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Happy Birthday

Melissa receives a surprising present for her birthday, multiple times!
Melissa drove carefully, passing the quaint shops and bars of their small picturesque town. She didn't want to stay at the 25 MPH speed limit. She wanted to drive as fast as her SUV would go. It was her birthday, but that wasn't why she was so excited.

Her lover was waiting.

Shawn was waiting when she walked in the door, his full lips turned up in the cocky grin she loved so much. His tee-shirt stretched tight across his broad shoulders and Melissa felt desire pool in her belly at the sight of him...and the knowledge of the pleasure he always gave her. Moving across the floor, Melissa slipped into his arms, pressing her full breasts against his chest. He was tall and well-built, she was short and curvy and their bodies always melted together as though made as one. She loved the feel of his arms as they came around her to cup her tight little ass and pull her up against him so she could feel his huge cock, already hard, nestled between her hips.

God, she thought, my panties are soaked and he hasn't even kissed me yet! She wiggled against him, delighting in the way the friction made her nipples harden under her dress—she hadn't bothered with a bra.

Shawn bent down and traced Melissa's lips with his tongue, keeping his deep brown eyes locked on her green ones, watching them glaze over in pleasure as he deepened the kiss, sucking on her full pouty lips, then thrusting his tongue deep in her mouth. His hand slipped up under her dress to find her panties, sopping wet. Melissa moaned into his mouth, “please, god, please Shawn...please...”.

Shawn slipped a finger inside her panties, feeling her warm, wet little pussy. Melissa moaned again and pulled him against her, arching her back, trying to get him deep inside where the aching need was already starting to build. With a chuckle, Shawn thrust a finger deep inside her. “Is this what you want, baby?” He was rewarded with a whispered, 'Yes!” as her pussy clenched tight around his finger. Kissing her hard now, he began to fuck her with his finger, knowing just where she liked it.

“Shawn..God..Shawn..I'm going to...I'm going to...” He loved how her voice got all husky, how she lost all ability to speak when in the throes of passion with him.

“Cum for me baby, cum..” before he could finish the demand, she cried out, pushing against him as he felt his hand fill with her hot cum. “That's my girl...” When she leaned against him, breathing heavily, he took her hand and led her to the bedroom.

In the bedroom, he kissed her, hard, letting her feel and taste how greedy he was for her body. She tipped her face up to his and reached up to wrap her arms around his shoulders, pulling him even closer as they kissed, eyes open, tasting each other's passion and watching each other get more and more aroused. Her body was humming with need for him again.

She gasped in surprised pleasure when he suddenly spun her around and pushed her gently so that she was bent over the edge of the bed. With one hand, he freed his huge, throbbing dick from his pants while he used the other to lift her dress around her tiny waist and push her lacy thong panties down to her knees, trapping her legs. Melissa tossed her long dark hair over her shoulder and looked back at him, an eager grin on her full red lips, her eyes hot with desire. Shawn took a moment to admire her bent over in front of him, legs spread, firm little ass displayed and pussy wet and open and waiting for him.

Then he pushed the huge head of his dick into her. She was so small, so petite, so tight, it was always hard to fit his thick cock into her. She grunted at the feel of him, arched her back and pushed against him, trying to take him in. He grabbed her hips, spread her even wider, and slowly eased in and out, letting her slick juices ease his passage.

"Yes, Shawn.. Oh you're so big...!” She began to cry out as he slid deeper and deeper, stretching and filling her, feeling her tight pussy clench around his dick. Finally, he thrust all the way in, his balls hitting her sensitive pussy as he ground himself as deep as he could go.

“There...oh there...!” Melissa began to pant and rock against him. Shawn stayed hard within her, moving with her as he felt her begin to shudder. He leaned forward to whisper in her ear, “Cum for me...cum for me now!” With a cry, she did, throwing her head back, her pussy milking his dick as her cum ran down his balls and her spread legs.

Still buried deep inside her, Shawn leaned forward and tucked Melissa's hair behind her ear so he could see the orgasm flush that had turned her smooth, olive-skinned cheeks a telling pink. He loved how she responded to him, how he knew she could-and would-cum over and over, her lithe little body reacting to his every touch and demand.

He also loved how Melissa, the very proper English Department Chair at the local high school and nurturing mother of two, gleefully turned into a dirty little slut for him behind closed doors. Shawn knew she would do anything he wanted. His little lover had absolutely no boundaries when it came to their love making...and he had something special in mind for today.

Wrapping her soft, long strands around his fist, he leaned close to her ear. “How old are you today, baby?”

“35...” her voice was deeper and huskier than usual, telling him she was still deeply aroused. Her pussy was already squeezing him gently and she had started rocking against him again, obviously seeking another shattering release. In response, he tugged gently at her hair, making her back arch and her ass lift even higher in the air.

“Then I owe you that many orgasms as your present.” He laughed softly when she only moaned in response and tried again to move against him.

