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Emily's Ass Goes English

Emily wants it in the ass. Hubby Jack won't do it. Then they meet an Englishman.
“You want me to do what?” my husband, Jack, asked me.

“Fuck me in the ass,” I whispered.

“You serious? That’s what fags do. Why the hell do you want me to do that?”

“Because I like it.”

He hauled himself up onto one elbow and looked down at me accusingly. “You like it? You’ve done it before?”

I was unsure of how much to admit to him but decided honesty was the best policy. “Before I married you,” I explained, “When I was going out with Tom. If he forgot to get condoms he’d screw my ass so I wouldn’t get pregnant.”

“You’re perverted, didn’t it occur to you that you could just jack him off or give him a blow job?”

“Those would do a lot for him, but not much for me. Go on, it’s nice and tight back there, you’ll like it.”

“Honey, you’re ass is full of shit. I’m not sticking my pecker up there.”

He snuggled up behind me again, but his cock which had previously shown so much interest was now only semi-erect against my bottom. I thought I’d blown it with my request and was going to get nothing that night, which didn’t suit me. I reached behind me and cupped Jack’s balls.

“Didn’t it hurt?” he asked as I fondled him.

“It was uncomfortable at first, but once I got used to it, it was great.” I removed my hand and wiggled my ass against him.

“I’m not fucking your ass, Emily.”

“You don’t want me to have any fun,” I complained.

“I don’t want poo on my pecker,” he corrected.

“You won’t, I’m clean up there. Tom never got any on his and he fucked me up there dozens of times.”

“I don’t care and I don’t want to hear about your old boyfriends either.”

“Have you never fantasised about screwing a woman up her pooper?”

“No! It’s disgusting. Why would you want to, when there’s a perfectly fuckable hole right next door?”

I reached between my legs and manoeuvred his cock head against my slit. It didn’t look like I was going to get what I wanted, but a pussy fuck was better than no fuck at all. “Fuck my pussy then,” I ordered.

Jack grabbed my hips and thrust forward so his cock slid into my juicy cunt. “That’s more like it.”

It was good but all the time as he fucked me I was imagining that it was my ass-hole he was stretching.

It didn’t exactly become an obsession but I was now determined to have my husband ass fuck me. Jack was considerably larger down there than Tom, but that didn’t frighten me, it excited me. When I masturbated now of an afternoon I stuck a small vibro up there and the resultant orgasms were intense. I missed it and wanted it. I downloaded info from the net and printed it off to leave lying around where Jack would find it. Stuff about the anus being so sensitive, using lube, keeping it clean. Reaction? None.

Men had always told me I had a great ass, but it seemed the only man that didn’t want it was the man I’d married. I considered trying to track down Tom for some anal action but Jack would kill me if I cheated on him. I asked Jack for it again a couple of times but each time he refused, claiming he didn’t want to get poo on his precious pecker. I tried to tell him that even if that happened, it wouldn’t kill him and was easily removed with soap and water. But my hero was having none of it.

I should have guessed, I suppose, since we’d been together Jack had never even fingered my ass, but I’d fallen in love with him anyway. Now, I was regretting it. Tom had loved fingering, kissing and licking my puckered little hole but I hadn’t been pleasured like that for years. I suppose I’d hoped that eventually Jack would show some interest, or I’d talk him into it, but he just wasn’t into it. For him ass-holes were only for one purpose, whereas I believed they could be not only multifunctional, but also the source of a lot of fun!

I even tried to get him into my ass by subterfuge, shifting suddenly when he was fucking my pussy from behind, but he always reared away as if he was scalded every time the tip of his prick encountered my narrower passage. I begged him, even licking my finger and sticking it up my ass, pulling it out and showing him that it didn’t come out covered in poo, but he wasn’t having it. I started getting ridiculous and thought about having him hypnotised or threatening him with a gun. ‘Bugger me or I’ll shoot you!’ I wondered how that would stand up in court.

Worse, I wrote a poem -
Nicholas, won’t fuck the ass,
It’s making wifey grumpy,
She wants it bad,
It’s makin’ her sad,
Getting’ only pussy pumpy.

