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Feminized And Fucked

My wife discovers my love for crossdressing
It was Monday afternoon, and work had been stressful the past few weeks. I had decided I deserved a day to relax at home. My wife, Stacey, had gone to work so I crunched through a few emails and started thumbing through some porn online. It started slow like always. A few emails answered then I clicked over and watched some gorgeous chick get her ass pounded by a big thick cock.

I loved watching anal, especially dominant girls wearing a strap on and using it on either another girl or a tied up man, probably because that was one of the things my wife would never let me do to her. Although lately I had fancied her using a strap on in my ass, but would never have the nerve to ask her. I had also taken up watching shemales online, fucking a straight man's ass with their massive cocks was proving to be a real turn on. I loved watching a sexy shemale with big tits fucking a tight ass.

As my desire grew stronger, I got up and went to the bedroom while the sound of a shemale dressed in a tight leather miniskirt banging a man dressed in slutty attire filled the house. I went to Stacey´s drawers and found a black thong, like the one the victim on the film was wearing as he got fucked. I quickly stripped and put it on. I found a pink and black basque, and slid it on.

I looked in the mirror. I looked a mess, not even remotely as sexy as the shemale on the film. I bent over so I could see the thong running up the crack of my ass, and I almost came in my thong, as I imagined a big thick cock fucking that tight hole from behind.

"What the fuck are you doing?"

"I ummm.... Uh..." I stammered, as Stacey stood in the doorway with hands on her hips staring at her husband dressed up in her clothes. "I was just..."

"You were just being a sissy boy," she exclaimed. "And what the fuck is that noise?"

I had somehow forgotten about the porn that I had left playing on my computer, but now the sound of that shemale in ecstasy seemed to echo throughout the house.

"Babe, don't come in..." but Stacey was already gone from the door way. My eyes followed her nervously as she stood there with her back to me watching the film.

"You want to be him, don't you?" I stood there in total shock saying nothing. "Answer me! You want to be a filthy little slut taking big cock up your tight little ass, and swallowing load after load of cum don't you?"

I was completely frozen. I'd never heard Stacey talk like that before, and on one hand I was terrified, but on the other I was incredibly turned on. "Honey, I... look..." And then it all spilled out. I told her about how, yes I secretly was turned on by wearing her clothes, and having a cock in my ass, but was embarrassed about telling her, and was sorry that she had to find out this way. She stood there listening to all of it, and when I had finally finished, she turned around and walked out of the door.

I panicked. Where was she going, was she leaving me for good? I ran back and changed into my normal clothes and spent the next hour or so pacing around the house and frantically calling her cellphone which was turned off. Finally, the front door opened and she walked into the house with a handful of bags.

"Honey, could you help me with... oh, you've changed?" Stacey said as she handed me a few bags. "Well that's alright, oh no peeking!" She said in an excited voice as she gave me a peck on the cheek.

I was stunned. She was acting as if nothing had happened. I turned and followed her into the bedroom, and then into the en-suite as she turned on the shower. She reached into one of the bags and pulled out a cream. "Strip," she said in a firm voice. Not really giving me a choice in the matter, she began rubbing the cream over every inch of me from the neck down. At this point I didn't even question her, I knew that I was on thin ice and didn't care to see it break.

Once the cream was on, Stacey had me step in the shower. The water started washing any hair off me where the cream had been. As I stepped out and dried off she pulled a few articles of clothing out of another bag. First was a black lace thong, just slightly different than the one I'd been wearing when she had caught me. This was followed by a matching black corset, which she handed to me and instructed me to put on. Then she handed me some black stockings and a low cut short black dress. I did as I was told and put everything on. The outfit was completed by a pair of very high stiletto heels. The outfit felt really good against my skin, but I didn´t say anything as I still wasn´t sure where this was going.

Once I was dressed, she had me sit down. The feeling of the thong riding up my ass caused my cock to jump, as she applied some makeup and a blond wig.

"Now there's a sexy slut," she said. Stacey added the finishing touches, and had me turn around to see myself. I must admit, I didn´t recognize myself straight away, as I focused and worked my eyes all the way up from the heels to the wig.

Stacey broke the silence, "My sweet little slut, now go wait for me in the bedroom." Saying that caused my cock to stir, as I struggled to walk out of the bathroom, not used to being in heels.

I sat down on the side of the bed and nervously folded the dress down. After a few moments, Stacey came out of the bathroom, wearing no make up with her hair pulled tight and back in a pony tail, in just a pair of baggy jeans and a short cropped top, which was struggling to hold her ample 36D breasts.

"You're my little slut aren't you?" she said. I just nodded.

"You want a big fat cock in you don't you? Gliding between your lips, fucking your tight ass. You need it don't you, you sissy bitch?"

I again just nodded nervously, as I crossed my legs like a frightened teenage girl.

