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Inhibitions - What If She Finds Out?

Will she find out?
Lee's cock was still twitching when he pulled it out of the doll's wet pussy. He posed her so that she was on her back with her legs bent and spread wide, his cum dripping from her life-like cunt.

Wow! That was pure pleasure! I have got to have the real Clara, thought Lee, while he caressed her body. His obsession with the real Clara was beyond a glorified latex masturbatory toy. He tried to think of an excuse to go back to the store. There has to be a way to make Clara be my master, Lee thought while he caressed his partner.

Then the most interesting plan came to him.
He had to get ready for school in an hour so he cleaned up his partner and placed her behind a panel in the closet and pulled the clothes over her. Lee was in the shower when the lustful thoughts of being with the real Clara overwhelmed him. His cock became rock hard and needed to be satisfied. A little shampoo and several long slow strokes were more than enough to get the job done. He thought of Clara's hot pussy and her large dark eyes. Pearl-white streams of cum flowed drown the shower drain.

It was a long week at school and the part time job at the mall made it seem like the weekend was never going to come soon enough. At last Friday arrived. Lee was so focused on his mission of lust that he barely noticed the note on the fridge.

It read: We will be at Jeff’s cabin for a few days. There are pizzas in the freezer and cans of soup in the pantry. Their phone number is 555 023 8771. 

This is great! This is the weekend to do this, Lee thought. He ran to the closet where he kept his doll. He dressed her in one of his t-shirts and a pair of shorts. Her large dark nipples showed through the shirt. He quickly escorted her to his car and placed her in the front seat so it looked like she was a passenger.

Lee was about to close the car door when his neighbor, Francis Graston, returned from bingo night. She came from behind. He was startled by her intrusion. He quickly shut the door and had to think fast so as not to raise any suspicion.

“How are you, my boy?” asked Mrs. Graston.

“Oh just fine, Mrs. Graston. Did you win the big pot?” Lee asked, knowing that Mrs. Graston was a regular bingo player. He struggled to hide the surprise in his voice. Mrs. Graston could be quite inquisitive. She was also was bold.

“Not this time. I see you have a young lady with you. What is her name?” Mrs. Graston asked.

“Her name is Clara. We met last week at work,” Lee answered with a nervous voice trying to keep the conversation short.

“You'd better see that you don’t keep her waiting, young man,” she said with a smile, then turned and walked to her house.

Lee quickly went to hold the door for Mrs. Graston as she hobbled slowly to the house. “I won’t, Mrs. Francis,” he said and hurriedly escaped the scene. Lee shut the door and stared through the window. He expressed a sigh of relief. Fortunately it was too dark for Mrs. Graston to see clearly and thus to reveal the secret identity of his passenger.

I hope this works, Lee thought as he approached the store parking lot.

Lee's heart was racing when he arrived at the toy store. He nervously drove into the parking lot and took a moment to compose himself. He entered the store and walked over to the porn films. Lee pretended to browse around the rest of the store. It was very difficult not to look at the (real) Clara.

She was dressed in an outfit that left you with the impression, “You can look but you can’t touch.” The strapless black leather body suit was skin tight. It outlined her entire body perfectly. Blood red laces were all that prevented her large breasts from bulging through the v-neck. The shiny black leather curved around Clara's hips and rounded her tight ass. Black leather knee high boots and a pair of red leather shoulder length gloves completed the outfit.

She had dark brown eyes that were highlighted with brown eyeliner. Her long black hair hung down to her lower back. It had stripes of red in it and was bound together with black rings. She had long slender legs and a large round ass. She was strong and cunning.

Clara could feel Lee's eyes lusting over every inch of her body. His virgin young body and obvious sexual ignorance stimulated the strong primal need to dominate the new slave. The very thought of having her way with him made her pussy shudder. I must be patient. This has to be done proper and he must be trained. Ooooh this will be fun for the both of us! Clara thought as she finished helping the couple find "exactly" what they was looking for.

She walked toward a very anxious Lee and said, “You look like you are trying to find something very specific. May I may make a suggestion?” 

Lee said, "I am looking for something very specific but I would be very interested in what you were going to suggest."

She smiled and said, "Follow me."

They walked past the porn videos and the extensive library of porn. She took him to a large room that had every type of harness that one or couple could imagine.

The selection resembles a saddle shop, he thought unaware that he was thinking out loud.

