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If only all work events ended like this...

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A wonderful memory - a true story.

The "story" below is actually true. Whether you believe that or not is up to you, but I wrote it nearly ten years ago. I jotted it down at the time as I could do or think of nothing else but the night before. So I recreated the moment by writing it all down! So, it's really just a memory. I found it on a floppy backup disk recently - hopefully someone might enjoy it!


A girl has just left my house, and here I am exhausted and glowing with pride after a night of the most beautiful anal sex I have ever encountered.

I never go "on the pull." I never get a woman blind drunk for my purposes - that defeats the object, which is mutual pleasure.

Last night was one of those joint work events, where several companies share a huge marquee, have an afternoon of awful presentations, and then a bit of a blowout in the evening. I never really got into sales, but they were talking about a system called NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming. The idea is that you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

It didn't work for my sales, but it paid off a treat in my personal life.

I literally bumped into Helen, spilt her drink, bought her another, got know the type of thing.

She had a lovely smile, and wore very light subtle makeup. We ended up rudely ignoring our workfriends, and ended up in a conversation about "Hannibal", a book we were both reading.

By 1am we were kissing, and I was fondling her butt. I felt that she was wearing a g-string, and commented how I liked girls wearing things...and not much else! That got the conversation round to her butt, and I praised it's curves.

She came home with me in a taxi, and once we were settled together talking and kissing, I started the NLP techniques - mainly consisting of associating anything nice with her ass- my fingers were already at the tops of her legs, and I felt a wetness through her panties.

Rather than take her there on the sofa, I needed her to be comfortable and warm. I took her to bed and lit some candles. It was after 3am by then, but I was well awake I can tell you! I licked her pussy - she was hot and wet, and very very clean. She really knew how to take care of herself. I decided to go for it - I gently rolled her over, and licked her pussy quite deeply from behind. And then as she nearly came, I took a great deep lick across her butthole.

She flinched and giggled.

"Didn't you like it?" I asked?

"Well yes, but it's embarrassing!!"


"...I'm not really sure!" she said. And so I carried on, slowly moving my attention from her pussy to her butt, and what a butt she had! She had a very fit body, but her bottom was a little bit curvier than most. Not fat and wobbly, but two perfect globes, with lovely smooth skin.

I am fortunate in having a long thin tongue, and I rubbed her clitoris with my finger, as I eased my tongue into her ass. She pushed against me - it was working. She was beginning to associate her butt with feelings of pleasure.

I stopped rubbing her clit, and just kept on kissing and licking her warm backside - even now it makes my heart race.

She got on top of me, and we had "normal" sex for a while. I reached round and started gently slipping my finger into her butt every time she seemed to be close to coming. She gave me a fake "shocked" look, saying something about me being "rather naughty". I took my finger out, to which she replied "I didn't tell you to stop!!"

We moved to the missionary position and carried on. I talked about her ass again. "You really like it, don't you?", she asked.

"Too right" I said.

"You're a bit of a dirty fucker aren't you!". This was the first time I'd heard her swear.

"Sounds like you are too - did you like what I did with my finger."

Helen nodded, and then told me that no-one had ever done anything like that before.

Faking surprise, I said "You mean you've NEVER had anal sex?!"

"No." Her nervous look had gone. She just looked very flushed and turned on.

"You want to, don't you?" she asked.

"There is nothing in the world I would like more".

I kissed her deeply. Not a word was said. I already had a condom on, and reached for the lubricant. She didn't ask why I had some!

Staying with her facing me, I raised her knees up. She just looked into my face intently as I found her hidden passage of pleasure. It felt so small and tight - I really did think it wasn't going to happen.

I started very gently rubbing her clit with my fingertip, and began pushing gently with my cock. She took a deep breath and her hand gripped the steel rails of the headboard.

She closed her eyes and started to bite her lip. I could feel the tight muscles stretching - the largest part of my head was almost in. She was breathing quite fast and deep by now - I rubbed her clit harder and harder.

And then she pushed against me - the whole thing went all the way in in one go. She let out a cry so loud it would have woken the whole neighbourhood - lucky I had winter glazing fitted!

"Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!" she cried. She told me not to move - I let her get accustomed to it. After a minute or so, I started to very gently move back and forth - not whole thrusts, but just enough to rub her g-spot through the thin skin between her pussy and her ass with the head of my cock.

She was staring deeply into my eyes, her mouth a little open. I put my finger into her mouth, leaning on the bed with my elbow so I could keep rubbing her clit.

She bit and sucked my finger, and started moaning a little. Whereas before I had hardly been moving back and forth no more than an inch inside her, she suddenly started sliding up and down me in deeper thrusts.

Her teeth were biting hard on my finger now, and her body started to quiver. I rubbed her clit harder, as her body writhed on the bed. She suddenly wrapped her arms around me, and dug her nails into my back. She was starting to come, and I stopped rubbing her clit and just held her as close as I could. Her legs were high and pushed far back, and I could not believe how deep I was inside her bottom. It was all too much, and I came with her.

We kissed and cuddled up close, and fell asleep without saying a word.

We had a big bath and I made her breakfast earlier this morning. And you know the best part? She wants to see me again!

I'd be an idiot not to, so she is coming over on Sunday afternoon - who knows what may happen.

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Copyright © With the exception of Paris In The Spring, my stories are based on actual event, although some of the names have been changed. In all cases, the copyright remains mine.

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