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Happy Birthday

Happy birthday. I have a virgin ass hole for you to fuck.

It was his 69 th birthday, and I wanted to do something extra special for my friend and lover. He and I had been together for five years, and it was time to kick it up a notch, I thought. During those five years, we had been almost exclusively oral, blowing each other every chance we got, which was at least daily, and I had been reading about anal sex, not really convinced it could be as great as everyone in the stories said it was. I did everything I could think of to psych myself up for the occasion, read how it was to be done in "The Joys of Gay Sex," read hot accounts of it in magazines and on the Internet, even wrote a few stories where I was the one being fucked - and loving it, fantasized about it while we were 69ing, and using various "training aids" to try to get my ass to get used to the idea of having his cock in it.

On the night of his birthday, one of his friends had invited us out for dinner and drinks, and it turned out to be a surprise birthday party (which I had helped to plan, but under duress, of course, since I wanted him all to myself that evening). Fortunately, it was a weeknight, and it didn’t last too late, so we were able to get home at a decent hour. A good hour, mind you, would have been six o’clock, so we could have showered and had two hours to fuck and suck each other to our hearts’ content before our normal early retirement, but nine thirty was better than midnight. We showered together, as we normally did, taking care to arouse each other significantly in the process, and then we went to the bedroom for our private celebration.

Since it was his birthday, I said, I wanted to give him a special treat, so as he laid on the bed, I retrieved a tube of lube from my dresser drawer, then joined him, kneeling between his legs. Normally, when I blow him solo, I don’t use my hands at all, so he didn’t notice anything different when I bent down and took his hard-on between my lips and started licking the slit with the tip of my tongue. Gradually, I sucked more and more of his cock head into my mouth, licking all around it as I did, until my lips were wrapped around the rim of it. I licked all around it as I savored its pre-cum.

As I was ministering to his cock, I started lubricating my ass with the ooze from the tube. It was slick, like pre-cum, but didn’t dry out as quickly. Once I was slippery enough inside and out for me to get fingers in and out of my ass easily, I started working to spread myself open. As I slipped the first finger into my ass, I took his cock fully into my mouth. It felt good, as I associated the two insertions together. Then as I blew his cock for a few strokes, I finger-fucked my ass, enjoying the sensation.

I backed off to his cock head again when it was time to adjust to two fingers, and again, inserted his cock and my fingers simultaneously. It worked again, and I was convinced I had found a good solution to my doubts of anal sex enjoyment. I’m not flexible enough to get three fingers into my own ass hole, but my lover’s cock was slender, so I decided to go for it.

I took my mouth off his cock before he came for the first time since I’d known him, and he raised his head in surprise. I quickly shifted positions onto my back beside him, my knees drawn up to my chest, and said, "Happy birthday. I have a virgin ass hole for you to fuck." It didn’t take him three seconds to assume the position and press his cock head up against my ass hole. He entered slowly, but completely, and as he did, I imagined I was sucking his cock, still.

Once inside, he rested and waited, and only when I started wiggling and fucking from beneath him did he start moving again. His strokes were slow and shallow, at first, but as his pressure built and his balls filled with the fire of passion, the speed and length increased to full until he came inside me. I knew he came, because he quivered and grunted and cried out, "O God, I’m cumming!" I didn’t feel his hot cum splashing inside me, as I had read about in the stories, though, and thought, maybe I just was distracted by his obvious joy.

"Do it again," I said, as he showed no signs of stopping, and he didn’t stop. He did slow down, though, until his cock could tolerate the motion again, then he fucked to orgasm a second time, a third time, and a fourth time. "Let me turn over and take it like a dog," I said, hoping it would be a whole new sensation for me, too.

He backed out of my ass long enough for me to turn onto my knees and pull some bolsters up under my chest for support, and then he was right back in, up to his balls in my ass. It was different. This time, as he fucked me, I could feel his pendulous balls banging against mine, adding just a little twinge of pleasureful pain with each bump. It didn’t take him long to cum a fifth time, and when I prompted him to do it again, he almost immediately came again for an even six-pack in my ass.

We were both sweating in the summer heat, by then, and after six bouts of cumming, I didn’t think he’d have the energy to walk to the shower, but he did, so we bathed each other a second time, and returned to the bed. I, of course, was still hard, and to my utter amazement, so was he, so we turned for our more usual 69 blowjobs, and I noticed three things. One, even though I had washed his cock thoroughly, I still tasted my ass on his cock (but didn’t object to the taste, considering the reason for it tasting that way). Two, my cock had been dripping pre-cum onto the sheets the whole while during his last two fuckings, so my face was now lying in my own ooze (but I didn’t object to it, because I often fantasized about bathing in pre-cum, or even cum). And three, he still had enough cum left in his old balls to full my mouth (and of course, I didn’t object to that, either).

I decided that I don’t care for butt-fucking nearly as much as I do cock-sucking, and I’m still convinced that nobody could possibly enjoy it as much as the accounts I read about in the stories. But I’m also convinced I gave it a good try before coming to that conclusion. I gave him a whole month, 31 days, to convert me to it. It was totally worth it, though, giving my special someone that one part of me that nobody else had gotten before, or has gotten since he departed.

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