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Double delight

Two college teens gets the reverse treatment

The start of an academic year is always exciting but at Valhalla College in my first year as lecturer, “exciting” took on a new meaning. As explained before, I am a “nerdy” kind of person but have over the last couple of years whilst finishing my studies built up some bulk. I now stand over six foot in my shoes and most people tend to think I am an ex Football player.


Valhalla in summer is a magic place to be with the lakes and mountains lending a permanent holiday feel to the town. I came here partly for the lecturing position but mostly because I was finishing my PhD and the area was home to the plant species, which I was studying. Students often come to class fresh from boating on a nearby lake or from a walk on the mountain that jumps up at the sky from the back of the campus.


As a staff member, we were expected to wear a jacket but ties for men were a rare sight. Students were allowed to wear anything and especially the girls took this very literally. A new colleague related the story of how three female students came to his class in bikinis, as they wanted to return to the shores of the lake as soon as class was over. He protested and they conceded, pulling on shorts that still left very little to the imagination.


The first two weeks of lecturers were hectic and it took me some time to establish a routine with my Botany students as to how I wanted things done. Coming from a more formal college I decided to let the students guide me as to the pace and tone of the class and after a week I got into the swing of things.


As the summer rambled on I started to feel more confident in my abilities as lecturer and the students were starting to warm towards me. It was towards the middle of the semester that I noticed two specific girls in the front row of the plant chemistry class. They weren’t dressed any different from their friends and fellow students except for the fact that they weren’t wearing any panties and made me very aware of the fact by spreading their legs whenever my attention turned towards them during the lecture.


At first, I wasn’t sure of what I was seeing and modestly averted my glance to prevent any embarrassment. The reaction I got was a short giggle and a whisper by the two to each other. By this stage, I was getting uncomfortable and it was more to do with the sight in front of me than the jacket that I had to wear. As the class carried on I managed to keep my pose but my eyes were drawn to the two girls in the front row who would oblige by spreading their legs. They were obviously teasing me and enjoying my discomfort but I got the idea that there was more to this than just a simple dare.


I was curious as to who these girls were and moved behind the podium to check the roster. It turned out that the two girls were from rich upstate families one of which was a major benefactor to the college. In fact, the one’s father was my PhD sponsor.


After a couple of minutes, I dared to glance in their direction again and as a result had to move behind the podium very quickly. My dick had sprung to attention because of what I was seeing. Gloria Hill, my sponsor’s daughter had her hand between Tessa Rider’s legs and was massaging her clit. Tessa's pussy was smooth and wet and Gloria’s fingers were sliding up and down in her slit, flicking her clit as they passed over. Gloria’s other hand was on her own pussy treating it in much the same way. Their eyes locked onto mine and dared me to look away, I couldn’t.


Tessa’s hand slid over to Gloria’s lap and pushing her hand aside started to run up and down her wet pussy as well. Both pussies were clearly soaked even from a distance and I could see the swollen lips between the rapidly moving fingers. Where Tessa’s pussy was smooth, Gloria’s had a neat little landing strip. Her pussy was fuller than Tessa’s but Tessa’s clit was larger.


I couldn’t stand it anymore and knew I had to end the class before I embarrassed myself. The students didn’t complain when I dismissed them 20 minutes early and as they quickly left the auditorium before I could change my mind I fiddled my dick into a more comfortable position. I knew I had to do something and decided to deal with the problem directly.


Both Gloria and Tessa were heading out of the doors when I called them back. They weren’t expecting this and looked at each other before turning around.


“Ladies, I want you in my office right away”


The unintended pun wasn’t lost on any one of us and blushing I grabbed my briefcase and marched to my office, girls in tow. Mrs Simpson the departmental secretary was at her desk but I walked straight past without looking in her direction. Tessa and Gloria followed me into my office and closing the door behind them, I turned to them trying to look upset.


Ladies, would you mind explaining yourselves?” I asked


“Sir, what are you talking about?” Tessa replied for them both.


“I am referring to what you were doing in my class just now,” I said noticing that they were both starting to move in my direction.


“O that” Gloria said. “That was just to welcome you to Valhalla sir”


By now, they were both standing right in front of me. Slowly they reached up and started to pull their tops over their heads. It looked like choreographed dancing they did it so smoothly. Two pairs of very young and perky breasts bounced free as the shirts were tossed aside.


Gloria’s tits were the larger of the two. Her nipples were puckered like eraser heads and the brown aureoles blended with her topless tan. Tessa had smaller boobs and they stood out like little peaks. Her nipples were also puckered but pointed up to the ceiling.


“We hope you don’t mind sir if we show you some local hospitality” Gloria said as she hooked her thumbs in her skirt’s waistband.


I couldn’t say a word and decided not to as the girls both slipped out of their skirts. I had seen these particular pussies before but up close, they were even more special. They were still wet and I noticed that both had the same little tattoo on the left side close to the clit.


My erection was huge by this stage and very clearly visible through the front of my chinos. Gloria reached out and took it in her hand. Slowly she started rubbing me through my pants. Her other hand was between her legs, continuing what she started in class. Tessa moved behind me a started undoing my belt buckle. I could feel her breasts and nipples against my back and sensing this she started to grind them into me.


Quickly the girls removed my shirt followed by my pants and briefs. Gloria sank down on her knees when my swollen dick jumped free and wrapping both hands around it started licking at the tip. Her lips were ripe around the shaft as she slid my erection into her mouth. I could feel her tongue on the thick vein under my dick. Her one hand slid down to my balls, pulling and massaging them. Slowly she started sucking me into her mouth sliding me in and out of her throat. Her tits were bouncing in rhythm to her sucking and she moved her free hand back to her pussy fingering her clit.


