Cyber Virgin 2: First Time Anal!!

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My second day with my cyber lover!!
I woke first, and lay taking in the sight of her naked body lying next to me. Although it was still early morning the heat was kicking in, and she was obviously feeling it, as she had kicked off the covers and was lying there in all her naked glory. She looked so beautiful and I couldn´t believe my luck that she had chosen to fly so far, just to be with me. I thought back to the previous days events and felt my cock begin to stir.

Her eyes opened and she gave me a smile. Her face lit up and I reached over and kissed her softly on the lips. She felt my hardening cock pressed against her smooth body, and the smile on her face got even bigger. She commented that it was her first morning waking up without her virginity, to which I smiled back and joked that she still was an ass virgin.

"Mmmm... I suppose I am; well, whilst I'm here, you may as well take that as well".

I must admit that I was a bit shocked at her response, as I thought that she would take a bit more persuading. However I didn´t need asking twice and reached into my bedside cabinet and took out a tube of KY jelly.

"Something tells me that you´ve done this before", she said.

I smiled and joked about me being a boy scout and always being prepared, trying to skate around the subject. She pressed me a little more and I told her that a few ex-girlfriends had said there was no way that they would ever let a guy up there. However there were a few who said it was really kinky and they loved it, now and then when they were feeling really nasty or wanted to give their fella a real treat. Some even claimed they got off on doing it, and I told her that she could find out who was telling the truth?

She said that she had enjoyed it the day before when I had put some fingers into her ass, but a cock inside it would be a totally different proposition. I told her that I would only continue if she was completely sure.

She nodded seeming still nervous, and asked if it would hurt much. I started smearing the lubricant all over my hard and ready cock, and told her that I would be gentle with her, but she would have to relax.

"Things will be just fine," I added. I will slide in a little, let you have time to get used to it and take it easy. You ll love it."

At least I hoped I wouldn´t hurt her. I had used enough KY, although If she were too tense it would hurt. If she relaxed and wanted to enjoy this, it would be ok.

She had positioned her chest on the bed with her virgin ass up in the air, waiting for me to either enter her and thrill her, or for the pain. She wasn´t sure what to expect, but GOD, she looked so hot!!

I was right behind her now, and placed the tip of my hard slick cock firmly against her anus. Slowly I increased the pressure on it, and watched the swollen head flatten a little against her resisting anus. Then I watched the lust swollen cock head slip, almost surge inside her as that puckered little entrance to heaven relaxed. I just put the head in, just penetrating her tight little sphincter, and stopped. She was tight and it felt so damn good!

"There," I said, I ll hold it right here till you get used to it.

I felt her sphincter give my cock head a good firm squeeze. If I hadn t been pushing slightly, she probably would have forced it out. I needed the rest too, or I would have blown my load way too early. Anal sex with a sexy hot younger girl, who really wanted it in her ass, was just way too hot. This was the stuff of dreams!!!

As the cock tip had touched her, she started pushing back, she was surprised to feel me slip in there so easily. It didn´t seem to hurt her, well not much anyway, but she let out a small moan. I felt that I was really stretching her back there. She lifted a hand between her legs and felt her pussy. This had her dripping wet! She seemed to be really getting turned on now as I penetrated her ass, and even started pushing back a little more. With a finger she started to slowly massage her hard clit. So far, this was great. The initial pain had seemed to subside. She seemed to be enjoying having my cock in her ass. Now she wanted more of it. She seemed relaxed, it wasn t hurting, and she was ready for some more. She was enjoying being fucked in the ass!

After letting her have a few seconds to get used to something in her backside, I began to push again, and slid most of my cock slowly into her tight little ass. It seemed like she had fully relaxed now and things would be just fine. I took it easy on her as I started to slowly move my hard cock in and out of her tight little butt some more. I slowly withdrew until just the swollen head was inside her. Then, I pushed it all the way back into her. I could feel the soft velvety tip just touching the end of her rectum. I just loved the sight of my cock moving in and out of her sexy ass, and that smooth feeling of being inside her, yea, there was nothing quite like it.

She was surprised at how good it felt, and how wicked and nasty it was too! She started to moan a little more as I started going faster. Her finger started going a little faster over her clit. She wasn´t going to last long like this! She wanted to time it so that when I started filling her ass with my hot sperm she could cum too. It sure felt like she was going to cum, and it wouldn´t take much to send her over the edge.

Now I was fully inside her ass, and having my way with her, and she was loving every minute of it. Slowly she had let her knees slip out behind her until her tummy was flat down on the bed. She just kept her bottom thrust up in the air, pushing back against me, making it easier for me to penetrate her. Her finger was still working her clit, going faster all the time, adding to the thrill that my hard cock was giving her bottom. She slid a finger into herself and found there was really very little separating her pussy from her rectum. She could feel my hard cock moving in and out of her ass. Just about then, I started to groan.

"Oh... babe," I groaned, "I'm gonna cum in your hot ass, I can't hold off any longer!"

