Nothing was off limits at the Cum On Inn.

It didn't take long from the time the ad hit the internet that the calls started coming in. Was this for real? The inn was busier than ever with a long waiting list on each room.

The Cum on Inn offered the traditional amenities, but with a twist. The cleaning staff dressed in French Maid costumes as they cleaned. In the common area it was not unusual to walk in and see a couple in various states of undress. Men would be getting blow jobs, women getting their tits or pussy licked as other couples ventured in and out. Sometimes a couple would stop and watch, others would finger and stroke themselves as they watched. There was a room specifically designated as an open room where if couples wanted to join each other, the room was available for use. Breakfast was available in the dining room or served in the room. The guests were comfortable enough that they often showed up in skimpy lingerie, bra and panties, or just boxers. Due to health regulations, clothing was required in the dining area, but was optional everywhere else.

As they prepared for the first guests to arrive, Steve and Isabel grew more and more excited. The guests had booked the exhibition room and had asked for both Steve and Isabel to join them.

Isabel was stroking Steve through his pants, his cock hard from thinking about what was to come. He groaned, wanting to fuck her fast and hard. Isabel was torturing him, but it was a pleasant torture. She nibbled on his ear, licked down to his neck, while continuing to rub his crotch. Steve needed to get his cock free, and fast. Steve reached down to undo his pants. Isabel stopped him.

"We're going to do this at my speed big boy. I enjoy watching you squirm. In time you'll get what you want. My hot mouth will wrap around your hard cock, sucking you up and down your shaft. Your balls will find their way into my mouth. I'll sit on your cock, working it with my wet pussy. If you're a good boy, I'll even let you put that hard rod in my tight little ass," she said.

Steve groaned with each description. He wanted her now. She was so good at what she was describing, and he knew he'd cum hard when he finally got to bury his cock in her.

Isabel's hot mouth continued down Steve's chest. She pulled his shirt up and over his head. Her mouth found his skin hot. His hands tangled into her hair trying to guide her down to his cock, but she resisted. Her tongue and teeth found his nipples, nipping at them lightly. Isabel's tongue travelled down, to the patch of hair just above the waist of his jeans. As her tongue danced through the hair, Steve groaned, pressing Isabel's head down.

"Oh, baby, I need you. Suck my cock, please," Steve begged.

Isabel rewarded him, freeing his cock, gulping it into her hot mouth. Steve felt relief as her tongue and mouth worked his hard shaft. As she teased the head, Steve's brain ceased to think about anything but her magic mouth on him. Isabel was a great cocksucker, knowing exactly what Steve liked. She varied pressure and speed as well as depth. Steve knew he was about to blow. Isabel felt his cock grow in her mouth. When Steve was near the point of no return, she pulled her mouth off his cock, leaving him wanting more.

"Oh fuck, baby, I was just about to cum," Steve gasped.

"I know. I'm not ready for it yet. I plan to tease the hell out of you," Isabel replied slyly.

Isabel stood, beginning to do a strip tease. She bent and swayed as she removed her clothes. As she slid her jeans from her body, she bent over giving him a great view of the ass he wanted so badly to fuck. She straddled him as she removed her bra, sliding the straps down slowly, hefting the weight of her tits in front of him. Steve wanted to pinch and lick them, but Isabel pushed him away. She ground her pussy against his cock, her bare wet lips sliding easily over him.

"Uuuuuuggghhhh," was the only sound Steve was able to form.

When Isabel stood, she bent over and began fingering her ass and pussy, Steve thought he had never seen a sexier sight. At the same time he wanted to fill her with his cock instead of her fingers. Steve watched as Isabel fucked herself to a quick orgasm. She came hard, bucking and grinding as she did. The motions of her hips brought a new level of desire to Steve. He did not know what he'd do if he did not get to fuck her soon.