Tessa was still behind me rubbing her tits on my back. Her hands were around my back scratching my chest teasing my nipples. I could feel her teeth on my neck as she sucked and nibbled her way around to my ears. A very nimble tongue probed and sucked on my ear lobes every now and then slipping into my ear breathing what she wanted me to do to her.


My dick was now on its own mission and I had no control anymore. I could feel the start of an orgasm creeping down my spine and when Gloria increased the tempo of her mouth on my dick, I knew I was going to shoot my load. The ripple of cum pushing into my shaft was intense and I could feel my already big erection swelling with unspent cum. I held back and forced myself to focus on the wall until I couldn’t anymore. The first load was shot straight down Gloria’s throat and she quickly jerked back taking the rest on her face.


“My turn” Tessa said but I had, had enough of being controlled.


“No. it’s my turn to show you girls who’s in charge here,” I said.


I turned around and grabbed Tessa’s hands pinning them to her sides. Pushing her back onto a couch, I positioned myself between her legs. I didn’t need to force them apart but lifting them over my shoulders sank down into the warm depths of her pussy. Her lips were as smooth as they looked in class but the clit was much larger by now. My tongue was on her clit punishing her for what she did to me in class, teasing her into submission. Tessa was bucking around trying to get out of my hands that pinned her arms to her sides. She wasn’t used to not getting her way and I wondered how many other men had been teased by this little tart. My tongue was relentless on her pussy and soon she was groaning in pleasure pushing her sopping cunt up into my mouth. I kept her arms pinned down and it was only when I could feel her orgasm closing in on her that I realised a hand to slip the two fingers into her. The feeling of my knotted fingers on her young pussy walls was too much and she gasped and groaned in a vicious orgasm.


Gloria had recovered by now and seeing what I did to her friend moved in close as Tessa collapsed back into the couch again. My dick was ready for action again and it was Ms Hill’s turn for some attention. Turning towards her, I grabbed her and turned her around. The armrest of the couch was a perfect height and I used my weight to push her forward over the side. Her ass was suddenly exposed and ready. Gloria had a smooth young ass, tight from lots of sport and with a perfect bikini tan line. She was also not used to being treated like this and she protested under my weight. I was having none of this and kept her down with my one arm. I used my free hand to slap her butt cheeks firmly to remind her of who was in control. Initially it increased her vociferous complaining but soon it turned into gasps of pleasure. As her bum turned red, she started to relax. Using my hand, I rubbed her legs moving up to her pussy. Purposefully avoiding touching her sopping cunt I massaged her inner thighs, bum and back only occasionally moving in the direction of her pussy. Every time I came close, I could feel her wait for me to touch her. My dick was fully erect now and I switched from using my hand to using my dick in between her legs still avoiding her cunt.


When she started to grind herself on the armrest of the couch, I realised that her clit must have been on directly on it. All her resistance melted away and her bum lifted up towards me. Her bum hole was light brown and smooth as her bum cheeks. As she ground her clit on the couch, her bum hole puckered and I wondered if she had ever been arse fucked. Wetting my middle finger in her pussy I slowly traced it back towards her pleasure hole. Gloria must have realised were things were going because she pushed her bum up even higher and groaned loudly.


Slowly I circled the ring steadily applying more pressure. Her hole was tight and resisted my finger but slowly she relaxed and started to push against the pressure. Without any force, my wet finger slipped into her and I could feel the muscles resist initially before relaxing. I made sure she was wet with her own pussy juices before pulling my finger out and taking my throbbing dick in my hand. Placing the tip on her hole I slowly started to push. Slowly her bum hole relaxed welcoming my dick into her private place. As tight as her pussy must have been so tight was her bum. Carefully I slipped my dick into her until she started to moan and pull away. I slipped out partly before slipping back in again. Gloria’s hole was starting to relax and before long, she stated to dictate the rhythm of her first arse fuck.


As I was sliding into Gloria’s bum, Tessa moved herself down on the couch. She positioned her recovered pussy right under Gloria’s face who didn’t need an invitation. Gloria’s tongue did to Tessa pussy what I did to hers earlier. It was obvious that Tessa enjoyed being tongue fucked. Quickly our rhythms synchronised and as I fucked Gloria’s arse, she tongue fucked Tessa’ pussy. I could feel my orgasm building again and sensed the same in Gloria. By this stage, she was relaxed and my dick slid in and out with any resistance. She realised this and as I slipped out of her bum, she clamped down with her arse muscles to slow me down.


Tessa was the first to cum followed by Gloria and myself. Tessa was bucking under Gloria’s mouth slipping her own fingers into her box to stretch her orgasm even longer. Gloria increased the tempo on my dick and her clit on the couch and as she came she pushed back taking my whole dick in her bum for the first time. I came deep in her and with such force that I worried about hurting her but soon realised that it must have increased the intensity of her orgasm.


The girls never repeated what they did in class but would occasionally come and visit in my office when they needed to be “comforted” by somebody other than a boyfriend. Tessa was introduced to anal later in the year but preferred a good tongue fuck by either Gloria or myself. Gloria on the other hand loved feeling me slipping into her arse filling her like no other man.


The girls graduated a year later and both married college sweat harts. I met up with them at a reunion a couple of years later but, that as they say that is a story for another time.

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