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How It All Began Ch.04

How It All Began Ch.04

Jack likes Fay's surprises, until he meets Fay's mentor - Tanya.
The sounds of car tyres on shingle pebbles roused Jack from his slumber.

Fay gave Jack a small nudge, "Wake up sleepy head."

The car approached the brow of the hill and Jack through sleepy eyes saw Ottershaw Manor loom large in front of him.

There was Gothic, mock-Gothic and many variants of in-between, this place was impressive in dark grey granite, all that was needed was a cloud of vampire bats to complete the look.

"Fucking 'ell." gasped Jack. "Good ol' Auntie Tanya."

Fay gave Jack's hand a little squeeze, turning to look at her, a soft kiss signalled their burgeoning feelings for each other. In the three weeks since their encounter with Karen and Zoe, Jack had noticed that Fay was different around him now. Fay was relaxed, happy and delighted to attend to him; Jack for the first time in his life was contented.

"Cheers mate," as Jack handed a crisp twenty pound note to the driver. "Nah, keep it." as his offered a few coins in change.

As they walked to the reception door, a flunkey walked to Jack.

"Please allow me" gestured the flunkey taking soft leather bags from Jack. Fay preferred to hold on to her dress bag.

"Darling, why don't you get a drink? I need to get ready." suggested Fay.

Jack smiled and added, "Yes, you might be some time."

Fay threw him a look and then radiated another warm smile back, "Just a couple of drinks though, heh?"

"Of course. See you later." replied Jack.

Jack was already smartly dressed; a crisp long-sleeved shirt with his cuffs folded back, pressed twill trousers and shiny clean shoes. Draped over his shoulder was a crumpled linen jacket to add something more bohemian to his more formal attire.

Looking at his watch, it was five o'clock and they were plenty early. Dinner was at seven-thirty and Fay needed to get ready, there was plenty of time.

"Sir, you will find the bar this way." added the flunky.

Jack recoiled with a smile; that salutation was a novelty but feeling parched, he was happy to follow him to the bar.

A vodka-tonic seemed appropriate, Jack could murder a pint but it did not seem right somehow.

"Double please." asked Jack.

His mind had already turned to what Fay was doing in their hotel room and getting ready for their surprise. It struck him how little he knew about what it was. The words 'Fay' and 'surprise' seemed to go together well. Jack cast his mind back to his last surprise, or rather his last shock.

There she was, sat at her small dressing table, naked with her legs spread wide apart. Jack took a sip of his drink remembering that her index and middle fingers splayed her labial lips showing her hole. Recollecting her reclining in her chair, her bare pubic bone was pushed toward the dressing table.

Solitary in the bar, Jack smiled remembering a small blue light of a webcam. Jack smiled wider remembering the shock of realising Fay was showing her goods to a total stranger.

"Never heard of cybersex Jack?" asked Fay perfunctorily. "It's a friend; she's watching me play with my wet cunt."

Jack remembered the 'she' part; he liked that – a lot.

Sipping on his drink, Jack smiled again and tried to recollect who that stranger was.

"Vixen" Jack muttered to himself taking another sip from his drink.

Vixen says: Can I see his cock?

Jack felt a twinge in his trousers, recollecting that Fay and Jack did exactly as she wanted too.

Vixen says: Suck his cock, I want to watch you do it.

And Fay did too until Jack yielded into her mouth, it didn't take long either.

Jack concluded that when Fay had a surprise, she had a surprise. For Jack, the portents of this surprise didn't seem to be in the same league. Her Aunt Tanya was travelling through; it was something of a habit for them to meet for dinner. This time Jack was invited along and truth be told, after a hard week at work, Jack's mind was elsewhere.

At least they would get an overnight stay out of it, Fay would no doubt get a bit pissed, get horny and need some of Jack's cock to calm her down.

He made a mental note, lay off the sauce.

"Er, can you do me a coffee?" Jack asked the barman, pointing to the percolator in the corner.


Staring at the empty coffee cup, a familiar voice calling him broke Jack from his daydreamy thoughts.

Standing by the entrance to the bar in a tight, fitted black dress there was Fay. Jack could see that she looked ill at ease in such an environment as this. Jack felt a sudden urge to protect her; she need not look so vulnerable because she lit up the bar.

The dress fitted her perfectly; held by thick straps over her shoulders, the dress covered her modest décolletage. Jack was dumbfounded, he had never seen Fay look so well dressed and grown-up. It was tailored to her figure and pressed against her waifish body to reveal her subtle curves. Whilst revealing her shape, it remained dignified enough to cover her legs just below the knees. The sheerest of stockings clad her sculpted legs and a pair of roman strapped patent stilettos completed the ensemble.

Jack surveyed her beautiful form and stood up to smile widely at her. Her hair was up displaying her delicate neck. As she walked toward him; the most elegant and understated makeup highlighted Fay's feline cheeks. Small diamond studs earrings matching the sparking of her green eyes and the soft pillow sensuality of her painted full lips invited attention.

Fay walked slowly towards Jack and she reached out to hold each of his arms. Kissing him tenderly, Jack's pride swelled, this was his girl. He could feel the cloying tackiness of her lipstick as she pressed her lips to his.

Opting to sit next to each other on a sofa, a flunkey came over.

"White wine and another vodka-tonic please." asked Jack.


Jack looked to Fay adoringly, whatever he thought about this evening, Fay clearly thought differently.

"You look beautiful Fay, stunning." stated Jack with a sincerity Fay had never heard before.

With a reticent look of embarrassment, Fay smiled awkwardly, "Thank you."