Keeping her hair in his hand, he pulled a little harder, forcing her back into a deep arch and her hips to widen, her head tilted high and back, her ass lifting and spreading so he could see her little knothole as he slid even deeper inside. Bracing his other arm on the bed beside her, he began to fuck her in hard, fast strokes. “Yes! YES!” Melissa began to scream, her hands grasping the bed spread in frantic abandon as the orgasm built inside her. When Shawn reached around and rubbed her swollen little clit, she exploded, her hips jackknifing against him as the pleasure shook her whole body.

When Shawn let go of her hair, she collapsed on the bed, legs still on the floor, and struggled to catch her breath. Shawn slowly slid his length out of her, feeling each delicious inch of her tight, throbbing wetness. Taking his thick cock in his hand, he rubbed the head of his dick against her swollen wet pussy, enjoying the sensation and the way Melissa began to moan again at the contrast between the hard fucking of a moment ago and the teasing softness now. He slid his dick again and again over her pussy, then up to rub gently against her ass. She froze for a moment with the thick head of his dick pressed gently against her tight knothole, then tentatively moved her hips to push back against him.

He teased her for a moment longer, then slid his dick back down to her pussy and thrust deep and hard. He put his hands on her hips and forced himself as deep as he could until his whole long shaft was completely inside her, knowing that his full length was as much as she could take, that he had filled her completely. Shawn loved knowing both that, despite her tiny size and extreme tightness, she could take his huge dick and that he was as big as she could accommodate. He knew he had found 'his spot' deep within her when she gave a low, soft grunt and froze. He didn't even have to move to make her cum when he was in this spot, just gently nudge against her in repeated movements.

Melissa froze, afraid to move and lose the unique pleasure Shawn's full, huge dick brought when he found this spot. She couldn't stop the sounds emitting from her mouth or the heat that rose from her core and stained her tits and cheeks. She wanted to beg for release but could only manage a low whimper as the pleasure built, so intense it was almost painful. When she began to pant and squirm, Shawn tightened his grip on her hips to hold her steady and stayed deep in her, the sensitive head of his dick pushing against the walls of her core. He knew she was going to cum moments before she did when he felt her begin to throb around his sensitive dick. On a scream, she exploded. Again, her juices flowed out around his dick to drip down her legs.

Shawn eased back out of her, his dick throbbing for release. “turn around, Melissa, and drop to your knees.” Still breathless, she scrambled to obey him, kneeling before him so that his thick cock was right before her face. Without further instruction, she began licking her cum off his dick with her little tongue, working her way up his length, then dipping down to gently lick and suck on his balls. She loved the taste and feel of his dick in her mouth, especially when it was covered with her own juices. When she heard him groan, she grinned and then took his whole length into her mouth until it made her gag gently. She pulled her head back and looked up at Shawn. He looked so hot standing before her, legs spread, sexy lips parted, his deep, passion-dark eyes watching her suck his dick. She took his saliva-covered dick in her little hand and slid up the shaft, enjoying the hard, smooth feel of him in her hand. Watching him, she slid his dick deep in her mouth again, delighted when it made him groan aloud. She began fucking him with her mouth, building speed and pressure.

Suddenly, he reached down, grabbed her by her arms and lifted her. “You'll make me cum if you keep doing that.” Melissa only grinned naughtily at him and licked her glistening lips. “I have other plans for you today...” At that, Shawn again spun her around and bent her over the bed. Taking his dick—slick with her spit and cum, in his hand, he again pressed the head against her tight little ass hole.

Melissa wasn't surprised this time. In fact, it felt incredible. When Shawn kept his dick pressed against her and reached around to rub her clit with his hand, she knew what she wanted. Arching her back, she pressed back against him. Slowly, she felt the thick head of him ease into her ass. Melissa froze, allowing her body to stretch and accommodate him. God, he was huge. Gentle now, Shawn held her hips, letting her set the pace and movements as she slowly moved back and forth, easing him into her tight little ass. Melissa couldn't breath. It hurt, but it hurt in the most incredibly amazing way. She wanted him all the way in her, fucking her ass the way she'd seen in movies, but wasn't sure if she could take all of him. After all, she could barely take all of him in her pussy. Still, she wanted to try—it felt too amazing to stop now.

Rocking against him, she took him deeper and deeper. “Do you like it, baby?” His voice was deep and soft...she could hear how much it turned him on to be buried in her ass.

“I do...” suddenly, he was all the way in her. Melissa cried out in pleasure. Never had anything felt so uniquely amazing. Bracing herself on her hands, she flipped her hair back and cried out, 'Fuck me, Shawn...fuck my ass! Please!”

It was all the invitation he needed. Holding her hips, he began to fuck her ass in hard, long strokes. It felt so tight and good, he didn't know how long he could last, but was determined to wait until Melissa came again.

He didn't have to wait long. On a long cry, she began to clench around him. Never had she cum so hard. Her ass squeezed his dick super tight, over and over as the waves of pleasure shot through her whole body. On a groan, Shawn thrust deep and pumped his cum deep into her ass. Over and over he felt himself release into her, filling her completely with a huge load.

Spent, he collapsed on top of her. Together, they slowly regained their breath. Shawn whispered in her ear, 'Happy Birthday, love.” Melissa smiled.

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