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Great Position for Anal

A new position for great sex, especially anal sex
This is my first time to write anything like this and submit on the internet. But I just have to share about the amazing sexual experience I had on New Year’s Eve. There is so much I could share but I want to keep this as brief as possible and share the best of the best moments of the night.

First, I need to make one thing clear. I am a female and I absolutely love anal sex. Yes, I said it. I love it up the ass. I know that not all women do and I certainly do not expect everyone to love it. My philosophy is to be honest about what you like and don’t worry about what someone else may think. I used to think anal sex was so nasty and a stupid thing to do. Maybe it is but I have come to really love it.

This story is about a great position for anal sex. I experienced this position on New Year’s Eve. I was with a friend of mine that I will call Mike. We met in October and New Year’s Eve was just the second time we had sex. I leanred that night that he also loves anal sex. 

After riding him reverse cowgirl with his cock in my ass for some time he told me he wanted to try this position he saw one time in a porn. He did not know of a name for it but I will do my best to describe it and I very much hope you can follow.

This is how we did this position. We were in my living room. He took a bed sheet and wrapped it around my ottoman. He then took my ottoman and pushed it flush to the couch with the short side of the ottoman being flush to the couch. The bed sheet was squeezed between the ottoman and couch with each end of the bed sheet running alongside the ottoman. I asked what the sheet was for and he said they were handles. I did not understand but he said that I would soon enough. He had me lay on the ottoman flat on my stomach. My feet were on the couch since I am taller than my ottoman is long. He also had me move forward so that my head and tits hung off the forward edge of the ottoman. And he told me to reach back and spread my ass cheeks. This felt awkward but also very hot. I loved how my tits felt hanging off the edge of the ottoman.

He then straddled the ottoman and me and slowly pushed his cock into my asshole. When he got about half way in he laid more over me and put his hands on the floor. He was straddling me with his left hand down my left shoulder and his right hand down my right shoulder. Now I must say at this point that a tall ottoman or bed would not work here as the man must be able to reach the floor.

Once he was all the way in he started to slowly fuck my ass. It felt so amazing. He slowly fucked me for a long time. I loved how this position felt. I was under his control as I couldn’t really move. I was pinned beneath him and my hands were back spreading my ass. I am more of a dominant type but I found this submissive position to be so hot!

After slowly fucking my ass for a long time he turned it up a notch. After one of the slow pull out strokes he held himself above me for several seconds with only the head of his cock slightly in my ass. After several seconds he let his weight drop! Bam! In one hard fast stroke he buried his cock in my ass. This was so sensational. He kept it buried for several seconds and then slowly pulled it all the way out. He then repeated this hard fast push in and slow pull out many, many times. It was so fucking amazing.

Then he once again turned it up a notch. As before, he was holding above me with only the head of his cock slightly in my ass. I was waiting for the next hard stroke. But then he said really loud,


I suddenly remembered the bed sheets so I reach down and grabbed them with my hands. Now I knew what he meant when he said they were handles. Without them we would have fucked ourselves right off the ottoman onto the floor. He proceeded to pound my ass like mad with hard fast push in strokes and fast pull out strokes. He was holding nothing back. I could not believe how hard I was getting it up the ass. My tits were swinging so wildly that I thought they may rip off of me. He buttfucked me like this for so long. There were a couple of moments that I thought I might pass out. It was so sensational. I absolutely loved it. We were going at it so hard right into the New Year! And we did it so much more on New Year’s Day! What a great weekend it was for me.

I hope you have enjoyed this story and were able to follow the position. Please leave comments and by all means try this position, especially you anal lovers.

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