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First time for everything

A few glasses of wine succeeded in getting my husband to do what I've been asking for,
I've been with my husband for several years now. He and I, have what most would call "vanilla" sex. In fact, he always considered me to be the pure one out of the two of us because I had never experimented or had many sex partners while I was in college. Ironically enough, I'm the one who started the conversation of anal sex. He was reluctant at best.

It all started from one incredible night. He went down on me and was eating me up. I still cannot believe how skilled his tongue is. While sucking my clit, he started fingering me (still pretty vanilla). The more and more he sucked and fingered me, the more I squirmed under his touch. My movements caused his hand to rub against my rosebud ever so slightly and I loved the feeling.

I started grinding my hips around more to feel more of his hand on my ass. Finally I came harder than I ever have and he lovingly lapped up my wetness while my orgasm subsided. I told him why it was so intense for me and he just laughed and shrugged off my suggestions of exploring a bit more. I pretty much gave up after I brought it up a few more times and even tried to get his hard dick in my ass while he was slamming me doggy style, and he still said no. So I dropped it.

One night we went out with some friends. We both had a couple of drinks and walked home. As soon as we got in the door, I opened a bottle of wine and he poured out the glasses, while I went into the bedroom to get into something scandalous.

I'm not going to say I'm a "10" but I'm definitely hot. I'm a Pilates instructor and have a hard body. I came out of that room in a black lace thong and a matching lace corset. He handed me the glass of wine and made me spin for him as his hands slid all over my warm skin. He turned some music on and I sat next to him while we sipped on the wine. I started to feel warm from the wine and was somehow becoming very courageous with the nice buzz, especially since he hadn't stopped touching me since I walked into our living room wearing the slutty little outfit.

I stood up out front of him and danced out front of him to the music playing, climbing onto his lap and giving him the best lap dance of his life. As I was grinding my ass into his groin, his dick got harder and harder in his pants until I had to have it. I spun around and unzipped his fly, taking his dick out of his pants (he always is commando). Dropping to my knees, I licked up the salty sweet precum that had appeared at the tip of the head. I licked my way from the tip down the underside of his shaft to his balls and lightly sucked each of them.

Rising up, I sucked the head into my mouth and wrapped my tongue around it, tasting more of his delicious precum. He grabbed a hold of my hair to get it out of my face and pushed on the back of my head, pulling my down onto his big dick until all of his eight inches were down my throat. I love when he takes control and fucks my face. I don't have much of a gag reflex and he makes a game out of trying to make me choke on his hard dick. I fought against his hand to pull my face up from his crotch and his dick popped out of my mouth. I smiled at him, feeling the wine buzz taking over and somehow becoming much more confident in my sexuality. I stood up and took off my thong and corset, dropping them to the floor behind me.

"I want you to fuck my face," I ordered him while I returned to my knees out front of him. "While your hands are busy with my head, my hands will be busy too. I'm going to finger my ass and loosen it up with your dick down my throat. And then, you're going to bend me over and fuck me in the ass."

He stared down at me and said nothing, only grabbing my head again to return his cock to its favorite spot, the back of my throat. I wet my finger in my mouth before I took his cock in it again and started to play with my rosebud. As soon as he saw my lewd gesture, his dick got so hard that he actually did choke me when he pulled my head down to the base of his dick. While I sputtered for a moment, I noticed how wet I was starting to get and he was noticing my moaning on his dick.

After a few more minutes of him fucking my face, I had worked my way up to three of my fingers into my ass and was twisting them around, moaning more onto his cock, making him grip my hair harder, actually pulling me up by my hair and then pushing himself back down my throat before I could take in another breath. I could tell that if it was ever going to happen, it was going to be now. I pulled against his hand and released his dick from my mouth with a pop.

"You'd better be warmed up because I'm going to fuck your ass until I cum," he said. I stood up with an even broader smile and walked to the bedroom.

"We can't go too fast too soon. You've got to really slow," I said, getting concerned that I had bit off more than I could chew.

"Bend over the bed. If this is what you've been wanting, then I'll give it to you," he said, reaching into the nightstand for the bottle of lube. "Give me your hand," he ordered standing behind me. I reached back, putting my hand in his. I felt the cold wetness of the lube on my hand as he smeared it onto my fingers.

"Stick you're fingers up your ass. If we're starting this then we're finishing it. Stretch your asshole out for me so I don't rip you apart because we're doing it until I cum."

I knew he was right. His dick is huge in comparison to my fingers. I obliged his order and put my fingers back to my rosebud and pushed two of them back in with ease. I worked them back and forth for a minute when I started feeling more of the lube being poured down my ass crack. He pulled my hand away from my most private hole and replaced my fingers with his own. His two fingers felt massive compared to mine but he managed to get them in there.

