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He Was My Teacher PT 2

He pulled me back up to him, so we were both standing up. Hehad a sly look in his eyes, one that I had seen before when he was punishing the boys. “Now, you have been a very naughty girl haven’t you, Marsha?” he raised an eyebrow and kissed down my neck, down to my left breast. He took it in his mouth and bit it, his hand slipping down to my ass. I whimpered as he bit, but then he flicked his tongue on my perfectly erect nipple. It sent the strongest vibes down my back to my clit, making me shudder with joy. “Please just fuck me...” I groaned, I couldn’t believe I said it, but that was what I wanted.

“You have to be nice to me first. Let me do what I want.” He smirked and began what was supposed to be my punishment. His index finger slipped straight into my pussy walls hard, reaching the top. I little out a little yelp and rested my head on his shoulder, biting into it so that I didn’t make too much noise. I couldn’t let the game away, let anyone know that we were doing such a thing as this. His finger drove deep into me flicking against my velvet walls as my knees were about to collapse, my teeth digging further into his skin as he pushed his finger deep into me. I let out a low groan which made him slap my ass hard, leaving a read mark. “You’re gonna get it now, bitch.”

He pushed me over so my hands were resting against the wall, and quickly pushed into my wet, soaking pussy, his nine inches filling me up quickly, and all I could do was cry out. He grabbed a hold of my hair and began to pound in to me, his balls slapping against me hard each time he pushed back in. He felt so good in my tight little cunt, it was amazing. Shouting out how much I needed him, how I needed his cum in me, but all he did was grunt and slap my ass, pulling on my hair with his other hand.

“HARDER. FUCKING HARDER!” I yelled out as I pushed back in to him, my legs going weak as I got down to the floor. He growled and knelt behind me, but smirked. He never put his dick pack in, just stared at me. That’s when I felt it. His wet middle finger pushed against my virgin ass hole, and slipped in. I cried out and bit hard on my lip, I wanted to beg him to stop but something was telling me to let him carry on, like something wanted me to let him do this. Was I mad? No. I was just his slut, his dirty little young slut that he could use for whatever he wanted. He finger slowly pushed into my ass hole, and he just left it there, as he kissed up my back. Gently pushing it in and out, he began to whisper what a dirty little slut I was, what a whore I was, how I belonged to him now. I nodded and tilted my head back, grinning a little as I kissed him roughly, as his finger worked in my ass.

“Time for another one, baby.” He winked, pulling his finger out, and pushed two fingers into my mouth, and the only thing I could do was lick and suck them. I grinned as I did, and then turned my head to watch him push them into my tight butt. I bit down on my lip again, but I got used to it, and soon, was yearning for more, for something bigger. He realised this, and stood behind me, spitting down on my butt hole before pushing the head of his cock in, as it slid in easily. A brisk shout of ‘FUCK’ and that is just what he did to me. He fucked me, good and proper, making me beg for mercy as he slapped my ass hard with his rough palms. His 9 inches felt so good, I could feel it all in me.

This must of gone on for at least half an hour, I’m not sure, I blacked out for a little while from the intensity of all the times I came. But then I felt him slow down, I felt his thrusts get deeper, and then I felt his cum spurt deep into my ass hole, so forceful it pushed his dick out. He pulled out of me and grinned as his hot sticky cum poured out, and dripped on to the floor. I blushed as I stood up and stretched my back, yawning as I rubbed my eyes, and he pulled me into a hug, and I felt safe. Wanted. I knew this wasn’t the last time this was going to happen.

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