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Is Three a Crowd ?

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My name is Cheryl and I am thirty something, working for a large investment bank in the city. I’m 5’8 inches tall, have shoulder length brown hair, and a tidy figure that I work hard in the gym to keep in shape. I work very long hours and am very career minded so I don't have time for a normal relationship, just the occasional one night stand if it feels right.

I finished work around 8.30pm one night, and decided to stop for a drink in my local wine bar on the way home. I had been there for about half an hour when I noticed two, quite good looking, blokes enter the bar. They weren't the usual type, they looked to be in their mid twenties, more the local pub types. I was quite intrigued and sat watching them from my spot at the far end of the bar. It was quite dim at that end so is ideal for people watching, which, is one of my favourite pastimes. People can be so entertaining at times.

They were obviously ‘on the pull’, and I watched them get the brush off from a few of the regular girls, who were in that night. They were both quite well groomed, and one of them was quite muscular which I find quite attractive. After about twenty minutes they started to head towards my end of the bar. They stopped about half way down to order another drink, as they were waiting they were casually looking around and that's when they noticed me. The smaller of the two, nudged his mate in the ribs and said something to his mate, he turned to look at me, gave me a smile and walked towards me.

"Hi, I'm Tom, can I get you a drink?"

"Cheryl. A large dry white wine please." I don't know what I was doing, I don't normally respond to this sort of approach, I think it must have been the shirt Tom was wearing, it was stretched tightly across his chest and arms. He'd obviously spent a lot of hours pumping iron in the gym.

"There you go. This is Paul,” Tom said pointing to his mate, “do you mind if we join you?"

" I can't say no really, can, I being as I've already let you get me a drink."

"You can always say no," he replied, with a smirk on his face

"I can, can I?"

"Oh yeah, I never force anyone into doing something that don't want to."

As he said this he had a twinkle in his eye, he was flirting with me, I couldn't believe it and I was responding.

We all sat chatting for about forty minutes. They were both quite sweet, although Tom did most of the talking, telling me they decided to try here tonight as it made a change from the usual pubs and clubs they went to. While we were they talking it hadn't escaped me that they were stealing quick looks at my tits when they thought I wasn't taking any notice. I must admit you couldn't miss them as I had quite a tight blouse on along with a black pencil skirt and black seamed stockings and high heels, my usual working type clothes.

"Well it's been nice but I must be going," I said

"Let us escort you home, it's quite late and you’re a female on your own," Tom relied

Was this bloke for real?

"I know what you’re thinking but I mean it, I have a younger sister and it worries me when women are out on their own this late."

I don't know why I said it but I agreed, “My place is only a few minutes away you can be back here before last orders."

When we got to my apartment block, Paul said, "Fucking hell, you must be loaded to live here."

"Language, Paul,” Tom said.

"It's ok, I'm not rolling in it but I do ok,” I said.

"Well, that's it we'll leave you to it, thanks for the company, most women like you would have told us to get lost."

"What do you mean, "women like me?"

"Upmarket, professional, well off, women who think they’re better than us.”

"I thought that was a nice remark and thought to myself how different these two were to the usual young men who tried to chat me up. Before I knew I’d invited them in for a coffee. Now I don't normally do this but it was a while since I had decent male company and a plan was beginning to hatch at the back of my mind.

When we got into the flat we went through to the open plan living area.

"Make yourself at home I'll put the kettle on."

"You’ve got a great view from here, one of them said, you can see Tower Bridge from the window."

“Yeah it's not bad is it?” I replied.

"How do you take your coffee?"

As it comes Tom said, speaking for them both.

While I making it I was thinking to myself about the best way to get the ball rolling, this was too good an opportunity to miss.

"Back in a min," I said.

I nipped into my bedroom and quickly took of my skirt and top and changed my panties for a tiny black g- string that barely covered my sex, but also matched the suspenders and my best push up bra.

When I walked back into the lounge they both had their backs to me looking out of the window. I stood for a minute listening to them chatting.

"Do you think one of us is in here?" said Paul.

