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How I Want It?

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Bend Me Over
I'm in my bed after a long day at work and can't sleep, so I decide a nice orgasm is just the cure I need. I start by kicking off the covers and lying back. I palm my 36D breasts, squeezing them, and lightly rubbing them, making the nipples begin to poke out.

My pussy starts to get damp and my lips swell. I start pinching my nipples and slightly pulling them when I'm roughly grabbed and turned onto my stomach. My wrists are tied to the headboard, and a pillow roughly shoved under my hips, raising my ass into the air.

I feel the bed dip, and my legs are spread, as someone settles between them. Hot breath brushes my ear when you whisper, "You've been bad. You're not supposed to play with yourself. That's my job."

"I'm sorry. I just could not sleep. I'll be good. I promise."

You laugh. "I know, but first you must be punished. Don't move."

You leave the bed to remove your clothes, I hear the rustling, and turn my head to look, and see a massive cock that is only half hard. I start to whimper, Knowing that I wont be able to take such a massive cock in my little pussy.

I beg, "Please, I don't think I can take that in my pussy."

You move to my head, kneeling up on the bed, and say, "Open your mouth and suck me good, and I will consider going easy on you."

I open my mouth as wide as I can, and engulf as much of your cock as possible. You pull my hair, forcing me to take more, all the way into my throat. I gag a little, at the sheer size and thickness, as your cock stretches my throat around the shaft. My eyes start tearing up, as I deepthroat you over and over. Your cock is full length now, and you have 8 inches in my mouth and down my throat, and there is still four or five not even used. It's hard to tell exactly, because you are moving so fast and hard in my throat.

"That's it, swallow that cock. Do you think you can take more? I think you can, you love cock, don't you, baby?" You start shoving more down my throat with each thrust.

After what seems like forever of you fucking my throat you start slapping my ass and thighs with your free hand, making me moan. The hard crack of your hand on my ass, and the throat fuck you are giving me is making me very wet. Thinking about the cock that is ravaging my throat, makes me want it in my pussy, but I know it is too thick for my narrow passage.

"I think you like my thick cock in your throat. Just look at that rosy red ass as of yours." You pull your engorged cock from my abused throat and say, "You sure you can't take it in your pussy? You feel like you could take all I have to give and then some," as you are running your hands over my well warmed ass cheeks.

"No, please, it won't fit. I beg you please," I rasp out of my sore throat.

"Well you still have to be punished."

"But I thought that's why you spanked me and fucked my throat."

"It was meant to be, but you enjoyed it too much, that means I will have to punish you differently."

"What are you going to do?"

"Hush now. You will find out soon enough," you reply.

I feel you move back between my legs, and move up close. You readjusts me until my legs are draped over your thighs, and lay your cock in the crevice of my ass. You reach forward and around grabbing hold of my stiff nipples, giving them hard pinches and pulls, making my juices run.

As you are tugging on my nipples, you start thrusting your cock between my ass checks. Soon I have no choice but to respond to the pain and pleasure in my nipples and start to moan and rock my hips, helping you thrust your cock deeper into the cradle of my ass.

Seeing and hearing my pleasure at your expertise, you start to twist my nipples back and forth, causing me to moan louder, and rock harder. This causes your cock to slide down and into the notch of my pussy, getting it very wet from all my juices.

You move your hips and reposition your cock right at my asshole. Then you lean down and start biting on my earlobe and neck, all the while making sure my nipples are being properly twisted. Then you pull my nipples hard and twist, as you start putting pressure against my tiniest hole.

"Oh, God." I moan as I feel your enormous cock start to open me.

"You said you couldn't take it in your pussy, so I'm going to have your asshole then."

"But I've never had it there before. It's to big!" I almost scream. I start to squirm, rocking my hips side to side trying to dislodge you. You have me too well spread and all I'm doing is helping you get in more.

I try to relax but my little asshole is burning from the massive head that it's trying to swallow. The pressure is great as you pinch my nipples harder, and punch your fists into the mattress pulling my nipples really hard. I instinctively arch my back away from your pulling hands, effectively lodging your head in my ass. You use your weight to steadily feed my ass four inches of your cock, and then start thrusting the monster in and out making me take more and more with each thrust, just like you did in my throat.

