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First Time Anal

Robin does not want to be an anal virgin anymore...
Robin is a very gorgeous girl; she has a beautiful face, long blonde hair to her ass and a figure that is absolutely outrageous. For 18 this girl has what Marilyn Monroe looked like with hips, tiny waist, and big tits. Honest to god she wars a 32D bra. I am 19 years old and pretty normal for a boy I love women and love to fuck them. After all I have not yet had the pleasure of fucking my gorgeous girl and I really want to. One day after university I found Robin crying her eyes out on her bed so I knocked on her door jam and walked in. I sat on the edge of her bed and started rubbing her back. Robin almost always has a backache. The doctors said it was from her huge tits.
  Anyway Robin rolled onto her back and said, “I hate my tits! They’re gross! I want reduction surgery!” I said, “Why? You have the best tits of any girl I know!” Robin half smiled and said, “Really? You never said that before!" Robin asked, “Do you really like them?” I asked, “Would you show them to me?” With that Robin sat up on the edge on the bed then stood up. She told me to sit where I was and to not laugh. I promised not to laugh. I was on the edge of the bed now, getting an instant hard on when Robin pulled her t-shirt over her head. “WOW” I think I am in love!” My hard on got even bigger which was no surprise to me. I swear, I get them every time I look at my sexy girlfriend. Robin just tells me that if I keep waiting she will give herself to me.
  Robin playfully tugged on the straps that were on her shoulders. Then the bra fell away leaving her tits standing straight out in my face. Holy shit! God was good to her! I looked at Robin’s tits real good trying to memorize them for future use to jerk off too. They were firm and stuck straight out with no sag. They weren't big around like some girls. They just stuck straight out. If she was on her back I bet they would still stand up like that. Robin has the nicest pink nipples; they were hard as pencil erasers too.
I said, “God! They’re beautiful. I never saw a pair like this before! Please don’t get them reduced! I will worship them if you want me too! Just don’t make them any smaller!” I asked, “Can I touch them?” Robin smiled and said, “Go ahead! I do all the time! I can have an orgasm from just playing with my nipples. They are super sensitive! I think they are connected directly to my clit or something! My panties get wet just walking knowing all eyes are on me and my tits.

With that said I leaned in and sucked on one of her nipples running my tongue around it, then I kissed it, and then I sucked it into my mouth. Robin grabbed the back of my head and held me closer. I took that as a good thing and sucked harder and used more force with my tongue trying to fold her nipple over. She forced me over to her other nipple. Soon she was shaking but she wouldn't let go of my head. Meanwhile she was close enough to be rubbing my hard cock with her knees as I grabbed her ass cheeks in both hands. After she stopped shivering she announced, “That was the best orgasm ever! Thank you! Oh! Thank you! I really need that! I needed someone to make me feel like a woman again. I don’t know what I was waiting for all these years, why on earth did I want to be a virgin still?

I smiled, “I would love to see them every single day and as to sucking them, I could do that all day long! I love your tits!” Robin said, “I believe you!” Over the next week or so I fondled Robin’s tits and gave her orgasms every day after we got back from class. I dropped in at bedtime and snuck past the RA in the dorms just to give her a bedtime orgasm. I did such a good job that she started rewarding me with blow jobs. That led to me eating her pussy after her nightly bath. She insisted that her pussy be nice and clean if I was going to lick it. I loved her pussy hairs and asked her not to shave them.

We both went off to bed, as I pulled on the waistband of her shorts she lifted her butt up off the bed I noticed that the crotch of her shorts were wet. Both of us were excited we really wanted each other we had been messing around for months and finally we wanted to make love for real. I removed my shorts and T-shirt so that we were both nude. She didn't want to delay any but I told her that I wanted to kiss her pussy and lick it a minute first. I knew that doing that would make me a lot harder and it sure did too. When I got the head of my cock closer to her open pussy lips she closed her eyes. I slipped it in and watched her smile in a dreamy way. Once I was all the way in she opened her eyes and smiled up at me. I braced myself on my stiff arms so as not to crush her. This was a lot better than jerking off to Robin’s picture for all those years. I wanted this woman and I was so glad that I waited. I couldn't believe I was fucking the girl of my dream and she loved it even more than I was.

