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Dark Tails: Mick

A tale with a twist...(and yes, the spelling of the title is deliberate)

It had been another long boring day in the office. He had only worked late because it beat being stuck in the rush hour traffic. He had to look on the bright side. He'd got most of his back load of paper work dealt with.

Mick turned the setting up on the windscreen wipers. The rain was starting to fall heavily. The road turning treacherous. At least the roads were quiet.

As he slowly drove along the street a solitary figure loomed out of the gloom. Hunched over as it ran, it tried to dodge the puddles with varying degrees of success. After completing so much detested paper work he was in a generous mood.

Pulling over next to the figure he rolled down the passenger window.

"Can I offer you a lift" Mick cheerfully asked. As only the dry can.

The figure paused, looked around then looked into the car.

Mick thought the figure was going to decline. Understandable in this day and age.

The figure reached out, opened the door and slid into the passenger seat. As the door closed Mick eased back out into the traffic stream. While Mick waved his thanks to an accommodating driver, the shadowy figure pulled back its hood.

"Thank you."

At the sound of the voice, Mick turned to the figure. Revealed by the hood was the slightly elfinesque face of a mid twenties female.

"No problem," Mick replied "Where are you heading, or can I drop you off at a tube station?"

"Well," She smiled "I live at Wood End, near the Target. Do you know it?"

Mick laughed, "I sure do, I live in Roxeth."

She looked round in surprise, "Well that's a turn up for the books"

Mick peered out at the weather, "It's only a few minutes out of my way, but with this weather I'm sure I can make an exception."

"Oh, you are so kind and gallant sir!"

"Steady," He flashed his hand "I'm married with kids you know"


"And, I'm almost old enough to be your father. Did you have to be so wet, you're steaming up my windows."

"Hang on a moment." She patted down her jacket, "Nope, I must have forgotten my hairdryer"

"It's all right. Its stopped raining. Just stick your head out the window." They laughed and she playfully punched his side.

"I'm sorry, I'm being a bit rude. My name is Amanda by the way."

"Nice to meet you Amanda By The Way. My name's Mick."

"You're incorrigible."

"No no no, it's Mick"

"Argh" Amanda closed her eyes and lent her head back against the headrest in resignation. "And you're still married?" She turned bright red. "I'm sorry, I did not mean it to come out like that."

Mick turned and gave her a broad smile to show that no offence was taken. "Funny, the wife says something familiar." However Amanda was looking out the window, her red face strangely appealing under the orange glare of the street lights.

The rest of the journey was in silence, till she neared her house.

"If you just pull in after that blue Range Rover, that'll be fine."

Mick did as he was told. Just as she was getting out she turned round.

"Thanks for the lift Mick." She hesitated, "Fancy coming round for a meal sometime? As a thank you, it's the least I could do."

Mick was taken aback. "Well, umm, yeah, I could."

She smiled, "About 7:30 Thursday evening?"

"Err. Okay"

"Fine, see you then." With that she shut the door and headed towards a green painted door.

Mick watched her unlock the door and enter. He groaned. "What have I got myself into" he put his car into gear, released the hand brake and set off home.

At home he was, as ever, greeted by his four-year-old son. Keen to tell him about the adventures of the day. His wife, two months pregnant was more sedate. That night he agonised over whether to tell his wife about the meeting, or even if he should invite her along.

Mick had decided to completely forget about her and the date. But as Thursday got ever closer it was ever harder.

Thursday arrived and much to his shame, Mick found himself phoning home. A conveniently late meeting, he would be home late. On his way to her house he stopped off at a nearby Tescos to buy some flowers and a bottle of wine. At the checkout he could not meet the cashiers gaze.

All through the day the tension had been building in him. It was like being a teenager on his first date again. As he stood on the doorstep of the green door he was positively jumping. Wondering if she would open the door when he rang the bell. Mick pressed the buzzer. After a wait that seemed to last for ever, the door opened.

Standing in the doorway was not the six-foot muscle mountain that he had been dreading, but a rather scantily clad Amanda.

"Mick!" She stood to the side, "Come on in."