"I don't think so,” Tom said. “She’s way out of our league, pity though, she's a very nice, and she's got fantastic tits. I’d fuck her.”

"So you think my tits are good do you?"

As I said this they both spun around. They nearly choked when they saw what I was wearing.

"How do they look now?"

Tom recovered first. He slowly looked me up and down. “Well to be honest, they are fantastic and, I want to fuck the arse off you."

"What are you waiting for then?" I said .

Tom came towards me, I could see Paul holding back, not sure if he was wanted.

"That means you too," I said.

They both looked at each other and came to me. They reached out and grabbed me. Tom crushed me to him and kissed my neck while Paul reached around and undid my bra. I felt my tits spring free, he immediately started to suck on my nipples, Tom’s hand moved down my body slowly working its way towards my pussy which I could feel was quite wet by now. I reached out and felt their cocks through their jeans, they were both rock hard and my eyes widened when I realised that one was at least nine inches long.

"Undress, now, I want to see you naked," I ordered. They were both naked in seconds, clothes were scattered everywhere. Tom's cock stood up in all its magnificence, over nine inches long and circumcised as well which I love. Paul's was done as well but only about six inches in length.

"Well is it my lucky night or, is it yours?" I said.

I felt totally uninhibited, not a feeling I normally had.

I knelt before them and took Paul’s cock into my mouth while I gripped toms and rubbed my hand up and down his shaft occasionally cupping his balls.

They were both groaning softly. I changed over sucking Tom’s while wanking Paul’s, I could taste pre cum on Toms cock, warm and slightly salty. I felt a hand move down my body a slip under my g -string, a finger slipped into my slit, which was dripping wet and started to work in and out. A shudder went through my body. This was fantastic. My whole body was tingling with anticipation. I stopped working on the boys’ cocks and stood up. I turned my back on Tom and Paul, bent over from the waist and slowly slid my g -string off. This allowed them a good look at my shaved pussy, it was slightly open and they could see how wet I was.

A hand slid between my legs and two fingers slid into me, causing me to tremble. I was then pushed face down onto the sofa and I heard Tom order me to turn over and spread my legs. When I did this he buried his face in my wet pussy and started to lick up and down my soaking slit, Paul came around the side of me and grabbed my tits quite roughly and started to pinch and squeeze my erect nipples, I don’t normally like rough sex but by now I didn’t care, all I wanted was to be fucked and abused by these two men. Tom kept licking me, fucking me with his fingers at the same time.

“Lick me harder, let me feel your tongue in my pussy.”

Tom responded by plunging his tongue into me his fingers now rubbing my clit. I felt an orgasm starting I ground my pussy onto Toms face. “ Yes, that’s it, make me come.”

The orgasm built, it coursed through my body, I was bucking and squirming from the intensity of it. I pushed Tom off me. He had a big grin on his face. He knew what he’d done to me.

“Don’t just stand there, get your cock and fuck me hard.”

Tom grabbed my ankles and pulled me towards him and thrust his cock all the way into me in one lunge, god it was great. I could feel my pussy being stretched to accommodate the size. I looked up and saw Paul’s cock close to me and sucked him into my mouth. He was watching Tom fuck me intently and I could feel his cock twitching in my mouth. I started to suck him even harder and I could feel he was close to coming. I pushed both him and tom away and turned over onto my hands knees presenting my arse and pussy to them. Tom stuck his cock wet with my juices in front of my face.

“Lick my cock clean, you slut, tell me what you are.”

“I’m a dirty slut,” I said.

“Tell me again”

“I’m a total dirty, fucking slut and I must be fucked hard as a punishment.”

I shivered with ecstasy. I had never been treated like this before but realised, I was liking it. From behind me I could feel Paul position his prick between my puffy pussy lips and could feel him slowly splitting them open as he slid his cock up me.

“Do you like that, you tart?” he said and slapped me hard on my bum.