"Babe, what's wrong?" asked Jack with a look of concern.

"Jack," whispered Fay into his ear, "I'm not wearing any knickers."

"Fay!" Jack exclaimed making two of the flunkeys behind look up in their direction.

Fay giggled.

"There is something I must say though." added Fay.

Jack nodded thoughtfully, "Ok".

"Well, it's been five months since we met." stated Fay considerately.

"And?" asked Jack raising an eyebrow half-ready for his 'surprise'.

Fay giggled a little bit and coyly looked at Jack. "I must tell you something, ok?"

"You can tell me anything, please do?" asked Jack still with an air of concern.

"Well, you accept me for who I really am, you are tolerant and you have never judged me." responded Fay.

"Why do I think this is going to end badly?" replied Jack quizzically. "Don't tell me, you're pregnant with a black man's baby?"

The flunkey had timed the arrival of their drinks to perfection; he placed them onto the table.

Deadpan and coolly Fay looked up to the flunkey, "Charge them to the Danesfield Suite please?".


Fay looked a little vexed; the flunkey's interruption had interrupted the moment. Seeing Fay's expression, Jack immediately knew that this was important.

"Jack, seriously?" asked Fay.

Jack laughed a little, "Ok shoot."

Fay lent in and softly kissed him and now Jack feared the worst. Dark thoughts ran through his head, this was the end, someone else had arrived on the scene and their fun was over.

"I love you," whispered Fay.

The first thought through Jack's head was certainly of surprise, yet, he remembered how protective he felt toward her only moments before. Jack knew what this feeling was too. Fay for all her physical deviance had an emotional innocence that always spurred these feelings from him.

Jack reciprocated and kissed her softly, "I love you too," he whispered in return.

"Oh Jack, we are going to have so much fun," sighed Fay with an air of relief.

Jack sensed it was a relief for her to unburden herself.

"Fay?" whispered Jack, "Have you ever loved someone before?"

"No." replied Fay, "I haven't."

Jack kissed her again, tenderly holding her lips to his, Fay melted to its touch. This was not a kiss to arouse the fires inside her; this was a kiss to feed her soul.

"Is this your surprise?" asked Jack.

Fay smiled beautifully at him and said nothing in reply.

"I like your surprises, so I am definitely looking forward to this." replied Jack.


The clink of three crystal glasses coming together was followed by a hearty laugh from three hotel guests.

"A toast to Tanya, thank you for introducing me to the delight of Ottershaw Manor," said Jack.

"Yes, to Tanya, My favourite aunt," replied Fay.

"Step-aunt," corrected Tanya, "from the good looking side of the family."

The three laughed as the glasses clinked again together.

"Oh, Fay excepted of course," added Jack.

Fay smiled at Jack and Tanya at Fay.

Each took their final sips from their glasses to empty them; Jack's was more of a gulp but that was the last of the wine from their second bottle.

Tanya was nothing that Jack had expected; he admired her fine statuesque looks. Her brown lustrous hair cascaded around her face was expensively coiffured and parted to the side. Jack admired how it undulated in loose thick expensively layered waves to frame her facial features. Her mink grey eyes were outlined with a carefully pencilled thick black line and her cerise red painted lips contrasted with her honey sun-kissed skin.

She was not young, Jack could see carefully filled crows feet in the corners of her eyes but they were slight and only added to her charm. Tanya was the youngest of Fay's aunts and put her age at about forty but couldn't remember a fortieth birthday. Tanya's flawless complexion and trim svelte figure were entombed in a tight midnight blue crushed velvet full length gown.

Throughout the evening, Tanya's demeanour and her attire added more sophistication to her persona. Jack couldn't help notice that they had all drawn occasional looks from other diners as the evening had progressed. For Jack, he felt like they were money, it felt good and it was something he could easily get used to.

Jack lost himself for a moment. He appreciated the tightness of her dress as it pushed Tanya's generous cleavage upwards. Tanya whilst aware of Jack's lingering glances did nothing to discourage him; she was happy to be appreciated in that way by a much younger man.

"Seriously though, thank you Tanya." stated Fay.

"Well, it's my pleasure to see such a beautiful young couple enjoy themselves." replied Tanya. "You do seem well matched if I may say so,"

Fay blushed a little.

"If I was ten years younger Fay my darling." added Tanya. "I would give you a run for your money for this one."

It was Jack's turn to feel a flush of pink.

"And Fay?" inquired Tanya with the relish to embarrass them further. "You are a lucky man; you know she is my favourite niece. I hope you are treating her right? No?"

Jack looked down at the table as Tanya and Fay laughed at Jack's attempts to regain his composure.

"Of course," replied Jack, "is it getting hot in here?"

Their laughter was more raucous now as Tanya folded her napkin onto the table

"Excuse me for a moment," asked Tanya.

As Tanya left the table, Jack couldn't help but marvel at her sculptured legs and pert derrière as she sashayed from the table. It was not lost on Fay that Jack was staring at her as she exited the restaurant.

"She's an attractive woman isn't she?" asked Fay.

Switching his attention straight back to Fay, Jack looked flustered; it was wrong to fancy Fay's step-aunt.

Looking at Fay, she smiled knowingly and knowing he had been caught, Jack nervously smiled back.

"It is hard not to notice. Her husband is a very lucky man." replied Jack with an air of tact.

"Bullshit!" laughed Fay, "Put it this way, I fancy her and you've been sneaking a peek at her all night."

She grasped his cock under the table cloth and caught by surprise Jack let out a small and suppressed gasp.

