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Hysteria 6

James rides Victoria's tight ass, after a day of teasing in the park by Amelia.
Waddling to the door, Victoria tried to concentrate on keeping the large toy secure in her ass. Her every movement caused the toy to shift, making it impossible for her to ignore the pressure building. All she could think about was rubbing her throbbing clit on the corner of every piece of furniture she came across.

"There you are!" Amelia said.

Preoccupied, Victoria never noticed the lavender eyed beauty approach her. She gave Amelia a thin smile, while hoping it was not obvious that her bum was overflowing with an anal plug. Victoria walked stiffly to the hall table to get her reticule.

Amelia knew that walk anywhere. That devil, Lucas, was up to some kinky trouble. She grinned, as a devilish thought of her own sprang from her mind. Silently approaching the unsuspecting woman, Amelia cornered the smaller woman and quickly lifted the back of her skirt.

"Just as I suspected. You have an ass full of toy," Amelia remarked, while admiring the view.

She pushed Victoria's upper body flat against the table and nudged her legs open. Reaching between her thighs, Amelia rubbed Victoria's puffy pussy. It was apparent that the woman was highly aroused.

Her slick inner labia was so swollen that it separated her damp outer lips. Oyster colored juice oozed from her slit and was smeared thickly all over her inner thighs. Victoria's clit was visibly pulsing, with its protective hood fully retracted.

Amelia slipped her long middle finger inside and could feel the thick edges of the butt plug through the thin walls of Victoria's cunny. It felt like her finger was encased in a tube lined with wet velvet. She felt her own pussy contract as the walls of Victoria's pussy sucked her finger.

She stared at the anal plug, buried so deep in Victoria's bum. Instead of a wrinkled pucker, her hole was so stretched that it formed a smooch rim. Amelia wiggled the toy, making her friend groan.

Noting the pleasure filled noise Victoria made, she pulled the plug, until the thickest part of the toy began to emerge. Amelia was fascinated at how wide the hole got and thought that it would be easy to get least three fingers inside.

Victoria was in agony. She never thought that her back hole could give so much pleasure. The combined stimulation of her bum and cunny was about to make her cum. She was right on the edge, and then Amelia tucked the toy back in place and pulled her finger from her weeping slit. Frustrated, Victoria wanted to scream. She was wound up so tight that if she didn't get any relief soon, she was going to snap.

Amelia linked her arm through Victoria's and led her out the door. Fully intending to take the carriage, she changed her mind when she discovered the toy in Victoria's butt.

"Please saddle Trixie and Cotton. We're going for a short ride in the park," Amelia said to her stableman.

Victoria watched in dread, as the young man scurried off. She could barely walk with this thing inside her. How was she going to sit on a horse?

Within ten minutes, the stableman was back. Leading two, gentle mares; he helped Amelia onto her horse. He turned to Victoria and assisted her.

Once on the mare, the pressure in her ass increased tenfold. Apparently, sitting with a butt plug in only serves to push it deeper. Sweat broke out on Victoria's forehead, as the mare's rolling gait worked the toy.

Her breathing became erratic, when she urged her horse into a trot to catch up with Amelia. Each time she bounced, the plug would thrust deep into her bowel. By the time she caught up with her friend, her nipples were pebble hard.

Her pussy was continuously contracting around an invisible cock. With gushes of cream spurting from her slit, she wondered how drenched her skirts were getting.

Amelia led the poor woman around the park, often stopping to talk to various people. After what seemed like eternity, the women arrived back home. Victoria nearly came, when the stablemen helped her down, thus relieving the pressure somewhat.

She stumbled inside and managed to put her reticule down. Leaning on the table for support, she felt ripples of pleasure run up and down her pelvic area. Oh how she wanted to rub her clitty and cum.

"Good! You're back. Join us," Lucas said, poking his head through the doorway.

She hobbled her way inside the office. Immediately spotting the sawhorse in the middle of the room, her eyes darted to the unknown man sitting in the corner. He studied her, as she studied him.

A nagging familiarity plagued her. She knew this man, but couldn't place him. Quite tall and very handsome, his jade eyes burned a hole straight to her wet folds.

James knew this precious piece. Charles was a stupid selfish man, and as his lawyer, he could say that for certain. He'd seen how badly the man treated his wife and had desired her from the first day he met her.

"Victoria, this is James. He'll be attending you tonight," Lucas said, then quietly left the two alone.