"Answer me slut!" Stacey yelled, changing the mood.

"Yes I want that," I answered meekly.

"Get on your knees then."

I obliged her and sank to my knees. She walked forward till her crotch was almost in line with my face. I knew what she wanted, and started unbuttoning her jeans before she even asked.

"There's an eager little slut. You can't wait to have a nice cock in your mouth, can you?"

As I unbuttoned the jeans an eight inch life-like rubber cock sprang from their confines, and slapped me in the face. Stacey chuckled and grabbed it's shaft, slapping me several more times on each side.

"Swallow it, bitch."

I leaned forward tentatively taking the tip into my mouth. Stacey wasn't in the mood for slow however, and grabbed the back of my head forcing me down on her hard cock and causing me to gag. I panicked and pulled back, but she forced my head back down.

"Learn to love it, slut," she said, as her cock passed my tonsils.

She began to roughly face fuck me, and after a few minutes I relaxed and grew accustomed to it. I was even moaning around it and jerking it into my mouth, while my tongue ran the length of it every thrust. The shaft was getting coated with my spit, and I was audibly moaning around my oral invader.

"Ohh fuck, you do love cock don't you sissy?"

Stacey looked like she was starting to get worked up as her strap-on had another side that was viciously rubbing her g-spot as she fucked my mouth.

"Look at you moaning and loving it! You can almost take every fucking inch. Have you done this before you sissy bitch? You're a fucking natural."

I just moaned her approval, as I continued to get face fucked like a porn star.

"Stand up slut," Stacey finally commanded. She pulled her spit covered phallus from my hungry lips, a long string of spit hung from the tip.

"I think it's time you got fucked like the slut you are."

Stacey then grabbed me by the wig and threw me over the bed, with my ass pointing up invitingly as my nervous eyes stared back. Stacey looked amazing, she had decided to play along with my fantasy to be a sissy slut, but she was starting to enjoy it, the power, the domination. She seemed lost in her lust. She pulled a tube of lube from her back pocket and poured a generous helping over her fingers, before sliding my thong aside and roughly forcing two fingers into my little puckered ass. I squirmed and squealed in a moment of pain.

"Just relax and you will love it. Every sissy bitch loves her ass pussy fucked."

I took a deep breath and relaxed the grip on the fingers in my ass. Stacey went just a bit slower this time and started working them in and out. As my ass began to loosen, I began to moan. Every time Stacey's fingers hit my prostate, my now rock hard cock would ooze pre-cum, into those nice lace panties. After several minutes Stacey wasn't even moving her hand, as I had begun to frenziedly fuck back and forth on them.

"Ohh more, more, fuuccckk...."I moaned into the bed.

"Damn you are a filthy slut aren't you? You can't wait to feel this cock inside you."

"Ohh fuck yes, please fuck my little ass."

Stacey turned me around again, and put my back on the bed, climbing up beside me. She coated her cock with lube and aimed it at my puckered little hole. She pressed forward and the head popped in right away. I again moaned, completely lost in pleasure now, as she began to slowly slide it all the way in. She took a second, to allow me, her little slut, to get used to having that big thick pole in my tight little ass. However, she waited too long, and soon I was rocking back and forth on my own, trying to fuck myself.

"You just can't wait can you bitch? You have to have this dick right fucking now don't you?"

"Yes, yes FUCK ME, FUCK ME NOW!" I cried.

With that Stacey pulled all the way out, and then slammed it back in. I moaned a mixture of pain and pleasure, as Stacey began to pound into my tight hole.

"Yes, yesssss YESSS. I love it, I need that cock. Fuck me with your big thick cock." I moaned and screamed out aloud.

"You're a nasty little sissy bitch. You love that cock don't ya bitch? Yeah you're going to cum from getting fucked in the ass, and you love it, you filthy little cum whore. You're my fucking bitch aren't you? My filthy little slut to fuck as I please."

"Yes, ohh fuck yes I am!"

Stacey grabbed my cock between her thumb and index finger and squeezed. In moments it was oozing stream after stream of hot thick cum. Seeing her little bitch cum from getting fucked in the ass pushed her over the edge, and she began to frantically fuck my asshole, driving the dildo inside ever deeper. Within seconds, both of us were shuddering, as our orgasms rocked through us both. I was in heaven. That thick cock in my ass felt better then I had ever imagined, and Stacey seemed in love with dominating her sissy cock loving husband. As we started coming down from our orgasms, Stacey pulled the cock from my ass with a soft POP, and pulled my cum covered panties off, wiping up any stray drop of cum before pressing them against my lips.

"There's only one thing left to make you a real cum slut she said," as I began sucking the cum from the crumpled lace.

"That's my sexy bitch" she said, as she watched me relish the taste of my own spunk, as it slid down my throat.

"Things are about to change around here my filthy slut," and with that, she kissed me on the cheek and laid down beside me...........
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