"Fay!" hissed Jack.

"So?" asked Fay more insistently.

"Who could not fancy her?" gasped Jack under his breath. "Shit. Fay! Someone might see.".

"She's quite the vixen, isn't she?" enquired Fay.

Fay watched Jack's cognitive recognition dawn as his face changed from one of playful indignation to one of total shock.

"Erm, Vixen?" stammered Jack.

"Oh yes Jack," said Fay triumphantly, slowing her pronunciation, "Vixen."

"Holy shit!" hissed Jack with a look of incredulity.

Fay squeezed his cock again under the generous linen tablecloth.

"Surprise!" Fay cackled.

Jack was struck mute as he looked at Fay. Fay smiled happily knowing that Jack was playing back every single moment in front of that webcam.

"So would you like to fuck her?" whispered Fay.

Feeling his cock flex, Jack was getting harder as she clutched his thickening shaft.

"Of course I would, she's fucking gorgeous," hissed Jack quietly.

"You know I want to see this cock inside her?" purred Fay, "Ooh, you are getting hard, mind you I'm not surprised."

"Eh?" whispered Jack puzzled.

"Tanya sprinkled something on your dessert while you nipped to the loo," added Fay dabbing the corners of her mouth with her napkin. "Let's just say they are blue and diamond shaped?"

"What!" hissed Jack again, "You mean?"

Fay nodded savouring every moment of this revelation, "It was Tanya's idea really, you see we're both very horny and you are going to need all the help you can get."

Jack looked worried as Fay softly rubbed the flat of her hand over his burgeoning cock.

"You're enjoying this, aren’t you?" asked Jack anxiously.

Fay's tongue ran provocatively and coquettishly across her upper lip as Jack's mind raced at the incredible possibilities of Fay and Tanya together.

Fay lent over moving her mouth closer to her ear, "Not half as much as you will be shortly."

In the days after fucking Karen and Zoe, they fantasised together that they would fuck an older woman. In Jack's shocked realisation that Fay had planned this, he moved away to look her in the eyes. This was no joke; they conveyed her lust for him. Jack felt flushed and his skin burned, as his heart raced; he felt parched and reached for his water glass.

"Fucking hell Fay, you mean?" whispered Jack with a thick air of incredulity.

"Oh yes, Tanya and I have been special friends for a long time." replied Fay, "She's taught me almost everything I know."

"Wow," croaked Jack feebly.

"It was only a matter of time Jack," added Fay, "she really enjoyed seeing your hard cock cumming in my mouth."

"Fay!" exclaimed Jack fearing being overheard.

Jack took a sip of his water.

Leaning forwards again, Fay approached Jack's ear. "It was only half a tablet of Viagra." purred Fay, "Tanya really wants to fuck you and you are going to need to last all night for us both."

"Oh God," whispered Jack helplessly as lust overrode his rational mind, "I want you so badly."

"I'm so fucking horny," purred Fay, "Tanya is a demanding lover too. Could you manage both of us?"

Fay released Jack's hard cock and sat back in her chair, congratulating herself that her work was done. Jack was always so pliant when he was aroused. Now that the truth was out, Fay knew that all she had to do now was simply lead Jack to her suite.

A look of concern spread across Jack's face.

"Fay, she's married." said Jack.

"Relax. They are estranged." replied Fay. "I think he's twenty years her senior, she is going to be gagging for it."

"Oh fuck." whispered Jack.

"He always knew about her needs and turned a blind eye anyway. He does not know about me and Tanya though," added Fay, "You are good with secrets Jack? Remember?"

"Yes I am Fay," said Jack solemnly.

"Good. This is your reward," Fay replied, "and if Tanya likes you, this could become a regular thing and I know you would like that."

Fay smiled as she reclined into her chair again and she pulled her arms up into a stretch. Jack watched as she revealed her hard nipples under her dress.

"She is in the adjoining suite to us." added Fay.

Before Jack could ask any more questions, a dark shadow loomed over the table. Jack and Fay looked up, it was an Ottershaw flunkey.

"Perfect timing." muttered Jack under his breath; exasperated.

"Fay Andrews?" spoke the flunkey.

"Yes. That's me," confirmed Fay.

"I have a message. Tanya apologises for her absence and asks if you would both like to join her for champagne on her balcony?" enquired the flunkey.

"Thank you." replied Fay.

The flunkey walked away from the table and Fay looked at Jack, a wreck of lust and apprehension.

"Come on Jack, show time." laughed Fay throwing her napkin down and standing from her chair.


Pushing the door hard against its silent doorman, Jack ran to the bathroom randomly flinging his clothes from his body.

"I need some cold water on my cock," echoed Jack from the bathroom, "then I'll get dressed and we'll go to Tanya's room."

Fay could hear a long sigh from the bathroom mixed with the sound of water splashing.

Jack looked down at his fully erect cock; his balls ached and were tight. The head was deep purple and his foreskin was fully drawn back. His cock looked very thick, its veins were prominent and gorged with blood. Whilst his discomfort had been alleviated, there was no way to disguise that easily in his trousers.

Holding a towel around him, Jack hurriedly left the bathroom to go and retrieve his clothes.

Looking at the opposing wall, Jack froze still, there was a door and it was open. Stunned for a moment, Jack's double take at the door in the wall filled him with anxiety and trepidation.

Fay's words played back in his mind, "Adjoining suites, Adjoining suites."

"Fuck." Jack muttered.

Walking towards the door, it was clear where Fay had gone and in a mix of bravado and curiosity, Jack peered around the door frame.

