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Eastern European Promise Part 2

The second time I met Jana she let me fuck her tight arsehole.
I had first met Jana in a hotel in East London, she had posed for me and we had enjoyed an interactive oral pleasuring session that had ended with me filling her mouth with my spunk. On that occasion she had swallowed almost my entire load so I had been unable to have pictures of her dribbling my jizz out of her mouth, the second shoot would put that to situation to rights.

I pulled up outside her flat in North London; it was in a residential street not far from Hampstead Heath. I pushed the bell next to her name and she buzzed me in. Dropping down a small flight of steps I entered her two-room flat and looked around.

“You like?” Jana asked.

“It’s certainly better than a hotel room.” I replied and smiled at her.

“Yes, and we have view over garden too.” I looked out over the small patch of green behind the house, not so much a garden more a wildlife sanctuary I thought.

I gave her a hug and put my bags that contained all my studio lights on the floor. I put my camera bag on the bed.

“You want to fuck me today?” Jana asked

“That would be good,” I replied, “but first I would like to get some more pictures of you naked.”

“OK,” she replied, “I take clothes off now.” And with that she stripped before me in a matter of seconds. The flat was warm but still I could see her boobs were getting cold.

“Are you warm enough?” I asked

“Yes, my nipples are hard for your cock I think.” She replied and I laughed,

“Great, let me feel them.” I cupped her tits in my hands and stroked the nipples with my thumbs, Jana started to purr like a cat. “Is that good?” I asked,

“Oh yes David, I like that.”

I leant forward and kissed her left nipple and she held my head there, encouraging me to lick and suck her. I sucked hard and the nipple grew in my mouth, she pulled my head closer and I gently closed my teeth on her swollen nipple. She moaned and after a short while let go of my head. I kissed her nipple once more before raising my head back to a normal standing position.

I set up the lights and got the camera out as Jana posed on the bed, studying her naked body in the mirror on the wall behind me.

“You have toys?” I asked

“Toys, what sort of toys?” asked Jana

“Vibrators, dildos that sort of thing.”

“Oh sure, I have lots of toys, I thought you meant like children play with.”

We both laughed and she got up from the bed and walked over to the chest of drawers. Opening the small drawer on the top left of the unit she extracted a selection of cock shaped objects, including a glass one which appeared to be spiralled.

“I like the glass one,” I said “can you use that?”

“Sure, I can use this in my cunt or my ring.”

“You like cock in your ring?” I asked.

“Very much, you want to fuck my ring?” I thought for a moment, Jana was offering to let me fuck her arse, something in all my life I had never done.

“OK,” I said, “but you start off with the glass dildo.”

Jana lay down on the bed and I started taking pictures, she opened her legs and slid the glass dildo into her moist cunt with her left hand whilst rubbing her tits with her right hand. The camera clicked away recording the action and I composed shots both close up and entire body as she pleasured herself. We took about fifty shots before she pulled the glass dildo out of her cunt, turned over onto all fours and moved it back to her tight bum hole. The glass was wet and warm and she pushed it gently against her bum. In a second her hole relaxed and the tip of the glass tube slid into her tight arsehole. The pictures were amazing and the sight of her with a dildo up her backside was seriously arousing me and I knew I would need to join the action soon.

I took off my shoes and socks, slipped out of my trousers and pants and pulled my shirt over my head As Jana was facing away from me she hadn’t realised that I had stripped off and stopped taking pictures. I knelt on the bed behind her and moving her hand off the glass dildo took it in my hand. I moved it in and out of her arsehole as she fingered her pussy.

“Do it deeper.” She instructed. So I pushed the glass dildo into her bum and fucked her hard with it. By now my cock was hard and without Jana knowing I was ready to fuck her bum hole. I took the glass cock from her gaping arse and pushed my hard cock in deep. Jana moaned and her hand almost went entirely into her cunt.

“I can do that for you” I said and licking my hand I pushed the fingers deep into her pussy. Thrusting with both cock and hand I forced my hand right into her cunt. I could feel my cock through the thin wall that separated it from my hand.

Jana screamed, “Oh fuck yes!” at the top of her voice.

I pumped her arse with my cock while using my fist to pull her back against my balls. My entire length was now in her arse and I wanted her to know what a fine arse fucker I was.

“Fuck me harder.” She called back to me.

I thrust as deep as I could and rammed as much of my arm up her cunt as she could take. In moments I could feel her orgasm, the walls of her pussy squeezed my arm and her arse shuddered with my cock deep in it. I too could not hold back and I shuddered as my spunk shot from my cock into her arsehole. She clenched her bum and the tightness of her hole squeezed every last drop of spunk from me.

“Leave it in me.” Jana asked

“My cock or my arm?” I replied “Both.” she replied and closed her eyes.

I was drained but I kept my forearm up her cunt and my cock in her arsehole until a second wave of pleasure swept over Jana. I was perspiring heavily following my exertions and as my cock started to subside it slipped out of her bum and hung, limp on my arm. I looked at her now closing bum hole as a drop of my spunk made a bid for freedom. I wiped it over her hole with my thumb and she sighed and let herself down onto the bed by straightening her legs. My forearm was still up her cunt but she seemed not to mind, in fact I could feel the muscles in her cunt gently pulsating on my forearm.

“Do you want me to take it out?” I asked. Jana lay on her stomach and purred.

“Not yet darling, I love having your hand and arm inside me. It’s much better than a toy, yes?”

Oh yes, Jana, much better than a toy.

Twenty minutes later and I had recovered my arm, washed and we were back taking pictures, both of us naked and having a ball.

“You want me to suck your cock again?” Jana asked.

“Hell, why not,” I replied, “but this time don’t you dare swallow my spunk.”

“OK I promise.” She replied and leaning forward sucked my cock into her welcoming mouth.

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