James sat in his chair, his fingers steepled beneath his chin. He watched her fidget under his scrutiny.

"I want to see all of you. Take off the skirt and petticoats," he instructed.

"What? But...," she stammered.

"The more you argue, the more spankings you get," he said, simply.

All she could do was gape at him. Sighing, he approached her and gently turned her around. Knowing he abuse that her husband had put her through, James was extraordinarily gentle with her. He unfastened her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. Next, he slid her petticoats from her hips, leaving them next to her skirt.

James' chest pounded. Never had he seen such perfection. Her ass was rounded, tight and perky. Her legs were sleek, ending with tiny feet. He turned her to face him. Kneeling to admire her dark curls, James noticed beads of cream clinging to her bush.

"Someone is worked up," he murmured.

Expecting to be punished, Victoria was shocked at the sensual way he was handling her. She watched, hypnotized, as he lifted her stocking clad leg and braced it on his thigh. The chilly air of the room kissed her erect clit, as he opened her lips.

Unable to help himself, James flicked his tongue across her pulsing clit. Hearing her sigh pleased him greatly, so he sucked her quivering bud into his mouth and nursed on her clit, until her milky juice flooded his mouth.

Unable to take anymore stimulation, Victoria tangled her fingers in his hair and pulled him closer. She humped his tongue, moaning, until her pussy glazed his face.

He stood up and kissed her. She could taste her tangy juice on his lips. His hands kneaded her breasts, tweaking and pulling her nipples through her thin blouse.

"This has to go," he whispered, as he yanked her shirt open.

Victoria was frantic with lust. She shrugged the shirt off, and then tried pulling his face back to hers.

As he kissed her hard, he led them to his abandoned chair. James sat down, unfastened his pants, and pulled his thick cock free. He pulled her onto his lap, facing him.

His rock hard shaft nestled itself between her slippery lips. Victoria, unconsciously, began to grind her throbbing clit against it. She rubbed until his lap was drenched.

James lifted her slightly and plunged his cock deep in her hole. Grabbing her hips, he pounded up into her pussy. The head of his cock rubbed against the toy in her ass with each thrust.

Victoria gasped. Her head thrown back and chest poked out; she bounced up and down, riding him hard. Her tight pussy massaged his shaft.

She savored the chills racing down her body. Her whole groin was quivering, about to explode. James, sensing her orgasm was close, reached around and grabbed the butt plug.

Victoria saw bright lights, as she screamed her release. Just the slightest shift of the toy pushed her over the edge. When James pulled the toy free, a second, stronger orgasm washes over her.

He lifted a limp Victoria and carried her to the sawhorse. James placed a table close to the opposite side to support her chest. He draped her over the padded bar, letting her rest against the table, while he fastened her ankles to the legs of the sawhorse.

He walked around and fastened her wrists to the table's legs. Stepping away from the woman, he admired his handiwork. With her legs open, he could see her flushed, wet muff and her relaxed anus.

Victoria was excited. Even though she had just came twice, her pussy was primed and hungry again. She felt his naked thigh press against hers, right before he rubbed his shaft over her slack rear hole. Unable to move, she waited anxiously for his next move.

James probed her ass hole, testing its resistance. He pushed slowly. The toy had loosened her anus up, so his plum shaped head slipped past her sphincter easily. Inch by inch of his pole disappeared, until he was balls deep in her ass.

Victoria let out a guttural moan. The pressure from his cock was different than the toy. She could feel every vein and ridge along his warm shaft.

He pulled out slowly, almost completely. She whimpered, feeling empty. Without warning, James slammed back inside.

Victoria could feel his heavy balls slapping her pussy. He pounded her ass with rapid deep thrusts, and she could literally feel his heartbeat through his cock. Her pussy squirted juice each time he slammed in her.

James, unable to last much longer, felt his balls tighten. His cock hardened to an almost painful state. With several hard thrusts, he felt hot cum rush up his shaft and out the tiny slit at the tip of his mushroom.

Victoria squealed, as jets of cum coated the walls of her ass. He collapsed against her back, breathing hard. His softening cock slipped out of her anus, and she could feel a river of warm jism drain from her gaping hole and run down her legs.

James released her from the saw horse and carried her to the couch. He cradled her in his arms, with her head on his shoulder. They sat together quietly.

"Lucas tells me that you haven't sucked cock yet," he said.

"I don't know how," she answered, softly.

"Then, that shall be your next lesson," he replied.

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