Frozen to the spot, Jack could see Fay had lost her dress. Kitted out in her stockings, garter belt and her roman patent stilettos; Fay strutted to the expansive bay windows of the suite. His eyes lingered on every slight curve and every bare inch of skin. She was shaved smooth and her soft skin bore a slight reflective hue as it reflected the subtle lighting of the room.

Jack stopped to admire her tight lithe frame and lingered on her perky broad cupped breasts topped with hardened nipples.

"You are such a breast man." giggled Fay, first rubbing and then pulling on her nipples to make them stand out.

"Hello Jack," stated Tanya with an air of calm authority.

"Sweet Jesus!" exclaimed Jack startled at Tanya's voice.

Caught like a rabbit in headlights, Jack froze still.

Looking in the direction of that voice, he could see Tanya was holding two glasses of Champagne.

Jack was entranced by her nakedness; he stood motionless and simply stared at Tanya in front of him.

Tanya without her gown and like Fay, was half naked. Her sun-kissed skin contrasted with her shiny chestnut hair, her full tanned breasts were pressed tight together. They swelled just beyond her trim torso and each of them were capped by a hard nipple pierced with a dumbbell shaped stud. Her figure flared delicately at her hips, and at her groin a cream coloured cock stood proudly held in place by thick black straps. Her legs were clad in sheer black hold ups with fine lace tops and her calves were tightened by a pair of black patent high heels.

"Do come in Jack, and lose that towel?" asked Tanya, her tone was a mix of warmth and assertiveness.

Jack looked to Fay, his expression was one of incredulity. As Jack took one, then two steps into Tanya's suite; he let the plump white towel fall to the floor.

Reacquainted with his naked body, Tanya smiled knowingly. His broad shoulders held his lean muscular frame tightly. His slim hips tautly defined his lower abdomen as his smooth hairless chest rose and fell, it betrayed his nerves and unease.

"Back, sack and crack? Huh Jack?" giggled Fay.

Jack raised one eyebrow and shrugged in faint acknowledgment.

"Fay tells me that you are a dirty bastard?" purred Tanya.

Jack was dumbfounded and as his eyes registered a deeply alluring woman in front of him, his face conveyed nothing.

"I like dirty bastards Jack because I'm the filthy bitch that has taught Fay most of what she knows." added Tanya taking one small step and then another toward Jack.

Both Tanya and Fay stared at his hard, angry cock. The medication surreptitiously sneaked into his food at yielded its reward. Tanya felt her loins heat as she deliciously surveyed his veiny and steely hard manhood. The curve and the ferocity of his cock mesmerised Tanya. Fay looked at her and their eyes met, both of them smiling cautiously in front of their quarry.

Jack's face subtly changed to a look of puzzlement. Tanya looked back at Jack as she faced him. Looking her up and down, those breasts and their adornments looked familiar. Jack's features did not alter; that woman was a blonde and Tanya was a brunette.

"You look a bit lost Jack?" asked Tanya.

"You're, er, you are," said Jack faintly, raising a shaking finger to point at Tanya.

Jack's body flushed pink at the realisation, this was the woman in the homemade porn that Fay had showed him,

Tanya smiled.

"Rumbled," goaded Fay at Tanya, "I told you. Jack asks to see that at least once a week."

Tanya held out her arms, her palms outward in a gesture of a fair cop being made.

"Yes it is me. The woman in that film." replied Tanya. "Would you like to watch another one?"

Jack shrugged his shoulders.

"Fay told me all about this ravishing new stud she had found, I had to know more." admitted Tanya toying with him.

Jack took the sideways compliment with a look of nervous reticence; Tanya's otherworldliness was making him feel anxious. Jack's experience with Fay had not fully prepared him for this; his nerves had got the better of him.

"Your cock looked so delicious on webcam. You are a natural." assured Tanya. "It looks fucking good now too."

Tanya could see that Jack was now a bag of nerves and she revelled in the effect she was having on him. Endeared by his honesty, Tanya resolved to toy with him a little longer as she had Jack now precisely where she wanted him.

"So this is your fantasy Jack? Fay said you enjoyed my talents immensely. I want to have my cock inside you." added Tanya.

As Tanya slowly finished walking toward him, the strap-on cock swung a little and he was overcome with lust. With Jack's composure beginning to return, his thoughts turned to the slut beside him and the woman who so expertly fucked the man in that grainy film. Tanya held her hand out, Jack looked uneasy. As he took the glass of champagne, his hand trembled as he held the fluted glass making the contents slosh subtly.

Looking to the four poster bed, Jack could see it was a huge, and adorned with red ropes and black belts with chrome buckles. Jack gulped a little, his mouth was parched as his heart raced; his mind still lost for any kind of words. Fay squeezed his hand and Jack could only manage to squeeze it back.

Taking a gulp from his glass, the chill of the liquid pricked his consciousness and he smiled. Tanya used her free hand to take his cock and hold it, as she felt its weight and girth as Jack gasped.

"My, my Jack, I see the medication worked well, it looks bigger and harder than earlier." said Tanya coolly. "You are blessed."

"Thank you." croaked Jack awkwardly.

Her head came in closer; Jack watched her lips move as he instinctively tilted his head and Tanya's pillowed lips softly kissed Jack's own. He whimpered as she cupped his heavy tight balls. It was a fleeting kiss, a portent of what was to come, and a mere introduction just beyond a social peck on the lips.

Tanya broke; Jack trembled with arousal.