“That is an interesting way to look at them," Clara said with a grin.

She grinned at the suggestive nature of Lee’s thoughts.The ideas of what she might do with a slave and those harnesses flooded her seductive mind. Many of the selections were displayed, fitted on mannequins. All were posed and many had partners. Some were posed sporting the accessories alone. They explored several styles of harnesses.

They came to the "domination" section of the room. Lee was never so nervous in his life. His cock fluttered and grew rock hard. Clara sensed Lee's arousal and immediately introduced him to a display where a woman was kneeling and fitted in a breeding harness and her partner was fitted with a huge dildo. This harness suggested a role play fantasy in that the female was unwilling and her partner would have her way. The wrists and knees of the "unwilling" partner were secured with straps and held apart with steel bars. Clara flirted with the idea of her new slave fitted in the breeding harness. Her pussy started to moisten.

I have to test him, she thought as she felt her nipples become erect.

“I was thinking more along the lines of one with an open crotch and open chest so I could fit it on my doll. I would like one that I could attach a dildo to as an accessory but wouldn't get in the way of know. I think my Clara has your figure so it won’t be hard to determine the size or proportions,” Lee suggested in attempting to flatter Clara. 

Clara was flattered but she felt even more horny at Lee's admission to his fantasy of fucking her. She was sure that she found the slave she was looking for.

She responded in a stern low voice, “Your Clara has my figure? I think someone just revealed a secret fantasy about a certain store clerk. You are naughty.”

“I am sorry, Clara. How could I have been so careless. You were so nice and she resembled you so many ways. I admit that you have this seductive power over me but I never thought I would reveal my most private inhibitions. I couldn't help myself and gave her your name. I did not mean to offend you,” Lee explained with an embarrassing tremble in his voice.

“I am not offended at all, in fact, I am very flattered to find out that I am the object of a your fantasy,” Clara said in the attempt to encourage Lee to continue with his fantasy about her.

Clara walked over to a selection of that type of harness and pulled the item from the wall. She was aroused to the point of grinding her thighs together as she walked. Her breasts were sweaty and her pussy was aching. She needed to test her slave somehow. She returned to find Lee staring intensely at the "unwilling" partner in the scene. She pretended not to notice his infatuation and let the harness fall to the floor.

"Ooops! I have dropped it," Clara said as she bent over to pick the harness. The sound of the noisy harness hitting the solid floor brought Lee out of his brief fantasy. His eyes were wide open and never blinked as she bent over and displayed her deep cleavage. She knew that had Lee's undivided attention. She needed to let Lee think it was his scheme all along so she held her pose for a moment. She wanted that image of her tits to be burned in Lee's virgin mind. You could have hung a coat on Lee's cock.

Clara slowly stood up and handed Lee the harness. He reached out to take it from her and held the harness and Clara's gloved hand. Lee expected Clara to pull her hand away. She let him hold it just long enough to let him know that she was consenting. She could tell that Lee was unsure and encouraged Lee to continue with the erotic game by scratching the inside of Lee's wrist with her long finger. She could feel Lee's pulse and sensed that she could continue with the seduction.

They walked slowly over to the large display of dildos. Clara and ground her thighs to massage her moistened clit the entire way. Lee stopped to reached for a medium girth 6 inch penis shaped dildo. Clara reached out to catch Lee's hand and prevented him from pulling the dildo from the shelf. She moved his hand over to the 9-inch long and very thick penis and placed his hand on it.

Lee reacted with a very concerned look on his face. She said nothing while their hands caressed tip of the huge head. Clara pulled her hand away and left Lee's hand on the huge shaft. He stood motionless looking at it. Clara reached out and stroked the base slowly as if to suggest that is how she would do it to his cock. She stroked it with long slow strokes from the tip where she paused for a moment before making circular strokes then slowly rubbed down to the base. Lee nearly blew his load there and then.

Clara was ready to see just how far she could go with him. Clara felt Lee's hand caressing her gloved wrist. She continued stroking the dong while she gently placed Lee's other hand to her left breast. His cock jumped. His breathing became erratic. Clara's breath was almost imperceptible. Lee stared into her dark seducing eyes and saw the lust of a master that wanted to dominate his vulnerable virgin flesh. Clara saw the submissive lust in Lee's eyes.

