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an encounter I only visualized but knew eventually would come true
As she steps into the shower to prepare to meet him, she feels that low intensity warmth between her legs. It seems like forever since they have had a chance to enjoy each others company. She takes the time to shave and wash very well. She knows he enjoys a fresh, clean smelling woman. She strokes her clit, slides a finger hot already and its another hour before they meet. She is hoping the long interval between their meetings will make him be a little more aggressive than usual. She loves when he is both kind and gentle yet forceful and rough. Taking what he wants instead of asking for it. Her clit is swollen already, her wetness deep inside is not from the shower but rather in anticipation of what might happen later.

She chooses a nice short, tight skirt to wear, she knows how much he likes that. She wants him to be able to think only of how much he can't wait to fuck her as soon as she walks in the door.She does her hair and makeup even though she knows both with get destroyed with the activity tonight. She grabs her bottle of lube though there always seems to be enough wetness naturally when he fucks her. As she gets in her car to drive to his house, she can feel her heart start to pound a little harder, a little faster.

She knocks and waits for him to answer the door. When he opens it, she can see by the gleam in his eye that he wants to fuck her as much as she wants him. As he closes the door behind them, she removes her jacket and sets it on the chair. He walks in front of her, grabs a handful of hair, kisses her gently and first, then with more force. He tells her he wants her to suck his cock and he wants her to do it now. He pushes her to her knees and unbuttons his pants. His fabulous cock is already erect though not rock hard. She opens her mouth to accept his cock down her throat. He grabs the back of her head forcing her to take more. His cock is so big, she has never been able to take it all but she wants to take as much as possible, she loves deep throating him. She can feel the familiar heat building in her stomach, in between her legs.She loves to be on her knees in front of him, pleasing him.

He drags her up, grabs her by the shirt, tells her to take it off but leave the skirt and heels. He leads her to the bedroom and pushes her back on his bed. He gently licks her swollen clit. She loves that. His mouth feels fantastic. He slowly slides a few fingers in her wet pussy, he strokes her g-spot. She feels an orgasm building already. He always could make her cum quickly. He starts to finger fuck her harder, she is more turned on by the rough handling than she was by the gentle stroking. The combination of his soft tongue and his rough fingers is fantastic to her. He slides a finger in her tight asshole. He knows how much she loves that. After a few minutes of this, he stands up and shoves his hard, throbbing cock into her wet pussy. She sighs and all she can think is yes! Finally, that fantastic cock is in me again.

She just about screams with pleasure. His cock is so big, it fills her so completely. She remembers yet another reason she loves fucking him. While he fucks her, he pinches her nipples, makes them even harder than they already were. He slaps her tits. She sees that look in his eye that lets her know he is enjoying himself. He grabs her throat, holds her to the bed. She loves it when he does that. She isn't sure he knows how much she likes that so she whispers to him "harder". He increases the pressure just a little more, she moans with pleasure. He continues to fuck her hard. She loves it rough.

He tells her to turn over. Tells her to spread her legs for him. Tells her to stick a finger in her ass while he fucks her pussy. His hard cock plunges into her pussy. This is her favorite position, he gets so deep in her, hits that perfect spot inside her. She instantly cums all over his cock. He grabs her hair, pulls it hard while he pounds away at her pulsating pussy. She begs him to fuck her ass. He knows she loves it so he tells her not yet. Instead he sticks two fingers in her ass while he continues to fuck her dripping pussy. She feels like she has gone to heaven. Having him working both holes at once feels fabulous. She reaches down and stokes her clit....the pleasure is almost more than she can handle. She feels him slow down, take his fingers out then feels the head of his cock just outside her ass. Slowly he pushes the head of his cock in. He is so big but she can't wait to have him all inside her. She pushes back against him in one swift move. The combined pain and pleasure is so fantastic she cries out his name, begs him to fuck her hard.

He grabs her hair again, begins to pound away at her ass. Another even more powerful orgasm rocks through her. She feels her legs begin to shake the pleasure is so intense. She feels him pull out, roughly turns her over on her back, lifts her legs and shoves his cock back in her ass. She loves the look on his face as he fucks her. She can't resist, she reaches down and strokes her swollen clit again. She isn't sure she can handle another orgasm as powerful as the last one but she can't resist. She tells him how fantastic he feels. She tells him how much she wants to feel him cum in her ass. She feels so full, his cock feels so fantastic. She can feel another orgasm building. She tells him that. Tells him she wants to feel him cum at the same time she does. His pace increases, he whispers that he is almost there. That is fabulous because so is she. She cries out as the latest orgasm rocks through her, she can feel his cock begin to spasm with his own climax. He leans over and quickly kisses her as they both try to catch their breath.

That was more than worth the wait......but she still can't wait to fuck him again.
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