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Fantasy becomes reality

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Julie makes her and Matt's fanatsy a reality.
Julie had left work early so she would have plenty of time to get home and ready herself before Matt got home from his business trip later tonight.

Sitting on the train, her mind racing as she ran through everything in her head. Her heart pounding at the thoughts she was having. Her face flushed as she realised she was getting aroused at her thoughts. She looked around making sure no one was looking at her.

She arrived home and went straight into the bedroom where she stripped off to her underwear.

Julie was 5’10”, shoulder length brown hair, beautiful brown eyes, pert 36c breasts and a completely shaved pubic area, which was another new thing she had only done recently.

They had only been together about a year but they had revealed and learnt quite a lot about each other in that time. Exploring new avenues for both of them. It had went from being just normal sex to talking about fantasies and then to actually making the fantasies come true.

Tonight was to be the night for another fantasy of Matt’s, and her’s, to come true. Not that he knew it yet!

Julie went to the bathroom and put the shower on to warm up while she went back into the bedroom and got things prepared. She got the silk bindings they had used before and placed them on the bed, then she placed the bottle of lube along with the slim anal probe she had purchased the earlier that day. Her heart pounded and she felt her pussy getting wet as she imagined what was to come later that night.

Just then she got a text. It was from Matt. ‘Plane has landed, just getting luggage, see you in about an hour. Xx’

Her heart was pounding so hard she could hear it. ‘Ok honey, will have something ready for you. Love you xx’ she answered, smiling.

She quickly got undressed and got into the shower. As she soaped herself up and washed she was getting even more aroused as her hands brushed over her breasts and her already erect nipples. She could feel the heat building in her pussy. She had to resist playing with herself as she wanted to save it all for Matt. She quickly finished showering and went back to the bedroom and prepared herself.

Julie dried her hair, did her make up and sprayed the perfume Matt had bought her his last trip away. She then pulled on her stockings and put on her heels. She looked into the full length mirror and smiled at herself. Matt was going to love this she thought. That was it she was ready.

She sat down on the edge of the bed and waited. She heard the car pull into the drive, her heart was pounding so hard, her stomach doing somersaults but it was all for good reason.

The door opened and she stood at the end of the bed, waiting.

“Honey!” Matt called, “Where are you?”

Julie stood silently, waiting on him coming to find her. This was all part of the fantasy, as Matt was soon to discover.

“Where the hell are you?” she heard him say as he moved around the house looking for her.

She heard him coming up the stairs and took a deep breath as she saw him appear at the bedroom door.

“ Oh there……you are” Matt stammered out. “ Wow! What’s going on?”

The look on Matt’s face was just what Julie had hoped for. Stunned but very happy!

“I am here for your service Sir” Julie replied, lowering her head so as not to let Matt see her smiling. She wanted to run over to him and give him a big hug and kiss but had to resist if this fantasy was to happen for them both.

Matt stood stunned for a few seconds as he looked at Julie standing before him naked apart from the stockings and heels. That’s when he saw the silk bindings on the bed and the other things on the bedside unit.

“Is this what I think it is Julie?” Matt asked hoping his thoughts were correct.

“ Yes Sir” Julie replied, head still lowered “I am here for your pleasure Sir”, trying so hard not to smile as she spoke to him. She looked at her breasts and saw how hard her nipples had become just with the thoughts in her head. She could also feel her pussy tingling with excitement and her juices starting to flow.

Matt couldn’t believe she had decided to do this without saying anything, not that he was about to complain! His mind went back to when they had spoken about this fantasy and how aroused they had got at just the thought of it and now they were actually doing it! He could feel his cock stirring in his trousers and looked over at Julie.

Matt walked right up to Julie and lifted her head, looked straight into her eyes and asked if she was ready. Julie just nodded in reply.

“Remember you can stop this anytime you wish.” Matt said to a trembling Julie. Once again she lifted her head and nodded in reply. He kissed her gently on the lips and stepped back. Julie immediately lowered her head again.

Sit on the edge of the bed” Matt said in and authorative voice.

Julie did so without looking at Matt. Perching herself right on the edge of the king size bed.

Lie back and raise your arms

Julie once again complied with Matt’s order. Still keeping her eyes lowered so as not to look at Matt. He walked to the top of the bed and lifted two of the silk bindings Julie had put there earlier. Matt used on of them to bind her wrists together and the other to bind them to the wooden headboard, tight enough to restrict her moving too much. Then he had a look at what she had placed on the bedside unit and his eyes opened wide and a big smile came across his face. Wow she really did want this, he said to himself, she was prepared!

Julie lay there with her nipples as hard as she had ever known them to be. Matt placed his hand over her right breast and took her nipple between his thumb and finger. He gave it a little squeeze and Julie let out a small moan.