What kind of sad-case was I turning into? I even found myself finger fucking my ass at night after Jack had fucked me and fallen asleep.

Of course he never noticed anything but one day my friend, Rhona, who was over for coffee asked, “Why are you so antsy these days? What’s bothering you?”

“Oh, nothing.”

“You can’t kid me, kid, what’s up?”

“It’s Jack.”

“Oh, hubby, isn’t it always. What’s he done?”

“It’s what he won’t do.”

She raised an eyebrow. “Meaning?”

I was determined to be ladylike. “Let me just say that there’s a sexual activity which I like very much and which he won’t do.”

She clapped her hands. “Oh my God, he won’t go down on you.”

“No, not that, he loves eating pussy.”

“I can’t believe he won’t let you suck his cock.”

“No, not that either. It’s my third available orifice he won’t deal with.”

It took her a good few seconds for my meaning to sink in and then her eyes widened. “You want him to do it up there?”

Rhona slapped a hand to her head melodramatically. “You should’ve married my Carl, he’s been trying to stick it up my ass since we were courting.”

“You lucky bitch.”

“Seriously, I daren’t turn my back on him at times but he regards it as an invitation.”

“But you give him it.”


I looked disbelieving and she said, “I let him once and it hurt like hell, so I said never again.”

“Did you lube up, did you get him to finger your ass, relax your butt-hole?”

“Hell no, he bent me over and stuck it up my ass. I nearly screamed the house down.”

“I don’t blame you. That’s no way to go about butt fucking.”

“Oh, so you’re an expert.”

“Tom used to do it to me, usually when we didn’t have any condoms.”

“Tom Corrigan? Innocent looking little Tom Corrigan? He fucked your butt?”

“Magnificently,” I snarled back at her.

Rhona grinned, “You always were the one for kinky stuff.”

“I don’t think anal is particularly kinky.”

“Yeah, but you were always the wild one.”

I smiled, remembering my younger years. “I’m sitting here and my ass hole is twitching just talking about it.”

Rhona gagged on her coffee. “Well, that’s a first, I’ve never made another woman’s ass hole twitch before.”

“Ya wanna see it?” I teased.

“I think you should just have an affair and get laid, honey. You’re just craving excitement, get it out of your system.”

“This is not about me wanting to cheat,” I insisted.

“Are you sure? This isn’t just about you wanting some novelty because you’re bored with screwing Jack?”

I hesitated, there was certainly an element of truth in what Rhona was saying.

“So what happens when you get bored of Jack poking your ass?” she continued, “Is that when you’re going to go out and look for strange cock?”

My pussy twitched at the thought of strange cock and I realised she was getting too close to the truth. “I’ll deal with that when I get there. I have to get Jack to bugger me first.”

Things came to a head a couple of weeks later, with my birthday approaching.

“Whadya want, honey?” Jack asked.

“You know what I want,” I snapped back at him.

“Saw a ring. Thousand bucks.”

“I’m not interested in jewellery. You know what I want, Jack, and I expect to get it.”

He threw his newspaper down. “You’re a sick woman and what you want is gross.”

Needless to say I was handed a small box on the day and he must have been able to tell how disappointed I was from my face. To try and make up for it he took me out to dinner in an Italian restaurant that night. I tried to be a lady and take his effort in good part and while we were having our dessert of birthday cake the waiter brought over two glasses of champagne for us.

“Compliments of the gentleman at the table in the corner,” he explained, “He saw me bring the cake to your table.”

We looked over and saw a grey-haired, distinguished-looking, man. He smiled at us and we nodded in acknowledgement.

“What a sweetie,” I said, lifting my glass to him in a toast, “We don’t know him do we?”

“Don’t think so,” Jack said. “Looks like a stranger in town, he’s sitting by himself, why don’t we have him over to join us for a drink?”

We sent our invitation over with a waiter and shortly the old guy joined us. He introduced himself as Anthony, an Englishman, in town on business.

“Here’s to beautiful women’s birthdays,” he said raising his glass to me.

