Going by train

By Catnip

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Going by train is seldom boring but at times you need to use your imagination for extra spice.

The train stopped by an old station, the train hadn’t stopped there for years.  Jane looked up from her notebook, thinking  ”that’s odd”. She looked back down at her notebook, grinning at the drawing.  A voice started talking through the speakers.

"Due to an accident that occurred further down the track we will be standing still at this station for at least another 45 minutes.  Feel free to go out and stretch your legs. If you have any questions I will be out on the platform to answer them.  Thank you for your understanding."

Jane looked out the window. The sun was high, all smokers seemed to light up their smokes and being upset by the delay. I should smoke as well, she thought to herself, 45 minutes, I might as well wait until there are less people.  Her eyes wandered along the seats, all were empty.  She begins to sing on a silly song she had in her mind all day. Something gets caught in the outskirts of her sight and she turns her eyes towards it, she stops singing, the driver sitting on his chair with the door opened.

"Oh, don’t stop now when I opened just to hear you."

He smiles at her.
Her eyes look at the controlling panel behind him.

" You surprised me, care to tell me how to drive this train?"

She smiles back at him, already rising up putting her notebook on the table in front of her.  She takes a few steps forward then realizes the drawing is visible for anyone to see, if they would enter. She swiftly turns around to turn it upside down. As she turns back she see the driver blushing slightly, she grins to herself and steps into the drivers private space. Her eyes tinder as she looks at all the blinking lights over the control panel.

"You’re not supposed to be in here!" he says. "I better close the door."

And so he does, she takes a step forward in the cramped little cabin and feels how she stumble over his foot. Strong hands grab her arms holding her in place. On the verge of hurting she cant help but feel some sort of electric charge rush through her body, she notice she’s holding her breath, wondering why she got the feeling she wanted to rip his clothes off and take him there and now.

He looks at her, his eyes seemed black a moment ago, he loosen up his grip still holding her arms as he looks at her.

"Are you alright?"


She tries to control her breathing, turns around and looks out the window and down on the controls letting her curiosity take over, trying to shake the sudden attraction away.

"So, what does this button do?"

He answers her as he studies her feature from behind. Untied boots, a pair of bare, smooth legs disappearing under a short skirt that hides a round soft bum. Her back is slightly arched, in total she looks very smooth and soft.
She leans forward slightly to see the texts under each button and control stick on the panel. She feels her knee touch his she shudders and realize he can probably almost see all the way up her skirt if she were to lean forward a bit more.  Maybe he can already, she thinks. Feeling her blood pulsating through her veins as she hears his voice, clearly horny though he tries t cover it up,  explaining the function of something.  She moves her foot in between his legs to get a good position to stand as she looks on the other side of the panel. She feels how his fingers are barely touching her inner thigh she inhales swiftly holding her breath for a second when  she feels the touch send a warm tingeling feeling up her body.

"I'm so..."

she interrupts him by grabbing his hand, before he manage to withdraw it. Holding it against her thigh.


