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Enjoying an Anal Queen for the first time
At one time I was a member of AFF looking for a friend with benefits. I had emailed back and forth with Dana, and we teased one another and moved to IM chat to get acquainted. One weekday morning, I logged in the check mail and found that she wanted early morning IM chat.

After hellos, her message read "I'm horny and need to fuck!"

I responded with, "I'm ready for a good fuck myself."

"I need fucked in the ass" was her reply.

"When?" I asked her.


Within 20-minutes, there was a knock at my door. Now we had not exchanged photos, so even though I was nervous, I was excited. Opening the door, I met an average looking woman 5-6 a little heavy maybe, but a pretty face and nervous smile. Her handle was Dana40DD, and she had the rack to back up the name. Inviting her in, we went upstairs to the guest room.

After introducing ourselves, we kissed and fondled each other, within 5-minutes we were getting naked together. When Dana removed her top I got my first good look at her body. Her breasts were close to the 40DD's she advertised,and she said, "They're all natural." Which I found to be true when I caressed them. Fondling her tits turned to kissing, licking and sucking, which soon included rubbing her mound. Finding that her pussy was wet, I slid a finger in, eliciting a moan of pleasure from her.

Her hands found my cock, and so began some mutual masturbation, and moans from us both. Slowly I kissed my way down to her pussy, and circled my tongue around her clit, then probed her moist folds. She laid back and encouraged me to move into a 69, using her mouth and tongue on my throbbing cock. She was truly in need, and within 5 minutes or so she came from my oral ministrations.

It had been a couple of weeks since I had had sex, so I stopped her from continuing her terrific blowjob, as I didn't want to cum anytime soon. I moved around and positioned myself to enter her wet pussy. Her velvety pussy welcomed my entrance and soon I was balls deep, relishing the hot wetness of being inside her. I began a steady rhythm, not always slow, but alternating between slow and easy and hard and fast. Loosing track of the time, I kept thrusting until her moans filled the guest room and she came again.

She was smiling as I eased out of her. "Wow, that was great," she said, "I haven't been fucked like that for some time." Smiling back at her I asked, "So, do you really want it up the ass?" "Oh, yes!" she replied, "I need it badly, and my husband says its dirty and refuses to do it."

Reaching for her purse, she pulled out a small bottle of lube, and proceeded to lube up my still hard shaft. She handed me the bottle and said, "Now you do me." I squirted some lube into her pretty ass crack, and massaged her rosebud. Raising her ass into the air, she offered up her rear passage. I placed the head of my cock against her tight little rear hole and pushed until the head was inside. Slowly I fed her more, and she stopped me saying, "Wait, let me get used to you." After a minute, she pushed back against me and I worked more and more of my 7-inches up her butt.

Soon I was all the way inside, enjoying the hot, tight place where my cock was buried . I slowly withdrew until just the head was inside her and then thrust in again. "Mmmm," she moaned, "Give it to me!" I repeated my in and out fucking and after a minute I was in deep again. "Is that what you wanted?" I asked. "Fuck me good," came the reply. The next five minutes was filled with grunting, moaning and whimpering for Dana and I, as I enjoyed the best anal sex of my life, up to that point.

I felt my orgasm building past the point of no return, and groaned, "I'm gonna Cum, I'm gonna CUM!" "Cum in me, baby, fill me up!" Dana moaned. With a roar, I shot my load deep in her bowels, shooting over and over again.

After I lost my hardon, I fully withdrew, smiling at the jizz oozing from her asshole. After she cleaned herself up in the bathroom,she came out and started dressing. After a kiss goodbye, she smiled and said she needed to get to work. That wasn't the last time I fucked her wonderful ass, but that's another story.
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