I thanked him and he turned to Jack. “Your wife caught my eye when she passed me to go to the ladies room. She reminded me very much of my late wife. Well, one part of her certainly did.”

“Oh yeah.”

“To be blunt, your wife has a lovely bum.”

“Bum?” Jack questioned.

“He means my ass, you uneducated dork,” I hissed at him, “That’s what Limeys call butts.”

Anthony smiled and I thought he looked a little like Cary Grant in his later years. “Cabooses, tushes, heinies, call them what you will, your wife has been blessed.”

“Normally,” Jack said, “when a guy starts commenting on Emily’s body I have an overwhelming urge to kick his head in. But I don’t know if it’s your accent or what, but I’m actually pleased that you like it.”

“What’s not to like, you’re a very lucky man.”

“You said your late wife?” I asked Anthony, unsure if it was an area where I should be treading.

“Caroline. Died of cancer a year ago.” His lip barely trembled, but I noticed it.

“I’m sorry.”

“No. I have to deal with it. We loved each other very much though, so it cut deep. That’s what I noticed about you pair, that you were married, but still very much in love. That doesn’t always happen.”

Jack and I grinned stupidly at each other and Anthony ordered up another bottle of champagne. Whatever business he was in, he was earning more than Jack, he’d never bought more than one bottle of champagne at a time no matter how special the occasion.

“But something’s bothering you,” Anthony said suddenly, refilling our glasses himself once he’d waved the waiter away. I wondered if this guy was some kind of mind-reader. He’d ascertained in minutes that we were married, still madly in love with each other, yet still picked up on the fact that there was some grief between us. Six counselling sessions couldn’t have got you that.

“It’s minor and easily resolved. You shouldn’t let it stand in the way of your happiness,” Anthony added.

“You wouldn’t say that if you knew what it was,” Jack said grimly.

“Try me,” the Englishman challenged.

Jack glanced at me but shook his head, “No, it’s too personal.”

Anthony smiled in a knowing way. “Let me tell you about Caroline and I then if it helps you,” he said. “In the thirty years we were married, Caroline and I had what you would call an open relationship. That is, we both took lovers, with each other’s permission, of course. It never interfered with our love for each other, in fact I’d say it enhanced it.”

“So, you were swingers,” Jack said.

“Oh no, dear boy, nothing so crass. We never went to clubs or parties, didn’t actively look for partners actually, but if we came across somebody we were attracted to, we knew that being married wasn’t necessarily a hindrance.”

“What about your marriage vows, fidelity, all that stuff?” Jack asked.

“Far above them, my young friend, is honesty. Caroline and I were always honest with each other. The act may be called making love but it isn’t anything more than an exercise in physical pleasure, like a good meal or a game of tennis. I would no sooner stop her going swimming with a friend than have sex with him.”

“That’s very broad-minded,” I ventured.

“No, because sex has no meaning beyond the physical pleasure it gives. Caroline never loved any of her lovers, she loved only me.”

He reached into his pocket and passed a photograph of Caroline to me. It was a a portrait but she certainly wasn’t what I’d expected, some wanton, blonde, floozy. She had dark brown, shoulder length hair, a small mouth and big eyes. An innocent, intelligent face that was still deeply attractive.

“She’s beautiful,” I said, passing the photograph over to Jack.

Jack stared at her and his eyes widened, “You let a babe like that sleep around?” he asked incredulously.

“Hardly that. She had a few friends over the years that she felt strongly enough about to have a sexual relationship with. And when the passion passed she remained friends with them.”

We both looked blankly at this stranger telling us these intensely personal details and he laughed. “I’m not saying it’s for everybody. Some people are consumed by jealousy and possessiveness, it takes special people to be able to deal with a relationship like ours. But honesty, that’s the only answer. Look how many marriages are ruined by one of the partners sneaking around behind the other’s back, looking for illicit sex.”

“We’d never do that, would we, honey?” Jack said, reaching out his hand across the table to me.

