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Holly's First Day

Holly gets morning present from her boyfriend and then a welcome gift from her new boss...
Holly's ear-piercing alarm sounded at 5.30AM. That was in short - too early. It was Holly's first day before her first ever job as a temp in an office. She was face down in her pillow and sprawled out on the bed in her bra and underwear and didn't have the strength to pull herself out of bed. She tossed around a little and managed to pull herself over until she was lying on her back facing the ceiling.

At that time, Alex her boyfriend walked out the bathroom. He was naked and Holly couldn't help but notice his long masculine cock hanging down like a python between his legs. As Alex walked past the bed, he instantly saw Holly's nipples through her bra growing at sight of his dick.

Alex looked at her beautiful green ivy eyes and gave her a smile. "Morning baby," he said.

"Don't you worry," Holly said with a cheeky smile, "I can see your cock growing from the look of my tits!"

"Well," Alex said, "If you hurry up and get ready for work in your hot dress, then I'll give you a present before you go!"

Holly didn't reply, she just jumped out of bed with newfound strength and ran into the bathroom to get ready.

About twenty minutes later, Holly came downstairs and into her kitchen. She went over to the bench and began tidy up. Suddenly, she felt Alex grab her around the waist and she felt something press up against her. Without saying a word, he bent her over the bench and pulled down her panties. Pulling up Holly's dress above her arse, Alex separated her cheeks and rubbed her hole with lube. Holly had longed to feel Alex's python inside her tight butthole since he had been away on holiday. He had only returned last night, so he deserved something as a welcome home.

Once Alex had finished caressing Holly's hole, she was ready to be penetrated. She could feel Alex's breath on the nape of her neck and it made her hair stand on end. She was pushed against the bench as Alex slowly push his snake into her arsehole. Holly groaned as he pushed it further and further in, and then Alex began to pulse in and out slowly, taking the whole of his dick in and out, the full length. Neither of the two said a word, they were both too indulged in the moment and both moaned at every thrust. Holly gripped the bench as Alex slowly tugged on her long, lush blonde hair, and began to pulse faster, until he was fucking her as hard as he could.

Eventually, Alex came close to the point of cumming, so he pulled his dick out and pushed Holly to her knees. He piled his dick into her mouth and filled the back of her throat with warm, sticky cum. Holly looked up at him with a mouthful of cum. Alex smiled at her and she closed her luscious mouth and swallowed all of it. Holly's dress was still relatively clean, so she pulled her panties up and her dress down and then finished getting ready for work. As she turned to leave the kitchen, she kissed Alex on the cheek and whispered, 'I love you' in his ear.

As Holly got into her car, she sorted out her hair, and drove to work.


Once she'd reached work about twenty minutes later, she got out of her car and made her way to the offices. Holly placed her stuff down on her desk and went to meet her new boss.

"Ah, Holly do take a seat." Tim greeted her with a smile and gestured her to a seat. Holly took a seat and shook Tim's hand. Tim was young - about twenty-five - and had beautiful blue eyes, which complimented the green tint of Holly's. Holly couldn't resist staring lustfully into Tim's eyes, and she noticed by his eye angle that he couldn't keep his eyes off her standing nipples through her dress as he talked to her and welcomed her to the offices. Holly wasn't listening to him, and Tim didn't even notice. When she had eventually clicked out of her trance, they both looked at each other.

"So is that all okay Holly?" Tim said.

"Yeah," Holly replied slowly, still staring into the beautiful blue. His eyes had the depth of the ocean and the vast beauty of the sky, and would have overwhelmed any woman.

"Come back to my office after work when everyone has gone home," Tim said, "I have some - some - jobs for you to do."

Holly smiled cheekily and nodded, and stood up. She turned to walk away but 'accidentally' dropped her pen on the floor. She pulled her dress up a tiny bit as she bent over to pick up the pen up, Tim got a nice full view of her red lace panties. Once Holly stood up straight, she left the office.


After all of the other people had left the work area, Holly went to Tim's office to see what her job list was. As she walked in, Tim stood up from his chair and walked over to her. Suddenly, he grabbed her by the hair, pulled it, making her screech and dragged her over to his desk. He bent Holly over the desk and began to spank her arse over her dress. Holly began to cry, so he continued to spank harder until she was begging him to stop. Tim dropped Holly on the floor, and began to unzip his trousers. Holly was lying on the floor rubbing her bottom to make the pain go away. Her panties were soaked and she could feel her juices running down her thigh.

Tim approached Holly and got her onto her knees. Without waiting he thrust his cock into her mouth and straight down her throat. The immense girth filled her throat and made her choke. Tim kept his cock in her throat for long intervals, making her struggle for air. Every do often he would give her face a slap to make her push it deeper into her throat. Tim took off his tie and blindfolded Holly, so she could not see what he was about to do. She was blind, and up on her knees. Suddenly - slap! A hard smack hit her left breast and she fell to the ground.
"My pussy is dripping, please fuck it sir, please!" Holly began to cry. "Abuse me, sir. I want to be bruised."

Tim did not reply, instead he pulled her along the ground by her hair all the way to the women's bathroom. Bending Holly over the sink counter, he pulled her dress up over her arse and pulled down her panties. He rubbed his cock against her pussy to get it wet, and then spat on her asshole, to get it nice and wet. Slowly, he inserted it into her ass, and Holly's breath was taken away. Inch by inch, Tim pushed until she cock was totally inside of her ass. It was so long Holly thought it would nearly be touching her stomach! Tim held her down over the sinks and fucked her brutally, sliding his cock quickly in and out. Whilst pounding her, he put a plug in the sink and filled in with water. Once it was filled he pushed Holly's head into it while he fucked her, and then pulled it back out so she could breathe. He did this continuously whilst he fucked her up the arse, each time making her scream louder and louder each time she came up from the sink.

Tim reached around to her pussy and began to slap it as hard as he could, making Holly pee all over his hand. He stuck two fingers in and pounded her pussy until the pee was followed by cum. Removing his cock, he pushed Holly onto the floor and made her lick up her cum from the floor until she had it all removed.

"Tim, I want you to cum in my pussy. I don't let my boyfriend do that, it's only in my mouth. But I don't care, just fill me up like a spunk dump." Holly began to suck his cock as fast as she could, ramming it down her throat like it was chocolate. Tim picked her up and sat her on the counter. He placed his cock in her pussy and then began to fuck her whilst tickling her clit. Tim felt the delightful spills of cum from Holly's pussy, and he became harder and harder at the smell of her secret cave. Holly was red in the face, and she moaned in excitement when Tim's hot spunk filled her pussy. It warmed her insides up nicely and made her breathe a sigh of relief. The cum came dribbling back out, so she licked it from her fingers. Tim kissed Holly tenderly.

"Be back early tomorrow for another fuck you dirty slut," Tim said as he did his trousers up. Then, without another word he left the bathroom and went home, leaving Holly in a state of euphoria...

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