Tanya turned her back to him and he watched as her womanly curves moved and contorted with each small seductive step. Fay squeezed Jack's hand again in reassurance.

"When Fay told me she had met a man with a beautiful cock that could satisfy her and wanted to have his own arse fucked, I was intrigued," added Tanya.

"Uh huh," replied Jack absently.

Tanya turned slowly as Jack was stared fully at her body; taking more slow steps that gave him plenty of time to look at her

"So when Fay then sent me pictures she had taken of you and I saw for myself," stated Tanya, "I thought what a fantastic specimen you have."

Jack blinked and for the first time in what felt like an age, he smiled.

"So I had to call Fay and we shared what we would do to you." added Tanya.

"Tanya was very insistent Jack," admitted Fay, "so insistent, she made me cum with just her words."

Tanya softly grasped Jack's tight balls again.

"They feel heavy, do you want to empty those for me?" asked Tanya.

"Yes I do," replied Jack hesitantly.

Tanya lowered herself, tottering on her high-heels as she squatted in front of Jack's raging cock. Looking up to meet Jack's eyes she brushed the head of his cock against her lips.

"Even into my cunt?" asked Tanya.

"Yes," answered Jack his eyes filled with lust.

Whatever Jack felt when he first cast his eyes on Tanya's half naked body, it had gone now. The sight of Tanya's full heavy breasts and her toned mature body of deep womanly curves had filled Jack with unbridled, single-minded lust.

"Look to the corner Jack, what do you see?" asked Tanya.

Jack turned to his left, in the corner was a black laptop and a blue light caught his attention.

"What?!" gasped Jack.

Tanya laughed wickedly.

"Jack, Jack," said Tanya slowly shaking her head, "I have some good friends that want to see what a fine specimen of a man you are."

Jack gasped again, Fay's fingers softly caressed Jack's smooth chest and nipples.

"For me, Jack," whispered Fay, "They are very good friends of Tanya's, they are fantastic lovers."

Jack exhaled hard as he felt his shaft enveloped by Tanya's mouth.

"Fuck!!" exclaimed Jack.

As Jack looked downward to see Tanya slowly sucking his cock, Fay's fingers pulled at his hard nipples. Letting out a small whimper, Jack watched his cock strain hard into Tanya's mouth. Another soft whimper this time from Fay distracted him and Jack could see that her fingers had split her needy cunt lips and dipped into her sex.

"So Jack, you do not mind our audience?" asked Fay watching Tanya slowly sucking on his cock.

"No." moaned Jack lost on the heady sensations.

"Mmm, Jack," replied Fay, "you always wanted to be watched, enjoy it."

Tanya's mouth was taking more and more of his cock into her mouth, with one large sigh, he nodded his head.

"Do you want Tanya to fuck you?" asked Fay.

"Yes." replied Jack tersely, overwhelmed with lust.

"I remember the first time you told me, it made me so wet and aroused." added Fay lustily. "I cannot wait to see you being fucked you dirty bastard."

Tanya held Jack's cock now and with her hand and inspected it closely. Its thick girth and admirable length was not so long to make her unable to fully ride it but not so short as to be unsatisfying. Tanya's thoughts turned to its heat and how she would need to be very aroused to accommodate it. Tanya gasped as it throbbed hard, making it lunge upward before resting back to its erect position.

"Mmmm, he has responded well to his medication." stated Tanya assertively. "Fay, will you let him cum in me? It's been so long since I have felt a man's seed inside me."

Fay gasped haughtily at Tanya's words as she slowly fingered herself at the very thought of Jack's cum leaking from her smooth cunt.

"Does he have a lot of cum on those balls?" asked Tanya.

"Yes, he's good for two, maybe three heavy loads." replied Fay excitedly.

"Good, I think we should empty one from him soon though." suggested Tanya haughtily squeezing Jack's balls. "That way he will have to work hard for us to cum again."

"Mmm, empty him Tanya and with his cock that hard we could ride him for hours," added Fay.

Tanya smiled wickedly and looked into Fay's eyes as she fed in his cock into her mouth and took as much of Jack's length as she could. Feeling it in her mouth, Tanya knew he was ready for whatever they wanted him to do. It was clear to Tanya and Fay that Jack's reticence had given over to a deep yearning and his flushed, trembling body spoke all the words Jack needed to say.

"You fucking dirty bitch, I want to see you fuck him first," Fay requested.

"Yes, yes...," groaned Jack.

Tanya broke from his cock again, as her hands caressing his balls they slid down his perineum and she pressed a finger against Jack's tight sphincter.

"Oh, I will fuck him and I want you do him too. Would you?" asked Tanya to Fay.

Fay looked to Jack, he was aroused, very aroused and he simply looked dumbfounded. Fay knew that Jack had reached that stage of being sexual pliant and malleable to their desires. As Fay looked at Jack with his eyes closed, a deep groan left his body as she sucked on one of his nipples. Looking down towards Tanya, she had Jack's cock in her mouth again, sucking on his hard shaft and Tanya pushed a finger deeper into his arse.

"Oh God," murmured Jack, "Yes, Yes."

Fay reached to Jack's face, as he turned to face her; she placed a kiss onto his lips. Jack responded immediately by sliding his tongue into her mouth. They kissed deeply and passionately as Fay pulled at one of his hard nipples again.

With Jack suitably distracted, Fay's fingers slid down his back and instinctively he shifted his stance to part his legs a little. Tanya's mouth felt hot on his cock as she sunk a sizable length of his cock deep into her mouth and pushed her finger deeper inside him.