She leans forward a bit more, pointing at a button to his left. She feels how his hand stroke up her inner thigh, his other hand joining soon afterwards on the other thigh. With light teasing fingers, stroking up and down. She hear how her voice is cracked as she asks what the button do. He slides his hands up all the way squeezing her thighs firmly as he moves his head up to see what button she’s referring to, his cheek strokes against her thigh and she twitches by the effect and accidentally press the button. The horn shouts load and she loose her balance feeling his hands once again gripping her she leans her hands on the other side of the control panel standing still a bit chocked. He sits completely still staring up her skirt, her white panties having his eye focus, as well as his mind. She begins to rise up but change her mind when she feels his breath against her upper thigh, she looks back seeing he’s sitting close to her with his head. He swallows hard as he press his head a bit higher up seeing the contours of her swollen pussy lips bulging under the smooth fabric. He feel his blood pressure rising moving his hands up under her skirt flipping it over so he can see her round rear. He gropes her bum, rubbing it carefully .
She stands still hardly daring to breath, his breath is heavy and lands against her inner thigh, she feels how he’s slowly changing position of his head his breath landing warm and arousing through her panties against her lips, she lets out a soft sigh of desire, her inside feeling like it’s tearing her apart, she wants him now and hard, but she don’t dare to break the silence.
He feels his blood rush through his body, he wants her badly, how far will she let him go, and how long do they have until someone barge in and they get caught? He slides his hands down her butt cheeks to her thighs placing his thumbs on the inside of her thighs moving back up, pressing her lips together, he hear her inhale and moaning softly as she exhales again, he smiles at the sight of her lips pressing against the fabric of her panties, moving his hands up pressing his thumbs hard together. She realize how wet she is as she feels her lips being pushed together, she arch her back pushing her bum more up in the air, her but cheeks spreading more, she feels how he continues moving his hands up pressing his thumbs together, they leave her lips and he still press them hard down as he wanders up with his hands making his thumbs press the panties in between her cheeks, she gasps as she feels the pressure against her anus, without being aware of it moving her hips slightly against his thumbs.
He grabs the lining of her panties with his hands pulling them down slowly, then seem to change his mind and let go of them again. He looks at her, licks his lips. Takes a hold of her hips and grip the panties there instead as he lets his teeth grab them from behind he slowly pull them down. The tip of his nose stroking down  the crack of her bum. She twitches slightly by the tension of waiting, while he keeps moving downhill,  he lets go of the panties with his mouth breathing hard against her pussy feeling the warmth from it, he takes a deep breath filling his nostrils with the smell of her cunt. He spread her butt cheeks apart with his hands moving his head back to inspect her holes. Her pussy lips are shiny with her juices, her butt hole looks very inviting and he can’t resist blowing air over it down to her pussy and back, he see how her anus moves slightly and her soft moan makes him smile to himself. He moves his head closer and lets his tongue lick over her anus without any pressure, he listens to her sounds of longing for something more, he smirks, thinking to himself; You wont get it that easy miss, you have to plead for it. He spank her rear with one hand, and removes that hand from her behind groping her cunt with his hand, pressing her lips together pushing his thumb into her wetness. She drags for air and sighs of pleasure of finally feeling something inside of her.  He holds his hand outside her lips pressing them hard together feeling a little hardened knot between them rubbing her lips slightly back and forth over it. She sighs out moans as she press her hips back against him, He circles his tongue around her anus letting the tip put extra pressure on it.  She bites her hand to not scream out in frustration and pleasure.  She rocks her hips against him, he squeezes her lips hard together as he press his thumb up towards her clit from inside of her. He press his tongue inside of and she feels how a warm feeling spreads all over her body starting from her anal and she grunts of pleasure as she arch her back. He moves his thumb hard inside her while letting his tongue fuck her butt hole. She shivers of pleasure, still she wants more she wants to be filled up more. He pulls his head back spank her with the hand he have on her rear slides his fingers in between her wet lips pulls his thumb out and let it stroke its way up to her butt hole letting two fingers side into her cunt as he press the thumb into her rear.  

"Oh lord..." She sighs as she feel him pressing his fingers together between the wall.  She pants heavily and rocks her body against his fingers.  
"More…" she moans out, "Oh god I want more…"
He grins at her and press another finger into her wet tight pussy, spreading them on the way back and holding them together as he push them in. he feels how his fingers gets embraced by her muscles as he moves his hand fast and hard without any pardon inside her slamming hard against her. He starts opening his pants.
She hear him struggling with one hand trying to release his belt and looks back at him, seeing his hand moving into his underwear, he looks at her and says teasingly:

"You better keep your eyes on the people, so you don’t get them here with your moans."

She turns her head back looking out the window without noticing anything but his fingers moving inside her. She hear his trousers drop to the floor and shortly after feels something smooth and hard pressing against her clit. He rams his fingers inside of her brutally a few more times before withdrawing them, rotating his hand so that the thumb still rests inside her rectum but his fingers resting up her bum. He  moves his great cock down from her clit to her hole, holds it against her opening and  force the head inside of her. She gasps of delight and surprise as she realize the size of his head. He grins at her as he says, half concerned half teasingly:

"If I'm too big for you I can always withdraw my thumb."

He starts pulling it out very slowly. She don’t answer but press herself against his huge cock, when it hits the bottom of her depth she moans out load, he press his thumb in again and he feel how his cock pulsates inside her growing even harder. She turns her head and look at him, her eyes are almost black and watery, she breathes heavily.

"Don't hold back, just take me hard!

He smiles at her, moving slowly in and out making her feel his length slide in deep, pressing hard against her then drawing back slowly almost letting it slip out, but not quite.

"You're not in the position to decide yet, woman."

He grins at her as he moves even slower feeling him self having to really strain himself to keep his pace under control, him rather be pounding her behind roughly.  He moves his thumb inside her rectum almost pulling it out, letting it stay with not even half an inch inside. She stands completely still, feeling him move inside her like this is driving her crazy, she wants him to fuck her, she feel how he starts to move his thumb, feeling how her body starts to tingle all over, She feel how he starts circling it right by the opening, she moans, trying to not move her hips in fear of him letting it slip out .  He takes a hold of her hips with his free hand pressing his manhood and his thumb deep inside of her with one fast thrust. he moves faster slamming his hips against her pressing his thumb down rubbing his cock inside her dripping wet hole. Her walls squeezing tight around his hardness He slaps her behind hard and feel how she squeeze even harder by the sudden pain it causes, he grunts with pleasure thinking, she sounds like a horny angel under him, moaning begging for more, moving her hips without disturbing his pace, He withdraws his thumb spanks her other butt cheek and starts pumping her faster.  He stops and pull her up grabbing her breasts and moving back, making her lean against the chair while he leans against the door. He feel how she moves her hips against him, he stands still and enjoys it she's arching her back very heavily making him see her butt hole,  she's spreading her butt cheeks as much as she can wile moving against him. She moves faster against his length feeling him dip deep inside her. He pulls her closer with his strong hands making him touch deeper inside of her. He leans in over her, his breath close to her ear as he breathes out  while grunting:

