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Hot passion, cold nights

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This story links to the story “A Warm Shower in Cold Norway” and is about a foreign colleague I met during a military exercise.

After Dalia and I spent a very good time in the women’s showers I had to return to the exercise and Dalia had to go home for her daughters. But she did not leave without telling me she made reservations at a hotel for the last day I would be in Norway.

The last days of the exercise were very boring and anyone who has ever participated in a military exercise will know that an exercise will always go out like a candle. There are many small final things to wrap up, cleaning and dismantling the head quarters.

On the final day, I wrapped up my stuff from the operations room and walked to my tent to collect my gear and personal stuff. With big bags hanging all over my body, I left the tent and walked to the car that was going to drive me back to the barracks. One of my Norwegian colleagues helped me get my stuff into the vehicle.

When we arrived at the barracks I thanked him and I went inside the building. Once inside the building I entered a typical dull military room. As soon as I dropped my bags on the ground I took a towel and clean civilian clothes from my duffel bag. Going down to the showers I realized I was very horny again. The anticipation of having a sexual encounter at the end of the exercise made my fantasy go crazy.

I entered the shower stall and let the warm water run from the shower. Stepping under the warm water sent a shiver down my spine, it made me feel relaxed and my cock turn hard. Since I wanted to last longer with Dalia then during our shower adventure I decided to release the tension a bit.

I poured the shower gel over my cock and I started massaging it with my hand. I thought of Dalia and how good her warm pussy felt around my cock. I watched how my hand moved over my cock. Then I started cumming.

I washed myself, to be all clean again. Finally I left the shower and went back to my room. Looking at my watch I realized that Dalia would be here in a couple of minutes. Quickly I put my clothes on. While I walked outside I could see a car driving up the small road, it was Dalia.

Opening the passenger door I got in to the car and greeted her with a long kiss. As I dropped my bag on the back seat I noticed an other big bag standing on the back seat.

‘What is in that big bag?’ I asked Dalia.

‘Some food, wine and a surprise. I didn’t want to go out in public so I thought we could have some nice sandwiches in our room.’

I agreed with Dalia.

We checked into our room at the hotel desk and walked up the stairs to our room. Dalia opened the door and I let her enter the room the room first. It was a lovely room, a very nice bed and bath.

We unpacked our bags and Dalia placed the sandwiches together with the wine on the table. She suggested we take a nice warm bath first. In the bathroom I poured some bath oil in to the tub while opening the tab. Feeling the water with my hand I felt it was just right. I turned around to get undressed and I saw that Dalia was already undressing.

Her jeans dropped to the ground revealing some really nice red panties underneath. Slowly she unbuttoned her blouse that revealed a bra of the same colour. She unclipped her bra and her beautiful breasts fell from the bra cups. I walked over to kiss her nipples. It was a great feeling, her nipple between my lips.

 I could feel her hands on my hips, and then my pants dropped to the ground, shortly followed by my shirt. We stepped in to bath and I rubbed her back with shower gel. My hands moved to her front to cup her breasts and I started massaging them with the shower gel. All relaxed she lay against my tummy while I slid my hands towards her vulva. With my fingers I spread her pussy lips to massage her clit. She parted her legs some more. During our kissing I massaged her to a climax.

‘Very nice Alex.’

‘Glad you liked it my Dalia.’

‘Very much and I want more, but first I want some food.’

We left the bath tub and I dried her with a white hotel towel. While drying her I teased her pussy and breasts some more. My tongue ran between her pussy lips up through her ass cheeks. Then she started drying my body. When Dalia moved down my body with the towel she dropped to her knees. Her lips surrounded my hard cock and her tongue flicked the tip of my cock, sucking my cock for a few minutes. When she was finished everything was dry but my cock.

‘Are you ready for some wine?’, Dalia asked me.

‘Of course’, I replied.

We walked into the bedroom and I opened the bottle of wine. While I filled the glasses with wine Dalia got the sandwiches from the table . We toasted with the wine. Naked on the bed we drank the wine, all kinds of naughty ideas crossed my mind. I spilled some wine from my glass over her breasts. I watched as the red fluid trickled over her white breasts.

‘Oops seems I spilled some wine over your breasts, now I must clean it.’

