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I'm ready for you. Are you ready for me?

An anal sex virgin tells all

My hips rolled on the bed in pleasure, grinding deeply into the warm sheets gathering under me.   I grab a handful of the crumpled fabric as my body spasms, back arching, breasts heaving, and thighs clamping together involuntarily as the last drops of cum trickle out of my contracting pussy leaving tiny strands of glistening pearls in the soft but scant hairs remaining on my neatly shaven mound after the magnificent fucking I just received from you.


Spooning behind me bringing your radiant heat close to my body warming me all over I rest my head on your shoulder, while you silently stroke your dick back to life with one hand moving your other hand over my rump playfully slapping the yielding flesh; efficiently positioning your rigid limb between the cheeks of my round ass pumping the length of your cock gradually in and withdrawing deliciously slowly, advancing forward with deliberate restraint allowing me to feel each groove, ridge, and bulging vein. Your engorged and powerful erection provides new sensations as the throbbing head magnetically probes slightly into my tight orifice.


Caressing me familiarly and pulling me tightly to your muscular chest you use the weight of your body to roll me onto my stomach, and begin a course of kisses over my sinuous back.   Circling your tongue slowly up and down my body, lingering over my hips, squeezing my waist, massaging my back to the curvature of my ass, and spanking my shapely posterior I knew immediately that I definitely would melt in your mouth AND in your hands. Authoritatively you bury your face between my thighs from behind giving me over to new waves of delight, rimming my ass in silky waves with your magic tongue; bringing me to the edge of climax, in preparation to spread my quivering legs open for a sweet and electric hunger fuck.


Moaning, breathy shallow cries issue from my heaving chest as I exhale your name delicately while you rise up to sit on my plentiful ass which bears your weight easily straddling me firmly between your athletic thighs, your generous cock sweeping along my back while you reach above me into the nightstand to produce a bottle of our favorite lubricant and vibrator. At this I knew more pleasure was coming, but what exactly was vague since you hadn’t simply raised my hips, penetrated me again and commenced to do me from behind doggie style as usual.


But I enjoy the attention and immediately lust begins flowing through me as you lean above me stretching upward to whisper nasty things breathily in my ear nuzzling the small soft space behind, then closing in to nibble the soft flesh of my earlobe while drizzling a cool stream of oil over my “pretty round brown” from peak to valley and in between, concentrating on making sure that no inch of my velvety skin is overlooked.


Playfully slapping my ass with your big dick, your hand casually slips between my legs prying them gently apart, then trickling more oil down my inner thighs sl owly inserting your fingers into my yoni coating them with thick honey before putting a finger slowly gingerly into my anus while introducing the pleasantly humming vibrator; I know you won't hurt me but I inhale sharply holding my breath without really meaning to. I am relaxed by your touch but curious as to your intentions; I am an anal sex virgin.


I hug my pillow tightly and sink   into the soft bedding with the pillows cleaving beneath me u nder our weight as you descend upon me s lowly, seductively, steadily, coaxing my unyielding virginal opening to show off the tight pink flower within; t aking deliberate care to massage the oil into my skin and rub your fingers gently over my furrowed little hole, separating the resisting flesh softly, while simultaneously bathing your fingers in my arousal, spreading my slickness from my pussy , intensifying the sensation with the wetness on your fingertips along with the vibrator turns me into a shamelessly heaving pile of writhing desire beneath you.  


My nipples press prominently into the sheets and tingle pleasantly as you expertly glide the vibrator down to my drenched entrance and watch my reactions with relish, q uietly announcing “I’m ready for you.” “Are you ready for me?”   I had no answer to that question because I had no idea what to expect next and the effect was so overwhelming I stammered something inarticulate but affirmative.


Then your rich voice emerged in a husky command authoritatively “relax sexy.” Instantly pulling my hips toward you with your arm around my waist, and one hand on my shoulder with another domineering order “bend over!” you have me on my hands and knees. Flattered by the brazen way you speak to me I spread my legs, round my ass and arch my back to prepare for the size of your bigger wider dick contrasting your fingers & tongue previously inside me.


  Getting into advantageous position you penetrate me with care, taking shallow advances permitting only the swollen ridge of your throbbing red-purple head to enter my waiting depths.   All the sensitive nerves of this region exploded in sharp stabbing fire and what pleasure responses I hoped for only registered as pain.   I winced and freaked out a little at the intensity but you didn’t withdraw.   Instead you reassured me and whispered low quiet declarations of sexual gratification to me, backing off patiently until the pain receded.


I had no time to worry about what was going to happen next as I lost myself in the moment.   A new feeling of pleasure-pain overcame me as you pushed your cock into my sweet delicate flesh intensifying the throbbing between my legs, stroking me with absolute self-control. Pouring more lubricant over my bare curvy ass, caressing kneading and rolling the compliant flesh tenderly in your palms the pleasure responses began to balance out the pain. The slippery wetness of my body didn’t dislocate the possessive grip of your hands on my hips.   I'd waited for this moment, and a deep pleasurable sigh escapes you while you part me effortlessly and begin to ride my ass holding my hips steady for the next push, again and again with each thrust impaling yourself deeply in my tender treasure penetrating me­­­ until my walls yield


  Your hands slide up my back and along my shoulders roaming an anointed a path everywhere at once; upon my breasts, pausing to massage them, and fondle the bronze nipples of each between your fingers squeezing each warm mound in your sensitive hands.   Then across my navel, around my waist, finally forming a warm cocoon around the mound of my sex, taking deliberate care to rub your fingers skillfully over my swollen lips, separating them softly as a blossom, and teasing my inflamed clit, luring it out to be played with, making my passion stream over you like water ; pumping into me steadfastly burying all of the pulsing inches of your sleek dick inside me.


Seizing my hips roughly in your arousal shoving into me faster & harder positioning your dick to meet me perfectly for penetration, pushing the entire shaft hot and dense like molten metal into me forcefully, filling me completely until my ass rests snugly against your thighs, fucking me with purpose and stamina, you firmly lock your arms around my shuddering body holding me down with your weight and strength; your muscular forearms, biceps and shoulders flexing with each movement dominating me with an uncompromising rhythm.


In... Then out... In, then out. In then out. In. In. In. In...   Aggressively punishing me, delivering with all your strength each penetration deeper than the last until I can’t take anymore and I beg you to stop but you ignore my pleas, knowing I want you deeper and deeper inside me and continue to plunge into my captive body.   Though I tried not to complain because I want you badly, I take all you have.


Throughout, I move against the luscious roughness of your stroke while we writhe together in a struggle for relief and satisfaction, your breaths are coming heavily rough & uneven, finally you are ready to deliver, pumping especially pleasurable long strokes into my squeezing and contracting canal milking your thick venous cock until you are satisfied.   Passionately you speak my name through jagged breaths amid a stream of sweet nothings as in a trance causing my drenched box to tighten at the deep sound of your voice sending sticky white cum trickling out of my wet pussy as I begin to cum hard. The thickening in my throat and the tightening in my groin confirms this.


I can feel your torso and legs constrict in a tight muscular grip of relief as you expend all of your essence from deep reserves of passion & pleasure within and an eruption of warm jism fills me as we rock ourselves to orgasm in synchronized ecstasy and unashamed euphoria. Coupled together in contented fatigue you reach forward covering my petite back with your masculine physique resting your weight upon me, seizing my shoulders, pulling me down to the bed. This being my first anal experience has changed my perceptions for the better, leaving me smiling quietly to myself thinking about the next time, before I descend from my plateau off to sleep.  








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