Mick had no choice but to squeeze past her to enter the house. There was a rather disconcertingly large amount of flesh on show. Amanda was wearing a gold crop bustier, covered with black lace. Displaying an appealing amount of cleavage, that he could not avoid looking down as he passed. The top stopped a good inch above her navel, which glittered revealing the presence of a piercing. Her skirt started an inch the other side of her navel and was a gold and black lace affair to match her top. The skirt was of a short length, well above the knee, displaying a well proportioned length of black nylon clad leg up to mid thigh. A plain black lace choker accentuated the frail beauty of her neck.

Amanda closed the door then gently brushed passed him. "Excellent timing, I was just about to dish. Follow me, I'll show you to the table."

As she lead the way down the well lit hall he could not help but marvel at her graceful curves. He wanted to reach out and grasp those perfect curves, as they swayed seductively under the skirt. Her brown hair fell free down her back and ended just as the gold and black lace top started. At the base of her spine, a gap existed in the small of her back, between the fabric of the skirt and the lightly bronzed flesh covering her vertebrae. As she moved, flashes of pink material could be seen in the darkness.

She led him into a spacious front room. In the middle of the room was a table that could comfortably seat four. It was set for two.

Amanda sat him down then headed back into the kitchen. Mick watched her depart. When she was out of his view, he turned his attention to the room. It was comfortably decorated but had a definite feminine slant. It was fairly obvious that no man lived here, or did so long enough to leave a mark. The stereo was basic, as was the TV and video. Money was obviously spent elsewhere. Thinking back to Amanda and her attire, it was apparent where any available cash went.

As the sound of crockery and pans emanated from the direction of the kitchen, Mick turned his gaze towards the table. He was surprised to note that though he had a knife and fork, the utensils opposite consisted of a set of chopsticks. Now that his attention was redirected towards food, he noticed a definite Oriental tang in the air.

Mick was slightly perturbed. He was not that keen on Oriental food. This was mainly down to having seen and heard to many horror stories about the cuisine. He preferred his meat in its previous guise not to have gone woof or answered to Tiddles.

Amanda came in bearing several small lidded dishes. She had no sooner placed them on the table before she was back off into the kitchen. Mick sat there wondering if he should be helping her.

Finally she sat down opposite him. Mick tried hard not stare at her breasts, prominently displayed in front of him like yet another dish.

"Help yourself" Amanda pointed at the dishes arrayed between them. Her breasts bouncing pleasingly with the gesture.

Mick wanted to help himself, food was not in the equation.

As he helped himself to the food, which he had to admit was actually quite nice, he could not but help to notice her fingers. The chopsticks seemed to emphasise the slenderness of her digits. Deftly, they manipulated the two equally slender sticks. It made him rather embarrassed to be sat there with knife and fork.

During the meal he managed to keep up the inane conversation. Trying to avoid politics, sport, work and any other social hand grenade he could think of. Finally the meal was finished and Mick made overtures to leave. Offers to help with the dishes were declined with a smile. Dishwashers were not hard to load.

Mick followed her down the hall to the door. At the door she turned to face him. Mick found himself very close to her. Almost touching. He was acutely aware again of the sight of her cleavage before him. It was making him hard. He tried to focus on her face. Her lips parted slightly.

Filled with uncontrollable desire, he stepped closer. She stood her ground. His body was pressed against hers. There was no way she could not notice his erection pushing against her stomach. With her body pressed firmly against his, there was no way he could contain his lust.

He looked at her upturned face. The slightly opened mouth. Micks resolve crumpled. He lowered his head and placed his lips against hers. No sooner had his lips touched hers than they opened, allowing his tongue to enter. It was like a gate had opened to his lust. His hands slipped round to her back, crushing her to him.

Amanda's arms encircled Mick, squeezing just as tightly. One hand travelled up to grasp the hair at the back of Micks head. Her tongue clashed fiercely against his, fighting but not repelling the invader. Their mutual passion turning more carnal Their movements more animalistic.