I took his hand but my mind was racing. What did this guy mean? Was he suggesting that Jack and I should have that kind of marriage, approving of each other taking lovers. I wanted to know more, but didn’t want to look too eager in case Jack thought I was chasing the situation.

“So, how did it work, Anthony?” I asked, “With you and Caroline. You had to meet and approve her lovers and she had to okay yours?”

“Of course, we wouldn’t have dreamt of having sex with someone that wasn’t acceptable to each other. Luckily we both had excellent taste in sexual partners and we never had to deny permission.”

“You got a lot of pussy then?” Jack asked.

“No, not really. Once you take the forbidden out of the equation it becomes a lot less attractive. Isn’t that strange?”

“I can understand that,” I replied, “It’s the forbidden fruit thing, isn’t it?”

We sat and sipped our champagne. I nervously and Jack with a challenging look on his face.

“There now, I’ve told you about myself,” Anthony said, breaking the silence. “Now you must tell me what ails you, because I can’t help without knowing.”

“Why do you want to help?” Jack asked.

“Because smoothing out life’s little wrinkles is one of my passions. One of the things I was put on this Earth to do.” His blue eyes sparkled as he said this.

Jack opened his mouth, as if to speak, but closed it again. I don’t know if I felt like punishing him, but I said, “Jack won’t do something I want. Desire, I mean, sexually.”

“I find that hard to believe,” Anthony said, “A beautiful woman like you, how can he refuse you anything, especially sexually?”

“You don’t understand,” Jack said dismissively ad I realised that I couldn’t let the moment slip. I felt that I needed an ally in convincing my husband and Anthony seemed like the perfect sexual sophisticate to do the job. I couldn’t miss the moment.

“He won't fuck me in the ass,” I blurted out.

Jack’s jaw dropped.

“I can’t believe that,” Anthony commented, “I’ve already said that her bottom is peerless.”

“It’s unnatural, ass fucking,” Jack almost snarled.

“Really? You do realise that if you don’t give her what she wants she’ll go looking for it elsewhere, and then where’s your marriage?”

Jack looked accusingly at me but I refused to play the guilty party for something I hadn’t even thought of doing.

“Would you do that?” he demanded, but I refused to be drawn.

Before I could answer Anthony leaned forward and said directly to Jack, “Would you? Would you go hunting for a willing woman if you had a notion for ass and Emily didn’t want to do it?”

Jack was guiltily silent.

“But no, here’s a woman that wants to do it, and believe me there are a lot that won’t, and you can’t even accommodate her. Does she suck your dick when you want her to? Bet it doesn’t do a whole lot for her, but she does it all the same, just because you like it.”

“Hell, man,” Jack protested, “I know all that stuff, and I’d do it if I could, but I just can’t. the thought of putting my dick up anybody’s shit hole just grosses me out.”

Anthony leaned back. “In which case you must give her permission to seek her pleasures elsewhere.”

“No way.”

“Don’t you love her?”

“Of course I do, but I’m not allowing her to go out tramping round bars looking for a guy that will give her it up the pooper.”

“There is no need for that, I would be glad to oblige.”

I let out a little silent sigh and shifted uneasily in my chair.

“There will not, can not, be any recriminations. I am a stranger to you and I will be gone tomorrow. Nobody knows me around here and therefore I have no-one to tell to besmirch the good lady’s reputation. I admire the lady, and her bottom, greatly and would be honoured if she gave me the opportunity to pleasure her as she desires.”

It was a nice speech and it made my ass hole twitch again but how would Jack take it? He took an age deciding before letting out a long breath.

“Only her ass?”

“If that is what you wish.”

“Only her ass,” Jack said emphatically. “You can do whatever the hell else you want but when it comes to penetration, you stick it up her ass only. Definitely no pussy fucking.”

I’ll be honest, my heart skipped a beat. Oh God, oh God, he’s agreed to it. I stood up and grabbed my handbag. “Excuse me, I have to go pee.” My mind was whirling but I remembered to brush my ass against Anthony as I walked by. Taking my panties of in the toilet confirmed what I’d suspected, I was soaking with excitement. I toyed with the idea of having a quick rub off with my fingers but I also worried that Jack might change his mind. Hell, the chance of getting buggered and I was so horny I was thinking about fingering myself, I must be crazy.