Clara moved Lee's hand away from the dildo and secretly slid his hand under the harness and placed it on the bulge in Lee’s pants. She smiled and held his trembling hand on his hard throbbing cock. She brushed his hand like a painter would stroke a brush while painting a masterpiece.

"Uggh...not here. Please not here,” Lee whispered desperately. 

“Shhh. I am the master now. I want to hear you beg for me, my slave," Clara demanded. 

Lee had no choice. She smiled as she made Lee stroke his own cock with her hand guiding him. Clara was dominating Lee in public. This is the ultimate test of a slave and he was passing or cumming with flying colors.

"You are my mastererherherher ohnnn,’’ Lee submitted.

He trembled as she made him cum in his pants. Her hand massaged his meat. He was helpless in her skillful manipulative hand as he felt the hot cum run down his pulsating shaft.

“Master Clara, may I be your slave tonight?” he begged.

It seemed like an eternity before she answered. Lee was expecting her to hesitate. He was a virgin, and sexually naive. She had him at her mercy, under her seductive power. He waited for an answer, motionless and sweating. 

His heart was pounding in his ears so loud he nearly missed it when she said, “I think you may be ready but before I can accept you as my partner you have to agree to my conditions first. You have to be willing to submit to me. You know what I require of my slaves.”

Lee surrendered and stared down at the floor and answered, “Yes, Master Clara."

Clara had her way with Lee's cock before she took him to the checkout and placed the items on the counter. She smiled when she placed the 9-inch dong and harness into the bag. She made sure to place generous amounts of lube in the bag also. 

"Then meet me in the back of the store in forty-five minutes. Bring your toys with you and don't be late. Oh, these toys are complements of the owner," Clara whispered while pointing to the woman standing in the corner of the store by the exit.

Lee took the harness and the dildo from Clara and managed to get his strength back enough to walk again. He turned to the exit and quickly headed out of the building, his cum soaked briefs sticking to his genitals.

As he approached the exit of the store Lee noticed a tall woman standing in the corner. She was plainly dressed in jeans and a sports bra. Her face was tan with a little make up. She had dark blue eyes and short blond hair that fell just past the base of her neck. She had a slender build and long legs. Her breasts were very large and perky. Her puffy nipples shown through her button down top. She approached Lee and pointed to the exit saying nothing. He looked back at Clara and she winking at him and motioned to follow the woman through the exit. Lee did not notice when Nichole, the tall woman that was escorting him through the exit, winked at Clara.

Lee exited the store he heard the door shut behind him. The woman passed him and motioned for him to follow her to a large cargo van. She said to get in in a low feminine voice. Lee got in the van and the woman entered behind Lee. Once inside she instructed him to remove his clothes and to give the harness and the dildo to her. Lee was very nervous at this point but was overcome with erotic curiosity. The woman exited the van and shut the door. Lee felt anxious when the engine started. They drove for quite some time.

The van stopped and the door opened. The dim cargo light revealed that woman was dressed in a harness and had fastened on a dildo similar to the one Lee had just purchased. Her large breasts bulged over the leather straps and the dildo was sticking out between her legs. She entered and shut the door behind her.

When Lee asked for her name she refused to tell him. She turned on a dim light and sat beside the very confused passenger. She opened a container and removed a large tube of lube. She instructed Lee to relax and to do exactly as she directed. While he positioned himself he became very excited and anxious when the woman dipped the end of the large dildo into the mound of lube.

"I thought Master Clara was..." Lee was about to ask but was cut short by the woman.

“Master Clara will be very disappointed if we don't break you in first,” she explained as she positioned herself directly behind Lee.

She arched Lee forward and then made him bend over a cushion in front of him. His ass arched high with the cushion under his knees and his chest rested on soft silk carpet.

She dripped some warm lube inside his waiting anus. He felt the long slender fingers work the lube around and then inside his waiting anus. Lee was moaning in pleasure now. Nichole thought to herself how fun this was going to be. This was virgin anus just waiting to be ass fucked. As she caressed the rim he moaned. After a few penetrations with her fingers she could feel his tight hole relax and even opened when she circled the rim with her long fingers. He was ready.

He felt the massive tip of the dildo rest at the entrance of the once forbidden hole. Lee turned his head just in time to see the woman smear some lube on the head of her dildo and saw it twitch and jump up sharply.

“Oh fuck! She has penis, a huge penis!” Lee realized as he arched and bucked to get out of position.