Micks hands travelled down from her back to grasp her firm cheeks. Fingers digging into the smooth flesh. As his hands kneaded, her skirt rose up. His hands travelled over and under the fabric, coming to rest on the smooth skin underneath. His fingers came into contact with the straps of her suspender belt. He followed the straps to the tops of her lace stockings, fingers running around the lace, before travelling back up. His finger tips headed for the valley between her cheeks, running along the thin strip of satin nestled there. Slipping under the strip of fabric, he probed the tight hole, feeling it pucker under his caress. After gently rimming her hole he moved his fingers further round, feathering her outer lips. Coating his finger tips in her moisture.

Amanda moved her mouth round to the side of his face, nibbling on his earlobe as she whispered, "Fuck me"

Mick drew back slightly "What, here? Now?"

"Yes" With that she lowered her hands and moved them round to the front, where she started to undo his belt.

Mick removed his hands from probing her cunt, and brought them round to finish undoing his trousers. Her hands moved back up to the back of his neck, drawing his head back to her awaiting mouth.

He pushed his pants and trousers to his knees, then pulled her skirt clear up to her waist. His bared erection pushed against the front material of her G-string. She ground back, desperate to have him in her.

With one hand he pulled the front aside, and moved his hips back to allow entry. Her hips followed denying him the space. Frustrated he pushed her back with his other hand. He wasn't sure who thrust first. Their hips meeting in almost painful collision.

She wrapped her arms round his neck, then lifted her feet off the ground. Wrapping her legs behind his, trying to bury as much of his length in her as possible. Off balance, Mick lent her back against the wall. With the support of the wall he was able to draw back further and thrust harder. The roughness, the violence, seemed to turn her on more. He could feel her juices running down onto his balls, soaking his pubic hair.

She was so deliciously tight, unmarred by childbirth. Her muscles rippled along his length, grasping and squeezing.

His orgasm burst along his length. The pleasure making his knees tremble. The danger of dropping her, a real possibility. He continued to thrust into her, milking his orgasm as she milked him.

Eventually she lowered her legs. The release of her weight was pleasure in itself. They stood there, still kissing, his erection still inside her, slowly softening. His hands travelled up over her front to rest against her breasts. His thumbs rubbing her nipples as he pressed his palms against her flesh. Mick could have stayed like that forever.

Amanda broke the kiss first. Mick was saddened that the end appeared nigh. He waited for her to speak. She didn't. Instead she knelt and to his surprise, cupped his balls in her hands.

Amanda caressed and fondled his balls before leaning forward and taking his flaccid cock in her mouth. Her tongue probing under his foreskin.

Mick couldn't believe it. In all the years he had been married he had only ever received two blow jobs. And those had been in the early years. Carried out with an air of revulsion on her part, so strong as to have made them almost un-pleasant.

Here, he was receiving one with the giver enjoying it almost as much as the receiver. With every fold being so lovingly explored, it was to little surprise that he found himself rapidly hardening again. As he expanded in her mouth, he expected her to withdraw. But she just took him deeper in her mouth. Her hands continued to caress his balls, running through his pubic hair.

As he expanded to his full length, she swallowed him till her lips touched the base, gagging as she did so. Even the gagging did not put her off, as she continued to take him whole. Mick could feel the back of her throat rub against his sensitive head. That mere fact was enough to spur him to a second orgasm. He had not expected her to, nor did she withdraw, when she felt the ripples along his member.

Mick could not believe how explosive his second orgasm was. Especially so soon after the first. Even after the spasms had finished she continued to hold him in her mouth. Only when he had gone fully soft and all traces of cum had been removed, did she allow him to escape her mouth. She did not stop there. Her tongue travelled all round his groin. Removing the sweat and traces of her own juices.

Finally admitting no coitus juice remained she stood up. Her lips brushing against his. Coyly she whispered in his ear.

"Thank you, for a wonderful evening. Will you come round again?"

Mick stepped back and looked at her. Somehow she managed to wear a bashful, butter wouldn't melt in the mouth expression. He knew that if he was to decline, it would be the equivalent of kicking a puppy. He knew he should decline, tried to, but all that came out was "Yes."

She squealed and threw her arms round him, embracing in a deep kiss. Mick felt himself start to stir again. Hastily he broke off and pulled his pants and trousers up. Amanda made no move to rearrange her dishevelled clothing.