I did a pee, wiped, hauled up my panties, washed my hands and was back in the dining area pronto. To my relief the two men were smiling and chatting away to each other.

“Looks like you’re in luck, honey,” Jack said, “Seems Charlie here is something of an expert when it comes to screwing gal’s asses.”

“It was a favourite of my wife’s,” Anthony explained. “She was a very erotic creature and never afraid to experiment. Once she discovered anal love she became almost addicted to it, so it was on the menu at least once a week.”

“So how is this going to work?” I asked.

Anthony slid over a slip of paper with the name of a local hotel and a room number on it. “I’ll be leaving shortly to give you two time to discuss and make sure you want to go through with this. If you’re still up for it I’ll be waiting for you, Emily.”

I looked at Jack. “You’re not coming?”

“He’s not invited,” Anthony said, “I don’t perform for an audience.”

“I wouldn’t want to come anyway,” Jack added, “It would make me feel crazy.”

Anthony stood up. “Very well, Jack, it’s been nice meeting you and be assured I’ll take good care of your wife. Emily, I may see you later.”

He leaned down and kissed me on the cheek before departing.

Jack and I sat and looked at each other silently for a moment before he said. “Go on after him. It’s what you want and if we start talking about it we’ll probably end up deciding it’s a damn fool thing to do. But remember, he doesn’t get pussy.”

I needed no second invitation and grabbed my bag. I caught up with Anthony a few yards down the road and slipped my arm under his. He pulled me to him and squeezed.

“I’m surprised Jack agreed to this so quickly,” I said.

“Oh, I don’t think our brief conversation convinced him of anything. He was ready to do this already, I just offered the opportunity.”

“You think so?”

“Oh yes, this anal business is just an excuse. He’s wanted to share you for a while, I could see it in his eyes.”

That was a revelation, I’d always assumed that Jack was quite possessive. My mind mulled on it as we entered the hotel and went up to Anthony’s room. Once there he immediately took me in his arms and kissed me passionately. His tongue explored every part of my mouth and I returned his vigour, pressing against him and feeling his hardness growing against my belly. I moaned loudly as his big hands gripped my ass cheeks and pulled them apart. I was eager to see what size of meat I was going to get, so I separated from him to allow me room to unzip his pants. I pulled out what must have been the biggest cock I’d ever handled.

“Mm, good cock,” I whispered as I jerked it harder.

“You like that?” Anthony asked and I nodded.

“You’re certainly very well hung.”

“Think you’ll be able to take it?”

I grinned. “I’m not sure but it’ll be fun finding out.”

He was wearing a musky after-shave which I found very arousing. He slipped his jacket off before guiding me to sit on the bed. There he began kissing me again and his hands roved over my body while I continued to jerk his massive cock. It was the first uncircumcised dick I’d ever handled and it was interesting to see the head disappear under its hood as I pulled at it.

For his part Anthony undid my dress and gave my boobs a good feel. I’m quite top-heavy and they do sag a little but he seemed to really enjoy mauling my big boys. I let him carry on like that for a while but I was eager to taste his cock so I pushed him back before getting on my knees and taking the bulbous head into my mouth without any preliminaries. He grabbed my head and thrust forcefully into my mouth, but not so far that he choked me.

“I expect you have a diploma in fellatio,” he said and I couldn’t reply properly with my mouth full but mumbled an “Mm.”

I undid his pants and pulled them off before renewing my assault on his cock. This time licking up and down the shaft and nibbling at his heavy balls.

“Get your tits out,” he ordered and I obediently pulled the top of my dress down and slipped out of my bra. Once they were out he asked me to wrap them round his dick so he could titty fuck me. This was nothing new for me as Jack loved that too but Anthony’s cock felt much thicker between my boobs and it was long enough for me to get a good lick at the head on his upward thrusts. As he thrust between my meaty mounds I tried to imagine what it would feel like up my ass. He was considerably bigger than Tom, almost twice the size, and I’ll admit to a little nervousness.