Moaning into Fay's mouth, Tanya probing finger left him and she re-doubled her efforts on his hard cock. Lost in the sensory delight of her mouth and tongue on his shaft, Fay broke from Jack's mouth and as Jack looked down to see Tanya's eye meet his, he felt Fay's hands travel down his body. Unable to see her, Jack soon felt her slim hands pushing his bottom cheeks apart and the tip of her tongue probed at his tight opening.

"Fuck, Fuck!" Jack moaned.

Now Fay's finger penetrated him, it felt very cold and wet at first and then it warmed as it sank deeper into him. Looking up to him, Jack and Tanya's eyes locked together as Fay's tongue returned to rimming Jack's arse. Letting out another soft groan, Jack's eyes closed and once again, Tanya's mouth took his cock only this time deeper still.

"Shit!" Jack exclaimed.

Fay's tongue flicked a little quicker and then pushed against his opening, stabbing it as Tanya sucked Jack's cock softly. Rocking his hips instinctively, Jack fed more of his cock into Tanya's mouth. Her hands were pressed against his groin and provided some leverage as Tanya took his entire length deep into her mouth. Jack felt Tanya gag and his cock jerked hard as a swallowing sensation gripped him. Tanya snorted for air, swallowed on Jack's cock again and then sucked on its head as tears streamed down her eyes.

"Holy fuck!" Jack gasped.

Fay penetrated him now and pushed two wet fingers deep into him as Tanya broke from his cock; Jack groaned heavily as Fay used her fingers to fuck him harder.

"Mmm, Jack, I see Fay is getting you ready," hissed Tanya, "she is such a good slut."

Rising from her knees, Tanya pushed Jack's flushed body from her and she walked around to Fay. Feeling Fay's fingers leave him; Jack watched as Tanya led Fay to the large bed. Choosing to sit on the edge of it facing Jack, Fay spread her legs and showed her wet cunt to them both. Tanya purred happily at her brazen display as Fay pulled on her erect nipples. Fay smiled naughtily as she could see that her wet sex was also in the field of vision of the camera. Idly, Fay placed her hand between her legs, poked one finger into her cunt and looked hungrily upon Jack's athletic body and his hard thick erect cock.

"Now Jack, over here," gestured Tanya.

Looking to where her finger was pointing it was to a chair, Tanya took his hand and led him to it.

"Pull out the chair, place your right foot on the seat," instructed Tanya, "lean forward and hold the back of it here."

Complying easily, Jack's malleability belied his nerves; he wanted this and had yearned for it ever since seeing Tanya fuck that man.

Jack looked to the laptop screen and he occupied the other half of the field of vision from the camera. Whoever watched would easily see Tanya fucking his ass and Jack's cock swinging erect underneath his body. He wanted them to see how aroused he was, so Jack slowly wanked his erect aching cock feeling his heavy and considerable balls swing with each stroke.

"Oh Fuck!" hissed Fay excitedly.

"Don't fight it Jack." assured Tanya coolly. "Fay said you can take it easily. Now she is going to watch you being fucked."

A small gasp left him and his head snapped upwards as he felt the head of the plastic cock press against his opening. It felt cold and unyielding as Tanya's body weight pushed it into him and as it penetrated him he could feel it slide in slowly and then out a little. Tanya's gentle strokes greased his tight arse with every stroke and with each stroke it filled him that little bit more. As Tanya pushed more of her cock into Jack and then withdrew it, it began to make his hard cock swing against the tight ligaments that held it erect.

"Yes, Jack, yes!" gasped Tanya. "Mmm, your ass is so tight, so virginal for real cock."

A squeal came from across the room as Fay was overcome by the visual of Tanya violating Jack's arse. The burning discomfort that Jack felt as he was being fucked had subsided now, the pleasure warmed over him now as another groan left him. Tanya's smooth liquid thrusts were making him gasp every time he felt her groin press against his bottom. Each time Tanya's cock filled him it shot bolts of pleasure through his body.

"Fuck! So good, s.s.s.o.o good," stammered Jack.

Jack looked over at Fay to see her driving a vibrator with total abandon into her wet cunt. Fay's torso and face were blotchy and pink in lust. Tanya could see that Jack was distracted and looking over to where Jack was, and she gave Jack several stabbing strokes into his arse making him groan hard. It made Jack wince, pole-axed by the shock of nerve endings blasting a sensory overload into his brain.

"That's it, take my cock you bastard!" hissed Tanya.

More moans from the bed bounced off the walls as Tanya began to showboat and fucked Jack in longer and slower strokes. As Jack could accommodate that cock easily now and Tanya delivered a salvo of quick strokes to then fully penetrate him making Jack yelp. Fay could feel her own body tense and she looked to her cunt to see the vibrator coated in her cream. Filled with voyeuristic lust, Fay savoured the sight of Jack being fucked and imagined a real cock fucking him. Feeling her body tense again, Fay played with the idea of another girthy male holding Jack by the hips and pounding his tight arse.

Driving the vibrator into her cunt harder, Fay imagined that once he had finished fucking Jack; they would both turn their cocks onto her. They would penetrate her pussy and ass with fat hard meat and give her a hard, urgent fucking until she came on their cocks. Looking to Jack's face and his eyes screwed shut, Tanya pushed her cock into him deeply again and leant forward to grip his cock; wanking it firmly as she fucked his arse.

"Oh fuck, fuck!" grunted Jack, "Fuck me!"

"Hmm, you are a natural, Fay has told me she has fucked your arse already," said Tanya.

"N..not like this!" hissed Jack.

"You like this more?" asked Tanya.