Robin kept cumming and cumming she had three orgasms to my one! It just wasn't fair. Then she reminded me of the blow job in the sand dune on the beach. Oh yeah! Robin just stayed there on top of her sheet and I fell asleep. Waking up the next morning she asked me if I wanted to do it again. Hell Yes! So we made love again, then we both showered together. We went out for the evening to a lovely restaurant and had clams and champagne. I wooed her with small talk and held her hand and kissed her. Playing with her feet under the table I hinted that I wanted to head back to our dorm for a fuck. Robin stripped down to just a sexy pair of panties for the evening. Laying down on the bed she spread her legs and said “I want you to eat my pussy and massage my tits first. Then you can have some fun if you want afterwards.” Opening her legs, and holding her pussy lips open Robin moaned as I licked every inch of her pussy. Finally Robin asked me if I would hold her pussy lips open as he arms were getting tired. She told me to slip a few fingers in to get it fully open. Laying there I finger fucked Robin I slipped my fingers in and opened her up as far as I could. I could see that she was loving it as her pussy was getting wetter and wetter the more that I finger fucked her.

Then suddenly Robin Declared Fuck me please, I really need to be fucked. My pussy is aching and I am so Horny. How could a man resist fucking such a fine creature so I smiled and I slipped my hard cock into robin’s opening. She was really wet and her hole was a little bigger than the other night so I slipped right in. I wanted to take my time but Robin had other ideas, suddenly she grabbed me, wrapped her legs around my waist and fucked the shit out of me. Fucking her so hard made me cum I pumped Robin with all my might and filled her hole with my cum. In about 10 minutes I was hard again and I was right back inside her again. I fucked Robin harder and harder filling her with my huge cock. I lifted he hips off the bed and stuck my cock deep inside her. She screamed with pleasure and bucked her hips. I was fucking this amazing woman over and over and she was cumming and cumming. I loved ever minute of it.

Flipping Robin over I told her to get on her knees I was going to fuck her in the ass; I did not want her to be an anal virgin anymore. Getting on her knees Robin spread her legs as far apart as she could so she would not fall over. I ran my fingers from her pussy lips and entered her pussy very slowly with my fingers taking the hot wetness and of cum I took 1 finger and traced the outside of her ass hole. My finger slowly circled the outside of her ass and started to enter he asshole. I could feel the tension and told her to relax. Relaxing was not something Robin was good at so I started to rub her clit which seemed to help.

I kept rubbing her clit with my right hand as I reached over and plunged the index finger from my left hand into her asshole her ass was relaxing. I stopped rubbing her clit and focused on her ass. At first I thought that I may hurt Robin but I could feel the tension go away as I moved my fingers inside her; I then slipped two fingers in and three and finally I was able to slip four fingers in as I moved them around slowly I tried not to hurt her. I could hear Robin moaning with pleasure as she begged me to fuck her again.

Taking my fingers out I could see Robins hole was wide I did not think that I would have much trouble hitting that. Robin lowered her hips so I could enter her asshole, entering her ass was like a dream come true; my cock was instantly engulfed with those tight muscles as they squeezed my cock I nearly lost my load. Asking Robin not to move her hips I started to pump my cock back and forth into her ass. Slowly at first, but then I got use to this feeling and I grabbed her hips and moved in deeper and deeper realizing that there was no limit to how far I could enter her. Moaning with pleasure Robin was really having a good time. He ass was wide and hot and wet, I did not know that you could get wet there but Robin did. She surprised me on more than one level.

Reaching around I started to play with her tits, this is how is all began I though. I massaged those amazing tits and Robin rubbed her clit. Pumping Robin harder and harder I started to fuck her faster than I had ever done before. I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her upright screaming with pleasure my cock entered her ass over and over my balls were slamming against her butt cheeks. “Fuck me hard please fuck me hard!” Screamed Robin Complying with Robins dirty desires I slammed my cock harder into her. I could feel Robin playing with her clit and decided to do the job for her. Reaching around and forcing her hands away I told her that I would do that from now on. My thumb rubbed the hell out of Robin’s clit; I was directly on top of it. Screaming that she could not take it any longer I shot my load deep into Robin’s ass. Pumping all that cum deep into her I could feel her orgasm as she fell onto the bed my cock slipped out of her ass.
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