He groaned when she brought her fingers from her pussy up to her mouth, sucking them clean. He could not help but stroke his cock, knowing how sweet her pussy tasted. He was about to cum when Isabel looked at him saying, "If you make yourself cum, you won't get to fuck my ass, and I know how much you like my ass."

"Baby, if I don't get to fuck you soon, I can't be responsible for what happens," Steve replied.

Isabel straddled Steve, sliding slowly down his cock. He groaned as he felt her wet pussy wrap around him, sliding deeper and deeper in. She rode him as slowly as she could, prolonging the feeling. Isabel's tits were in line with Steve's mouth. He took them, one at a time, sucking, licking, nibbling, anything he could do to get her hot. Her strokes became a little faster as he increased his pace on her nipples.

Steve's hands snaked around her body, grabbing her ass. He gave her a few light swats as she continued riding, light moans escaping her mouth. He was kneading the fleshy cheeks he loved to fuck. Isabel rode a little faster, her moans coming faster as well.

Isabel loved the feelings she was experiencing. Steve's mouth was hot on her nipples, his teeth scraped across them causing slight pain that gave way to pleasure as her nipples increased in sensitivity. As she rode his cock, it slipped deep inside her, grazing the spot she needed it to. Steve's fingers began to tease her tight asshole. She loved to have him in her ass. One finger probed the hole, opening her ever so slightly. She groaned as she neared her orgasm. When his second finger opened her further, she lost control. She rode his cock as fast as she could, repeatedly hitting her g-spot as Steve plunged his fingers into her ass.

"Oh yeah baby! That's it! I'm going to cum!" Isabel cried out.

Steve thrust his cock deep into her as she came down. They repeated this rhythm until Isabel tightened around him. She slowed her pace as she came. Steve continued thrusting into her, causing her to spasm with delight. Isabel's pussy pulsed around Steve's cock. Steve was afraid he was going to shoot his load as well and still wanted to have her wrap her tight ass around his cock. Reluctantly he asked her to bend over. She slowly complied as she recovered from the sensations that had traveled through her body.

Steve positioned himself behind Isabel, working his fingers back into her ass. She opened up for him, waiting for him. As his third finger entered her, she begged,

"Fuck my ass! I want your hard cock up my tight ass!"

Steve did not have to be asked twice. He slid his cockhead to her entrance, pushing gently.As Steve drove further in, he asked Isabel,"Are you thinking what it's going to be like when our guest has his cock up your ass tomorrow night?"

"Oh yes. I can't wait. I hope he has a big thick cock that stretches my tiny ass wide open. I want to feel him pound into me. And his wife, she's going to get her ass fucked for the first time and I will get to be a part of it. Fuck me hard. Give me your cock like he's going to," Isabel responded.

Steve loved the feel of Isabel's ass. He had his best orgasms when she allowed him in. The thought of their guest in her precious hole tomorrow night added a new level of thrill for him. Various scenarios ran through his brain as he rammed into her harder and harder. Isabel was fingering her pussy with one hand, while playing with her tits with the other. She was ready to cum again. He felt her ass tighten around him. It was all he needed. He had held out as long as he could.

Steve withdrew his cock, shooting his cum across Isabel's ass. Some landing on her fleshy cheeks, some hitting the top of her ass crack, dripping down across her now well used hole. He wondered where their guest would cum tomorrow night. Would he fill her ass with his cum? Would he shoot on her ass? Would she swallow his cum? Tomorrow could not come fast enough. Steve was surprised how exciting it was to think of another man fucking Isabel. They would be in the exhibition room, so he got to watch as well.

As Steve and Isabel were intertwined afterward, Isabel's ass covered in his sticky cum, they talked about what would happen. Steve fingered Isabel to another orgasm as she described what she imagined. It was apparent by how wet she was that she was just as excited as he was.

Steve and Isabel fell asleep, both dreaming of the activities that would occur in their once very traditional bed and breakfast. From here on out it would be anything but traditional.
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