Tanya held the cock in place and then stabbed it into him again, gripping his cock hard as she stroked him.

"Fuck yes!" gasped Jack

"Fay told me that you like to watch guys sucking cock. Would you like to have your cock sucked by another man?" asked Tanya.

Tanya stabbed her cock deep into him which made him gasp loudly and waited a few moments and delivered it into him again.

"Fuck!, Yes, Yes," exclaimed Jack.

Fay let out a little moan at the revelation just as she did the first time she asked Jack. Tanya released his cock and leaning back a little, continued to fuck Jack in shallower thrusts to then filling him deeper again by surprise.

Jack sobbed with pleasure, it felt sublime, and Tanya's masterly control of the cock inside him made it easy to confess to her questions. Each answer to each awkward question was easily given if it meant he would get more of the same treatment.

"You want Fay to watch you being sucked off? Don't you?" asked Tanya.

Jack groaned as his cock flexed to Tanya's touch and she returned a series of shallow strokes making him gasp at the sensations building in him.

"Yes, yes." murmured Jack moaning deeply.

"Yes! yes!" gasped Fay. "I want to see you fuck each other too, see a cock fuck you and you fuck them!"

"You would like some cock fucking you wouldn't you?" demanded Tanya, "Answer me Jack!"

Tanya pulled Jack tightly to her as her cock completely filled him, he moaned harder as his cock flexed to Tanya's firm grip and casual strokes. His body was betraying him, Tanya could feel it, and Fay could see it; in confirmation Fay let out a deep groan.

"Answer me!" demanded Tanya.

"Yes! Yes! Fucking do it to me, Yes!" shouted Jack.

"Fuck! Fuck! I'm cumming!!! I'm cumming!!!" shrieked Fay.

Fay groaned again and moaned loudly as Jack snatched a glance to the bed to see her writhing upon it. He could see Fay's body stretched tight as she spasmed hard, stabbing the toy into her cunt furiously. This was what she wanted from Jack, she wanted him to fuck and be fucked. Fay adored seeing her man like this and thinking about such possibilities threw her body over the precipice.

"You fucking cunt Jack," moaned Fay writhing, "you dirty fucking cunt! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck.k.k.k!!!!"

Jack gasped hard as Tanya relentless fucking gave his arse another short, sharp pounding. Jack screwed his eyes tight shut and winced as it burned, he fought hard not to expel it. As it filled him again, he groaned loudly in approval at the sensations from his prostate. He felt such a filthy bastard for Tanya's cock and savoured the deliciously filthy act of strangers watching his arse being fucked. Looking down to see his cock swaying a little, his balls swung tight and with an ache of weight and frustration; he was gloriously hard.

Jack reached to slowly wank his cock as Tanya kept up the relentless thrusts into his arse.

"You want to cum don't you?" asked Tanya assertively.

Jack nodded helplessly.

"Don't you?" asked Tanya again driving the cock harder into Jack's arse.

"Yes, yes. God yes." pleaded Jack stuttering in surprise.

"Good." stated Tanya smugly.

Jack squeezed his eyes shut as Tanya's languid movements continued to deliver the cock into his arse. Gasping repetitively with each stroke, the pressure inside him was delivering a tort of sublime sensations. He could not care less for being watched now and his nerves were a distant memory, the deviance of being fucked by Tanya and her scant care for his predicament deeply aroused him.

"Fay, come here." demanded Tanya.

Watching Jack's prone body, Fay approached to see his arse splayed by Tanya's strap-on cock and how it slid in and out of him. Devouring the spectacle, Fay knew what she must do to fulfil Jack's fantasy and she watched avidly his cock swinging rock hard between his legs.

The malice of the sensations inside him were nothing Jack had felt before, his muscles churned and tightened involuntarily. Looking to his hands as they gripped the back of the chair tightly, his knuckles were white as took his fucking . Feeling Fay's slight hand holding his swaying cock still, he looked down to see Fay beneath him; her mouth open as she fed his cock into her eager mouth.

"Oh shit!" Jack groaned.

"Good girl, suck the spunk from his cock." purred Tanya.

"I.. I.." gasped Jack overwhelmed by the sensations from Tanya and Fay.

With Fay's mouth sucking slowly up and down on his cock, Tanya's efforts to fuck his arse slowed to a more deliberate pace. Jack's perineum wanted to tighten but it was held from aiding his release by the fat cock pushed deep inside him. Groaning, his perineum tightened again, then again; biting into the cock stuffed deep inside him. Sensing the added resistance, Tanya eased back on fucking him and let him feel his orgasm building.

"Mmmm, he wants to cum." purred Tanya.

Unable to respond, Jack groaned again and Fay squeezed on Jack's heavy balls. Acknowledging his impending release, Tanya hurried the cock into him in longer, deeper thrusts to tease his body. Feeling his cock swell, Jack knew that he could not hold back for much longer and yet he felt as if his orgasm was being denied to him.

"Do you want to cum Jack?" asked Tanya.

Fay's attention on his cock now included squeezing his aching balls; knowing that Jack was close, she teased his cock sliding it deeply into her mouth.

"Please, please…." gasped Jack.

Tanya laughed mockingly.

Breathlessly, Jack moaned in short, sharp breathless gasps, his cock swelled harder as his perineum began to flex, biting onto the cock stuffed firmly into him. Tanya would not answer Jack but she gave her permission as she pushed the cock shallowly into him; teasing his prostate to make Jack cum hard. Working on his cock, Fay sucked hard on the tip of his cock before sliding as much of it into her mouth as she could.