" In the picture, is it the satyr or the woman, smirking while being impaled by his horns, that is the devil."

He embrace her breasts under her shirt. pinching her nipples hard as he pulls them, she lets out sounds of pleasure.

"Maybe she's just a horny angel. Defying the rules."

He rise up again sliding his hands down her body to her hips he starts pumping her roughly making his balls slam hard against her pussy.
She screams out in pleasure
he slaps her rear and says with a low voice

"Hush you or we'll get caught, or thats what you want, everyone to come and see you."

She gets silent, biting her hand hard, he pulls out of her. grabs the hand she's not biting

"I see you hunger for more, now you decide."

He puts the tip of his cock against her anus and leans back against the door feeling how she hesitates. Her anus opening and closing against his head. He slips down his hand to her cunt rubbing her clit carefully. His cock press hard against her anal opening, she cant decide wether to take it in or not she feels how  her rear is pounding for some action, but, he's so big... will she be able to take him in.. she holds his shaft moves it slightly up and down to find the right position to get it in,  she moans softly to the pleasure he gives her through stimulating her clitt she relaxes a bit more and press herself against his huge cock, she feel how her anus opens against it she press against it feeling how her opening gets stretched out. He grunts behind her, looking down at his cock trying to find its way into her very tight rear. he feels how it press hard against feeling it slowly opening up more and more over his head. he rubs her clit a bit faster, hearing her moan.

"Are you sure about this?"

He gets a bit worried, most women gets scared by the sight of his enormous cock. She doesn't answer, just pressing harder, he hears her breaths are more like constant moans than breaths. he press his hips forth slightly while holding her still with his free hand on her hips, feeling how his head gets embraced by her rear. She gasps as he press through, feeling her spine getting all warm and her body feeling slightly numb as her mind is concentrating on the indescribable sensation his huge head brings her rectum.

"Oh dear god..."

"Are you sure you made the right choice," he has leaned in above her again still rubbing her clit with his fingers groping her breast with the other hand whispering in her ear. He don't let her answer before he push his hips forward, letting his massive tool find its way deeper up her rectum. He grunts with pleasure into her ear

"Ngh, you are so, ahh...so tight, mhrhm..."

She hold her breath as she feels him very slowly advancing deeper into her,  he pulls back and she makes whimpering sounds as she feels how she's about to loose all control.. he pulls it back, letting it resting against her opening feeling how her tries to keep it inside is pushing it out. he murrs against her pressing it in again, a bit faster, rocking his hips back and forth in a steady pace he feel how she shivers under him, hearing her panting hard,  He increase the pace still rubbing her clit. he bites her neck she moans out load and push her rear back at him  pushing him against the door as she feel him press deeper inside her, she press herself back at him until her butt cheeks press against his body he rise up again. pressing his length as deep as he can. as he roars out in pleasure. He starts moving inside of her moving faster and faster. he hear her moaning under him as he swiftly slams his huge cock back and forth inside her tight rectum. He push hard into her, She feels how her knees weaken, charges of pleasure spreading throughout her body , she feels how her cunt starts to press its muscles together she tells him to go faster to come inside her. the words seem to make him loose control over himself furiously he slams his cock deep inside her ass, moaning out load, she feel how all the tension releases and she leans heavily against the chair as she feel like she's lost the power to stand she feel him pressing hard against her rear twitching as his cum fills her rectum. he press up against her a few more times shuddering.
He pats her head kissing her neck.
She looks at him and blushes heavily.. picks her panties up and stands. she feel how his cum runs down her thigh.

"I better go."

She says and puts her panties on. Feeling her knees still being weak

"Thanks for the ride," she giggles and opens the door, looking around her no-one has gone inside yet everyone seem to be sitting outside in the sun.
She grabs her cigarettes and staggers out on the platform,  she lights one up. she hears a voice behind her.
"Miss, do you have a lighter?"
She stiffens when she recognise it.
"Sure..." as he hands it back to her she finds a piece of paper tucked in under it.  she opens it. he leans forward saying:
"My working schedule, in case you want to see how its done for real."
He slaps her behind and turns around walking to his personnel.
"Thanks a lot miss."