"Play with your clit babe. Let me know if anything hurts. I'll get a couple more fingers in here and then I'll fuck your ass."

With that he pushed a third digit into my rosebud, making a whimper escape my mouth. It wasn't painful as much as it was a searing hot and full feeling. I took his advice and started rubbing my clit. He took it as a cue to add his pinky finger to my asshole. I was relaxing now and starting to rock myself back and forth on his fingers. I could feel myself building when he pulled his fingers out and dribbled more lube down my ass crack.

"If this thing is going to fit up your tiny asshole, it's going to need to be wet," he said, walking to the side of the bed and grabbing my head forcefully, making me suck his cock again and leaving me standing there, bent over our bed. I was shocked by how hard it was and how forceful he was being. After another minute or face fucking, he backed away from the edge of the bed, pulling his spitty dick from my mouth and moved behind me.

I felt his warm legs press up against mine and took a deep breath. He grabbed his cock and pushed it against my rosebud. I felt the pressure slowly give way to searing heat as the head slipped into my ass.

"Holy shit babe! It's so tight," he said, standing perfectly still to let me adjust to his girth in my was-virgin hole. "Play with your clit again. You need to relax."

Once again my fingers returned to my slit and I immediately felt my muscles relax as my fingers made their first strum across my clit. He pushed all the way in until his balls were resting against my hand on my clit, which made me yelp in pain, causing him to start pulling out of my ass.

"Okay, don't move! Don't pull out! I'm trying to let it relax. Hang on," I said, holding my breath and praying that it wouldn't feel like this the whole time.

"I'll wait. Now that it's in here, it's staying here. It feels so fucking amazing. Your ass is so tight babe," he said, waiting for me to adjust.

The pain went away within ten seconds and all I could feel was my fingers at work on my clit and the strange feeling of pressure from his dick. I pushed myself back into him, sinking his dick all the way into my tiny hole, surprising my husband. He stayed perfectly still as I fucked my own ass on his dick working myself back and forth on it, stopping only when he was all the way in to grind my ass against his hips in a circular motion, eliciting a grateful moan from him.

"You like that?" I purred to him over my shoulder.

"Oh fuck babe. It feels so amazing. Are you ready?"

"Ready for what?" I asked.

"Tell me if it hurts," he said, grabbing my hips in his strong hand and pushing them down until I was flat on my stomach, pinned to the bed with my arm trapped underneath me, still fingering my slit. Once I couldn't move he slowly pulled himself out of my ass. The feeling of his head at my opening was more than I could handle. His dick popped out of my ass only for a moment before he forced it back all the way down so his balls slapped against my busy hand. Moaning loudly, I felt myself building for the second time this evening.

"How does it feel baby? Tell me how it feels," he said while slowly pumping his dick all the way in and out of my ass.

My only response I could muster was a moan, which apparently wasn't a good enough answer.

He pulled himself out of my tight asshole and asked again. "How does it feel? How do you like my big dick stretching your asshole?"

"I fucking love it!" I finally gasped, desperate to say anything he wanted to hear to get his huge cock back into my depths. He squeezed my ass gingerly with one hand as the other hand guided his cock back into it's new favorite place. Knowing how good it felt for me, he picked up the pace pumping his dick all the way in and out of my ass, jack hammering away at it making me moan louder. I abandoned the hand rubbing my clit.

It was sensory overload and truth be told, I was getting much more pleasure from what my husband was doing to my ass than what I was doing to my clit and just let the sensation take over my body. His breathing was getting faster and I could feel his dick get even harder inside of me, sending me over the edge into my first anal orgasm. My whole body tensed and his dick stopped moving inside me. As my body was rocked through the most intense orgasm ever, my muscles tensed, squeezing his hard cock inside of me as my body slowly relaxed from the orgasm.

"I'm going to cum babe. Where do you want me to cum?" He asked frantically as I realized that my orgasm was about to tip him over the edge.

"Cum up my ass honey. Fuck me until you cum," I said, remembering what he had said before we began about us finishing what we start.

"Ohhhh fuuuu...." Was all he got out as he buried his cock all the way up my ass as he started to spurt his delicious cum deep inside of me. Slowly his cock got a bit softer and he continued to slowly pump in and out of me until his semi-hard cock finally slipped out or my ass.

"Why did you not try harder to convince me to try this earlier?" He asked as he laid down beside me in bed.

"Why have you not allowed me to convince you?!" I retorted with a laugh. He pulled the blankets over us and wrapped an arm over me as we both happily drifted off to sleep.

This is my first submission in what I'm hoping will be a long series of happy anal play between my husband and I after our mind blowing first attempt at anal. Dear God, please let him want to do it again soon!

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