I'm moaning loudly now. You reach up and untie my hands and tell me to play with my nipples and nothing else. I take on my task with a firmer hand than you had, twisting my nipples all the way around, first one way then the other. You begin slapping my ass again, but harder than before.

It burns so bad but at the same time feels so good. Your spanking is making my hips thrash and my asshole is rhythmically trying to suck the six inches in my ass. I'm steadily fucked in the ass for ten minutes, then you start giving me more again. you don't stop as I beg you, "Please, that's too much. I can't take it."

You just laugh. "Honey, your pussy is too wet for you not to be enjoying it."

You stuff ten inches of your cock up my virgin ass, then grab me by the hair, and sit me up and tell me to, "Ride my cock," which it takes a minute to get a rhythm but soon I forget about your warning of my nipples only, and I reach for my clit. I don't even get to touch my wetness before you have both of my hands in one of yours, and you are using the other to deliver stinging slaps to my exposed clit. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!SLAP!

You then yank your cock from my ass and throw me down on my back on the bed. You tie my hands back to the headboard, throw my ankles over your shoulders, grab your cock and shove it back into my over stretched hole. A few deep thrusts, and you bend over me, bringing my knees to my chest, and grab my breasts, holding them, as you bite my nipples hard, and thrust hard into my asshole. You use your teeth to pull my nipples away from my body, then switch to you fingers.

"I love having my nipples bitten. Do it again, and harder." I moan. You bite my nipples, and ask, "DO you want more?"

"Yes, more please!" I say.

What I don't understand, is that you meant cock. I wanted more biting, but we both get what we want. You force all 14 inches of cock into my ass, as you continue to bite my nipples. The base of your cock is thicker than the rest, and I scream as you bottom out in my anus. You pound my ass that way then turn me back to my knees. You hold me by the hair, back arched, for the deepest penetration, and reach around and start pinching my clit, and slapping it, while ravaging my asshole.

I'm in heaven. It's painful, but in a good way.

You untie me, and lay down. "If you want to cum, ride me, and take it all."

I immediately jump up but when I see your large rod again I know I have to have a taste, so I grab it at the base and start deep throating you again. You grab my hair and feed me more, pushing hard til my eyes roll back in my head.

You let go of my hair and pinch my nipples, pulling them away from my body, and shaking them. I straddle you, position your cock, and slide down. All the way down. And begin to ride, as I hear the nightstand open. The next thing I feel is clamps being attached to my nipples, tightly, very tightly. I moan and thrash harder on the pole in my rectum, and I feel my juices flow down onto his cock and balls.

I can see me riding this massive pole in the mirror across the room on the dresser. It's so sexy. My head thrown back, mouth open gasping, nipples clamped, and riding a thick long cock.

You thrust up at my every down stroke, holding my hips, and grinding me onto his engorged cock, making sure I take it all.

"I'm getting close, and my cock will thicken the closer I get," you say.

I only half hear you as I continue to ride until I feel it start to swell. I slow and come to a stop, thinking it's too much, but you take the choice away from me. You flip me onto my stomach, driving the swelling cock harder into my ass. I scream as I' m reamed. You reach under me pinching my clit, making my screams turn to loud moans. I can feel the orgasm coming.

You roll my clit, pinching and pulling it, as you hold me by the hair for the pummeling you are giving my ass. I come hard, shaking, bucking, onto the shaft impaling me. I feel the cock swell to enormous size as it never tires in reaming me, then suddenly it's gone, and I'm being dragged up and a cock shoved down my throat.

I choke even worse this time cause it's so much thicker than before. You stretch my throat again, forcing your way in deep. You reach over my back and hook all four fingers in my stretched asshole, pulling me harder onto your cock, till you still, buried deep and comes. I feel it shooting down my throat and moan.

You calmly step from the bed and start to dress. After a minute you say, "I will be watching you. If you need me just start to masturbate, and I will come. Of course, so will you." Then you disappeared.

I think I might need to masturbate again real soon.

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