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Fuck my arse

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I woke up; it was just another day that made me shake with anticipation. I knew I would be in for a good fucking that night, a really good fucking. I took my time with my makeup and hair, knowing that I had to look extra good. I chose a short dress, one that fall just under my arse. I felt myself getting wet just by knowing what would happen on the night that lay ahead. He sent me a message, making sure I would come on the night.


“Yeah, I’ll be there”, I confirmed, double checking my hair in the mirror.


I still had a few things to before I would be ready to go out, a few small things. The hours went by slowly as I ironed my clothes, carefully making sure I got all the creases. My door bell finally rang and I ran to the door, eager to throw myself into his arms.


“You look lovely” he said, smiling at me.


“You look pretty good yourself” I replied, looking him up and down.


“Should we leave now?” I asked, picking up my bag.


“Yep” he said, waiting for me to walk out the door.


He touched my arse as I got in the car, making me laugh. We eventually got to his place; I was eager by then, almost hauling myself on top of him.


“ Lot ’s of people have arrived” he said, looking around at all the cars.


“So what’s it for again?” I asked, feeling very curious.


“It’s just a party” he said, looking at me.


“Is that right?” I said, stepping forward and placing my hand on his chest.


“Well, yeah” he said, walking up to the door.


When we got inside some people were kissing, others just talking. I talked to a few people, telling them about my dress, ECT. He came up to me then, leading me away from everyone.


“Let’s go somewhere private” he said, kissing my back.


I agreed and reached around to touch his groin, smiling as people watched. He kissed me then led me to his room, looking at me intensely. As soon as we got in the room he stripped my clothes off, touching me all over and putting his hands on the wetness between my legs.


“Fuck me up the arse” I said, “Go on, do it”.


“Sure” he said, “You’re a bad girl aren’t you”.


“Mm” I said, “You know I never play by the rules”.


He took his pants off and told me to get on the bed, in position. He got some lotion and put it on my arse, eventually putting his penis in my arse hole.


“Are you ready?” he said.


“Yep, go for it”, I said, holding onto the end of the bed.


I gasped as it went into my arse, slowly at first, then in further. He moved it in and out of my arse, getting faster and faster.


“Do you like it?” he asked, stopping for a moment.


“Yeah, keep going” I said, “Don’t stop”.


I started to moan and fingered myself while he came in my arse, letting me feel the warm feeling of his cum.


“You liked that then?” he asked.


“Yep” I said, “Did you?”


“Yes” he said.


We both got up then, heading off to the bathroom, ready for another round.

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