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Irish Encounter

A night of hot fun with one sexy Irish girl.
In 2008 I was leading an exciting double life. On the one hand I was a mild-mannered professional with a good job, house and fantastic circle of friends but on the other hand I was this sex enthused guy whose sole desire was to fuck as many sexy girls as possible. I was single, happy and did not care to get into any sort of relationship, partly because I had not found anyone serious in 4 years and I had been through some tough times in the last year. In addition, I had been unlucky in love and required nothing other than no - strings fun, laughs and a bit of time for me.

I could not be doing with the whole dating game simply because it was too much like hard work and I knew what I wanted. I consider myself to be an attractive guy and I have never had any issues initiating conversation with women in the flesh. Nevertheless, I had signed up to all sorts of adult dating sites and was lucky enough to have had some very amazing encounters with some unbelievably sexy women. I was somewhat shocked by the number of women who were lacking a bit of Je ne sais quoi in their lives. My porn collection had increased considerably and online flirting was almost a daily routine.

One particular day I was reading an ad from an Irish girl who was coming to Liverpool for a concert. She was looking for some naughty fun on Friday night involving a slutty short skirt, no knickers and a cab ride. I replied instantly and told her that I would love to show her the sights of my beloved city. Unfortunately I was going to be away on the Friday night but I thought that I would reply any way. I was not particularly hopeful of being able to fulfil her desires but when I returned home on the Saturday I was excited to see an email from a girl named Shannon. Instantly, my balls ripened at the thought of providing some local entertainment for her before she crosses the Irish Sea again.

I had not met her but the random thoughts and whirlwind of excitement of meeting a stranger was so apparent that I was shaking. My mind was not focused on her appearance but to what extent she could satisfy my lustful desires. All sorts of questions were entering an already restless mind. “Does she like getting her pussy tongued?” “Is she an expert cocksucker?” And, of course, “Would she like my dick in her arse?”

Keeping these filthy thoughts in my head under control was not easy but I continued with my original plan and I went to my friends’ house. They were throwing a dinner party because they were moving abroad and although I was expecting to stay there for the whole evening I did not drink too much in case I received a phone call. Eventually the phone did ring and it was Shannon. She had left the concert and was now having drinks with her friends in a bar not far from where I was.

It was relatively late and because I had the car I made an excuse to my friends for leaving early. I dashed home, put on some better, attire and went to meet Shannon. She described herself in detail. Blond hair, black trousers, waist coat and sexy long brown boots. Sexy girls in boots is my fetish and there is nothing that I like more than seeing a sexy boots, particularly black. Discreetly I entered the bar, ordered a drink and texted her. It was all very hush hush and exciting but I suddenly noticed her leaving her seat to go to the toilet.

It was obviously just a cover and slowly she came over to me and introduced herself. It was pretty clear when we set eyes on each other that we were going to have a very fruitful evening. She spoke with this warm but seductive southern Irish accent. Being from Liverpool I can’t help but love the Irish and always find Irish lasses fun to be around. Our initial conversation developed into us rehearsing a convincing cover story for her friends to believe that we actually knew each other. No sooner was I introduced to Shannon’s female buddies as “a friend of a friend” that we were in a cab on our way into the hustle and bustle of Liverpool city centre.

We went to a few bars and it did not take long for us to feel comfortable with each other. It was somewhat shocking as to how easy it was to initiate conversation with total yet beautiful strangers. After consuming a number of cocktails the conversation between Shannon and I became more and more flirtatious. We were eying each other up and down and it was soon apparent that both of us had the same thing on our minds. While her friend was in the toilet the conversation descended into a much dirtier undertone. “I am sorry I could not fulfil your cab ride fantasy last night”, I uttered gently in her ear.

“Oh don’t worry hun, there is always tonight!” she whispered seductively and as she did so she leaned over and our lips met. Our tongues embraced with such passion that I could feel my cock throbbing with an aching desire. I wanted her so badly and as we kissed I could feel her hand gently and expertly cupping my manhood. “I am going to fuck your brains out tonight, my Liverpool boy!” She growled with an element of satisfaction in her voice. We kissed some more and then I gently brushed my palm up and down her arse.