She could feel her pussy getting wetter as she became even more aroused as Matt started touching her body.

Matt then took her other nipple between the fingers of his other hand and squeezed them both together, making Julie moan louder.

Matt was so aroused himself by now his cock was straining inside his trousers but he knew he had to wait till he had finished doing what he was doing to Julie before he could take them off and let his hard cock free.

Matt moved to the bottom of the bed and knelt down.

Move your right leg to the side”, his voice came again.

Julie moved her leg and Matt use another silk binding to tie her ankle to the bed post.

Now the left leg”, Matt again tied her ankle to the bed.

He looked up at Julie lying on the bed in front of him, her chest heaving as she breathed heavily in anticipation of what was to come, her nipples standing upright from the squeezing and pulling they had already had, her legs spread wide open, exposing her wet pussy and clit for Matt to do with as he pleased.

He then stood back up and moved over the top of her, taking her hard nipple into his mouth, sucking it into his mouth, running his tongue around it.

Julie moaned as he made her even more aroused. She could feel the juices in her pussy starting to trickle out and down over her ass. The feeling of her hot juices running out of herself and down over her ass was arousing her even more. She wanted to tell Matt to touch her and rub her clit, to make her cum but she knew she wasn’t allowed to say anything as it was part of the fantasy that was now becoming reality!

Suddenly, Matt took her nipple firmly between his teeth and bit down on it, not overly hard but hard enough to make Julie shout out! It was pain but it felt good at the same time.

“Did that hurt?” Matt asked a little concerned he had went too far, too soon. Julie looked at him but said nothing. He could tell by the look in her eyes that it had but she was also enjoying it.

He quickly moved to the other breast and did the same again to her other nipple. This time Julie let out a loud moan and he could fell her pushing her hips up off the bed towards him. She was enjoying it, Matt thought to himself. She wasn’t the only one! Matt’s cock was so hard in his trousers he couldn’t bear it anymore. He stood up and looked down at Julie lying bound to the bed, totally at his mercy. Her nipples as hard as he has ever seen them and her pussy juices continuously trickling from her, coating her pussy lips and her tight button ass.

Look at me.” he ordered her.

Julie lifted her head and watched as Matt stripped off his clothes, revealing his toned and tanned body. She could see his hard cock straining at his boxers as he took his trousers off and watched as it stood straight out when he released it from them. His cock was twitching as the blood pulsed through it. Matt was 7” hard and kept himself neat and trimmed short which made his cock look just that bit longer. Julie smiled at the sight of her man before her. He was in control and the two of them were so aroused by it.

Matt moved around the bed to the bedside unit and picked up the lube and anal probe Julie had placed there earlier.

Is this what you want? Does my little sub wish to have this pushed into her virgin ass and be fucked with it? he asked her. It felt a bit strange talking to her like that but very arousing at the same time. He was enjoying being in charge more than he thought he would. Once again she only nodded in reply.

Tell me! Tell your master what you wish!” he said more excitedly than he should have.

“I want you to fuck my ass master. I want you to push that probe inside me and fuck my virgin ass master. Please master, fuck my ass for me. I have never wanted anything so much as I do this. You have made me so horny I need to be fucked.” Julie said to him as she felt her juices running out of her pussy again. She had never felt so aroused.

Matt moved back down between her legs and used the probe to play with her clit. She jumped and let out a loud moan as she felt it flick across her clit. Matt loved hearing her moan and scream. He continued flicking her clit with it and running it the length of her pussy, covering it in her juices.

“OH FUCK!!” Julie screamed as Matt used the probe and whipped her clit gently with it.

“FUUUUUCK!” she screamed again as he whipped her a little harder. It hurt but the pleasure took over so quickly from the pain she didn’t have time to dwell on the pain side of it.

Matt took a second and looked at her pussy. It was soaked, juices flowing freely from it. Her clit was swollen from the play it had been getting. His eyes followed her pussy down towards her ass. Her tight little ass was twitching and moving as she breathed deeply, waiting on his next move.

She jumped! He had taken the probe and put it against her ass without any warning. She pulled on the bindings that held her wrists. Wanting to reach between her legs and play with her pussy, wanting to cum.

“Mmmmmm please master! Put it in me! Let me feel it inside my ass!” Julie moaned out loudly.

“FUUUUUUUUUCK!” Julie screamed as she felt his hand smack her clit quite hard.

Did I give you permission to speak?” came his stern voice.

She shook her head in reply. Shit! She thought to herself. She had forgot to ask his permission and had been punished as they had agreed would happen. My god that had hurt though but again the pleasure took over from the pain so quickly she couldn’t believe how arousing it was too.