Before he left the house, she took his hand and placed it between her legs, under her skirt. He felt her lips, still moist through the lace.

"I'll be waiting for you" Still with that longing, almost schoolgirl look.

Speechless Mick just nodded and headed for the car.

It was a fight to keep his attention on the road ahead. No matter how hard he tried he kept thinking of the nights activities. When he parked up outside his house, he paused to pull himself together. Thankfully all the lights were off, so he hoped the wife would be asleep.

Inside the house he made his way straight to the bathroom. Safely inside, he stripped and stepped into the shower. Washing soap into every crevice he could find, he tried to remove all trace of Amanda. Finally content that all tell tales had been removed, he emptied his pockets and placed his clothes straight into the washing machine.

Mick went back up the stairs and quietly slipped into the bedroom. His wife was snoring gently and never woke as he slipped in beside her. As he lay there, his body still high on the aftermath of sex, refused to let him sleep. The nights pleasures cyclically running in his mind.

He was not aware of falling asleep. The first indication that he had, was his wife waking him up. "Get up sleepy head or you'll be late for work".

It got no better at work. Mick found himself thinking of Amanda every minute of the day. That night as he lay in bed, he could only picture Amanda beside him. Sexual tension built up inside him, demanding release. His erection was starting to become painful, demanding release. He turned over to face his wife, she was still awake. She resisted his advances at first, but his lust was too demanding. Aware that he would not be deterred, her protests died in her throat. She lay there, unmoving till his heat was spent. Although his physiological need was sated, the mental desire was still strong.

Mick was aware that he was starting to develop a problem. The trouble was that he genuinely loved his wife and family. His work was starting to suffer, strain was starting to show in his marriage and colleagues were beginning to whisper. He just could not get her out of his mind.

Mick sat in his car, waiting for the glow plugs to warm the cylinder before starting. He thought of the conversation just gone. His wife, that morning, had made thinly veiled warnings about his behaviour. No mention of marriage rape was stated, but the steel in her eye was warning enough. As the diesel clanked into life, he considered his avenues.

As he pulled from the side street onto the main road, joining the flow of traffic, he reached a decision. He would go see her, tell her it was over and rejoin his life. If his boss noticed that he came in late, well, that was London traffic for you.

When he pulled up outside her house he realised that he did not even know if she would be in. He did not even know if she had a job. Feeling slightly foolish, he walked up to her door and rang the bell. Just in case, he prepared his rejection speech. The door opened and she stood in front of him. Barefoot, clad in black Lycra bottoms and a tight top. A smile spread across her face when she saw who it was.

"MICK! I've missed you! Come on in"

Micks resolve disappeared faster than an empty seat on the tube. Amanda turned round and headed back down the hallway. She looked back as he shut the door.

"I haven't heard from you, I was starting to get worried. I missed you."

Mick could not tear his gaze away from her Lycra clad rear. His mind was recalling, in great detail, what had gone on last time he was in the hallway. The last vestiges of restraint faded away. He stretched his stride and caught up with her. His hands clasping her waist, stopping her forward motion.

She stood still as he closed with her. His hands travelling round to her front. Over her stomach, up her chest, till finally his hands cupped both her breasts. As he fondled her, she lent her head back against his chest. "I've missed you." She repeated, her hands rising to cover his, as he continued to fondle her.

A fleeting thought about work crossed Micks mind, but he disregarded it. He rubbed his erection against her rear, she responded in kind.

"Shall we go upstairs? I do own a bed you know. It be a shame not to use it."

Mick tweaked a nipple "Only if I get to throw you around it and generally abuse you in a carnal way."

She twisted in his arms, turning to kiss him on the mouth "You, can do any thing to me you want."

"Mmm. That sounds like a challenge to me."

"In that case, I'd better not find you wanting"

Mick slipped his hands under the waist band of her bottoms, groping her rear. "Don't you wear any underwear?"

Amanda slipped a hand down his front, "Only if I am expecting company." She ran her hand over his erection. "Are you going to stand here all day talking, or are you going to use this?" She squeezed his cock in emphasis.