We went to a few other bars including an 80s retro place. As we entered I remember Shannon walking in front of me and as she did she put her hands behind her back and placed them down into my jeans. The next thing she was stroking my cock but very discreetly before heading to the bar to order a drink. By about 4am we managed to get a cab ride back to my place. Shannon was intent on getting her own way in terms of the cab ride fantasy. I started feeling her lovely big tits and she stuck her hands down my jeans and grabbed my cock. The next thing I remember she climbed on top of me and I stuck my fingers down her trousers and started rubbing them against her knickers which were soaking in her pussy juice. Once his vision of the rear window was blocked as a result of our animal instincts the cab driver then became irate and told us to stop trying to fuck in his cab. We behaved ourselves until we got to my house.

Upon entering we were practically pulling each other’s clothes off. I loosened the narrow leather belt that held Shannon’s black trousers up and they dropped to the floor revealing a hot girl in a pair of black see-through knickers and a pair of long brown boots. The next thing she dropped to her knees, pulled down my jeans and boxers and stuck my cock in her mouth. She started sucking on it so expertly and made sure that she got as much as me into her mouth as possible. Next she was licking my balls and as she did I started feeling her big tits.

I could not take any more. I wanted her! I wanted to stick my tongue in her juicy wet cunt and fuck her all night. It was what we both wanted. All I could here as we lead each other up the stairs was the clacking of those sexy brown boots she was wearing. I could just picture myself shooting my load all over them and licking it off. Shaking all over with sheer excitement, I removed my sometimes timid nature and I was prepared to do just about anything she wanted to do.

As we got into the bedroom I bent Shannon over my bed and started kissing her back, her legs and her cute ass cheeks before licking her sexy black thong. She clearly enjoyed it from the gentle groans coming from her. Then I pulled her thong down to reveal a fine piece of ass and pussy that was clearly wanting my cock to pound it senseless. Her legs spread apart and I slid my fingers in her warm, moist cunt before she demanded me to fuck her.

As soon as my cock penetrated her the warm sensation of her juices all over my shaft was phenomenal. She was so wet and my dick loved her juices dancing up and down it. She was an older woman and knew what she wanted. “Fuck me harder!” she yelled. My cock and balls were well oiled by this hot chick and her clit was throbbing on my fingers before she yelled with such pleasure. I then removed my cock and I fulfilled her wishes by shooting my load all over her tits before licking it off! This girl was giving me an education in how to fuck the older woman and she seemed more than content with the service that I was providing for her.

We were both so aroused that it did not take long for me to get hard again. I teasingly unzipped her boots, lay her on the bed and then my head dropped gently between her legs. Her cunt was so wet and the hallmark of a very sexual girl, she had a clit that was sweet like honey that I could not get enough, it was so enchanting. We tried so many positions but Shannon especially liked it from behind. As we were fucking again she said to me, “Have you got any lube?”

“Oh yeah!” I replied.

“Good, because I want you to fuck me in the arse.” I was in heaven. I hadn’t had a lot of experience with anal sex but I had enjoyed it with the one girl I had been with.

In a frenzy I went to the draw that also contained a wide collection of porn and fished out my lube. Being only too happy to send Shannon back over the Irish Sea with a saucy souvenir of a night of passion in the European Capital of Culture I squirted some in her arse and rubbed some on my cock before gently fingering her arsehole and sticking my dick in her. I felt so dirty because we had just me but it felt so right. Her ass was amazingly tight but after a few gentle thrusts she relaxed and she began to fit me like a glove. It did not take long before I exploded yet again all over her tits.

Both of us lay on the bed in a panting heap of satisfaction that I have rarely encountered. We just waited until we were ready to go again. If my cock was unwilling to play our mouths certainly weren’t and we had fantastic oral sex. At one point Shannon asked me to put some porn on. My choice was not the finest but it was just amazing to be with a girl who would share the same viewing pleasure as I did and was not inhibited in the slightest.

After a night of unbelievable sex I drove Shannon back to where she was “supposed” to be staying and we promised to stay in touch and hopefully meet again. We never did but the odd picture, text message and telephone conversation prevented us from forgetting a memorable night in Liverpool.

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