It was of no use. The woman held his hips with her strong hands. He felt the searing hot tip of her huge penis penetrate his anus. The cushion flattened from the weight of Lee’s chest. Lee moaned and gasped as the long shaft continued to probe deeply inside his stiff body. The poor man was helpless as waves of pleasure overcame him.

Nichole pushed the rest of her penis inside. She waited for a moment to let his anus contract and pull her cock. Lee could feel the weight of her body resting on his back. He squirmed and moaned. Her dick was huge and very hot. All he could think of was how good it felt to have her huge penis deep inside his ass. He felt the desire of being filled with her penis take over. She held her arms tightly around his chest.

Soon she could feel his rectal muscles relax. She thrust slowly with long, deep thrusts. She moaned and cried when Lee’s rectal muscles fluttered and tightened on her massive cock. Lee gasped and moaned as she thrust deep into his tight ass. Her thrusts became more aggressive. She straddled his body. Her strong legs and arms were at his side. She was the stallion mounting its mare.

Lee moaned and grunted with each long thrust. His inner sex was being stimulated like never before. Her huge cock head pushed against his prostate with such pressure cum shot from his pulsating cock The woman moaned and cried with each contraction.

Nichole pulled Lee's chest backwards and up. She needed to feel his bare flesh against her body. She humped Lee's anus faster and stronger. Her hot tits stabbed into his back as she held his arms. She was mumbled and moaned with every thrust. Streams of cum shot from Lee's helpless cock.

They rocked in rhythm maximizing the stimulation from each thrust. In moments Nichole became rigid. She thrust and bucked with short quick stabs. Lee knew that she was going to climax. He yielded to her pulling motions and fell backwards on top of her. They landed with her penis deep inside his anus. She started to buck her hips thrusting her penis deep.

Lee began to bounce against her hips. He arched and fell against her pelvis with short quick thrusts. Nichole’s body stiffened. She arched her back. She trembled and shook as Lee's contractions milked her cock. She cried out and collapsed flat on her back.

Lee ground his ass on Nichole’s cock. He felt hot ejaculate fill him as she exploded in his ass. Moaning sounds came from the writhing heap of erotic flesh. The aroma of fresh cum and sweat filled the air. Nichole rolled Lee over and pulled her limp penis out of the his contracting anus. Her cum flowed from Lee’s gaping anus. She left Lee’s writhing body to enjoy the pleasures of post anal ecstasy. She was panting and covered in cum. In a few minutes she left the van and in a few moments started the engine. They were on the move again.

He was in such erotic bliss that he was not aware that the women had driven back to the store. It was late in the evening so all the lights were off in the store. The van moved a bit and the woman appeared again still dressed in the harness. She instructed Lee to get out and wait by the front of the van for Master Clara.

Lee proceeded to exit the van. He could feel the cool night air enter his stretched and gaping anus. Both were nude and standing on the pavement in nearly total darkness. She stood behind Lee and could feel the hot breath of the woman on his neck as she pressed her warm body against him. Several minutes passed and Lee felt the heat of her long thick cock growing between them.

Nichole thrust the entire length of her stiff hot and freshly lubed shaft inside him. Her penis pressed against Lee’s inner sex. He his cock was instantly erect. She thrust her member deep inside. He matched her thrusts and soon both of them were lost in pure ecstasy. Her experienced senses told her that an orgasm was immanent when she felt the rhythmical contractions of Lee’s anus pulsating on her penis. She reached around Lee’s waist and fondled Lee's throbbing member with her strong smooth hands. She stabbed his ass with her stiff hot cock. She could feel Lee‘s anus contract on her own penis with every stroke of Lee‘s cock.

He moaned and gasped with each long slow stroke on his cock. Nichole groaned and whimpered. He and bucked and pushed his ass against her pelvis, making every effort to get as muck of her penis inside as possible. It would not be long before he would orgasm. His anus pulled and squeezed Nichole’s cock deeper and then he began to spasm from deep within. His whole body tingled with a full body orgasm.

Soon Nichole’s cries became urgent moans. She felt the orgasm spread from the tip of her penis and then through her whole body. Her vagina made smacking sounds before she finally exploded deep inside his anus. She fondled Lee's limp shaft while her own penis was milked. Even though she had ejaculated, the strong rectal contractions kept her penis erect and stimulated her to several orgasms.

Clara had known all along that Lee would enjoy this and set up the encounter. This was only the beginning.

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