Matt quickly opened the lube and covered the probe. He knew Julie could not see what he was doing and was enjoying the surprise factor of all of this so much. His hard cock was oozing precum. He knew he needed to get on with things because as much as he knew that Julie wanted fucked, he wanted to fuck her just as much, if not more.

He took the probe and put it once again against her ass and once again Julie jumped and let out a moan of pleasure, the difference this time is he didn’t stop. Slowly he pushed the probe into her tight virgin ass. His fingers moved to her swollen clit, rubbing in circles and pressing against it.

Relax” Matt said to her as she tightened her ass as the probe entered her.

My god, easy for him to say she thought to herself. Once again it was pain she was feeling but the pleasure was building behind it.

“Mmmm!” she moaned out as the probe pushed deeper inside her. Wow! The pleasure was taking over from the pain again. It was a different kind of pleasure though. One she had never felt before but was beginning to enjoy.

“ Does that feel good? You may answer with words” Matt said.

“Oh fuck yes master that feel so amazing. It feels so strange but so good. Please don’t stop. Please fuck my ass and make me cum. I need to cum for you master!” The feeling of the probe in her ass and her saying those words were just about pushing her over the edge.

Slowly Matt started fucking her ass with the probe. Pulling it almost all the way out and then pushing it as far in as he dared. Matt was so horny watching the probe fucking her ass, he took his cock in his hand and started slowly stroking himself. He looked down at his hard cock and was amazed at the amount of precum that had oozed from himself and was running down the length of his shaft.

Julie started moaning louder and moving her hips towards the probe as it fucked her ass. She was so close to cumming.

“Mmaaaster!” she shouted.

Yes speak! Matt replied.

“I’m going to cum master!” she gasped as she breathed deeply.

Not yet!” Matt shouted at her and with that he stopped fucking her with the probe and pulled it from her ass.

“OOOHHH FFUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKK!!!!!” Julie shouted out loudly. It was too late! Matt quickly looked down at her pussy and for the first time ever she came so hard that she squirted her juices from her pussy, hitting Matt with them!

“Wow, fuck that was hot! “ Matt said as Julie’s juices ran down his chest toward his hard cock. He rubbed his hand across himself gathering her juices in it and rubbed them over his cock. He grabbed the lube again and put it on his cock, not that he really needed it because she was soaked from her juices but now it was time!

Julie lay still breathing hard, taking in the immense orgasm she had just experienced. She jumped and looked at Matt, her eyes open wide as she felt his hard cock pressed against her ass. He looked at her as if asking if he could continue and she lowered her head again in submission to him, so he would know she wanted him to continue.

Matt knew she wanted this as much as him. His cock had never been so hard. He knew that he could cum at anytime and was trying so hard to hold back. He started to push his cock into her ass. It was so tight, he didn’t think he was going to get it in.

“OH FUCK!” Julie shouted, the pain was something she had never felt before. Matt wasn’t sure if he should stop but before he could ask she said “Don’t stop! Rub my clit!”

Matt reached between her legs and rubbed her clit again, pushing his cock slowly into her ass. He could feel her relaxing a little as he pushed more of his length into her. Then he was in! All the way! He held there for a while to allow Julie to get used to and so he didn’t just cum straight away. The feeling of her tight ass around his cock for the first time was amazing. He loved the feeling of it.

Julie lay still as she felt his cock go all the way in her ass. The pleasure of Matt rubbing her clit had overtaken the initial pain that she felt when he had first entered her ass. She could feel her orgasm building inside, the feeling of her ass filled with cock was so much better than she expected. It aroused her so differently than having her pussy fucked, which was dripping juices constantly now.

Matt stopped rubbing her clit and slowly started fucking her ass.

The two of them were moaning out in pleasure.

“Fuck that feels so good” Matt said.

“Oh my god! Fuck my ass! Make me cum!” Julie replied, pulling on the restrains.

This just made Matt even hornier. He had to make her cum quick as he was so close. He fucked her ass quicker, making her scream out louder.

I’m going to cum in your ass! Matt shouted out.

That pushed Julie over and she came harder than she had ever before. Her ass tightened around Matt cock and her pussy squirted her juices out over him with even more force than the last time.

Matt felt her ass tight and her juices hitting him. He pushed his cock as far into her ass as he could.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKKKK!” the two of them shouted out as he felt his cock erupt inside her filling her ass with his cum and she felt it filling her up.

Matt collapsed on top of her and lay still for a few minutes taking in the exhalation that had just happened between them.

He lifted his head, kissed Julie passionately and said “That was amazing darling, thank you for making our fantasy become reality”

“Wow! Amazing for sure! I’ve never cum like that before!” Julie said as she got her breathe back.

“Now untie me and lets go shower, it’s still early and there are other things we still fantasise about!” she said with a smile!
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