“You’re a very passionate woman, Emily,” Anthony said, “and I’m going to really enjoy fucking you.”

“Fucking my ass,” I reminded him nervously.

“Yes, of course, that’s what I meant.”

“Thing is, Anthony,” I said, climbing up beside him on the bed again, “is that you’re considerably bigger than the only other cock I’ve taken up my pooper and frankly it frightens me a little. I don’t want to disappoint you.”

“No need to worry,” he said, slipping his hand under my dress and between my legs. “I will be gentle and patient with you. If it hurts, or is even mildly uncomfortable, you let me know and we’ll fix the problem.”

His hand stole under my panties and a finger parted my pussy lips to unleash the torrent of wet inside.

“Tell me you want to fuck my bum, I love it when you call my ass a bum in that English accent.”

He slipped a finger inside my pussy. “Oh, Emily, I desperately want to fuck your bum, your beautiful, gorgeous, bum.”

I writhed against him and he pulled the finger from my pussy and used my juice to moisten the puckered hole of my ass. His tongue slid into my mouth again and I sucked at it greedily.

“Take my dress off, I need to get naked.”

He didn’t need to be asked twice and within seconds had me stripped and he peeled his shirt off as well.

He looked at my shaved mound and whistled softly. “A great pity I can’t get a piece of that.”

“Now, now,” I admonished and turned my back to him so he could see what he was getting. A little shake of it and he was on his knees with his face buried between the cheeks of my ass. His tongue poked sharply into my tight little orifice and made me squirm. He reached round and his fingertips found my swelling clit which he rubbed gently. I put my hands on my ass cheeks and spread them so he could reach further with his muscular tongue. The sensations I’d experienced with Tom came flooding back, the joy of that secret back passage being opened up. I tingled.

Anthony pushed me face down onto the bed, still feasting on my ass. Now he added a finger to the arsenal assaulting me and I felt myself being opened wider. I pushed upwards to him, offering myself wantonly and he inserted another finger, spreading me further. Slowly, as my muscles relaxed, he was opening me up, preparing me for a much more massive invasion. But even this foreplay I was enjoying, it was the first time a man had played around with my ass for a long time. Anthony was certainly more expert in that department than Tom. He had always been too eager, desperate to get me opened so he could get his cock into me. Anthony seemed to realise that these early attentions could be enjoyed too. And to prove him right I had a small fluttering-wings orgasm. A slight thing, but promising so much more. I always knew that if I had a small one early on and my lover kept working me I was almost guaranteed to have much more intense ones later. In any case Anthony felt the tremors as they ran up and down my anal canal and decided it was time. His cock had dropped to a semi-erection with lack of attention, but I soon rectified that with some determined sucking. Then I rolled onto my front again and prepared to take his thick shaft up my ass.

He coated my butt-hole in saliva and worked it in, stretching me all the time with his fingers. Quickly, before my hole had time to clam up again he had the head of his cock nudging at my opening and I held my breath, hoping it would just slip in. The first inch went in with no problems and little discomfort but the flaring bottom of his helmet jammed and no matter how hard he shoved, it wouldn’t go further in. Well, it would have if he’d attacked me with murderous intent but, as it was, he was only gently nudging at me. When he tried a little too hard I squealed and he withdrew.

“God, you’re like an ass virgin,” he said.

“It’s been too long,” I accepted, “I should have picked a smaller partner for my return to this particular activity.”

“Just relax your arsehole, honey.”

“Goddamit, Anthony, I’m trying. Just shove the damn thing in and ignore my screams.”

“No, I don’t want to hurt you.”

He lifted himself off me and flipped me over onto my back. Climbing off the bed he lifted my legs and moved between them.

“Uh, uh,” I said, “You know you can’t have that.”

But he continued lifting my legs and dragging me over to the very edge of the bed. When my ankles were back at my ears I felt his cock head nudge my ass-hole again.

“I didn’t know you could do that,” I said.