He pinched a round cheek "Lead on then, my merry slapper."

She slipped from his grasp, took his hand and led him towards her bedroom.

Her bedroom was surprisingly spartan. A single bed lay against the wall, a wardrobe lay against another and a dressing table sat under the window. She stopped at the bed and turned to face him. Meaning to make good on his earlier boast, he quickly divested his clothes. She calmly stood there and watched, unmoving. Once naked he stepped up to her.

"Turn round" he commanded. She faced the bed. He stepped up closer so that his flesh pressed against hers. His hands explored her body again, his mouth her neck. Mick roughly bent her over the bed, his hands pulling her bottoms to her knees. He stared at the smooth curve of her rear, her cunt just hidden from view. He held her arse cheeks, his cock pushing restlessly against her lips. He spread her legs further apart. No restraint left, he thrust brutally into her. As he plunged in and out of her, his hands pushed her top to her neck. He rough handled her firm breasts. Amanda hung her head low and pushed back against him.

Tired of fondling her breasts, his hands made their way to her round bum cheeks. Grasping the tissue, his thumbs traversed the valley between the two separate piles of flesh. Curious, his thumbs explored the crack, pulling aside the skin, revealing the tight puckered hole within. He caressed the entrance with a thumb tip. Amanda groaned at the attention. Spurned on he pushed against the seal. His thumb slipped in her. Slightly malicious, he pushed it in as far as it would go.

He had always wondered what it would be like to fuck a woman up the arse. He had never slept with a woman that was willing. Having heard and read about it he was more than willing to give it a try. He removed his thumb and slipped his cock out of her cunt. The wet tip of his cock pressed against the small tight entrance.

Amanda looked round "What are you waiting for? Christmas?"

Annoyed, he buried his full length in her in one cruel thrust. Amanda cried out in pain. Mick had never felt anything so deliciously tight. The power of the situation, making his moves more domineering. He found her small gasps of pain exhilarating. Even as he felt his pleasure and cum ripple along his length, he continued to thrust. Stopping only when his muscle spasms had ceased.

Exhausted, he slipped from her and climbed onto the bed. Wincing as she straightened, Amanda waited till he was settled, removed her bottoms then climbed on as well. The bed was not wide enough for two so she straddled his waist.

Mick looked up at her, her top still pulled up above her breasts. He reached up grasping the edge of the material and pulled it over her head. Amanda raised her arms to facilitate the removal. He threw the top onto the floor.

Amanda took one of his hands and brought it up to her mouth. She sucked a finger into her mouth and gave it the same treatment she had given his cock the previous week. As she sucked he grew hard again. With her astride him, his growing erection was painfully restrained. Still sucking on his hand she rose on her knees, freeing his member. With her other hand she held his cock and lowered herself onto him.

Her previously tight cunt seemed slack like his wife's compared to the entrance he had just violated. He pulled his hand from her mouth and pulled her head down towards his. Their tongues mingled as she continued to rock herself on him.

As he lay there after his second orgasm, he considered leaving his wife. He would miss his kids, but that was small price to pay. There seemed absolutely nothing that Amanda would not do. Do with pleasure.

That night as he lay next to his wife he considered the process of divorce. How he would break the news to her and the kids. He could not wait to be with Amanda, to lie with her. He spent his free time thinking of positions and practises to try out on and with her.

He woke to the alarm. His wife was already up seeing to the kids and breakfast. He dressed and walked down the stairs to the kitchen table. His wife was already seated, reading the local paper. He sat opposite, pouring himself some cereal. He glanced up and froze.

On the front page was a picture of Amanda. He reached out and straightened the page so he could read the text.

"Last night miss Amanda Burten of Wood End, South Harrow. Was killed by a driver eight times over the legal limit. The driver who is not being named for legal reasons, was also injured in the accident. The police say no one else was involved in the accident on Alexandra Avenue at around eleven p.m.

"Miss Burten was well known and ran a local charity for sufferers of aids in the area. Miss Burten, who was diagnosed as being HIV positive in 1999..."

Mike dropped his spoon in shock, looking at his wife and his unborn child.
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