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Flight of Fancy?

A dream or reality?
It was just a typical transatlantic flight. I had business in LA, and I settled into my seat and gratefully drank the glass of champagne that the pretty cabin crew member offered me once I was seated. Emily her badge said. Nice name.

The flight time was 12 hours, and in order to be reasonably awake when we landed, I took a relaxant pill after the first meal. It was just a sleepy making antihistamine, and after half an hour I could feel it starting to work.

I opened my eyes to find Emily beside me. Somehow she had made space beside my seat, and put the seat back to form the bed that all business class seats now make. She kissed me, and my mind was drawn into her mouth, lips, tongue, sucking on mine as her hands stroked my chest and undid my shirt and belt. I started to ask her something, but she put a finger to my mouth and whispered “Shhhh….”, and her slim cool hand slipped into my boxers to grasp my rapidly stiffening penis. Her fingers stroked me and I grew, and grew until the red head of my cock pushed up out of my waist band. Gently massaging it, Emily dropped to her knees and swallowed my elongated thick cock down in one fluid movement, so that I felt my fat head imbedded in her throat. Her eyes looked up as she worked on me, her head moving up and down my length as her hands caressed my balls. She felt amazing and where perhaps normally I would have ejaculated already from her wondrous touches, I felt no pressure to do so and simply lay back and let her increase the feelings that rippled through my cock and body.

Slowly she ended her sucking and rose to her feet to kiss me deeply again. Then she got astride me, and sank down to suck my penis into her slippery tight vagina. Riding me then, I could feel every ridge of muscle in her love channel, and the way she controlled her movements brought a new level of delight to me. She moved her body in a sinuous movement, which slid my cock tight along her pussy walls, and bent me gently as she did so. Ecstacy filled me up, I couldn’t think of anything other than this woman who was giving me so much. Several times she rode me to her own orgasm, and then as she regained control moved her position on me slightly to ride me again.

After her third orgasm, the last of which had caused to drench my cock in her juices which dripped down into my matted pubic hairs, she rose up and let my cock leave her. She didn’t get off me though, but moved her knees further up my body, gripping my waist and reaching behind her, she pressed the head of my sensitive cock against her asshole. I could feel her puckered muscle as she worked the slippery juices that coated my head against her muscle, and then with a firm grip she shoved me inside, forcing me through her tight ring.

I cried out as the pressure of her grip and her asshole both combine to squeeze me more than I ever thought possible, but my cry was converted into a groan as she released me and slid her anal muscles down, down until the whole length of me was imbedded into her body. Now she rode me again, the heat and the tightness of her working its miracle, and when she bent down and told me to cum in her ass, I did just that. I erupted to her command, my cock jerking with each pulse of semen which spurted out in hot streams into her anal passage. Sliding me out, she climbed off me and once more applied her mouth hungrily to my cock and licked up every bit of our juices, so I looked clean once more. Once more she kissed me deeply and this time it was a slow lazy kiss that filled me with a sleepiness and heaviness, and then I dreamed.

I woke with a start as the announcement was made that we were landing in 10 minutes, and rather groggily put my seat back to its upright position. Shaking my head, I looked around and saw Emily doing the rounds of the passengers, checking seat belts and giving back coats and jackets that had been hung up for the flight. When she came to me she seemed as distant as any cabin crew member was, and passed me my jacket without any comment or even a smile, just a cool “Here you are, Sir”.

Had I dreamed all of this? Was it just a fantasy? I really could not make up my mind.

After immigration, I took a cab to my hotel, and unpacked. As I was hanging up my jacket, I noticed that there was a piece of paper in the breast pocket. It simply said – Emily: Call me. The Westin (310) 555-1234 Room 462.

What a dilemma! If I called her and we met, where would we begin?


Why not leave your suggestions as to what to do next as feedback. I might write a sequel......

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