Dalia laughed and answered, ‘Y,es clean it with your tongue.’

With my tongue I licked the wine from her breasts, while doing that I spilled some wine over her pussy.

‘A good excuse to check out your pussy’, I said.

I spread her legs giving me a good view at her nice pussy and hard clit. Licking the wine from her vulva, I tasted her pussy with my tongue.

When I was finished with licking the wine from her pussy I asked her if she would like a massage. She answered positively, so I stood up and got the massage oil from my bag.

Dalia lay down on her tummy on the bed. I sat down with Dalia her legs between my legs. The oil ran in to the palm of my hand to warm it. Gently I placed my hands on her shoulders and massaged her neck and shoulders. I could feel her relax under my hands, like hot wax. Slowly but surely I massaged my way down her back, until I reached the edge of her ass cheeks. I picked up the oil bottle again and let the oil ran over her ass cheeks. Her ass was glistening from the oil.

With my firm hands I started to massage her ass. Dalia started to sigh. After a couple of minutes of massaging her ass cheeks, I spread them revealing her tight hole. I ran a finger through her crack to oil it. With my legs I parted her legs. While I spread her legs I saw her pussy lips part. The spreading her pussy lips revealed she was wet. I could see the juices flowing from her pussy.

Gently with the tip of my finger I massaged her clit. The tip of my finger ran between her pussy lips, my finger getting wet. I ran it up through the crack of her ass, stopping at her ass-hole to massage it with my finger.

I dove with my face between her legs. I could see her pussy up close and the outline of her pussy lips. I pushed my tongue between her lips so I could taste her wetness. My tongue licked the inside of her pussy and I could hear Dalia moan. The wetness of her pussy tingled my tongue.

Pulling back the clit hood revealed her big hard clit. Then I started to massage her clit with my tongue and her moaning got louder. My finger massaged her ass-hole gently, my wet finger slowly sank deeper into her ass-hole. Dalia arched her ass up and pushed my finger all the way into her ass-hole. I started finger fucking her ass-hole. My lips encircled her clit and I sucked on it. Placing a second finger on her ass-hole I gently pushed it inside. Now I was finger fucking her ass with two fingers and sucking her clit between my lips.

I could see Dalia reach under the bed with her hand.

‘Here is the surprise Alex.’

She handed me a big glass dildo.

‘Please fill my pussy with the dildo.’

With my free hand I took the dildo and placed the tip between her pussy lips. Gently I moved the dildo deeper inside her pussy, pushing her juices out. I could see some drops run over the dildo. I started fucking her pussy with the dildo and her ass with my fingers. While being busy with my fingers my tongue pleased her clit. It didn’t take long before Dalia was cumming again.

With the dildo buried deep inside her pussy I got another naughty idea. I pulled my fingers out of her ass and positioned myself between he legs. My rock hard cock was throbbing from the idea. I grabbed the oil and let it drop between her ass crack. My hands spread her ass cheeks and I pushed my cock between the cheeks, my cock got wet from the oil.

For a moment I could see the dildo slide out her pussy. I pushed back deep inside her pussy. Then I guided the tip of cock towards her ass-hole.

‘Oh you are a naughty boy Alex, fill my ass my dirty man.’

Slowly I pushed my cock inside her ass, with it inside her ass I saw her ass-hole stretch. I buried the full length of my cock inside her ass. I started rocking her ass and I could feel Dalia pushing back. With every push I fuck her ass with my cock and her pussy with the dildo, a double penetration.

I felt her ass tight around my cock and with every trust I felt my skin wrinkle back. Every time I thrust backward the dildo slid a bit out of Dalia’s pussy, to be pushed back in again when I trusted forward again.

I placed my hands on her hips to increase the rhythm. Dalia started moaning louder and louder. She was cumming and begged me to shoot my load inside her.

Only a few seconds later I granted her that wish as I shot my hot cum deep inside her ass. Dalia tightened her ass as I came. Satisfied, we relax and dropped on the bed. Gently I pulled my cock from her ass as Dalia kissed me.

‘This was great Alex, a lovely double penetration.’

While I sat next to her I could see the dildo slowly sliding out her pussy, all wet from her pussy juices. We were both completely satisfied from the day's exercises.

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