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He met her at the bar

  It was late, he was ready to leave.  He feels the night has been a waste.  When he arrived earlier, he had hoped to find someone.  But all he had seen were young women, 20 something.  That would not do.  The young ones do not appeal to him.  He wanted someone with experience, someone who knows what she wants.
Her friends made her do it.  She normally does not dress like this.  The top was way too revealing, her 38D breast were almost spilling out of her bra.  The skirt was short, she had never worn one so short.  Her shoes were very high.  She had long legs, and with the short skirt, and high heels, they seem to go on forever.  
She walked in with her friends, all eyes turn to look at them, they found a table right up near the dance floor.  The waitress took their orders, and was back shortly with the drinks.
She got up with her friends to dance a fast number.  They danced a few songs.  All the men were watching the 5 ladies.  The rubbing, the touching, the close contact was making them look hot.
He was watching her.  She caught his eye, she smiled.  When a slow song came on, he asked her to dance.  She said yes.
First, he had his hands on her back.  Slowly he moved them down, she didn't complain, so he put his hands on her ass.  He was feeling her, she wasn't wearing any panties.  He got excited, he couldn't hide the bulge.
She felt it, the bulge.  
He whispers to her, "I like to feel your ass. I'd also like to stick my dick in your ass."
She replies "I'm not sure I'm up to that. I've never had anal." 
He says "It's a shame, you would really enjoy it.  I have a room upstairs, we could go up and I could show you the joys of anal.  I will be gentle."
She says, "But I'm here with my friends and I don't normally go off with strangers." 
He says, "Go tell your friends, you met a handsome guy and you will be going, I will take very good care of you, I will drive you home in the morning."
She says "I suppose I could."
She walks away, she talks to her friends.  She is back.  He takes her by the hand, they walk to the elevator. 
In the elevator, he can't seem to keep his hands off her.  He feels her tits through her shirt.  They feel great, they are nice and big.  He can't wait to get is dick between them.  His hands roam down her body. She has wonderful curves.  He makes his way down.  He grabs her ass and squeeze.  He's excited he can't wait to rub his dick all over her ass cheeks.  Then he moves his hands to the front, he feels her mound.  The heat penetrates.  He finds her clit, she moans.  He pushes a finger in her cunt, she is very wet.  
The elevator stops, they make their way to the room.  He closes the door behind them.  He turns to her.  She smiles.  He slowly moves up to her and kisses her.  She puts her arms around him and kisses him back.
She pulls his shirt off.  She rubs his chest. He has hair there, not alot, but enough.  She likes a bit of hair on a man's chest.  She moves her hands down to his jeans.  She unbuttons them and pulls them down.  He stands there only in his shorts.  His dick is hard, she can see the bulge, she can feel the bulge.  She rubs him.  She pulls his shorts down.  She admires his dick.  He is big.  She starts to give him a hand job, but she wants that dick in her mouth.  
First, she licks from the base by his balls, slowly to the tip.  She licks it like it's a lolly pop.  He enjoys it.  Then without warning, she takes the head in her mouth.  He moans,  "hmmmm, that feels good."  She can taste a bit of pre-cum.  She takes more of his dick.  He can't stand it anymore, he grabs her head and fucks her.  At first, she gags a bit, but she's good, she quickly takes him all.  He yells, "I'm cumming."  She swallows most of it, but he squirts 5 or 6 times, and the cums slowly leaks out.  She licks her lips.
He tells her, "That was so hot."
"I'm glad you like it, but now it's my turn."
He lays her on the bed.  He knows exactly what he wants to do to her.  He takes her top and bra off.  "Wow, they are so beautiful."
He sucks on the left breast, while pinching the right.  He then switches.  She moans.  After about 10 minutes, he starts to kiss his way down to her belly, he circles around her belly button.  She has a belly button ring, he plays with it for a moment.  He pulls her skirt down, he keeps kissing from her belly button down to her mound.  She is trembling.  "Are you cold?"  "No"  She is trembling at the anticipation.
He finds her clit and kisses it, she moans "hmm".  He starts to lick her clit and reaches her pussy lips.  He licks and sucks on her clit and pussy lip.  He sticks his finger in her pussy.  She bucks, "hmmmm, that feels so good."  He sticks a second and third finger into her pussy, she is so wet.  "Oh, oh, oh, I'm cumming."  She cums all over his face.  He licks all her juices.
He then moves over to lay down beside her.  They both rest for a bit.
She says, "That was wonderful."
He says, "There's more to come, just rest a bit."
They chatted for a few minutes about themselves.
His hands started to roam over her breast.  "Oh, I love your tits so much.  They are so big. I want to fuck your tits now."
He brings his dick up to her mouth, so she can make him hard again.  Now he gets on top of her, she holds her tits together and he fucks her tits.
He is so hard, he puts his dick in her pussy, she is so tight.  He fucks her slowly at first, until she seems to be more relaxed.  Then he fucks her hard and fast.  He slows down for a bit and then rams it back in hard.  He pulls out and turns her over on all fours, then sticks his dick back in her pussy.  She is so wet.  He massages her ass while he fucks her.  "I love your ass, it's so hot."
He takes some of her cunt juices on his fingers and brings it up to her ass.  He massages her asshole.  She moans, "hmmm, I'm not sure about this."  "Just relax baby, I'll be gentle, and you will enjoy it."  He keeps probing at her hole.  He puts more of her dripping cunt juices on her hole.  Then he sticks his finger in her asshole.  She moans, "hmm" but it hurts a bit.  He doesn't move his finger.  Then he feels her relax a bit, he moves his finger in and out a couple times.  "hmmmm."  She starts to move with him, pushing his finger into her a bit more.  Then he sticks a second figure in her hole. She starts to buck.  She is so horny.  He quickly takes his dick out of her pussy and rams it in her ass.  She yells, "aargh", but then as he moves in and out of her she quickly starts to enjoy it.  She pushes back into him, "hmmmm, man that feels great."  She brings her hand to her pussy and rubs. "Oh, oh, oh, I'm going to cum."  "Oh I'm going to cum too"
As she feels his dick stiffening, she feels her orgasm.  He squirts in her ass.  
He pulls out and lays beside her.  They are both tired.  They fall asleep.
She wakes up before him.  She watches him breathing, he snores.  She starts to rub his chest and works down to his dick.  He is soft, she sucks his dick she likes feeling a dick grow in her mouth.  He wakes up.  She looks up to him. 
"Hi, honey, how did you sleep?" 
"Wonderful and you?" 
"I slept very well." 
"We should get up, take a shower,  it's time to go."
"I hope we can do this again, soon."
"I'd like that too."  
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