I felt her own orgasm start to wash over her just as I felt the first throb of my cock in her ass. I had stopped trusting for just a second, in a vain effort to hold off a little longer, as that first spurt of hot pearly white sperm shot up from my balls and erupted deep in her waiting ass.

I resumed thrusting, more like pounding away at her ass, as squirt after squirt of my thick hot cum sprayed out of my cock and landed deep in her tight climaxing little ass. I hadn´t had a cum this good in a long time. Yea, there was just something special about anal sex, and being in a woman s ass. I heard her moans turn to more of a shriek as she too began to cum.

Finally, I collapsed on top of her just as her orgasm was subsiding. Neither of us spoke for, we just lay there, my cock still deep in her bottom, in that forbidden tight little place, as we caught their breath.

"Was it as good as you thought it would be?" I finally asked, still nearly breathless, as I withdrew from her and rolled over next to her.

"Yea baby, maybe better. I had a great cum. I wanna do this again... and soon."

After a bit of cuddling she got up, gave me a loving smile and headed for the bathroom. I got up immediately and followed her, watching her curvaceous ass wriggling in front of me. She switched the shower on and stepped in, allowing the water to wash over her face and hair. She pushed her dark hair back off her face and let the water stream over her shoulders and onto her large round breasts.

Her eyes were closed as the water poured over her, and she reached forward and took the soap in her right hand and she started to work it over her body. Lathering up she worked her hands over her shoulders and arms and then over her breasts. She started working her hands from under her breasts, up and around her hardening nipples, as her hands slowly moved downwards. She looked over toward me, and gave me a wicked smile before carrying on.

She dropped her head back as she ran her fingers across the lips of her cunt and then, moving her legs slightly further apart, she allowed her middle finger to run along her slit, briefly touching her ass and then back to her clit. Working her clit with the tip of her finger she looked around again and asked me to pass her the hairbrush off the shelf above the sink.

Then with her left foot on the edge of the bath, and her left hand working her breasts she gently took the rounded handle of the brush and inserted it into her cunt. A shiver ran up her she started to work the brush up and down and found her rhythm.

“Holy fuck,” I said, as her muscles in her cunt started to tense and relax in time with the brush.

I couldn´t believe my eyes as she worked it harder and slightly faster. As she felt her cunt taking over she glanced over to see me staring open mouthed at the wonderful sight before me, and with one finger beckoned me in to join her.

She looked down, taking in my now rock hard cock that was so erect it was pointing almost directly upward. She took my cock in her hand and pulled me toward her, and kissed me hard on the lips, whilst working my cock with her hand. Without anymore foreplay she leant back against the wall, placed her right knee over the shower taps and pushed my cock deep into her cunt. She placed her hands on my ass cheeks and showed me the rhythm that she wanted and I pumped my cock deep into her. She looked into my eyes, and she kissed me again, her tongue working deep into my mouth. I placed my hands on her tits and I sensed that she was nearly ready to cum.

“Fuck me harder, faster,” she moaned as the head of my cock hit hard inside her, and then she shuddered and her cunt felt hot and good. Closing her eyes again she lowered her leg and leant back against the tiles. The water continued still running over her.

She opened her eyes and ran her hands down my chest and then out across my shoulders. My cock was still hard and I started masturbating myself. She watched my hand as it worked along the thick shaft of my cock. She knelt down and glanced up at me and then took my cock into her mouth. First sucking, then licking and then moving her head up and down, she took me deep into her throat.

I felt my head hit the back of her throat and she resisted gagging. With my balls now nestled in her right hand, she placed her left hand over my ass and ran her little finger around the rim of my ass hole. I looked into her eyes and then taking her shoulders I turned her away from me and took a firm hold of her hips. She leant forward with her forearms against the wall and rested her head on her arms. I ran my hands over her back and then plunged my penis into her pussy from behind and started pumping her hard.

“Oh, yes,” she called out as I slapped up against her and my dick went deep into her.

I picked up the pace and I gripped her hips tighter. I gradually withdrew and then as she stood, I crouched down and ran my tongue up and down her slit, as my hands held her ass cheeks apart. My nose brushed against her ass hole and then I ran my tongue up and around the entrance. Licking her, as my hand was between her legs and working her clit. My fingers were inside her cunt and my tongue was now in her ass.

“Fucking yeah,” she screamed out as my thumb started working her ass.

Then I stood up and started rubbing the head of my cock up and down her slit and around her ass hole. As I worked it across her ass hole she pushed it up against me and as my cock became even harder as again I started to ease the head into her ass.

“Slowly,” she murmured as I gradually entered my cock once again into her tight ass, as she worked her tits with one hand.

With my dick half in her ass I could feel her excitement building and she pushed back on me hard, so that my dick was fully inside her. She felt her ass stretching slightly, but she wanted me inside her and she let me pump her and it wasn´t long until I blew my load inside her.

She straightened up and he pulled her body against me, our wet skin touching and with her back against me I reached around and took her tits in my hands and started nuzzling and biting her neck and ear.

She turned around and kissed me, and we stood there in the shower just holding each other.

It had only been two days, and I had completely violated her in every crevice; she had loved every minute of it... and we still had twelve days remaining!!!