“You can take pussy from the back, so you can get anal from the front,” he answered, “Your previous anal lover obviously wasn’t very experienced.” He slid the head of his cock into my tight butt hole with almost no resistance.

“Oh, wow!” I exclaimed, “That’s going in so easy.”

“With your legs back like that your bum’s wide open. Is that okay? Can I put a bit more in?”

“Oh, put it all in,” I insisted.

He pushed in inch by inch and it wasn’t uncomfortable at all. I was stretched, certainly, but it gave me a wonderful, warm, feeling deep inside me. About half way in Anthony stopped and smiled at me. “This is quite wonderful, you know,” he said.

“Bugger me, Anthony,” I ordered. Now that he’d got it in, I wasn’t letting him go till I’d had my fill.

He began putting the rest of his manhood into me and I felt my ass-hole stretch wider as the thickest part of his cock opened me up. The sensation was wonderful and I bit my knuckles enjoying it immensely. He hadn’t even started fucking me yet and I was in heaven. I was so into the moment that it took me a while to realise that I had a man’s cock up my ass for the first time in ages, and even more amazingly, it wasn’t my husband’s. Don’t get me wrong, I love all aspects of sex, I love jerking cocks, sucking cocks, having my pussy licked, but there’s something about being penetrated, especially up the ass, which is just divine.

“Fuck that ass!” I screamed and he forced another inch into me.“Do you want it? Huh? Do you want it?” I teased. “Do you want to fuck that sweet ass? Do you like fucking other men’s wives up the ass? Do you like putting that big filthy piece of meat up a gal’s shit-hole?”

My filthy talk got to him and he grabbed my hip, rammed himself into me up to the hilt as I let out a loud groan. He began stroking into me and I felt my orgasm building. This was going to be a good one, I just knew it. I pulled Anthony down on to me. It was strange, being face up, with a man on top of me, but with his cock up my ass.

I pushed him off me a little so I could run my hands through the greying hair on his chest and marvelled at his body. He was very slim-hipped and carried less weight round his middle than even Jack, who was younger. For his age he had remarkable power and energy, all of which he was forcing into me. It was good, great even, but I missed being face down, with my face buried in the bed and my ass cheeks being pounded.

“I’m opened up now,” I said, “Can I turn over?”

He didn’t answer but flipped me over in one fluid motion and was inside me again. With his very first thrust he had me cumming, my thighs quivering uncontrollably and my ass-hole twitching. This was ass fucking like I remembered and enjoyed so much. I wondered if Jack was lying in our bed right now, jacking off and thinking about his wife getting plowed up the ass by another man. That made the whole experience even more thrilling. I didn’t have much room to move with his weight lying flat on top of me, but I did my best to push back on him and rotating my ass. I was determined to give him the best fuck he’d ever had.

“Are you sure this is okay?” Anthony asked, “Caroline didn’t used to like me pounding her this hard, though I always wanted to. She always liked it gentle.”

“Oh no, I love it, fuck me as hard as you can.”

That was all the encouragement he needed. He started banging me like a jack-hammer and I let out a shriek as another wave of orgasms hit me. I writhed in ecstasy below my powerful lover, biting into the pillows. Face down I had no power to control what was being done to me and that thrilled me. He’d already lasted twice as long as Tom had ever managed in my ass. Was he ever going to stop? Could my poor ass-hole take it? It was starting to burn a little, but I knew I couldn’t ask him to stop, didn’t want him to stop. Despite the discomfort it just felt so good. His face was buried in my hair and he bit my neck, causing me to shudder.

“Can I come inside you?” he asked.

“You’d better.”

He sped up, thudding into me, my ass cheeks flattened beneath him and with a loud roar erupted inside me. He orgasmed for a long time his cock pulsing a huge stream of cum up my butt.

When I got home in the early hours Jack was still awake and wanted to hear every minute detail of my liaison. It seemed to turn him on and he fucked me passionately. I’ve slept with a few other men now, and with Jack’s approval, but I can only give them my ass and they have to be strangers, so it’s not an everyday thing. I can live with that.

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