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I'm Chosen For A Little Revenge Sex

An occasional fuck-buddy comes to me for consolation and revenge sex.
From the caller ID, I knew who it was right away and there were only two reasons for her to call - either she was fighting with her current boyfriend or she was looking for a place away from him to party a little.

“Hey, Sweetie” I answered.

"I'm done with him once and for all!" she said between sobs and I knew right away it was a fight and I was going to be her sounding post for the inevitable tirade that was sure to follow.

She said she had told him that she knew he was cheating on her again. She had been checking the call logs on his cell phone and she knew the women's numbers that were there but he denied making or getting calls from them. He didn't do a very good job of convincing her and she knew beyond a doubt he was lying - she saw all of the tell-tale signs, so she packed the few things she had at his house and hit the road toward her place, about 45 minutes away.

I told her that she shouldn't be driving in the state of mind she was in and suggested that she head my way so we could talk and she could chill a bit before making the long drive home. When she arrived, I poured her a glass of her favorite wine, which I keep on hand for her visits. She began to tell her story and before long, I escorted her to my bedroom.

After a couple of hours of her venting, she announced, "I will suck your cock and do anything else you want if you call that son of a bitch and tell him off for me."

I had heard this offer a few times before, and the reward seldom materialized, but we were best friends and I never held hard feelings against her when it didn't. We had dated and even lived together for awhile a few years ago and the sex was great, but we just never clicked romantically, so we ended up becoming "best friends with fringe benefits" as she calls it. When she is between boyfriends and feeling horny, desiring no strings, no attachment sex, I've been lucky enough to be the one she comes to since we gave up on romance.

I told her she didn't need to do anything, that I was happy to tell the jerk what I thought about the way he treated the sweetest, hottest looking girl I knew. After I made the call I jokingly asked if she was paying on delivery or if I should add it to her tab. She answered by walking over to me and grabbing my crotch. This startled me a bit, since she didn't act like she was horny - I guessed it must have been payback sex for her boyfriend's latest infidelity.

My desire for lots of foreplay and a slow paced "all night long" encounter and her fondness for a faster, more aggressive, purely recreational “scratch my itch” act was one of our major differences. I told her since her offer included the phrase "anything else", I was expecting the style I preferred rather than hers (she did, after all, get her way every other time since we broke up!).

She said "OK, but you'll have to cook me breakfast in the morning if I give in".

I love to cook and would have tried to become a professional chef had I not invested so much time studying electronic engineering, so I happily agreed to cook for her - anytime!

We started out in my large walk-in shower where we spent quite a while lathering each other and cuddling under the hot spray. We enjoyed a little more wine as we dried and fondled each other playfully. Back in the bedroom, I had her lay down and got out some lotion to give her a back massage which became more and more erotic as time passed.

Soon, she had me lay down to return the favor and didn't waste much time getting to my cock. She didn't spend much time sucking on it, but the hand job I got when she stopped sucking felt as good to me as any head I've ever gotten. I told her I didn't want to come this soon and I really wanted to suck and lick her all over before we actually fucked. She backed off and laid down spreading her legs knowing I would want to lick her pussy and suck on her clit for a while before paying attention to her tits.

She has the best tasting pussy I have ever had and comes very quickly when I eat her. If I eat her long enough, her orgasms get wetter and wilder - eventually gushing, nearly drowning me on more than one occasion since I've known her. I ate her for what seemed like hours bringing her to orgasm over and over again - I talked her into getting on all fours - I'm sure she thought I was going to enter her doggie-style, but instead I continued eating her.

She likes it when I play with her asshole with my fingers while eating her or when we fuck doggie-style but I decided to lick her anus and poke at it with my tongue while my hands worked her clit, pussy and tits - ordinarily with out the wine, she would have pushed me away at this point but she was loose enough tonight to allow it, actually get into it and enjoy it.

She came again while my tongue was in her ass and fell face first onto the mattress from exhaustion. She couldn't even seem to speak, but instead rolled over on her back looked into my eyes and simply applauded. I was still kneeling on the edge of the bed as I thanked her for the gesture. She said it was the best oral sex she has ever received and before she could draw another breath, she had my cock in her mouth and sucked until I was rock hard again.

She even deep-throated me a few times - something I had never seen her do before - then she rolled over, stuck her head under my crotch and licked my balls and played with my asshole! This was another thing I had never seen her do and I asked where she picked up her new tricks. She said the deep throat trick was something she had finally learned to do - she used to have a real problem with her gag reflex. She said she wanted to try the asshole thing on me because I had just made her feel so incredible that way.

Then she did something I wouldn't have expected in a million years, from her, anyway - she started tonguing my asshole while she pumped my cock with her hand. I almost fell on her from the shock. When I was close to coming - I made her stop because I wasn't going to let the evening end without at least some fucking.

I refreshed our wine, caressed and kissed her long and hard in appreciation for the oral sex she had just treated me to. I climbed on top of her and stuck my cock into her pussy in one thrust. I had never seen her that wet before and as we explored all the positions we have come to enjoy with each other and she started having more orgasms. While I was fucking her doggie-style, she pulled away from me and said she wanted to try it in her ass. I wasn't new to anal sex, but she always claimed to be an anal virgin.

I had tried it many times with her and she shot me down every time saying that it was an exit only - no entrance - it had become kind of a joke. I asked her if she was sure, and she said I better quit talking and start fucking before she changed her mind and decided to remain an anal virgin.

I reached into the drawer of the nightstand, pulled out a tube of K-Y, and liberally applied it to my cock and her asshole. She complained that it was kind of cold but I assured her that things would warm up quickly. I got her on all fours with her ass hanging over the edge of the bed, I stood on the floor behind her and stuck my cock into her pussy while using my index finger to help relax her ass. When she had gotten to the point where her ass was completely relaxed, allowing one finger, then two and finally three to easily slide in and out of her, I pulled my cock out of her pussy and slowly inched into her ass. Before long, she was moving harder and faster than I was and moaning and making a considerable amount of noise, which was unusual for her - she had been more the quiet type - just soft words and moaning, mostly during oral sex and practically silent during regular sex. I was doing every thing I could think of to delay my orgasm when I felt her ass contract.

She screamed "Oh, God - I'm coming, I'm coming" and started shuddering.

At this point I exploded in one of the most intense orgasms I can recall and we both collapsed onto the bed. She said she wished we could have been able to work it out as a couple because she could get used to this kind of sex life. I told her that I sure was willing to give it another try if she was, because the sex we just had was the kind that most guys can only dream about but never actually get to try and I didn't really feel like giving it up again.

We took another shower, dried off and fell into a deep sleep - both fully satisfied and exhausted. In the morning I kept my promise and cooked an elegant breakfast for her which I served to her in bed. She asked me if she could stay at my place for awhile.

I said, "Of course, you know you can stay here whenever and for as long as you like.”

She just smiled and said, “Good, I've been thinking about ‘us’ as a couple and I want to relive last night with you again.”

I told her she was welcome to move back in if she was serious about giving a romantic relationship another shot but I was happy to relive last night with her whenever she wanted.

That was almost a year ago and although we still don't have the typical ‘couple's’ relationship I longed for, we continue to live in the same house and have a great sex life with each other now, exclusively.
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