Dirty under lace

By Dirty6by9nature

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Blood rushing to my cock, throbbing from excitement, of the thought of having my way with her.
She walks into the bedroom in her tight jeans, hugging her beautiful round juicy ass. I watch her as she takes off her jacket wearing a tight see through shirt and I can make out the size of her full, round breasts. Blood rushing to my cock, throbbing from excitement, of the thought of having my way with her.

She sits at the edge of my bed. I watch her eyes glance at the bulge of my pants and she knows I'm going to fuck her. She slowly reaches over and grabs onto my pants and brings me close to her.

She fucks me with her sexy, green eyes. As I stare into them, she pulls my pants down to my knees. Still, she stares into my eyes, opens her mouth and grabs hold of my hard cock. She moves my throbbing cock, wrapping her mouth around my balls, taking it all in her hot wet mouth. I can feel her tongue, licking my balls while their still in her mouth. She teases with her tongue making her way up my hard shaft, while I'm still staring into her sexy eyes.

She opens her mouth wide for me while I slide my cock inside her mouth and watch it hit the back of her throat as she gags. My cock is now deep in her throat taking her breath away, she moans. Grabbing her hair at the back of her head as I fuck her face and I can tell she's loving it. I rub her pussy over her jeans and I can feel how wet she is with her pussy juice all over my fingers. I tell her how she's my dirty little slut and how I'm going to fuck her every hole on her body.

I remove her jeans then slide off her lace panties. She opens her legs for me so I can lick her sweet, wet pussy. She spreads her pussy for me while I make my way to her clit. Lashing my tongue all over her sweet pussy making her moan as she grabs a hold of my head, shoving my face harder on her pussy and I can tell she's getting closer to cumin. I slide my fingers into her tight, wet pussy. I can feel her pussy getting tighter and her breathing getting heavier. She moans louder, telling me she wants it harder...faster.

I do just that, banging her with my fingers deep in her pussy and licking her hard on her clit. She's going to cum. She cums all over my fingers. Her cum, dripping off my chin. I help her remove her top, revealing her sexy lace bra. She removes her bra baring her big, natural tits. Twisting her hard nipples between her fingers. I'm so hard I can't take it anymore. She knows... It's going to get rough.

I grab her by her long, black hair, kissing her, I grab her neck, tight, just enough for a breath. I have total control of her body. I flip her over the bed, bringing her ass up. I lick her pussy to her tight ass. Fuck she taste so good. I smack her ass as she arches her back for me, exposing her sexy little ass. I stick my fingers in her wet pussy, spreading her pussy juice on her asshole. I smack her ass with my hard cock, letting her know she's about to get her ass fucked.

She opens it up for me while I gently stick the tip of my cock in her ass, feeling her tight hole around the tip of my cock. Nice and slow till my cock slides in easy. I'm in the moment of ecstasy, I slow my urges and go slow and deep. She tells me how much she likes it, telling me she wants more. So I fucking give it to her hard. Her perfect ass bouncing against me with my cock deep in her ass. My balls smacking against her dripping wet pussy. Faster, harder, I fucking give it to her like the dirty little slut she is. Moaning and screaming in pleasure Im still giving it to her hard . My cock throbbing hard in her ass. I'm about to cum.