For an answer I shoved my arse back until I could feel his balls slapping against me. I reached around with my left hand and grabbed his balls, squeezing them hard. His thrusting became faster and rougher, slamming into. Tom pushed his cock hard into my mouth, while he pushed on the back of my head so I could do nothing but suck harder. I could taste my juices on his cock and sucked and licked it clean, looking up at Tom as I did. His gaze met mine and he grinned from ear to ear. He pulled his cock from my mouth. “You really know how to suck cock,” he said, “I bet you get lots of practice, you slut.”

I felt Paul’s cock pulled from my soaking pussy.

“I’m going to sit on the sofa and you’re going to straddle me, I want to see those tits swinging while I fuck you, tart.”

I did as I was told, slowly lowering myself until I was again impaled on his throbbing cock. Tom stood beside us and I grabbed his cock and started to wank him. He grabbed my arse and started to squeeze and rub it, again I enjoyed the roughness and I felt my pussy twitching.

Tom then started to probe around my tight arse.

“How’s that you slut, is that good, do you like that?”

I just gave him a dirty grin a started to fuck Paul even harder.

“You do, don’t you. Do you want an arse fucking?”

For a reply I said, “ Yes fuck my arse, stick your prick in my arse and fuck it hard.”

Tom’s eyes nearly burst out of his head as I said this, he thought I would say no.

“There’s some lube in my beside cabinet,” I told him

He left the room and returned a few minutes later not only with the lube, but, also my red vibrator.

He smeared some lube onto his finger and then started to work it around my puckering hole. After a few seconds he spread some around the top of the vibrator and switched it on and began to rub it around my bum.

He then grabbed my hands tightly so I couldn’t move.

“Stick it in her arse, let me feel it buzzing in there while I fuck her,” said Paul

I tried to resist, but, I was enjoying this treatment more than I should have.

I felt the tip being pushed slowly into my arse and I’m ashamed to admit, it felt out of this world.

I’m no stranger to anal sex, but I’ve never felt fully satisfied by it before, I’ve always felt it more enjoyable to men, but tonight it felt so much better.

Tom slowly began to fuck my arse with it, gradually working in farther with every stroke.

Paul said, That feels amazing, you’ll love this Tom, we’ll have to swap so you can get a taste of it.”

Tom never said a word, he just slowly fucked my arse with the vibrator.

After a few minutes he stopped and said, “Now I’ve got something better for your arse.” And started to rub a load of lube over his cock. My eyes widened when I realised that his cock was next.

“I’ll be very careful,” he said as positioned himself behind me. I felt his cock start to push into me. I was worried it would hurt because of its size but to my surprise he slid into me easily.

He gradually pushed his cock all the way in and started to fuck my arse with long slow strokes.

My god, it was fantastic, I was being double fucked by two cocks at the same time, something I’d often thought about but didn’t think I would ever have the courage to try. My pussy and arse were full of throbbing, pounding cock and I was loving it.

“Fuck me harder you bastards,” I said, “pound me, my arse and cunt.” They increased their efforts, fucking me as hard as they could, my cunt and arse were being pounded so hard, I knew I would be sore tomorrow, but at this point I didn’t care, all I wanted was the fucking of my life.

I felt an orgasm start to build, it became stronger and stronger until my whole body was racked from head to with spasms as I came and came, never had I come so much, or so intensely.

Tom pulled his prick from my arse, he pulled me off Paul’s cock like I was a rag doll and ordered me to kneel in front of him.

He started to wank himself to orgasm, Paul did the same and I waited for them to come all over me. I rammed two fingers into my cunt and fucked myself hard with them while I watched them wank themselves.

“Come on then you shits, cover me in spunk, come on,” I shouted.

I felt hot spunk hitting my face and my tits, watched it erupt from both cocks almost at the same time. It seemed like I was covered in it, it was dripping off my chin onto my tits, some was in my hair and I could feel it was hot.

Paul then said, “Rub it into your tits and face. You tart, and then lick your fingers clean.”

I did this with relish, revelling in the salty taste of their spunk, it had never tasted this good before. I had turned into a wanton whore, willing to do whatever they asked, never had I been this uninhibited before and it felt so good. My whole body had felt so full with both their cocks fucking me. After a few minutes I told the boys I was going into the shower. When I came out I expected to find them gone, but to my surprise they were just sitting on the sofa.