"Fuck! Fuck!" groaned Jack deeply.

Wanking his cock with more tempo, Jack groaned again as Fay and Tanya conspired to push Jack over the edge. xhaling a shallower airy series of gasps, the relief in Jack's voice was palpable as his orgasm arrived and Jack gave himself to it, his cock bathed in Fay's hot and silky mouth spasmed as the first vestige of his orgasm hit his wracked body. Jack fought hard as his legs and body trembled, feeling his body subsume itself and instinct overtake his self-control.

Jack groaned heavily, no words, just a animalistic exhalation of hot breath.

Sucking and wanking on Jack's cock, Fay felt the splash of Jack's seed hit the insides of her mouth. Jack grunted loudly as his cock spasmed in yielding hard flexes. Fay caught his creamy load flicking her tongue on the underside of his cock head. Tanya drove her cock deep into him making Jack grunt deeply; his sphincter gripped again with orgasmic malice. Feeling more ropes of Jack's pearly cum spit into her mouth, she let some of leak down her chin and felt its hot viscosity as it ran down her torso between her breasts.

Seeing bolts of colour behind his eyelids, Jack's ears rang out and blotted out much of the sounds of his orgasm as he grunted hard and loudly. As he felt his cock relent more of his load, Jack's body shook involuntarily as Tanya fucked him hard through his orgasm. Feeling his cock flex and flex again, Fay's muffled moaning was all Jack's needed to know that he was delivering what she was so hungry for.

"Good boy, good boy." murmured Tanya.

Looking underneath him, Jack could see Fay slowly wanking his cock and decorated in spatters of his seed on her tanned skin. A hand gripped on his cock, it was Tanya's and it slowly wanked his post-orgasmic cock clearly gauging its strength.

"Mmmm, and still nice and hard too." purred Tanya.

Jack was breathless as Fay wriggled out from underneath him and Tanya had stopped fucking his arse. The sound of soft smooching kisses and moans mixed with the sounds of him regaining his breath. Grateful of the time to recover, they were precious few moments for Jack to take large lungfuls of air. Looking to his cock, he expected his hard erection to wane rapidly after such a profound experience; to his amusement it remained as it was - hard.

"You do taste good Jack, I hope there is plenty more of that." stated Tanya perfunctorily.

Gasping in surprise, Jack felt Tanya withdraw the cock from him as two fingers, cold and slippery slid into his freshly fucked arse. The respite was short-lived and Jack felt something penetrate him, it filled him tightly and held firmly in place.

"That is enough for now but this will keep you ready for more later." stated Tanya. "Now, I think your slut needs some attention."

With shaky legs, Jack placed his right foot back into the ground and pushed against the sturdy heavy chair to stand upright. Swaying a little, his arse gripped the object wedged inside him and Jack reached for the edge of a chest of drawers to steady himself. The sound of a weight hitting the floor broke his concentration and he turned to see Tanya naked, her shaved Mons devoid of the strap-on.

Admiring her naked hips, they completed his appreciation of her womanly body, her full breasts and the proportion of her hips and waist appealed to Jack; he had to fuck her.

Tanya offered her hand to Jack and he readily accepted as she helped him walk to the large bed. Using her hand to pull him toward her, Tanya pressed her body against his and as they kissed softly, her hand cupped his milked balls. Jack responded immediately, passionately kissing Tanya as her hand took his still hard meat and pulled it towards her sex.

"Entertain me, Jack, I want to feel you." whispered Tanya.

In one elegant movement, Tanya guided the tip of Jack's cock inside her and as they looked into each other eyes, Jack could see Tanya was consumed with lust. With a short push of his hips, Jack slid into Tanya easily enough and her eyes widened at the tight sensation of having his cock inside her.

"Oh Jack." groaned Tanya.

Jack smiled as he impaled Tanya onto his cock as it flexed to its full hardness again, Tanya felt hot and wet and his cock throbbed inside her making Tanya gasp again.

"Fuck Jack." gasped Fay.

Tanya smiled, took her hand to grip Jack's cock and eased it from herself. Looking at Tanya with sexual intent and need, Jack took her hand from his cock and rubbed it up and down her pussy slit. Watching the expression on Tanya's face, a wave of pleasure washed over it and Jack knew she needed to be penetrated again and fucked hard.

"Now, what do you want?" asked Jack.

" I want to see that cock being fucked, lie down and let Fay ride you. " instructed Tanya.

Fay stood and took Jack's hand, placing a passionate kiss onto his lips.

"That was fucking hot, did it feel good?" asked Fay.

"Yes, yes, do it to me please?" begged Jack.

Fay smiled.

"Bisexual huh Jack?" asked Fay

Jack smiled and mouthed the word "Curious." making Fay smile sweetly at her bi-curious lover.

"Mmm, but right now I'm going to ride that cock. Don't cum again just yet, I want you to save yourself for Tanya, remember?" replied Fay.

"Yes, ok, go easy on me." pleaded Jack.

Fay smiled again.

"I really need your cock," purred Fay.

She pushed Jack onto the bed, no sooner as he was comfortable; the view of Fay's tight arse cheeks framing her shiny wet cunt greeted him as she straddled him in reverse. This was going to be a fuck to the camera.

Tanya sat on the edge of the chair to watch the two lovers fuck each other for her pleasure and for their audience behind the webcam. Easing a finger into her folds, she wanted to see her student cum hard on his cock. Tanya's plans for Jack were progressing nicely and if he was the fuck that Fay said he was; Jack's fate was sealed.

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