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Giving in to anal

I protested but wanted it so bad
Ross and I had planned a whole day of fun in an empty house. As the day arrives, I feel a frisson of excitement go through me when I think of what I have planned. Ross enters the house. It's his first time here and I want to show off my new pad. I make us both some coffee and the tour begins. I know he wants us to be in the bedroom, my bedroom, but I make him wait.

I think the way I am dressed distracts him though. I am wearing thigh high boots with a very short skirt and I know he just wants to rip it all off!

I live in a three storey house and don't rush to show him around. I even sit down in the lounge to prolong things. I love to tease him. Eventually I take him to the top floor. I show him all the rooms and finally my bedroom.

"This is where the magic happens," I tease. I swear I saw his cock jerk. I sashay across to him and kiss him, deeply. We gently touch and kiss. The passion and electricity builds. We gradually undress each other until he is naked with his huge magnificent cock standing to attention. God I'm so lucky!!!

I stand before him in thigh high, heeled boots and black lingerie. Not just any old lingerie though. The bra is a half cup exposing my nipples. The panties are crotchless. I hear his intake of breath as I straddle him on the bed and start to touch myself. I move up to straddle his head and allow him to lick my pussy. He's amazing at licking my pussy. He reads my body and my reactions so well and each time is different and new and amazing.

I feel my pussy growing really wet and turn myself round to a 69 position. I badly want to suck his cock. I want to feel him grow and throb in my mouth. I want to feel him writhe on the bed underneath me. I want him to thrust inside my mouth so his cock goes deeper.

We're both getting close and I know he'll want to be in my pussy before he comes. He also knows that's what I want too. He moves from underneath me and kisses me. I can taste my pussy on his lips. I lick my juices from his sexy mouth. My eyes meet his. I see the love I feel for him reflected in his eyes. God I love this man!

He moves me to a kneeling position and kneels behind me. He slides his cock into my pussy. I'm so wet he slides in all the way. I cry out and he grabs a handful of my hair and pulls back. He starts to slowly fuck me. His free hand explores and pinches my nipples and teases my clit. I want to come but not yet. I'm waiting to come with him, together.

I hear a noise and realise he's opening a lube bottle. I feel a cold sensation on my star. I have always refused entry but today I instantly grow wetter as I realise he's lubing up my bum. I feel the cold sensation then his finger gently enter me. All the time he's sliding his cock in and out of my pussy. I look up and watch. I have floor to ceiling mirrored wardrobes that face the bed and provide the most amazing view of us.

He adds more lube and inserts another finger. I'm excited beyond belief.

"Can I fuck your backside baby?" He asks.

I know he's gonna slide his cock in soon and I can't wait! 

"With bugs in my pussy?" I reply.

He reaches for my vibrator (we've nicknamed it bugs). He slides it in my pussy and turns it on. The shaft is rotating and the ears are strumming on my clit. Oh god! The sensation is fantastic. I feel his cock press at my bum. He slowly slides in stopping to give me chance to get used to him.

It feels amazing. He feels amazing. I have bugs in my pussy and his throbbing cock in my arse fucking me. I'm losing control. I watch us in the mirror. It's the horniest sexiest sight ever. He spanks my bum as he takes his pleasure. This pushes me over the edge - big time! I can't catch my breath because I'm coming so hard. It's a multi and exhausts me. I hear his breathing change and I know he's close to coming. I want him to come in my arse. I want him to shoot his load in me and then I feel it. I love his release. I welcome it. I love it. I love him.

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