“Do you mind if we have one?” asked Tom. “I want to be clean before I fuck you again.”

“What makes you think I want to be fucked again?” I replied.

“The way you came, the way you acted. The fact you’ve never come like that before and because I fucking said so.”

“You’re a right cheeky git,” I replied

“Yeah, I know, but I’m right aren’t I?” said Tom.

All I said in return was, “The clean towels are on the top shelf in the bathroom cabinet.”

While they were showering I dried myself and thought about what had just happened, I re-ran it all in my head and decided that I liked being treated as a complete slut.

When boys returned to the living room I sat on the sofa and told them to sit opposite me.

“How I am going to make your lovely cocks hard again?”

“I’m sure you’ll think of something,” said Paul.

Well, I already had, I picked up the vibrator, switched it on and started to play it across my nipples, looking directly at them as I did. I placed it in my mouth and made sure it was wet with saliva then slowly worked it down to my twitching pussy. I opened my legs wider so they could have a good view and with my left hand opened my lips and worked the vibrator into my wet sex, slowly to start with then building up speed as I thrust it deeper into myself.

I had got very wet and you could hear it squelching as I fucked myself hard.

The boys cocks were now both standing up, pricks rock hard and they started to wank themselves as they watched. After a few minutes of this I said who’s going to be first, and pushed the vibrator in to my cunt harder and faster.

Paul looked at Tom who nodded. Paul came over to me, pushed me back so I was lying down, then knelt between my legs and thrust his cock into me hard. This time there was no finesse as he fucked me good and hard pinching my nipples and squeezing my tits really hard.

“Do you like this you fucking slut?”

I nodded in reply.

“I can’t hear you?” he said.

“Yes,I like it, fuck me hard while you play with my tits.”

Paul pulled out of me and Tom wriggled under me so I could lower myself onto his cock. Paul then stuck two fingers into me and finger fucked me, getting his fingers nice and wet he then pulled them out and pushed them into my arse, he wasn’t so gentle and really fucked it hard with his fingers, while Tom made me ram myself down onto his cock as hard as I could. Paul then replaced his fingers with his cock, ramming his cock into my arse hard. Another orgasm coursed through me.

“Come on you two, fuck me harder.”

They renewed their efforts and I found myself being fucked like never before.

Tom then pulled out of me worked his way up the sofa and stuck his cock into my mouth. I sucked on it greedily licking and suck my juices off it again, god my pussy tasted so nice!

I felt Tom begin to tense as he built up to orgasm. I grabbed his cock and wanked him, as I sucked his cock even harder. He tensed up completely and shot his hot spunk into my mouth. I could feel it hitting the back of my throat and I eagerly swallowed it, there was more than I thought being as he had come so recently, but I gobbled it down like the whore I felt I was tonight.

“That’s it you fucking slag, drink my spunk.”

Paul continued to fuck my arse while this was happening, ramming the full length of his cock up me.

“Come on you bastard, fill my arse up with your spunk,” I told him.

That was all he needed to tip him over the edge and I felt him jerking in me a he shot his hot load into my arse. I could feel it pumping into me. When he was done he pulled out and I could feel his cum leaking out of my arse and running down my legs.

“How do you feel now, you slut?”

“I feel fucking great, my pussy is twitching and my arse feels like it’s on fire from the fucking I’ve had. I feel like a total dirty slut.”

“Good that’s how you should feel after a fucking like that,” said Tom.

We all fell back onto the sofa to recover from our exertions. We must have fallen asleep, when I awoke dawn breaking and I was alone. They had slipped out quietly in the night.

There was a note from Tom on the worktop in the kitchen.

“Thanks for the great night, I’ve never met a women like you before. I would like to see you again”. His phone number was written at the bottom of the page along with a p.t.o. I turned the page over.

“Kept your g-string as a memento, Tom.”

Will I see Tom again? Not sure yet, but his cock is hard to forget, I’ll keep you posted.


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